Do you want a spacious and elegant working desk that is large enough to handle your diverse work-flows? If so, then you likely will benefit from having one of the best large computer desks in your home. A large desk gives you ample space for creative thinking, working, writing, and storing of objects that matter to you.

A large desk, and in particular those we have reviewed below, are all about space. If you have multiple monitors, or a single large monitor, laptops, books, photos, and need space to type, write, and create, a large desk will help you achieve those ends. A large desk is crucial in enhancing your comfort and improving your productivity. Get rid of clutter and empower yourself to do your best work. You can better work or view your progress on programming, data entry, analysis, gaming, and other computational work by incorporating more or larger screens. Picking the right product, however, proves difficult and that is where we step in to help.

Here, you will get reviews of some of the best large computer desks on the market.

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  • X-frame stands
  • Metallic material
  • Supports multiple monitors

The computer desk product from Walker Edison Furniture Company proves the best choice for most people in need of large gaming or work surfaces for their PCs. The computer desk comes with all the standard functionality of a typical computer desk but with more style and functional elegance. It comes in two packs to form a corner shaped desk with a large 29″ H x 51″ L x 20″ W desk space for gaming, studying, or working.

Additionally, the desk proves metallic with x-frame stands that gives it a stable frame to hold weight without any problems. In addition to an elegant design and a keyboard tray, the desk proves useful in ensuring the correct working or gaming posture for maximum productivity. If elegance and functionality prove your strong suit, then buying this computer desk can prove crucial.

2 Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Premium Choice
  • Multiple product colors
  • Microfiber mouse pad
  • High flexibility and mobility

The premium choice large computer desk option from Arozzi is highly efficient for your gaming and work needs at home or work. The desk comes with extra physical attributes compared to the standard features that most large computer desks have. It has sufficient space to fit three huge monitors for an all-immersing gaming feel.

Additionally, the desk comes in multiple colors. Colors include red, green, blue, black, and white, which offers you an array of choices to pick from based on your preference. It also has a custom mouse pad design that contains microfiber and a water-resistant cloth surface. You can easily dismantle it into three parts, and this ensures flexibility and simple transportation whenever needed. So if you want a unique and extravagant computer desk design, then the Arozzi arena gaming desk can prove ideal for your home or work needs.

  • Modern design
  • Simple to assemble
  • Adjustable iron leg pads

The best value computer desk product from Cubiker proves highly efficient for someone requiring a large computer desk for gaming or work-related activities at home. The computer desk tops its functionality level with its modern yet simple design.  It is sufficiently large with dimensions of 32″ W x 19.7″ D x 28″ H to allow you to work, study, or conduct your gaming activities.

Additionally, the product has a strong frame developed by using iron bars, which makes it sturdy. Further, adjustable leg pads’ existence ensures greater desk stability, regardless of the weight constraints imposed. It comes in different color choices, and you can choose one that satisfies you the most. So pick this product if it appeals to your needs.

  • MDF board and metal frame
  • Large L-shaped surface
  • Easy cleaning, quickly install

The L-shaped desk from Mr IRONSTONE comes as a highly functional and good option for your work and gaming needs. The large computer desk comes in the shape of an L and can fit any space cubicle, provided it proves large enough. With a heavy steel metal frame and high-quality MDF board, the desk is sturdy and durable. It can hardly endanger your PC or gaming equipment once put on the desk.

Additionally, the desk proves easy to clean owing to its textured surface and an informative guide to help you follow the simple installation process. What more? You can enjoy either side of the large desk surface for your gaming or work needs. If you seek a large, simple-to-use, and an affordable large desk for your home or work needs, considering this desk product may prove a coup.

  • Large surface for gaming/work
  • Compact R-frame construction
  • Quick install, easy cleaning

The extensive gaming desk from Mr. IRONSTONE proves ideal, and a premium choice for your gaming or work needs at home or in the office. Fully functional as other computer desks, the large computer desk also comes with an enhanced design and style. It measures 63″ W x 32″ D and comes laminated with an MDF PVC surface, which becomes instrumental for your gaming or work equipment.

Additionally, the large gaming desk proves stable due to its compact R-frame formed from MDF PVC material and the desk’s metal stands. Consequently, the desk can hold heavy weight without showing any signs of strain. However, one of the feature entails the quick and simple installation process despite the complicated outlook of the desk. If you want a large desk that proves sophisticated in design yet simple to use, this product will best suit you.

  • Engineered wood material
  • Adjustable height
  • 65 lbs max load

The product comes as a premium choice for everyone in need of a highly efficient large computer desk. The desk, manufactured by Its Organized, proves functional and chic in its design with the added technical and physical feature enhancements. It comes as a height-adjustable computer desk owing to the presence of the five-level mechanical height adjustment. The engineered material making its surface and frames ensure a sturdy framework to withhold weight.

