Is there any good office chair under 200$? Yes, there is. WFH recommends some of the best under 200$ office chairs for you to consider.

Whether it is studying, gaming, working in the office, or just browsing the internet, we nowadays spend most of the time in front of a desk. Recent work from home trend has increased this practice because of more attachment to computers and less outdoor time.

As a result, back pain and mental stress are increasing proportionately in our society. The thing we can do to reduce this number is to practice good sitting habits (good posture) and make our time in Infront of the desk comfortable and relaxing. And that’s why having a well-designed office chair is so important.

Now things can get messy when shopping for a good budget office chair. You can still get all the comfort and specification of the high-end chairs at a reasonably cheaper price. But you have to know certain things that you should look at when buying a specific chair.

In this article, we have reviewed the top 10 most reviewed and best quality chairs available on amazon under the price of 200 bucks. We hope that these reviews will help you to pick the right chair for you right on your budget.


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    • 360-degree swivel wheels
    • Wing type back support
    • Easy and quick assembly

    This ergonomic office chair from the brand Furmax provides both comfort and durability at an unbelievably low price. If you are low on budget and looking for an office chair from well-known brands that you can rely on, then this is the chair you are looking for.

    Not only it looks good and stylish but it also provides easy movement of your body. Wing type mesh back design ensures breathability and supports the lumbar region of the body. Lumbar support keeps your body position perfect so that you don’t get back pain working long hours.

    Additionally, it comes with a tension control mechanism, thus you can control the tilting or rocking of the chair. The seat is pleasant and firm and not bulky at all. Seat height adjusts from about 17.5″ to about 21″. With its 360-degree swivel wheels and comfy seat, you will get a smooth experience.

    Overall, an attractive, reliable, pleasant, and lightweight office chair that will fit easily in any workplace and preferable to all average-sized users.

    • Big and Tall
    • Elevated neck support
    • Pneumatic adjustment features

    Compared to other office chairs, this chair from brand Serta is designed to give you the maximum movement and smooth and soft experience while sitting on it. From average to extra-large everybody can comfortably fit into this spacious chair.

    This big and tall corporate office chair contains commercial-grade, durable materials to stand up for any rough use. It can take up to 350 lbs. Whereas an average male weighs about 196 lbs.

    Additionally, Its deep and wide seating area, upholstered in black bonded leather with contrast stitching which makes it comfortable and stylish at the same time.

    Furthermore, it has contoured cushioning which gives the lumbar support. With an elevated headrest, padded armrests, and deep layer body pillow seat, it supports even the tallest individual generously.

    Finally, with advanced height and reclining mechanism and scuff-resistant footpads, this chair will keep you comfortable and supportive and will let you take a peaceful nap when the work is done.

    • Two plastic lumber support
    • 3-inch adjustable height
    • Mesh with Nylon base build

    This mid-back chair is smart, comfortable, functional, and has a minimalistic design. This is ergonomically designed to promote a healthy seating culture.

    With only 21 pounds of weight, this is one of the lightest office chairs available in the market. That makes it portable too.

    To support the lumbar region of the body, it has two plastic lumbar support designs behind the backrest which will feel like a hand on the waist.

    But, to make it minimal and simple, the headrest is absent in this chair.  As the chair is lighter, it is not feasible for it to support the upper portion of the body because it will make the chair unstable.

    Additionally, it has a 90 to 120-degree rocking feature and can swivel 360 degrees. The casters are suitable for all kinds of floors and won’t scratch the floor.

    Lastly, this is durable, ergonomic, lightweight and portable, and easy to put together. This chair will help you to maintain your lengthy desk routine with comfort at a lower price.

    • Inverse C curve backrest
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Colorful design

    Our next recommendation is the PatioMage gaming come office chair. This chair is built of high-quality nylon, mesh, and plastic which ensures durability and strength. Needles to say, this is a long-lasting chair.

    Upgraded latex material made cushion and breathable mesh makes this chair so cool and comfortable when sitting.

    Additionally, to ensure proper spine alignment the backrest has an Inverse ‘C’ curve shape. Thus, it will reduce the back-muscle tension while gaming or sitting in an office for a long time.

    Furthermore, it has adjustable height and armrest features with a safe and stable gas lift. You will get enough freedom with the 360° swivel.

    Finally, with the maximum capacity of 300 lbs. this chair is perfect for everyday use from kids to corporate person and from gamer to programmer.

    • Small-sized
    • 360-degree swivel wheel
    • Heavy-duty base, Arm support

    This chair is great for smaller people. That’s why the manufacturer has labeled it for adult women, that doesn’t mean that it is not unisex, it means that if you are over 5’-6” you won’t feel comfortable enough because it won’t rise that high.

    Moreover, if you weigh more than 250 lbs. this is not the chair for you. But if you are short on space and don’t need that huge bulky chair and still want the feature and comfort of those chairs, this may the perfect chair for you.

    Though small, it will satisfy all your daily needs. Like all the others, this chair is too ergonomically designed. It has a highly ventilated mesh back and soft moderate cushion sitting. Furthermore, you will find a tension adjusting knob at the bottom which will help you to tilt certain degrees.

