Need a hebrew keyboard or hebrew keyboard cover? We have you covered. We reviewed dozens of the best hebrew keyboards and chose the best below, enjoy!

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  • English and Hebew support
  • Black and sleek
  • Windows compatible

If you want a black and sleek keyboard – with minimal fuss both the English and Hebrew characters together – this keyboard will serve you well. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows and has a USB connection to your computer. Easy to use, easy to install.

  • Easy bilingual functionality
  • Easy installation
  • Smooth typing

Do you want a smooth typing experience and a tremendously fast keyboard mouse combination that work in tandem together? If so, this pair does the trick. In fact, it does such a great job that thousands of users have sung its praise. Why? Because your home office can instantly be converted into a bilingual environment. The sleek desk and black keyboard and mouse look great and work great for English and Hebrew use.

3 E-Z Keyboard Hebrew

Best Value
  • Great for learning Hebrew
  • Bold fonts and lettering
  • Alphabetical order

Simple and easy to use this keyboard can help you practice and learn Hebrew from your home office. This all black keyboard is easy on the eyes, great on your hands, and very useful for learning and typing Hebrew while working.

  • Silicone printing of character
  • Extra slim feel for typing
  • Hebrew characters

This skin is intended to fit on MacBook Pros with keyboards on the 13, 15, and 17 inch display. As Apple designed all of these keyboards with the same size and configuration, the skin will enable you to create the Hebew layout you desire. This skin not only gives you bilingual optionality, but it protects your laptop’s keys. The skin is washable so you can always keep it clean and fresh.