Additionally, the desk comes with a two-year warranty, customer service, and an installation manual. Besides all these, the product feature prompts customer feedback when you get bogged down by uncertainties and queries. So if you prove big on customer relation vis-à-vis quality desk products, then this large computer desk can prove perfect for your gaming or work needs at home or in the office.

  • Vintage design
  • Rectangular shape
  • Wood material for top

The large 55″ computer desk comes as a highly functional unit, similar to other large computer desks from other brands. However, this product comes with an extra extravagance to its exterior design and functional features. The desk comes with a metal frame and particleboard that strengthens and makes it sturdy enough to hold weight and zero wobble.

Additionally, it is rectangular with two storage shelves. This keeps your work or study materials organized besides having a CPU rack for your computer needs. The tabletop proves scratch-resistant and can therefore last the test of time. Two of the highlight features of the product entails simple assembly and a risk-free purchase. If you have a budget for a large computer desk, this product will probably cater to your gaming, study, or work needs at home or in the office.

  • Easy assembling process
  • Metallic material
  • Durable, 2 drawers

The office desk proves a viable option for individuals in need of a large surface for work or gaming activities. It can come in three sizes, the 47″, 55″, and the 40″ option. With a stylistically sound, polished, and E1 grade wood board surface accompanied with steel metal stands, the desk proves sturdy enough to hold extreme weight.

Additionally, the desk comes with two drawers you can use to organize and store your work documents, books, etc. The desk’s main feature highlight entails the simple assembly process complete with a simple stepwise assembling manual. Finally, the desk comes high in quality with unprecedented durability owing to its surface the steel frame, which all prove waterproof and impact-proof. In case you decide to buy a large and affordable computer desk, then this product can work for you.

  • Elegant L-Shape
  • Engineered wood material
  • Simple to assemble

L-shaped home office corner desk proves the best choice option for individuals who desire functionality and simplicity. The product from SWH demonstrates functionality like all other large computer desks, though this has its charm in the simplicity of its design. It comes in the shape of an L, which efficiently uses space. Moreover, the desk comes from espresso and wood-grain laminated material, with open shelves giving sufficient room for books and binders. Therefore, you can always keep your work documents or gaming equipment securely on the shelves.

Further, the desk proves simple to assemble, complete with a product stepwise instruction. With a deep depth of 51″, the desk proves high enough to allow you sufficient wiggle room to make you comfortable while working. So if you want an excellent large computer desk, this can prove your use’s best product.

Buyers guide for large computer desk

When buying a large computer desk you will want to consider:

  1. The size of the desk.
  2. The size of the room it will be placed in.
  3. Your storage needs, both above and below the desk.
  4. The weight of the desk.
  5. If it comes assembled or if you will need to do that yourself.

What constitutes the best large desk for a home office?

The best large desks come in different materials, sizes, and weights. Of huge importance, some will come reassembled and others will require you to assemble them. Assembling a large desk can be tricky as the panels and sides of the desks are often heavy. Large desks can also come with ample above and below storage and if you are building these yourself you will need to know how to do so.  A large desk is about stationary comfort. Think through what you will place above, below, and on the desk before buying it. Also take time to measure the dimensions of the area or room you will be placing it in.

How much weight can a large computer desk hold?

If you are buying a large computer desk you might envision placing multiple monitors on it. Great! Or you might need ample storage for paper, a printer, shredder, and a keyboard. These are all considerations for variables you should think through when evaluating large desks to buy. You will also want to consider the material. Some large desks are made of slabs of solid oak, redwood, walnut, or cherry. These desks are not only large but are stunning to look at and age well. A large desk can also be made of composite wood or light metal.

How big of a desk do I need for two monitors?

Many monitors are around 20 inches. A large monitor is usually over 27 inches. So it depends how many you will be placing on your desk. If you have 2 20 inch monitors, the width of the desk should be at least 50 inches. Also think about above and below storage and if you want cabinets or open space. Most large desks are seated and if you want a standing desk you can get one but the lever will need two motors to power the desk up and down.

How much space do you need for a chair behind the computer desk?

Different people have diverse types of spaces for their home or office work station. Therefore, comprehending the recommended amount of space behind the desk for your chair becomes essential as a decision-making factor before purchasing a computer desk. The recommended minimum space proves twenty-three inches, though you can always increase this to thirty inches if your workspaces allow.  Consider this crucial factor before settling on a large computer desk product.

If you desire a large computer desk, then getting the best in the market becomes crucial. Since it proves an arduous task to shop for computer desks, start by considering the reviews above as a masterstroke in your efforts.