Farmhouse desks are a necessity in any upscale farmhouse interior home. Not only does it add character but gives you that push to start your workday right. A good home office helps you get fueled and ready to seize the day. Achieve that level of motivation every day by investing in a farmhouse desk. 

The best part about it is that it can be used as your workstation and add to your home decor at the same time. Although people do believe that they can be expensive. However, several farmhouse desks can fit your budget too. 

Check out the list of ten farmhouse desks that we have compiled to help you choose amongst the best.


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    • Excellent storage
    • Made with sturdy material
    • Antique white finish

    The Lowbridge L-shaped farmhouse desk works flawlessly in a place where space is not an issue. Thus, with this sturdy, antique finish desk, you will never have a storage issue. The L-shape ensures that you have enough space to keep your work essentials all in one place. 

    Additionally, the cabinet and drawer are great to store important documents or even extra stationery. Made out of laminate, MDF, and metal, it is truly long-lasting. A desk like this maintains its structure over time. You don’t have to worry about rough usage, it can withstand most domestic woes. 

    The distressed antique white finish makes for a stylish desk. While your home decor may not be the first question on your mind, it always helps to have valuable furniture. You can show off your exemplary taste while making sure all your work gets done in an organized way. It is the future of farmhouse desks.


    • Poplar solids and white oak
    • French and English dovetail
    • Brass elongated bar pull

    Here is where the farmhouse style meets modernism. This desk does not only look classy but is also enamored with storage to conduct your day-to-day business. Made from natural poplar solids and knotty white oak veneers, it has sturdy built to survive over time. 

    With this premium desk, you are not buying a desk but rather an experience. With  French and English dovetail construction and heavy block splayed legs, it is considered a masterpiece.  What completes the look is the dusty charcoal finish with heavy distressing. 

    While you will have to assemble the product, the manual guides you through the process with ease. It also comes with a 1-year warranty so you can use it without any worry. You can see the precision and care taken to construct this desk in every corner. The washed brass elongated bar pull hardware is the best choice when it comes to desks.


    • Light-weight
    • Made of high-grade MDF
    • A-frame

    The Paradise Hill desk is a low-range writing desk that proves that less is more. With this desk, you can get a regular farmhouse desk but a lot more light-weight and compact version of it. At only 59 pounds, it makes portability possible so you can keep experimenting with its location. 

    Upon arrival, you will have to assemble the desk. However, the high-grade MDF and durable laminate do not take much time to put together. Besides, a step-by-step instruction manual helps with easy assembling. Moreover, this desk sports an A-frame that can be used for decorative purposes and also provides stability to your desk. 

    This beautifully designed desk will allow you to have a dedicated workspace in your home. The storage drawer is deep enough to store anything of value. Available in grey and tan, you can choose whichever suits your aesthetic the best. All things considered, this rustic farmhouse desk is exactly what you need to complete your home office.

    • Lift-top desk
    • Variety of finishes
    • Storage drawer

    Introducing the Carbon Soft Stanger – a lift-top desk that will transform your perception of farmhouse desks. Most people are reluctant about purchasing a lift-top desk mainly due to stability issues. However, with this desk, that isn’t a concern. The locking system ensures that the desk does not wobble when in use.

    Apart from the wood and metal construction, you can choose between grey or earthy and natural oak finish. The metal X-cross sides not only look elegant but also distribute the weight equally, keeping your desk sturdy. The built-in USB/wireless charging port keeps your devices close and charged for you to use at any time. 

    Since you can personalize the desk as per your height, you can work long hours comfortably. Besides, you can use the storage drawer to keep all your documents, files, stationery in one place. To conclude, this desk is amongst the finest farmhouse desks available online. 

    • Eye-catching design
    • Made of pinewood
    • Value for money

    The Linon Elaine writing desk is another compact design when it comes to farmhouse desks. The brown driftwood finish is light-weight and can fit into any home interior seamlessly. It is modern, stylish, and yet efficient to use. With a desk like this, you are sure to get your money’s worth. 

    This farmhouse desk is made of MDF and pinewood. The solid construction ensures durability and longevity. Not only is this desk appealing but is full of functionality. Case in point, the stylish knobs, which though attractive are sturdy. The drawer is appropriately placed in the center for one’s convenience. Once you assemble the desk, you can start using it right away.

    The surface of the desk offers ample space to do your work without it feeling cluttered. However, the best part is that you can get such a high-quality product for a reasonable price. Very few low-range farmhouse desks are as good as this one. Purchasing this desk will give you the motivation you need to chase targets in style.

    • Compact design
    • Made of Birchwood
    • Two size options

    The Carbon Loft desk is the solution to your space crunch problems. Farmhouse desks usually tend to be bulky, however, this one is the exact opposite. The compact nature of this desk makes it a popular choice among people looking for something to fit their studio apartment. 

    Made with birch wood and a black metal finish, this desk is powerful but yet minimalistic. The best part about it is the easy assembly. You can turn it into a rather interesting leisure activity for your Sunday afternoon. The two size options can help you choose the right one for your space. 

    If you opt for the larger size, you will also get two storage shelves with the design, proving to be a good investment. However, pick and choose the size after carefully evaluating the measurements mentioned. True to its images, the desk is a great option for your everyday work and to keep it all organized. 