    • Adjustable height and seat
    • Padded seats and armrest
    • 5-legged base

    This chair is from Amazon basic. If you are familiar with amazon basic you might know that it’s an Amazon company. Their basic idea is the high rated products at a lower price. This chair is no exception from that.

    If you are planning to buy a chair for a desk that you don’t use regularly or you urgently need a chair but only for some days, then this chair is for you.

    But if you are planning to buy a chair where you will be spending most of the time of a day for a long time this is not what you are looking for.

    This chair will provide ease of movement, comfortable sitting, and value for money. Durable and good quality polyurethane bonded (faux) leather on both seat and back and nylon build will give the tranquil sitting experience.

    Furthermore, with clear instructions and extra parts, it is super easy to put together.

    • Artificial sofThread leather
    • Premium and Luxurious
    • Lifetime Warranty

    This model ESS-6060 from brand OFM is one of the budget chairs from their essential office chair series. This is a racing-style luxury gaming chair.

    This chair has a softhread leather upholstery, which is one kind of artificial bonded leather. But it’s so difficult to tell the differences. Heat pressed diamond pattern on it provides a luxurious feel, additional comfort and makes it breathable.

    Furthermore, it features contoured padding with an integrated lumbar cushion. Ensuring lumbar support and perfect positioning of the spine.

    Moreover, it includes a center-tilt mechanism with a tension control feature. Also an integrated headrest and armrest for extra comfort. You can go to a reclining position with ease.

    Finally, this chair the brand OFM Limited offers a Lifetime Warranty for the chair.

    • Gas spring cylinder
    • Sturdy metal base
    • Headrest pillow

    This is a trendy gaming chair from the brand Homeall. The thing about the gaming chair is that it looks stylish with its leather built but less comfortable than the traditional office chair for a long time sitting.

    This chair has all the features of a gaming chair at a very low price. Its low pricing has caught the attention of the critics.

    It extends the full length of the back with support for the head, neck, and shoulders. There is a neck pillow for added comfort. It also helps to keep the body in the natural shape.

    Additionally, it is ergonomically and orthopedically designed. Having all the comfort like adjustable height and tilt mechanism with 90 to 180 degrees adjuster.

    Not only that, but it also has a sturdy 5-star metal base and color caster wheels.  Its setup is very easy. If you are low on budget and looking for a gaming chair you can give it a try.

    • Ergonomic and gaming design
    • High-quality material
    • Easy to assemble

    This is another chair from the brand Furmax. This is also a great chair specially designed for professional gamers.

    This chair has a racing car style seat design that means it focuses on long hours of office workers or video game players.

    They have done a terrific job designing this chair. It is quite different from those trendy gaming chairs but it’s more comfortable and overcomes the disadvantages of those chairs.

    It has a leather and bucket seat with padded armrests, 5-star base with swivel wheels. 3-inch-thick padded seat and 2-inch backrest make the chair comfortable to seat. It provides relaxation, by rocking itself back and forth.

    Finally, with high-quality leather and mesh design, this chair is enough durable and breathable.

    • Saves space
    • Flippable arms
    • Silenced rolling casters

    This cute and simple office chair from brand Hbada is inspired by a standing penguin. Hbada is a popular brand for its modern, unique, and aesthetically pleasing design.

    This home office desk chair will give you all the freedom to make the optimum use of the space of your house. Use the 5 caster legs to move around swiftly. The casters also ensure minimum friction.

    Besides, its high-density mesh back is fully breathable. The considerate design supports the lower back. So it’s easier to maintain your posture.

    Moreover, this task chair has a 120° tilt tension and gas (pneumatic) control height adjustment.

    In the current worldwide situation, this is the perfect pick for your work from home setup.

    Best Office Chair Under 200$ Buyer guide

    What Makes a Good Office Chair?

    The definition of a good chair varies from person to person and place to place. It depends on the height, weight, sitting habit, and other characteristics of an individual.

    When looking for a good chair you should be checking whether it is adjustable or not. Adjustment of height is a very important thing. Then there comes the tilting or rocking adjustment. The ergonomic chair has reclining adjustment too.

    Furthermore, a good chair will support your lower portion that is the lumber of the body. Thus, it reduces the chance of getting back pain.

    Additionally, the material used will not only be comfortable but also it will be breathable and durable.

    Finally, with all the conditions satisfied there comes the question of pricing. This article covers only the chair that is comparatively cheap but has all the specifications.

    Why professional chairs are so expensive?

    The answer to this question takes us to the basic economical relation that is the relation between supply and demand. A professional office chair is designed and engineered very carefully to meet the human comfort demand.

    So, the manufacturers produce them at a lower volume and often they only produce on demand of an office or corporation. And that makes them so expensive.

    Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

    No, the gaming chair is trendy and looks stylish but it lacks the comfort of a well-designed office chair. The office chair is breathable and ergonomic and doesn’t heat up while sitting for a long time. On the other hand, though gaming chairs are ergonomically designed they are not breathable at all.

    How often should you replace your office chairs?

    That depends on your use and the condition of the material that covers the back and seat of the chair. Most of the chairs now have height and tilt control mechanisms which are like to fail before the warranty period. A well-built chair should easily last up to five years.


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