Are you looking for mobility and efficiency in a printer for your work-at-home needs? Look no further than the portable printer. Portable printers can become efficient while meeting your needs, expectation, and budget. You can improve your productivity by enhancing your capacity to print quickly, devoid of frequent printing breaks.

Some portable printers may be cheap compared to others on the market. The reason for such price differences may vary significantly with brands, feature among other possible causes. Since all the printers may not have the same features and prices, you need to make many comparisons before landing on the most appropriate one that meets your needs and demand.

Further, you can cut costs by printing when necessary besides providing you with the comfort of convenience while working from home. In as much as it comes with various benefits for your home office, picking the right product can often become difficult, especially for first-timers. In this review, you will get the best portable printer options for your work use at home.

Portable printers are easy on the budget, light weight, and dependable. If you are not a power user when it comes to printing, and want to move your printer around, a portable printer is easy to use, ease to configure, and east to move.


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    • Color printer output
    • Inkjet printing technology
    • Plain printing medium

    The Canon Pixma TR150 comes as the best choice printing product for most people based on its functionality, size, and budget. It comes with all the standard printing functionalities from a portable printer besides the sleek and simple exterior design.

    The Pixma TR150 wireless mobile printer from Canon is efficient in a work from home setup. You enjoy convenience arising from its lightweight and compact nature, besides the versatility it exhibits. Additionally, the printer comes with an inkjet printing technology that ensures high resolution and vibrant print documents. Besides the printing tech and printer output options that the product provides, it accentuates these by ensuring a possibility to print from diverse wireless options. It includes the Apple Print, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and Canon Print App directly from your smartphone. You can enjoy all these by having your printed document on plain paper.

    • Fast two-sided multifunctional
    • Fast print speeds
    • Wireless connectivity

    The OfficeJet Pro 8710 portable printer from HP is a wonderful product for anyone obsessed with functionality and efficiency in their home office. The highly-rated product comes with the standard functionality of portable printers but also incorporates extra functionality features.

    HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 all-in-one wireless printer is multifunctional. It can scan, copy or print your work documents at home. Further, you can send your documents for either scanning, printing, or copying wirelessly and remotely from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone via the HP ePrint app. You can also opt for the HP JetAdvantage Private Link to safeguard your information or access confidential printouts. Additionally, you get to enjoy a one-year limited warranty of the hardware upon purchase. So if you care about the security and confidentiality of your work documents at home, you have to consider the printer.

    • AI-enabled (works with Alexa)
    • Inkjet printing technology
    • Diverse printing media types

    The compact Deskjet 3755 from HP is an efficient and portable printing product option for users. It personifies value, economy, efficiency, and therefore a valuable portable printer for your home office.

    DeskJet 3755 is AI-enabled as you can use Alexa to scan, copy, and print wirelessly on a range of paper sizes (3×5 inches up to 85×14 inches). The printing media can include plain papers, envelopes, and glossy photo paper. Additionally, the printer uses inkjet technology with attractive ink delivery offers. With a one-year limited warranty for the hardware, you can enjoy this wireless and compact printer in your home office for any of your printing needs.  Further, the ability to control it conveniently from your mobile device makes it simpler to set it up. You can scan from the phone, order the toner, and print from cloud-based storage services such as Google Docs.

    • Works with Alexa
    • Inkjet printing technology
    • Diverse print papers

    The Envy 6055 portable printer from HP comes as the best value option for most users working from home. The product has an elegant exterior design besides the standard expected functionality of portable printers.

    HP Envy 6055 wireless all-in-one printer uses inkjet printing technology and comes with HP instant ink, making it cost-effective. You can enable the AI function on the printer to connect it with your Alexa device and enhance productivity through voice commands. Further, the portable device has a limited warranty of one year for its hardware. This provides sureties with the printer quality in case of hiccups. Connect your mobile devices wirelessly using the HP Smart App to print conveniently and faster using the enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity. With the two types of print paper options supported by the printer, you will probably see the value for money when deciding to go with this product.

    • Self-healing WI-FI
    • Compatible with Alexa
    • Built-in data security feature

    The OfficeJet Pro 8025 from HP proves a best choice printer option for people who work from home. The portable printer comes with enhanced operational and physical attributes compared to the typical portable printer.

    For starters, the printer comes with a voice-activated printing where you can incorporate voice control by linking the printer with your Alexa. As a result, you will increase your efficiency while working. Another crucial aspect of this printer product encompasses HP smart tasks such as digitized and organized business tasks, creating editable documents by scanning, etc. The printer also comes with instant ink (HP 910 ink) with house deliveries coming free for the initial two months. Further, it has a remote printing feature via the HP Smart Application. You can print remotely besides having a one-year warranty period to ensure value for your money in instances where hiccups happen.

    • Alexa enabled
    • Mobile printing
    • Long-lasting battery

    The highly functional printer from HP comes as a premium choice product for most people who have home offices. The printer has all the standard functionalities of portable printers and tops it off with a sleek and simple exterior design. It will meet all your home office printing needs effectively and conveniently.

    HP OfficeJet 200 portable printer comes as Alexa-enabled, and once you turn the feature on and link it to your Alexa, you can comfortably voice-control it to great effect. Additionally, the printer allows you to print, scan, or photocopy wirelessly because of its all-access HP ePrint application, OfficeJet 250, and Wi-Fi Direct. It also has a durable battery that will limit charging interruptions. The printer has a power input voltage of 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz; 200 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, and will prove perfect for your work use at home.

