Warm mist humidifiers are excellent work from home additions. TO help with those long days inside, warm mist humidifiers helps in nasal congestion, sore throat, and other respiratory problems. An excellent choice for adults and babies alike.The humidity of your home holds more importance than you realize. It refers to the percent of water vapors present in the ambiance. And believe it or not, it’s linked to a lot of health and comfort issues.

The perfect humidity for your home is around 30-50%. But naturally, it won’t stay that way throughout the year. So what you need is a mist humidifier. They generate cold or warm mist, sometimes both, to keep your home or office environment cozy and humid.

Cold mist provides some much-needed comfort in hot seasons. And warm mist on the other hand ensures a sound and peaceful sleep during dry winter nights.

Just so you know, lack of humidity may cause dry skin and several respiratory ailments. Also, may harm your plants, and the static electricity from dry air may damage furniture.

Some of the humidifiers feature oil diffusers for extra convenience. Enjoy a spa-like treatment at home.

So without further ado, take a look at the top 10 warm mist humidifiers we recommend while working from home:


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    • Best one overall
    • 1 gallon, 24 hours
    • Power and refill indicators

    The Honeywell Humidifier had to be on top of our list. Considering its value, performance, durability, and user satisfaction, it’s no doubt the best one at the market right now.

    This humidifier is filter-free & ultra-quiet. Generates a soothing, toasty warm fog. While running, it fills your home with a warm and welcoming sensation. Say goodbye to those dry winter days.

    You can expect 40-60% humidity from this. Very useful for comfortable breathing, nasal congestion, sleeping, & dry skin. Also, less dry air means less static electricity. So your furniture won’t end up damaged anymore.

    Overall, this humidifier has a 1-gallon capacity. And after every filling, it can run up to 24 hours. Works best in small and medium-sized rooms.

    Additionally, it comes with a medicine cup. So you could use liquid inhalants without hassle.

    Also, it’s very easy to operate. There’s an illuminated power switch that lets you know when it’s plugged in. And you can switch between two temperature settings and control the evaporation with a simple knob.

    It doesn’t require any filter and shuts off automatically when empty. Furthermore, an indicator light will let you know when it needs refilling.


    2 Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

    Premium Choice
    • Best value product
    • 1 gallon. 12 hours
    • Compatible with VapoSteam

    This is a warm mist humidifier manufactured by Vicks. Suitable for bedrooms, nurseries, medium-sized rooms, kids bedrooms, and other places that you want comfortably warm.

    Compared to other similar products, this one will put less pressure on your wallet. Work from recommends this as the best value humidifier.

    One of its key features is that it can diffuse 95% bacteria-free fog into the air. Many people find a humidifier to be an essential part of the bedroom. Especially for a good night’s sleep if the air is dry, or if he/she is suffering from allergenic sickness, cold.

    Like the Honeywell humidifier, it has two temperature settings. You can load it up with 1-gallon water and it’ll run for 12 hours, without disturbing you. And it’ll shut down by itself once empty. Just refill and run.

    Combined with Vicks VapoSteam, this humidifier can also produce medicated vapors. It comes with a dedicated medicine cup just for use with inhalants.

    Moreover, this portable steam maker comes with 3 years warranty. Use freely and sleep soundly.

    • Premium selection
    • Remote control, multi function
    • Large capacity, warm and cool

    Before we say anything about it, just look at how cool it looks! This is the Elechomes warm and cool remote-controlled humidifier. And yes, it’s our Premium Choice.

    To start off, it has a bigger capacity than conventional humidifiers. And with a full 6L tummy, it can run up to 40 hours! Perfect for bigger rooms and openings. And once you plug it in, it’ll auto-detect ambient humidity so you can make necessary adjustments.

    You can run it in two modes, warm and cool. Warm mode generates steady steam that’ll provide some much-needed comfort in a dry winter night. Cool mode sprays water and adjusts room humidity. A big help in indoor gardening and greenhouse applications.

    It has two steam nozzles and you can rotate them by 360-degrees. The LED light indicators show the active functions. But don’t worry about disturbance though. You can put it in sleep mode and it’ll run under 32 dB, without any light. Perfect for sleeping, working, and get on with your day, in a calm ambiance.

    Also, you can use it for aromatherapy and medicinal treatments.

    Although, the filter is not included. You have to buy it separately.

    • 4L, 30 hours, 500 sq-ft
    • Triple protection system
    • Many smart features

    This is a retro-looking humidifier manufactured by Hupro. Alongside its large capacity, it can generate both warm and cool mist. Also, you can control it through a remote controller.

    This ultrasonic dual-mist humidifier has triple purification, a smart humidification system & an essential oil diffuser. It’s equipped with a 4-liter water tank that’s designed for larger rooms. The humidifier covers up to 500 sq ft & can run up to 30 hours.

    The three types of humidity control make it a smart choice for your home or office. It has 5-speed levels, an auto mode, & constant humidity. And also the touch button controls & speed slider make it easier to operate.

