A study table has become an integral part of any work-from-home setup. Due to its multipurpose nature, an increasing number of people are choosing them over bulky desks. Even though a study desk and table are practically the same, there are minute differences. 

As compared to a proper desk, a study table is more minimal, lightweight, and less bulky. However, the words table and desk are often used interchangeably in order to attract a specific target audience. 

When choosing a study table, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Thus, we decided to step in and help you find the best study tables available online. 


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    1 Gladstone Writing Desk

    Top Product
    • Chic wooden finish
    • X-shaped base
    • Drawer glide mechanism

    The Gladstone Writing Desk by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse is our pick for the best study table. Besides carrying a rugged look, this writing desk offers a perfect solution for industrial-spaces. If you want that chic wooden finish, with excellent design, this one is the best study table for you. 

    This writing desk boasts of solid and manufactured wood construction. Furthermore, an x-shaped base really complements the overall design. However, it’s not the design that grabs your attention but rather the sturdiness. 

    On top of a stable base, you get a wood grain finish coupled with a single drawer. This drawer acts as an essential storage compartment for office supplies. Other than its placement, the drawer glide mechanism ensures smooth movement. 

    Last but not the least, the table is 30” high and 47.48” wide which makes it ideal for any work-from-home setup. The top can handle your laptop and other office accessories conveniently. 

    2 Django Wood Credenza Desk

    Premium Choice
    • Vintage finish
    • Excellent storage capabilities
    • Locking legal file drawer

    Seek premium? Check out the Django Wood Credenza Desk. This study table has the vintage look that can elevate any interior setting. Moreover, it has excellent storage capabilities with five drawers and two bottom cabinets. If you seek aesthetics and functionality with the budget not being a constraint, this desk can be an ideal choice. 

    The Django Wood Credenza comes with bold lines, a vintage finish, and classic design elements. It boasts a warm finish owing to the two-toned rubbed finish. Thus, aesthetically, it can easily gel in a formal or home setting. 

    In terms of functionality, you get a dropping front keyboard drawer which makes it an ideal study table for PC usage. Other premium features include locking legal file drawer, faux drawer door coupled with printer pullout. Besides, you also get a power center with two AC power outlets and three USB 2.0 connections.

    • L-Shape corner desk
    • Rustic tabletop
    • Metal frame

    The Enprise L-Shape Desk by Williston Forge offers the best value of all products on this list. Besides its competitive price, you get cutting features with stellar aesthetic appeal. This L-Shape corner desk is perfect when used as a study table. The rustic tabletop and shelves along with a metal frame add to the overall appeal. 

    Not only does this study table save space but it’s also a great alternative to bulky desks. Furthermore, you can use it for working, studying, writing, and even gaming. What we love the most about this table are its adjustable feet. Thus, allowing you to work on a stable desk without any wobble. 

    The surface area is spacious and can hold a computer monitor and laptop simultaneously. Moreover, there are two open shelves to help you keep your books, files, and other office essentials. Lastly, this table offers excellent cord management capabilities.

    • Contemporary design
    • 3 storage drawers
    • Wooden top finish

    If I was to choose a study table or desk-based on aesthetics alone, I’d definitely choose the Mercer41 Vallee Desk. This desk oozes elegance, style, and contemporary design. However, it’s not just style alone, with this one, you do get the substance as well. For instance, it features a convenient built-in power station. 

    Besides, it has 3 storage drawers with ball-bearing glides to maximize practicality. Visually, the top has a glossy finish that doesn’t go unnoticed. The metal base ensures stability and the wooden top finish adds to the exuberance. Similar to the study table above, this product offers excellent cable management too. 

    Simply add some desk accessories, and you have a sleek table as part of your setup. Since we love its gloss black finish with gold accents, we’ve to admit that there’s a slight visual bias on our end. But we’re confident that you won’t feel any different after checking it out.  

    • Standing study table
    • 7 color variants
    • Height adjust via controller

    We ensure that our product line-up is versatile. We want to make sure that we offer a comprehensive solution for each reader. Thus, it’s no surprise that we decided to add a standing study table to the mix. Standing Desks or Tables are in demand these days and many have reported improved productivity. 

    Upper Square’s Bevin 71” wide desk caught our attention immediately. It’s ideal for people who want sturdiness and visual appeal. This study table comes with seven different color variants – American Walnut, Black, Light Oak, Red Apple, Moonlight White, Red Cherry, Pure White. 

    Even though it’s primarily a standing desk, you can easily adjust the height using a memory controller. Thus, if you want to sit after a long-standing session, you can easily do so with its programmable features. This desk features a wood top and can handle up to 225 lbs of weight at any given time. 

    • Two color variants
    • Metal base
    • Natural wood grain

    Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse (LFMF) sure has one of the best study tables online. Their rich catalog features one of the most affordable study tables in Ermont. If you’re working with a tight budget, you won’t find many tables/desks better than this one. Thus, whether you’re a writer working on your next big novel or a software developer building a unique platform, this desk will prove to be an ideal anchor for your remote office. 

    Besides its unique design, this study table comes in two color variants – Smoked Oak, and Charter Oak. Also, you get two open shelves that can handle a weight of up to 30lbs. You can use those to store office essentials. 

    As for its base, the Ermont has a metal base with a black finish that gives the silhouette feel. On top of that, you have a rectangular tabletop made from natural wood grain. 