    • Auto-wireless connectivity
    • Inkjet printing technology
    • HP smart application

    The OfficeJet 3830 printer from HP comes as the best choice photo printing option for individuals who need efficiency and productivity while working from home. The product comes small with a portable printer’s standard and expected functionalities besides its elegant and straightforward design.

    Firstly, the HP OfficeJet 3830 printer utilizes auto-wireless connectivity to receive documents and print, scan, or fax them. Consequently, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to print remotely and conveniently at home by simply scanning via the HP Application. Additionally, the printer can operate in a quiet mode where you limit the distraction that printing noise can cause to your concentration at work. Incorporating the HP smart application makes the printer ideal in managing your printing tasks from your mobile device. Further, the printer comes with a one-year warranty for the hardware component. If this has a semblance to anything you need in a portable printer, then it can become useful.

    • Compact size
    • Laser printing technology
    • Wireless connectivity

    The portable printing product from Lexman comes as a premium choice option for users in their home offices. It has a sleek exterior design with standard and expected mobile printers’ functionalities and extra brilliant functionality attributes.

    The Lexmark C3326dw printer comes with a laser printing tech that ensures detailed print output, whether in images or document text. It also comes very versatile and can fit any corner of your home office because of its small size. Additionally, the portable printer comes with wireless connectivity that proves super-fast and simple when printing from your Wi-Fi enabled mobile device. The highlight, however, comes from the security features the printer comes with. It includes the full-spectrum safety architecture on the printer, over the network, and on the paper. If you want functionality, security, and versatility, then this premium product will possibly meet your work printing needs at home.

    • Color printer output
    • Thermal printing technology
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity

    The DeskJet 2722 all-in-one color printer from HP comes as the best value printing product for individuals with home offices. It has a wonderful exterior design with all the expected standard portable printer functionalities besides an enhanced USB hardware interface.

    The portable printer has a color printing output with detailed and vibrant images of text and images because it operates on an HP inkjet thermal printing. Additionally, the printer has wireless Wi-Fi connectivity where you can connect your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and conveniently print your documents. However, the highlight of this product lies in a USB hardware interface that helps you operate and print documents effectively. If you want simplicity, affordability, and functionality, this printing product can prove ideal for your home office use.

    • Ultimate portability
    • Inkjet printing technology
    • Wireless connectivity

    The highly-rated WF-110 wireless mobile printing product from Workforce comes as a premium choice product to users. It’s highly efficient with a simple exterior design for your home office needs. The portable printer comes as an ultimate portability product.

    Workforce WF-110 comes very versatile as it’s compact and ultra-lightweight, notwithstanding its external auxiliary battery. Additionally, the battery has a range of flexible charging options, including via AC or USB adapter or AC power.  The printer also allows wireless connectivity when it comes to your work needs at home, and you can easily print by connecting your laptop, smartphone, or tablet using 5G Wi-Fi Direct. Further, the portable printer uses inkjet printing technology, which ensures vibrant and high-quality resolution of pictures, text, and images on your glossy photo paper.  If you wish for portability, versatility, convenience, and efficiency, this can prove your ideal printing product.

    Buyer’s guide for the best portable printer 

    Do portable printers use ink?

    Before, most printers used the traditional ink to print documents of whatever nature you wanted based on the printer specifications. However, with the advent of technology, the inkless printing tech came to the fore. With the need for convenience underlying portable printers, you will find these printers utilizing this inkless technology to print. As a consequence, they have simple maintenance because of the absence of traditional ink.

    How can you print files from the phone to the portable printer without Wi-Fi?

    Well, the mode and way of connecting and printing files from your phone using a portable printer will differ with the type of phone you use. For instance, when you have an Android phone, then the simple printing solution will entail going to your play store and installing the Noko Print- USB and Wireless printing app. At this point, you have to open the app on your device and connect the OTG cable to your smartphone. However, you have to remember to connect the printer’s USB cable to the OTG cable before linking it to your phone.

    How much can a small printer cost?

    All compact printers differ in prices, and this largely depends on the manufacturing brand. However, you will get most of these printers from $90 to $500, though the average price comes around $250. As much as prices fluctuate, please remember that the priciest compact printers will not necessarily translate to the best printer investment. So consider this aspect when judging the cost of small printers.

    What is the best small all-in-one printer?

    Everyone has a taste preference when it comes to small printers. However, with small all-in-one printers based on reviews, you can never go wrong with the suggestions in this article. However, take into consideration other aspects like price, processing speed, etc.

    What printer should ideally suit my home office?

    The ideal printer for your work needs at home will depend on your preferences. However, you have to consider other aspects as well. For instance, when your work needs at home involve regular printing of files devoid of the necessity for high print resolution color images, it would make sense to go for a laser printer. Conversely, if you require an occasional printed document or colored images, getting an inkjet printer would make more sense.  So consider this carefully before deciding on the suitability of a printer to your home office needs.


    If you want a portable printer for work purposes at home, you have to select the best available options. The review provides you with diverse options, including best choice, premium choice, and best value portable printers for your consideration. Portable printers give you optimal flexibility.



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