    The tank is also easy to fill, easy to clean, leak-proof, and requires minimum maintenance. A UV lamp, air-ionization, and ceramic filter add three layers of superior protection. Furthermore, it auto shuts off after reaching the desired humidity. Greatly saves energy.

    Moreover, you can use the aroma box to your advantage. Fill it with some essential oils and forget all the worries.

    • 6L, timer function
    • Warm and cool mists
    • Smart technologies

    This cool humidifier is pretty much on par with our premium choice. It has a stunning build, great capacity, and a number of smart features.

    To start off, it offers two mist modes. Warm and cold. Warm mist eliminates bacteria and provides comfort in dry, winter days. While cold mist restores essential humidity. Good for indoor gardens and plants.

    This humidifier has a built-in humidity sensor that automatically balances the mist level and maintains a comfortable amount of humidity. Just set it up and relax. Also, the humidifier automatically turns off once the water is depleted.

    Moreover, the near-silent noise level and no-light feature adds to a good night’s sleep. You can also set it to no-disturb mode while you’re working or in a meeting. And with the tank’s easy to access design, you’ll never have trouble refilling or cleaning the humidifier.

    Furthermore, It includes a remote controller, absorption pads, aroma pads, cleaning brush, and user manual. Enjoy warm nights and inhalant treatments, all in one.

    • Small and compact
    • Water level indicator
    • Oil vaporizer

    Compared to conventional humidifiers, this one may seem small with 3.5L capacity. But its cool design and smart design totally make up for the lack of storage.

    This ultrasonic humidifier has a built-in heating function that provides warm mist as well as cool mist. Convenient multifunctioning diversifies its usability. There are 3 levels optional for both warm and cool mist. You’ll find about 100 F warm mist temperature at the nozzle.

    The Mosfiata is equipped with a vaporizer function. You can also add essential oil into the aromatherapy box and the humidifier will start working as an essential oil vaporizer. But make sure that you do not add essential oil into the water tank.

    Moreover, this humidifier supports timing for up to 8 hours. Automatically shuts off after all the water evaporates. Also, there’s a no-disturb mode. You can choose to switch the nightlight ON/OFF by pressing the “Time/Light” button long.

    Furthermore, it’s very easy to clean. The transparent water level window lets you know how much water left. And when it’s near empty, the power button will blink to tell you that a refill is in order.

    • Premium product
    • For larger rooms
    • Ultra quiet, Smart

    Yet another amazing production from Elechomes. This 5.5L humidifier is ultra-quiet and covers large rooms and spaces.

    In comparison with the previous versions, this upgraded Elechomes humidifier lets you fill the water tank straight from above without any disassembly. Talk about convenience and ergonomic design. Also, this model is easier to clean.

    The humidifier has a 5.5L large water tank. No need to fill it frequently like smaller tanks. It’ll auto shut-off once empty. You can expect 600 ml/h output for areas up to 755 sq.ft. Also, set the humidity level between 40%-60% to reduce flu risks.

    The newly introduced ultrasonic advanced cold mist technology generates barely 20-32 dB of noise. Which is well within the comfortable range. It also has a screen-off setting. Set it to the no-disturb mode for an undisturbed night of sleep.

    Furthermore, with cool and warm mist settings, you can expect comfortable year around service. In winter, reduce sinuses and throats congestions. And in summer, enjoy cool sprays and balanced humidity. Also, keep your plants in the perfect environment.

    However, the filter is not included. Buy it separately.

    • Large 4L capacity
    • Aromatherapy and sleep mode
    • 30h runtime

    The TTLife humidifier has a small and ergonomic design. It has some cool & smart features like remote control, 360-degree emissions, top-filling, etc.

    The advantage of a top-filling humidifier is that it’s less messy and hassle-free. As the detachable large water tank comes with a built-in handle and wide opening for easy refilling and cleaning. Simply remove the lid and fill it up. And the water indicator is there to assist you.

    Moreover, this warm and cool dual-mist humidifier can run for 40 consecutive hours at low mist dispersion mode. No need for frequent refilling. Also, the remote control makes it more convenient to use. Set the mist level, temperature, and other settings to your likings.

    Additionally, the Whisper-quiet sleep mode turns off the LED light. Makes sure you have a peaceful night’s sleep. No need to worry about situations like low water or too much steam in the room.

    Also, the built-in aromatherapy box will take you to another level of relaxation. Just add a few drops from your favorite essential oils and experience spa at home.


    • Ultra quiet
    • Slim, retro design
    • Smart night light

    This retro humidifier is produced by Miroco. It’s a super quiet product that perfectly matches your ambient and still works as intended.

    Being an ultrasonic humidifier, it’s incredibly silent. Judging from the measurements, it reduces noise to 26dB. Perfect for you, your baby, and a disturbance-free sleep at night. Also great for using at the office and large workspaces.

    Other than the quiet mode, it has superior capacity. Contains over 1.6 gallons of water and lasts for 20-60 H working time in low dispersion mode, on a full tank. Built to balance humidity in large rooms up to 215-430 ft².