    • Built-in file drawer
    • Sophisticated design
    • Meets ANSI/SOHO standards

    You cannot go wrong with the Orchid Gulch farmhouse desk. Not only does it have plenty of space to keep all your things on the surface but also extra storage. That is what makes it a multi-functional desk. With a built-in file drawer with smooth ball-bearing slides and a small box drawer, you can keep your additional things in place. 

    It also comes with a drawer that has a flip-down front to accommodate your computer keyboard if need be. This desk sports a sophisticated and elegant design with a pure white and shiplap gray two-tone finish. Furthermore, the dark bronze accents add to the visual appeal.  

    Keeping in mind the safety aspect, the desk meets ANSI/SOHO quality standards so that you are not compromising in any way. The 1-year warranty and easy shipping and return policy make it a great buy, even if you’re not fully convinced. This farmhouse desk is one of the best products you can go for.

    • Easy to clean
    • Integrated drawers
    • Bisquit finish with accents

    The Madison Park Williams desk truly adds a visual flair to your work-from-home setup.  Its meticulous design offers the best of both worlds. Thus, you can efficiently use each part of the desk to store your things. Made with wood with a reclaimed Bisquit finish along with Pewter metal accents, you are purchasing luxury in a desk. 

    This desk features three drawers that are seamlessly integrated into the desk. Thus, there is sufficient space to keep everything in order. To be honest, spacious desks with storage capabilities help keep the space clutter-free. 

    Though you will have to assemble the desk upon arrival, you can do it easily by using the manual. Moreover, the 1-year warranty allows you to truly test the desk for its durability. 

    Cleaning this desk is also very easy. Using a damp cloth, you can wipe it clean and that’s all it needs. Lastly, if you want to elevate your home office in no time, bring home this chic desk.

    • 200-pound weight capacity
    • Sufficient storage
    • Meets ANSI/SOHO standards

    The Copper Grove Mahbes farmhouse desk is the perfect combination of functionality and fashion. Where else will you find such amazing features and style in one product? With an excellent surface, you get all the room to work without feeling claustrophobic. Besides, it offers additional storage for any other work essential you may want to keep close. 

    Also, this desk comes with a fixed shelf and an adjustable shelf along with a drawer with a flip-down front. Thus, you can use these tiny pockets store your stuff without any hassle. With a 200-pound weight capacity, the desk can maintain its structure for years on end. 

    It also ensures that ANSI/SOHO standards are met and comes with a 1-year warranty. This elegant desk can fuel your productivity and make sure you have a fulfilling day. Last but not the least, the flawless design makes it attractive enough to fit in any home.

    • Sturdy and durable
    • Oak veneer
    • Full-extension drawer

    Talk about a farmhouse desk with a vintage look to it, and this one truly has it all. If you’re an old soul, then you need this desk in your home right away. This desk built with solid hardwoods and oak veneers offers longevity. The full-extension drawer can be used for additional storage, however, the surface is also good enough to work comfortably. 

    The true dimensions of this desk are 24 inches wide x 48 inches long x 30 inches high. It is at the appropriate height so you can work away with ease. It is a simple design, which is why the assembly is not very complicated. Even the traditionally turned legs offer good stability to support the desk. 

    Although it is a little heavy, the desk guarantees long-term usage and will not get spoiled easily. A desk like this hardly requires any maintenance and is easy to clean. You can fulfill all your needs with this desk.

    Buyer’s Guide to Best Farmhouse Desk 

    Buying a farmhouse desk is not as easy as you think. While the market is full of a wide variety of desks, choosing the right one can be a task. Especially if you are unaware of what exactly to look for in a farmhouse desk.

    To make sure your money is well spent, take note of the following points to help you buy the best farmhouse desk possible. 

    Selecting the right wood

    Contrary to what you may think, the wood used in making a farmhouse table is of utmost importance. You can decide whether you want a natural finish or stained wood. Moreover, it can also change the pricing of your desk. 

    Pine and Oak are the most common choices but Maple wood can also bring a fresh look into your home. Since hardwood is more expensive, people tend to compromise with cheaper alternatives. However, a farmhouse desk is a long-term investment hence making the right choice is very important. 

    The base of the desk

    The two bases commonly found in a farmhouse desk are legs and pedestals or trestles. While the legs maintain good stability with equal distribution of weight; the pedestal may cause tumbling if more force is applied. However, the pedestal tends to look more elegant. 

    Having a good base means it should be able to take enough weight and yet complement the desktop well. With newer, tapered ends being introduced, there is a constant reinvention in this area. 

    The finish of the desk

    Speaking of reinventions, the finish of the desk also makes a lot of difference when you’re looking for a farmhouse desk. A particular product may look average in its natural finish, however adding a matte to it will take the same product and elevate it tenfolds.

    A safe option for all your desk would be to add a layer of clear topcoat on your farmhouse desk. Not only will it help avoid stains but can make your desk last longer than it would. 

    How is a farmhouse desk different from other desks? 

    A farmhouse desk gives the rustic, wooden look. It is meant for homes that lean towards a more country interior. Moreover, it is made with solid wood which makes it a lot sturdier than other desks. 

    Are farmhouse desks expensive? 

    Farmhouse desks require top-quality production which makes them more expensive compared to other desks in the market. However, you can always find one that is under your budget and give you your money’s worth. 


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