13 Best Platforms For Translation Jobs From Home

As the globe becomes more interconnected, freelance translation jobs from home are becoming more popular. People are not only learning new languages and traveling more, but companies are competing in an international market and require an increasing number of translators to assist them. 

Online translation is a terrific career for someone who is inquisitive, detail-oriented, and has a great grasp of their native language. It is also great for someone who has sufficient familiarity with a second-language culture to comprehend cultural references. Translating jobs from home are also for people who want to have control over their schedule and how they work, as well as be able to work from anywhere. 

Since the work hours are so flexible, these are often excellent positions for people who run on a tight schedule. There is normally a deadline for completing each translation task, but you are free to complete the job whenever you choose as long as you meet the deadline.

Most of the highest-paying translation jobs are accessible from different freelance markets, whereas others necessitate substantial experience and a strong academic background. Many translators must begin at the bottom of the pay scale and subsequently move up, by either gaining the relevant job experience or by amassing formal language certificates.

Types of Translation Jobs

The categories of freelance or remote translation jobs are as diverse as the types of professions. Translators are being encouraged into specialization as innovation and technology advance. Several subject-matter generalists opt to specialize in unusual language pairings while the vast majority prefer to become subject-matter specialists.

There are various industries that employ translators, but the primary ones you should consider concentrating on include:

  • Translation of medical terminology
  • Legal interpretation
  • Translation of financial terms
  • Translation of tourism
  • Content for marketing

Companies offering translation jobs from home

The possibilities listed below are for both freelancers and employees with language skills in a range of languages. These companies all have excellent reputations and positive feedback from translators that have worked there in the past. 

1. WordLingo

WorldLingo employs independent translators, editors and proofreaders, interpreters, journalists, voice-over artists, and desktop publishers. To work here, you’ll need at least 5 years of experience translating in a commercial context, a university degree, Trados 5 Freelance, and also to be a member of the Professional Translation Association. Translation languages on this platform include German, Korean, English, Danish, Laotian, Estonian, Haitian Creole, Spanish, Polish, Hebrew, Farsi, French, Amharic, Russian, Japanese, German, Portuguese, and Arabic.

2. American High-Tech Transcription and Reporting

Government, corporations, law enforcement, and other groups can use transcribing and translation services from the American High-Tech Transcription and Reporting. This company employs both work-from-home and on-site translators. Candidates have to pass and pay for fingerprint-based state criminal and FBI background checks. Translators should be qualified in their language by a state or federal court interpretation program, the ACTFL, ATA, ATLA, or another certifying agency.

3. Languagesunlimited.com

Languagesunlimited.com hires linguists on a contractual basis for translation job positions and also for transcription and telephone interpretation services. You must first register on the company’s database to apply for a job here. Languages available include English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Bengali, Hindi, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, and other languages.

4. Linguistic Systems Inc.

A college degree, two years of experience, access to email, and understanding of fundamental translation software applications are required to work at Linguistic Systems Inc. The company is looking for language professionals with extensive knowledge in certain subjects like finance, medicine, software, and engineering. They also require translators, voice-over professionals, and interpreters from New England. The online application requires you to translate a short text for every language pair in which you desire to qualify. Work authorization in the United States is necessary.

5. Lionbridge

Translation and localization services are provided to corporate clients by Lionbridge. It also provides international crowdsourcing services for customers that have online marketing initiatives. Some of the languages on the platform include Korean, Spanish, Mongolian, English, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Icelandic, Hindi, Tamil, Bulgarian, Faroese, French, Swiss, German, Chinese, Basque, Catalan, Galician, Telugu, Kurdish, Japanese, German, Kazakh, Russian, Tatar, Zulu, Quechan, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Dutch, and Welsh. 