    The product is filled from atop. You can clean the machine with ease and minimum effort. Little chance of spilling while filling. And you can also fit your hand into the tank for thorough cleansing.

    Furthermore, the humidifier offers a soothing glow for easy night operations. Simply press the light button to switch on/off the night light. To turn on/off the tank light, hold the light button for 1.5s.

    Also, the LED indicator turns red and the humidifier stops misting after certain periods to prevent the device from overheating.

    • 5.5L, up to 48 hours
    • Oil diffuser
    • Smart and ergonomic

    The Homasy humidifier is a large capacity mist generator. It disperses both warm and cool mist,  as well as essential oils.

    Compared to similar products, it has a slick & ergonomic design. A Homasy humidifier grants you super long working time, up to 48 hours. It has a big capacity of 5.5L/1. 32Gal that covers a maximum area of 60㎡/645.8ft². Also with a maximum output of 500 ml/h, it’s suitable for larger bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

    Aside from that, the Homasy humidifier also has a diffuser for essential oils. Allowing you to add some drops of your favorite oil into the oil box and enjoy aromatherapy at home. So take a relaxing break or sleep congestion-free, all up to you.

    And to assist the soundness of your sleep even further, it has an ultra-quiet feature. Runs at only 23dB noise. Sleep like a baby without any noise trouble.

    Moreover, you can switch between three mist levels, low, medium, & high. Operate with the advanced one-touch control or a remote controller. And what’s more, this Humidifiers also has a timer function, works up to 12 hours, and a precise humidity sensor.

    What Is a Warm Mist Humidifier?

    A warm mist humidifier warms up the surrounding air while minimizing dust particles and adding moisture to your space. To destroy many of the bacteria that can develop in damp conditions, warm mist humidifiers heat water to a boiling state in their tanks. Then, prior to releasing it into the air as a soothing mist, they cool the vapor to a comfortable temperature.

    How Does a Warm Mist Humidifier Work?

    A warm mist humidifier lets out moisture or warm mist into your space. This kind of humidifier heats water in its built-in tank to its boiling point and releases the steam into the air. In the room, the moisture-filled vapor increases the level of humidity in the air.

    Another advantage of this kind of humidifier is that its boiling water destroys many of the microbes in the mist it releases. Since standing water is an excellent habitat for the growth of bacteria, boiling water can definitely combat that. The downside, though, is that a hot mist humidifier requires more energy than any other humidifier types. This is because the heating system that boils the water takes up so much electricity.

    However, warm mist humidifiers are generally not recommended around children or pets. If a child gets too close or knocks it over, the boiling water along with the steam the unit emits can pose a burn risk.


    Warms Cool Air

    Although warm mist humidifiers use a heating system, they are actually quite subtle. Their steam warms up your home in a noticeable but delicate way as opposed to regular heaters. They also help with moisture saturation levels since they can bring it to a comfortable state instead of a dry atmosphere. That in itself is a perfectly sound reason to mark your calendar and get yourself one.

    Improves Overall Health

    Although they can irritate people with eczema in some cases, they can actually have some health benefits. Along with the right medication, they can provide some cough relief. Since the warm humid air clears your airways. A warm mist humidifier may minimize snoring as well since moist air helps you breathe easier.

    In addition, most warm mist humidifiers have trays for liquid medications so you can have it on the go. You can even use these trays to add essential oils and fragrances for an aromatic ambient atmosphere. It also keeps your skin hydrated on dry days.

    Reduces Germs and Bacteria

    The boiling state of the water inside the humidifier’s tank destroys waterborne bacteria and mold and keeps them from penetrating the air you breathe.

    Operates Quietly

    Because the steam flows out of the machine without the help of an internal fan, these humidifiers are usually quite silent so no need for noise-canceling earbuds.

    Preserves Furniture

    Warm mist humidifiers also help conserve wood furniture and hardwood flooring that might become dry and broken otherwise. It will also help remove excessively dry air that generates static electricity in the atmosphere.

    Maintenance for a Warm Mist Humidifier

    You must fill the tank with water before turning the humidifier on. There is a transparent plastic tank in most systems, which you empty, fill, and refill. A gallon-sized tank can usually last for a night.

    As it shuts down automatically when empty, you can refill it in the morning and turn it back on. Many warm mist vaporizers have that safety switch that automatically shuts off the device when the tank is empty. Some also have a tip-over button that, should the humidifier get upended, turns off the gas. You can drain the tank and allow it to dry if your machine still has water in it when you turn it off. You will minimize the growth of mold or mildew that way.

    To ensure that dangerous bacteria and microbes do not take up permanent residency, all humidifiers will need to get their water tank periodically cleaned. By nature, due to the wet and moist climate, humidifiers create perfect conditions for the growth of bacteria. Bacteria can rapidly grow if you don’t turn on the humidifier for too long.

    In order to eliminate the build-up of mineral particles that could decrease the efficiency of the humidifier, most owners just use vinegar. A few humidifiers come with an option for self-cleaning. For best results, follow the cleaning instructions in the product’s manual.


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