Top 10 Search Engine Evaluator Jobs From Home

Search engine evaluator jobs from home may be right up your alley if you’re interested in a flexible method to make money from a remote job. A search engine evaluator is also known as a web search evaluator. Their job is to verify that search engines are continually updated.  You will assess search results as a search engine evaluator to guarantee they are appropriate and precise. Web search evaluation, video evaluation, and other similar tasks will also be included.

For example, if someone wants to search for a specific keyword phrase, it is your work to ensure that the website results remain relevant. Web search engine evaluator jobs from home are among the highest-paying part-time professions available. 

A fast computer, high-speed internet access, and decent web search capabilities are usually required to do well in this job. It is also better to work in a noise-free area to be effective. 

What are responsibilities of a search engine evaluator?

The roles and responsibilities of a search engine evaluator are to:

  • Examine a number of internet search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Collect qualitative information and measurements to assess the significance of the findings.
  • Function as a subject matter expert for web search, media, and internet search trends.
  • Analyze the relevancy, reliability, and utility of search engine results.
  • Utilize qualitative data to make recommendations for improving search engine results.
  • Based on the scope, work both individually and as part of a team to improve search engine rankings.
  • Present the results of the analysis to the department, together with solutions and recommendations.
  • Work on several review projects at the same time.

The best platforms with search engine evaluator jobs from home

Here are some places where you can find remote search evaluator jobs:

1. Appen

Appen is a New South Wales-based Australian corporation. Its primary areas include social media management, search technology, crowdsourcing, and language technology. This company offers some of the best social media evaluators and web search evaluators job positions in the United States. Applicants for this role should have a wide understanding of all popular social media platforms. They also need great English writing abilities, some computer knowledge, doing searches, and also browsing the internet.

They must also have access to a computer/laptop, as well as a reliable internet connection. The organization anticipates that almost all web search evaluators will work at least 1-4 hours per day, 5-7 days per week. Additionally, the compensation varies according to where you live. People in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union are paid from $13 to $15 each hour.

2. Google

Search engine evaluators are referred to as Ad Quality Raters by Google. These positions are few because it is among the company’s few work-from-home opportunities. You’ll be able to pick between a localized job or an English-only job if you get lucky. After you get the job, you’ll need to submit feedback for all text and image search results. You do this using a specialized online tool as well as rating standards offered to you. Google expects all Ad Quality Raters to work from 10 to 30 hours each week. The compensation is not frequently disclosed. However, it is probably around $14-15 for every hour, and payment is weekly.

3. Lionbridge

Lionbridge offers a wide range of virtual remote jobs. To be eligible for a job in this organization, you must be very adept at searching the internet. Nonetheless, there are a few technical prerequisites for the work on their website. There is some flexibility, but you must work at least 20 hours each week, and the hourly rate is $14. Personalized internet assessors, raters, internet analysts, and web content assessors are jobs available. They also have positions for social media search assessors and many other jobs.

4. iSoftStone

There are a number of search engine evaluator jobs from home available at iSoftStone. These roles are open in various regions of the world at various times. Constantly check the careers page to find an available position. You can also look at employment listings on Craigslist and Indeed, as it occasionally lists open opportunities here. Their indicated pay rate for search engine evaluators is $12-$13 each hour. They have a flexible schedule that is appealing to workers.

5. ZeroChaos

Workforce Logiq is the new name for ZeroChaos. This is a top workforce management solution supplier that assists corporations and organizations around the world. The company also recruits ad quality raters who work remotely. This category only recruits citizens of the United States. The selection procedure is straightforward, with a two-part exam. Qualified applicants will also receive free training from the firm. Work hours are variable, ranging from 10 to 30 hours every week. To work here, you need to have a computer as well as internet access. The hourly rate is between $13 and $15.

6. RaterLabs

RaterLabs is a subsidiary of Leapforce, a popular California-based firm. Applicants for the remote Search Engine Evaluator role must be internet-savvy. They need to have a solid understanding of American media and social culture. You need a  university degree, as well as outstanding writing communication skills in English. Web research and analytical skills and the capacity to operate with little supervision are also beneficial. You must also have an Android phone and a high-speed internet connection. There is a qualifying exam for this position. 

7. mTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as mTurk is more of a database of micro jobs from multiple businesses. The majority of their projects take a very short time to do. If you get adept at picking speedy jobs that pay highly, you can earn $15 per hour. This is by doing a range of them. There are a number of search engine evaluator jobs from home available at a time. You can also choose from other job categories as well. 

8. is a firm that provides crowdsourced IT jobs. Online Web Evaluator, Search Engine Evaluator, and Online Ad Evaluator jobs for other languages are also accessible. Additionally, there are professions including Transcribing, Audio Data Collection, and Online Crowd Working, all of which are available in a variety of languages.

9. Apex Systems

Apex Systems is a major information technology business that provides a wide range of IT employment. Evaluators provide responses on search results used by employees on the employee website. On other platforms, evaluators provide general search results. By changing the algorithm according to search queries and results, they aim to help develop the site’s algorithm. This is to better fulfill the employees’ and management needs. The work is on a contract basis. Nevertheless, you get a variety of benefits such as health and life insurance, weekly income, and disability coverage.

10. KarmaHub

KarmaHub is a services company that works with businesses that require data collection and analysis. They offer solutions that include artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and cloud-first design and implementation. They provide job openings for internet analysts on their employment board on a regular basis. Compensation rates are unclear, although different forums appear to indicate a rate of $10 to $11 per hour. This may rise to $27 every hour for internet analyst roles that demand the ability to speak other languages.


How do I become a search engine Evaluator?

To become a search engine evaluator, a  qualification exam must be passed. Experience with search engines is helpful, but not needed. You will need to have extensive knowledge of search engines and web search, as well as outstanding analytics and research abilities. Proficiency with computer applications and the internet and outstanding writing and oral communication abilities are also necessary. A basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is preferred. Having the capacity to successfully multitask and prioritize projects and the ability to operate effectively under duress and fulfill deadlines will be beneficial. 

How much does a search engine evaluator make?

According to, the average annual salary for a Search Engine Evaluator in the U.S. is $53,281. That turns out to be about $25.62 per hour,  $1,025 each week, or $4,440 per month. Yearly wages can range from $103,500 to $21,000, although the bulk of search engine evaluator salaries are between $41,500 and $60,000, with the highest earners earning $83,000.The average salary range for a search engine evaluator varies considerably, implying that there could be numerous prospects for promotion and higher income dependent on years of experience, location, and skill level.

How much does Appen work from home pay?

Appen is a startup that collects data and leverages the information gathered to train machine learning computers to behave more “human-like.” They accomplish this through freelancers or independent contractors, as well as employees who conduct internet jobs such as social media, speaking terms into a microphone, or evaluating search engines. This form of work is ideal if you are interested in working from home. However, it is common for these internet “jobs” to be low-paying. The average Appen Social Media Evaluator hourly rate is $14. The pay rate for  Appen Social Media Evaluators ranges from $4 to $17 each hour.


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