A white desk can light up your work-from-space instantly.. It lights up any interior and brings positive energy to a space. For a WFH office, it truly adds elegance and sets up the mood. However, you need practicality when buying a piece of furniture. Thus, it’s ideal if you opt for white desk with drawers. 

Your stationery, electronics, and desk accessories need a home. So, if you’re searching for an elegant desk, make sure it does more than just adding aesthetic value. 

With desks of all shapes and sizes available in the market today. We at WFHAdviser, have chosen the 10 best white desk with drawers available online. 

Finding your new favorite desk has never been easier.


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    • Stocky standing leg
    • Removable two-tier shelf
    • Multiple storages

    The Costway writing desk has everything you’re looking for in an office desk. It comes with four drawers which warrant enough storage to fit all your work in one place. You no longer have to go searching all over your house because a file went missing. 

    The dimensions of the desk are 47.5”X19”X30.5”(LXDXH), which is good enough to work on. In fact, it even gives additional space in case you want to keep other accessories on the desk. The stocky standing leg is strong enough to support the weight of the products with ease. In case you want to write something, you don’t want the desk to wobble. 

    The two-tier storage shelf can be used to store books or even tiny trinkets for decor. This is can elevate your style and make a pleasant working environment. Plus, the shelf is also removable so you can either keep it or place it elsewhere. 

    • Laminated, engineered wood
    • Lightweight
    • Tested for stain resistance

    The Copper Grove Rustavi desk known for being a clean finish product seamlessly fits into any home. This computer desk made out of laminated, engineered wood, and metal construction is quite sturdy. Besides, it has three drawers, including one to keep your keyboard, provide spacious storage.

    The satin chrome finish on the knobs of the drawer just adds a touch of sophistication to it. Furthermore, the full-extension with ball-bearing slides in the drawers can extend completely so that you can compartmentalize the drawer as well. 

    Furthermore, this product is tested for quality and stain resistance. While you will have to assemble the product, the instruction manual makes it a simple and interesting task to finish. This premium desk is ideal for any work that you would want to use it for. The fact that it is only 100 lbs just makes it better to shift it from one place to another. 

    • Compact desk
    • Surface and legs contrast
    • Durable

    Talk about a compact, yet classic desk. The Contemporary White Austin Hardwood desk can go from a work-essential to home decor within seconds. While the surface is white, the legs of the desk retain the original wood finish giving it a good contrast. 

    The two drawers that come with the desk are perfect for your work supplies and do not make them look cluttered. For this price, the Austin Hardwood desk does offer you great value. Basically, it is the prime example that you don’t need to spend a lot to make a quality addition to your remote setup.  

    The desk does not look very bulky and is yet very tough and durable. A great choice for a smaller home where you can fit the desk in one corner with ease. In addition to that, the particleboard surface is comfortable to use long-term. In a home office, a desk like this is very useful because of its multi-functional usage. 

    • Scandinavian design
    • Foil finish
    • Pre-drilled & pre-cut componen

    The Porch & Den Skylar desk comes with an unmatched Scandivanian design that adds a modern look to your home office. Minimalist and classy, it is perfect to work on every day. With three drawers and an open shelf, the storage is not an issue. Moreover, the drawers are backed with metal glides with safety stops. 

    Besides, a foil finish ensures that this desk remains durable and receives protection against stains, smears, and fading. Although you will have to assemble the desk yourself, the components come pre-drilled and pre-cut ready. That makes the job much easier. Since you get an in-depth instruction manual, assembling the hardware, and fasteners are not a problem. 

    The two-tone desk with oak finish and handle-less drawers give a simplistic look to your home. Furthermore, at just 74 lbs, it is the classic combination of light-weight and sturdy. Thus, we can confidently say that your WFH days will feel convenient with this spacious and user-friendly desk. 

    • Multiple storages
    • Meets ANSI/SOHO standards
    • 1-year manufacturing warranty

    The Copper Grove Rustavi 60-inch desk is a great option when you want adequate storage and a simplistic design. With two drawers, one keyboard tray, and four open shelves on the side, you can keep your office essentials right where they belong. The satin chrome knobs on the drawer complement the crisp white exterior perfectly. 

    The desk comes with sturdy post legs that easily take the weight of your PC or laptop. Furthermore, by meeting ANSI/SOHO standards, this desk ensures the utmost safety for you. Keeping dimensions in mind, the desk is 60 inches wide x 23.19 inches deep x 30 inches tall and weighs 124 lbs. Thus, making it ideal for most spaces. 

    The rectangle shape makes it easy for them to reach across and have access to things. Moreover, the pure white color ensures that it fits the mood in any home. Lastly, a 1-year manufacturing warranty helps you use the desk without any worries of spoiling or breaking it. 

    • Mid-century finish
    • Compact desk
    • Made with laminated wood

    A practical white desk to fit into your WFH office, the Montage White is one of the best desks you can get in this price range. With a mid-century modern finish, it is perfect for any nook or corner of your home. The two drawers give you accessibility and storage for anything you may need. 

    Made out of laminated wood, this desk is well-built for long-term use. Although the design is quite simple, it still stands out in a room. While working, you want something that can easily accommodate your things and not make everything look cluttered. This desk does exactly that. 

