Office chairs for hardwood floors might seem like quite a specific requirement. But, this requirement is a result of many factors that work for the preservation of both hardwood floors and the chair you purchase. 

Apart from the floor-friendly construction, these chairs offer great ergonomic features. These features offer convenience and comfort even when you’re for long hours. Notably, office chairs for hardwood floors provide amazing mobility. They’re also great on aesthetic appeal and come with a wide range of options. 

We at WFHAdvisers have fished out some of the best office chairs for hardwood floors that you can purchase online. These chairs differ based on technologies, style, construction, and price.


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    • Functional design
    • Heat resistant
    • 360-degree swivel

    Bring in modern elegance and comfort to your office with the Serta Leighton Task Chair. It has a highly functional design and a cool color that blends with your office decor seamlessly. 

    Moreover, it comes with a height adjustment system that helps you make your office more comfortable. 

    With this impressively designed chair, you don’t have to worry about comfort a bit. Because the chair comes with a memory foam seat that gives you a cozy seat every time. It has pocket coils that add even more comfort to the chair. 

    Furthermore, the chair comes with a 360-degree swivel. Due to this swivel, you can turn around in any direction smoothly. Also, you can reach any place on your table with ease. To add more mobility, the chair comes with hardwood-friendly casters that roll quite smoothly. 

    Also, the chair has a polyester blend upholstery that gives it a rich look. Another interesting feature about the chair is, it is fire resistant and can withstand heat to a considerate level.

    • Faux fur upholstery
    • Strong wooden pedestal
    • Tilt mechanism

    The Melyna Task Chair offers you the ultimate comfort with its premium quality materials. Also, it has a chic appearance that sets it apart. The mix of bright and dull colors makes it look elegant and eye-catching. 

    It has a wooden frame inside which helps maintain the structural integrity. Furthermore, this wooden frame features high-quality foam that makes the seat comfortable. For a rich appearance, the chair is covered with faux fur upholstery.

    In addition, the bronze nailhead trim around the edges of the chair provides a decorative look.

    It features a strong pedestal base that has impressive load-bearing capacity. Moreover, it has super smooth caster wheels that boost mobility. The chair also has a 360-degree swivel mechanism, so that you can turn it in any direction smoothly. 

    Apart from this, the chair comes with features like a tilt mechanism for center tilt. Plus, there’s also the height adjustment feature that you can take advantage of. 

    • Durable design
    • Velvet upholstery
    • Height adjustment

    The Lourdes Task Chair is an artful piece from the Kelly Clarkson Home furniture range. It has a unique shape that offers many additional benefits. Furthermore, the chair has a durable design that makes it suitable for continuous long use. 

    It features a metal and iron combination frame which gives it a steady structure. Moreover, the chair has a polyester blend with a velvety texture for upholstery while the filling is of soft foam. Even at the back, the chair has polyester blend upholstery for a uniform look. 

    Also, the chair comes with five metal legs that have a golden finish. For ease of movement, the chair comes with a 360-degree swivel and casters. The combination of the two features makes it suitable for use on hardwood flooring. 

    Additionally, the chair has an easy height adjustment mechanism. This lets you increase or decrease its height between 18-21 inches. Cleaning the chair is quite easy, all you will need is a dry cloth to remove the stains. 

    • Faux leather upholstery
    • Lumbar support
    • Tilt adjustment

    Reach to the peak heights of comfort with the Rafal Executive Chair. The chair is made from the highest quality materials that keep from breaking or falling apart. Additionally, it has an unconventional design that makes it comfortable for your body.

    It has a cushioned backrest that saves you from back aches and stiffness. Also, the seat features a soft foam filling that helps you sit comfortably for long hours. You can use the chair for offices, receptions, work from home setups, and more. 

    Both backrest and pedestal are covered in faux leather that gives it a premium look.

    The chair features a 360-degree swivel and multi-directional wheels. Due to these, you can move the chair around your office with ease. Furthermore, the chair’s tilt mechanism allows the chair to swing it back and forth. You can also lock the tilt position of the chair with the tilt tension knob.

    • Velvet upholstery
    • Strong plastic frame
    • Easy assembly

    The Elliana Velvet Task Chair is a simple office chair with some interesting features. You can use this multi-purpose chair in different setting. Thus, making it an ideal addition to your remote office or study room. Also, its durable construction can bear heavy loads for long hours. 

    It has an ergonomic design that offers maximum comfort to the back. Furthermore, the firm armrests help you relax your hands and shoulders while working. Its velvet fabric upholstery also contributes to the soft and comfortable feel of the chair. 

    The chair features a strong plastic frame that can withstand a considerable amount of weight with ease. Moreover, the back is made of metal so that you have a firm backrest at all times. The chair contains soft foam that offers extended comfort when working long hours. 

    It is easy to assemble the Elliana Velvet Task Chair. Plus, the company provides you with the necessary tools. 

    • Faux leather upholstery
    • Lumbar support
    • Tilt mechanism

    Experience maximum comfort and convenience while working with the Carleen Executive Chair. The chair is suitable for offices, conference rooms, reception, etc. Moreover, it has many features that make it a perfect choice for people who work long hours. 

    The chair has a metal and plastic frame which is quite strong and sturdy. Moreover, the back is made from a strong material too. This combination enables you to get a comfortable seat at all times with a healthy posture. 

    Besides, the backrest of the chair has a curvy design. This curve supports your lower back and saves you from back pain. 

    For a premium look, the chair features faux leather upholstery. Additionally, some places in the chair feature real leather too. 