6. Transperfect

TransPerfect, a leading language service provider, provides a variety of online translation jobs from home for freelancers. Jobs available include customer service representatives, multilingual over-the-phone interpreters (OPIs), and quality monitors who are fluent in English and a variety of additional languages, including Portuguese, Mandarin, Navajo, Korean, and others. Most remote jobs on TransPerfect are regular, which means that you can become an employee and get access to benefits such as life insurance, dental, medical, vision, paid time off, 401k, among others. 

7. Aberdeen

Aberdeen began by offering captioning services to broadcast industry clients. It has since expanded into providing digital file distribution, language services, and specialized video transcoding. They mostly offer German, Mandarin, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, although they have executed projects in more than 70 additional languages. This company is always looking for remote translators with a bachelor’s degree, as well as a minimum of 5 years of translating experience. Take a look at their Careers website to see if any positions are available.

8. Acclaro

Acclaro is a global translation business that works in over 100 languages. This company also offers a wide range of expert translation and localization services. To see any job openings on this platform, check under Linguist Opportunities for online translation jobs from home. 

9. TextMaster

TextMaster is a translation firm that offers three levels of translation rates. Their maximum pay rate is $0.18 per word for ‘pro’ translators specializing in luxury products, SEO, financial and legal translation, as well as other fields. You will be required to be authenticated by them and to utilize their proprietary CAT tool. Their ‘pro’ level has some good money, but if you can’t get in, this platform is still a nice place to start.                                                                                     

10. RWS

RWS provides professional translation services through a network of over 17,000 translators that are native-speaking. They recruit translators with experience in fields such as travel, marketing, financial services, legal, life sciences, and automotive industries. You can begin your application by selecting one of the following opportunities: freelance translation for RWS Moravia, SDL Limited, RWS Life Sciences, or intellectual property and patent translator.

11. Tomedes

Tomedes is always looking for translators who can speak two or more languages. They also prefer people who have three years of translation experience at minimum. Professional experience in the technical, legal, financial, information technology, medical, or marketing domains is required. This company makes payments using PayPal. Although there is no salary information provided, this platform is a great option for freelance workers.

12. Day Translations, Inc. 

There are always ongoing openings in Day Translations, Inc. for remote translators to help with translation tasks. Book translation, signage, medical reports, corporate documents, websites, emails, employee manuals, and other tasks may be allocated to you. They also have openings for phone interpretation, subtitles, and some other work-at-home professions that are not related to translation.

13. GlobaLink Translations

GlobaLink is a company that mainly works with health care organizations, pharmaceutical corporations, clinical research organizations, and independent researchers. They primarily offer translation services where correctness and quality are critical. If you are interested in a position here as a translator, you can send them an email stating your interest. They will then send you details on their needs, the application process, as well as a Translator Information form.


Can you work from home as a translator?

Most translation services are performed by freelance translators. However, translation organizations often employ remote translators. Working from home as a translator appears to be the ideal situation for the majority of linguists. Most of them prefer this working option since it allows them more freedom and it is way more flexible. Furthermore, the thought of being able to work with numerous customers at the same time attracts translators because, if executed properly, it can provide a significant financial boost. 

How do I get hired as a translator?

To be recruited as a translator, first, choose a language and thoroughly understand it. After you’ve decided on the language you will be translating, you’ll have to study it thoroughly. Other than the language studies, to be able to deliver clear, fast translation may necessitate specialized training. Following that, focus on a certain industry and master industry-specific terminology. Gain some experience and start building your portfolio. If you would like to increase your marketability, you should learn more languages which you can translate in order to broaden your variety of services.

How much do personal translators get paid?

In the United States, the average hourly wage for a Translator is $28.90. Although ZipRecruiter.com reports hourly wages as much as $100.24 and those as low as $7.69, most Translator salaries in the United States now vary from $12.98 to $31.97. Translator salaries on average vary widely, implying that there may be numerous prospects for growth and higher income dependent on location, skill level, and years of work experience.



Emily has been working from home since 2008 and loves to share her favorite ways to make extra income and start a side business at home. When not writing for WFHAdviser.com, Emily spends her time running her online pet food business and writing WFH-related content for popular publications.

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