    The dimensions of the desk are 30.2 inches high x 40.2 inches wide x 15.6 inches deep. You will have to assemble the desk but the manual makes it a rather simple process. Their 1-year warranty proves to be a good option when you are unsure about how much longer you would have to continue working from home.

    • Reasonably priced
    • Easy assembly
    • Smart storage

    Another compact desk but a smart way to fit in storage. The Polifurniture Malta is a low-range office desk with a modern style touch to it. With two drawers on the side and an open shelf, it comes with enough space to keep all your stuff in. 

    When you’re working, you need something that is comfortable. The wood finish feels strong and easy to work on. You can use it to write, put your laptop or PC on, draw, or even study. Not only is it a good addition to your home office but suits any part of your home for multi-function use. 

    The design makes it a little difficult to move it from one place to another. However, you can assemble and dismantle it easily whenever needed. The classic white color is not too loud nor is it too dull, hence complementing any kind of interior without any problem. 

    • Chestnut hardware finish
    • Antique look
    • Made with Poplar wood

    The Alton white desk is unlike any you have seen. A little heavy on the pocket, but worth every penny spent on, this is what your home office needs. Made with MDF and Poplar wood, the desk is sturdy for your daily work. Three shallow drawers can store anything you may need. From office supplies to snacks to munch on. 

    The antique finish not only looks good but makes you feel motivated to work. Speaking of the drawer, it is a full-extension, 3-step box that is lined with coffee velvet felt. Moreover, they are made with screw drawer construction and are removable.

    This desk requires assembly but the set-up is rather easy to achieve. No matter what setting, this desk fits like it was made for it. The white aesthetic suits any home without coming in the way. The hardware made out of chestnut makes you feel like you have purchased luxury. 

    • Lightweight
    • Ready-to-assemble parts
    • Sufficient storage

    This 48-inch computer storage desk is another great example of a compact and efficient desk for your workspace. Made out of high-grade MDF and wood finish, this desk has a sturdy look to it. Additionally, the storage is adequate no matter what line of work you are in. 

    A drop-down keyboard tray, one small drawer, a hanging file drawer, and four file slots help you store anything you need. From books and files to stationery, you can have all your stuff in one place. While you do need to assemble it yourself, the package contains ready-to-assemble parts and step-by-step instructions. 

    The desk only weighs 107 lbs, so that moving it around becomes only a one-person job. The metal drawer knobs are not only easy to grip but also the perfect accent to your desk. The clean white paint just improves the overall experience because of how good it looks like a part of your home office.

    • Multi-functional
    • Guaranteed durability
    • Easy-to-clean

    The Versanora Creativo desk features a contemporary look that revamps your entire home office in minutes. The white surface with natural-finish wooden legs helps you achieve maximum support while working. When it comes to organization, functionality, and style, this desk is yet to meet its match.

    With 3 bottom storage areas, a built-in hutch featuring a flip drawer, and 2 cubbies, this desk has enough storage for all your needs. You can organize your data perfectly and ensure it is not lost among other things. You can easily clean the surface so don’t worry about any spills or stains. 

    The wood finish guarantees durability for this product. More importantly, it comes with all the hardware you need to assemble it so you don’t have to go out of your way for anything. Lastly, this desk will fit perfectly in your workstation or as a backup storage place in your home.

    Buyer’s Guide to Best White Desk with Drawers

    Not everyone realizes the importance of having an office desk that is appropriate in every aspect. To find one that is personalized to best suit your needs, you need to know what to consider before making the purchase. 

    Since there are a number of options to choose from, you need to make a calculated choice. Here are some factors to keep in mind while purchasing a white desk with drawers.

    Desk Size

    One of the most important things to consider is the size of the desk. According to your needs, you can choose between a bigger or smaller desk to work with. If you’re going for a smaller desk, you can even look for one with more drawers for storage to compensate for the size. 

    While a larger desk can also be utilized well because of the space it gives you. You can keep your office essentials on the desk without making it look cluttered. Being smart about your desk size can help you make the right choice. 

    Materials & Finishes

    If you’re looking for a desk that is sturdy and long-lasting, then you should look for one made out of wood or metal framework. The material makes a huge difference in terms of the way the desk looks as well as durability. While wood and metal are the most commonly seen, many glass desks are also available. 

    The various options in desk finishes range from matte to glossy, pinewood, oak wood, grainy and more. The touch and feel of the desk make it more comfortable to use. More importantly, all these factors influence the temperature of the desk. If you’re living in a colder region, you want a desk that does not become too cold, making you uncomfortable while working. 

    Storage Options

    Your desk should have viable storage options so that it can offer more than just a surface to work on. Extra storage is always appreciated because you can keep all your stuff in one place. Even compartmentalization can be achieved through this. 

    Most desks already come with at least one or two drawers. However, more options for drawers, the size of each drawer, and dimensions are also available. Sometimes, a desk without a drawer can also be customized to fit drawers upon request. 

    Style & Design

    If you are careful about your interior, then you should consider style and design before selecting a desk. For instance, if your house is modern and contemporary, then buying a desk that has a sleek, sophisticated look is important. For a more country-type interior, a rustic desk is preferred.

    You can choose your style and design at your convenience to suit your taste. Some desks are available in multiple color options to choose from. This gives variety so that you don’t have to compromise in any way.



    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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