    • Glass tabletop
    • Sawhorse-style legs
    • Extremely sturdy

    If you’re a stickler for plain minimal designs with a glass top, you’d love Joss & Main’s Atticus Desk. This desk though simple and elegant is extremely sturdy. Whether you want to work on your laptop or write some inspiring content in your notebook, this desk will help you unleash creativity. 

    The spacious top design featuring pure glass is coupled with sawhorse-style legs. If you love a contemporary design with a minimalist touch, this sturdy table will really suit your taste. The best part of this table is easy assembly. Simply follow the instructions, and you’re good to go.  

    The overall width – from one side to the other is 55”. Thus, large enough to handle a laptop or even a Monitor and compact PC. Besides, a spacious top, you get the perfect height of 30”. Thus, if you’re above 5”, the height shouldn’t cause any inconvenience. However, if you’re buying it for your kids, then you’ll need to pay attention to the chair height and leg support. 


    • Mid-century design
    • Solid hardwood top
    • Splayed and tapered legs

    People who love mid-century designs, ought to love the Wilbur Desk. This study desk with its rustic feel strikes all the right visual cords. It can be a welcome addition to any interior setting, especially one with a warm interior approach. With Wilbur, you get style and substance in one package. 

    Besides a spacious solid hardwood top, you get four splayed and tapered legs. We love the top finish with birch veneers which blend well with any color palette. Thus, aesthetically, you could do no wrong with this pick. As for functionality, it comes with three drawers with cutout pull-on extension glides. 

    These drawers are handy when you want to store office supplies and other essentials. Though you’ll have to assemble the desk, you can do it easily using the instruction manual and the tools. The back end of the table is finished and you’ll be getting a fully finished desk with natural wood grain color variation. 

    • Solid birch
    • Manufactured wood
    • Three front drawers

    Birch Lane’s Shopie Study Table is quite unique in a visual sense. It boasts a grey color and really stands out in a light interior setting. Thus, if you’re looking to add a focal point to your living room, or study room, this table or desk can act as the perfect catalyst. This table is perfect for crafting DIY projects, making spreadsheets, or writing novels. 

    The Shopie Study Table boasts a combination of solid birch and manufactured wood. Besides, it comes with curved “X” side panels coupled with three front drawers. The most appealing part about those drawers is the intricate bronze shell pulls. It truly adds a posh vibe to the facade. 

    The base material of the table is solid poplar wood which is quite sturdy. This product has a respectable load-bearing capacity. For instance, the drawers can handle a weight of up to 50 lbs. As for the overall dimensions, the Shopie Study Table is 56.5” wide, 30” high, and 28.5” deep.

    • Contemporary design
    • Mid-century legs
    • Sufficient legroom

    Veda Solid Wood Desk by Beachcrest Home is an exquisite desk for a contemporary interior. If you’re looking to add a chic white work-from-home desk to your setup, simply choose the Veda Solid Desk. 

    I have no idea how the manufacturers have been able to blend the contemporary design with mid-century legs. This approach makes this study table quite unique from a design perspective. 

    Besides an appealing interior, there’s also some room for practicality. You get two tiny drawers along with a keyboard tray if you wish to set up a PC or use a keyboard with your laptop. 

    This study desk comes with a spacious top that is 60” wide. Moreover, with a height of 30.35”, you get sufficient legroom. Though the drawers are slightly lower than the top, you won’t have any trouble moving your legs across the entire width of this study table.

    Buyer’s Guide to Study Table

    Choosing the perfect study table can be a dilemma. Since there are a plethora of options in the market, it’s easy to get discouraged. And that’s the last thing you want. When buying a study table, you’re basically investing in a product that’ll easily stay with you for 5-10 years. Thus, you must look into every small detail before choosing the right product. 

    Here is a list of points that you must consider so as to stay clear-headed when making a purchasing decision. 


    The size and purpose of your study table go hand-in-hand. First, evaluate the space you have at your disposal. Check for width, length, and depth-first. As for height, any table between 26-30” would be a good fit. Finally, see if the table you chose aligns with your needs. For instance, if you’re a writer, you want excellent storage capabilities and not a flat table with no open shelves. 


    If you want practicality, pay attention to the features. You want a table that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but can help with storage and wire management. Most study tables today come with at least two drawers or shelves. The manufacturers know that users seek convenience and reachability. 


    Many people do not care for design. However, an odd study table can disrupt the entire look and feel of the space. Thus, you want a piece of furniture that adds aesthetic value rather than taking it away. At the same time, you don’t want the table to be overly flashy, as it’ll end up becoming the focal point in that entire room. So, that’s basically a personal preference. 


    We cannot emphasize the importance of materials enough. If you want a quality table, check for the material. Not only do you want an excellent wood surface but you also have a strong base. Study tables made from solid rosewood and acacia are generally of high quality. At the same time, if you’re choosing a glass table, you’d want to check the quality of the glass. 

    What’s the ideal height of a study table?

    When choosing a study table, you don’t want the height to be more than 30”. If you’re taller than 6ft, then maybe 32” is fine. But generally, a 30” table height would be more than enough in most cases. If you’re shorter than 5ft, you ideally want a table that is closer to 26”. Remember, these minute differences in inches can cause strain on your shoulders and elbows. 


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