    It features a flexible and smooth tilt mechanism. With it, you can rock the chair forward or backward to get into a comfortable position. Furthermore, you can lock a particular angle with the tilt lock lever under the chair. 

    • Easy to clean
    • Anti-scratch base
    • 360-degree swivel

    A bucket-style armless chair is all you need to give your office the fab appeal it deserves. Fortunately, the Cauldwell Task Chair meets all the requirements. Most of all, it is made of high-quality materials that offer unmatched durability and comfort. 

    The frame of the chair is made of molded plastic while the seat is covered with polyurethane. Furthermore, it comes with a soft foam filling that gives your back a cozy seat all the time. Also, it comes with an easy height adjustment system that lets you position yourself comfortably.

    For mobility, the chair features a 360-degree swivel and smooth casters. These features allow you to turn in any direction with ease. Moreover, the high-quality dual casters glide on hardwood floors. The five star base has an anti-scratch coating which protects the chair from damages. 

    Besides, the polyurethane upholstery of the chair makes it easier to clean. 

    • Advanced features
    • Lumbar support
    • Pneumatic controls

    The Alori Task Chair is a quite unique office chair. It is made using advanced technology that gives you a comfortable and cozy seat every time. In addition, the materials used for making the chair are of high quality and add durability to it. 

    It has a mesh backrest that offers great support by taking the shape of your back. Moreover, the fine holes in the mesh make it highly breathable. The back features an angular design that provides lumbar support and protects you from back pain. 

    Also, the thick sponge and breathable mesh cloth on the seat keeps the hips and legs cool. This makes working for long hours convenient and comfortable. Besides, the seat is quite resilient and maintains a cozy shape after prolonged use. 

    Furthermore, it comes with a multi-function mechanism along with pneumatic controls. It allows you to increase or reduce the height of the chair conveniently. Also, the chair comes with a tilt mechanism that lets you recline for more comfort. 

    • 360-degrees swivel
    • Velvet upholstery
    • Height adjustment

    The Rochelle Task Chair is a beautiful office piece of furniture by Kelly Clarkson Home. It has many features and qualities that make it a great addition to your office setup. Moreover, the chair features a simple design that blends in any furniture set. 

    It features a metal frame that can handle weights up to 250lbs. Also, the metal is wrapped with velvet upholstery. The upholstery has a velvety texture which makes it even more comfortable.

    To offer more comfort, the chair has been wrapped with high-quality foam. The foam filling is not just limited to the front but is also continued all the way back.

    There are many ergonomic features in this chair. For starters, the chair has a 360-degrees swivel function along with smooth removable casters. Also, the chair comes with a height adjustment feature. With these features, you can sit more comfortably while working. 

    • Bright color
    • Multiple adjustment features
    • Washable mesh cloth

    If you’re looking for an affordable option, you can try the Halverson Mesh Task Chair. The chair has almost all the features that you might find in a high-end chair. Its vibrant color and sleek design stand out elegantly and add a certain charm to your office. 

    The chair features a steel pedestal base that can hold your weight with ease. Moreover, the foam padding offers a comfortable seat for long hours. Also, the chair comes with a mesh back that keeps your back from soreness. 

    Furthermore, the chair comes with a gas lift lever and butterfly mechanism. It allows you to adjust the chair for a comfortable posture. In addition, the chair comes with a 360-degree swivel mechanism. 

    You can also adjust the height of the chair with the height adjustment mechanism. Lastly, cleaning the chair is very easy. You can wash the mesh upholstery with soap and if there are any stains you can scrub it too. 

    Buyer’s Guide To Office Chairs For Hardwood Floors

    When you install hardwood flooring, the finish might not be as smooth as it will be. Newly installed hardwood floors are bumpy and grainy. It might seem harmless to use a normal office chair at first but it is better to use office chairs for hardwood floors to avoid damages.

    You need to look for some peculiar properties when buying office chairs for hardwood floors. These may range from materials to parts and even the assembly of the chair. 

    Most of all, hardwood floors come in different colors. Therefore, you need to choose the chair based on factors like color, shape, design, and more. For instance, a dark brown hardwood flooring may or may not compliment a while color office chair. 

    Let’s take a look at the important factors that you need to consider when buying office chairs for hardwood floors. 


    Casters are the wheels that are attached to a chair for smooth movement. They are made from different materials such as plastic, acrylic, and also metals. However, some chairs are also known to cause damage to the flooring creating lines and ridges that ruin the look. 

    To protect your floor from such damages, you can put a rug on the floor before you install your workstation. In some cases, the casters get scraped and worn off over time. 


    As moving around much is not an option. You need to find a chair that helps you get comfortable without moving much. Look for office chairs that come with tilt mechanisms and lumbar support. These will help you relax your back while sitting in a comfortable posture. 

    Furthermore, you can look for office chairs with adjustable height and armrests. They can help you sit at the table comfortably for long hours. 


    Office chair upholsteries contain a wide range of fabrics. The most common ones are leather, mesh, and cloth. The type of fabric you choose can affect your comfort and convenience. 

    Mesh upholstery is commonly found in chairs that are in the affordable range. Due to the holes and net fabric, the mesh upholstery chairs are known to offer enhanced breathability that keeps you dry. 

    Fabric upholstery covers all kinds of fabrics like polyester, faux fur, velvet, and others. These types of chairs can be found in all price ranges. Fabric upholstery is soft to touch and comes in different color options.

    Lastly, leather upholstery is also found in various price ranges. It has a soft touch and has a nice smell. 


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