A proper PC Desk helps enhance output and prevent you from feeling lethargic. When you have a desk that you love to work on, you’ll automatically love to spend time on it. Thus, it’s ideal to find a desk that is beautiful, yet comfy. 

Most people don’t mind compromising when it comes to desk quality. However, they forget that a substandard desk can affect productivity. Undoubtedly, you want a comfortable desk where every item is at your arm’s length.  

We at WFHAdviser, have listed down the best PC desks that will help maximize output without compromising on comfort.


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    • Two open shelves
    • MDF top
    • owder-coated metal

    If you read our best minimalist desk review, you might probably know about the Carbon Loft Abrahams PC Desk. The brand Carbon Loft is known for offering some of the best PC and writing desks online. If you’re looking for a sturdy desk that’s minimal yet performance-oriented, this desk is for you. 

    The reason why this desk is our pick for the best PC desk is that it offers the best of both worlds. Not only do you get a modern appeal but also practicality. This industrial, contemporary-style desk owes its durable frame to powder-coated metal. Besides, you get a smooth top in the form of MDF. 

    Furthermore, the Abrahams desk comes with two open shelves for storage capabilities. Thus, if you want to store supplies, and want all your stuff in one place, this desk offers a complete solution. Lastly, its compact size ensures a minimal footprint and adds aesthetic value to any space. 

    • Great wire management
    • 2 USB ports
    • Scratch-resistant

    Jamesdar Core Power L-Shape PC desk is our pick for the best premium pc desk. Though it appears to be a corner desk, you can place it in a convenient spot. This premium desk is designed to accommodate a proper PC setup. Thus, you can store all your gears, including your monitor, tower, studio monitors, etc organized in one place. 

    In addition to these, you get wire management capabilities in the form of a grommet. Moreover, you get 2 plug outlets and 2 USB ports alongside a cup holder. Even with all the cool functionalities, the manufacturers don’t neglect the build quality. 

    The Jamesdar PC Desk has a sturdy steel frame and an MDF top that is scratch-resistant. You get the desk in grey and black finish which helps it to stand out. The top is spacious and can house up to three 27-inch monitors at once. Thus, it’s ideal for people who like producing music, gaming, video editing, or simply using multiple monitors.

    • Affordable sturdy desk
    • Rich espresso finish
    • 4 shelves

    Porch & Den is a revered brand when it comes to computer desks. With the Wanamaker Compact, the manufacturers aim at providing an affordable sturdy desk. This competitively priced product is sleek yet sturdy. It comes with multiple storage compartments. Thus, allowing you to store all your necessities at hand. 

    So, whether you’re a student or a professional, you’d love to have this desk especially if you’re tight on budget. The concise frame comes with a rich espresso finish that can seamlessly blend with any decor. Besides, the desk comes with rounded edges and is safe to use around children. Its smooth finishing ensures there are no sharp edges thereby preventing injuries. 

    In addition to smart construction comprising MDF, it features 4 shelves to offer an excellent storage facility. As for dimensions, this pc desk is 38.39 inches wide, 28.58 inches high, and 15.55 inches deep. Thus, ideal for a smaller area with tight space. 

    • Built-in hutch
    • 3 additional shelves
    • Double pedestal base

    Inval’s Modern White Computer Workcenter is a traditional PC Desk. Unlike other contemporary desks, this one specifically caters to your work setup. If you’re searching for a comfortable, functional workspace, this deluxe office desk will certainly fit your criteria. 

    Owing to a built-in hutch, it has everything you’d want in a PC Desk, including shelves, drawers, a static keyboard tray, and spacious drawers. But that’s not all, you get 3 additional shelves which you can use to decorate or store essential items. This premium desk comes with washed white finish and an oak grain look. 

    As for sturdiness, the Inval Desk has a double pedestal base. This adds to the stability of the desk. Besides, you also get an open storage area on the bottom. It is accompanied by chrome-accented desktop risers, and drawer pulls. The desk weighs around 93 pounds and is sleek. At just 18.50 inches deep and 49.81 inches wide, it’ll add substance to any interior while occupying less space. 

    • Excellent storage
    • M-style buckle design
    • High-quality MDF and iron

    This is the second product from Porch & Den to make it to our list. This L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk is perfect for setting up a compact workstation. If you’re looking for a sturdy desk that offers excellent storage compatibility, you’d surely love this one. Since it is a 90° L-shaped desk, it’s naturally more spacious than normal desks. 

    You don’t need to compromise on legroom and put up with narrow space. Since it uses bevel edge angle design, and M-style buckle design, assembling it is extremely simple. Made from high-quality MDF and iron, this desk will truly last for years. 

    This L-Shaped desk can bear about 176lbs of weight, and thus you keep your PC and other gadgets without any hesitation. Furthermore, it also comes with a cup stand to make sure your stomach isn’t empty while your mind’s at work. This Americana-styled PC Desk weighs around 46lbs and 66 inches long.

    • Solid engineered wood
    • 2-tier bottom shelf
    • Easy assembly

    While we came across some top chairs from HomCom in our tall office chairs list, we’re simply enthralled with their desk collection. Specifically, their 47-inch Compact Computer Desk. This desk is not your usual run-of-the-mill desk. It’s versatile and multifunctional.

    The HomCom PC Desk made from solid engineered wood offers a spacious workspace and comes with a smooth laminated white finish. Thus, not only do you get a beautiful design but also a stable top. Besides, you get a 4-shelf bookcase on one side and a 2-tier bottom shelf for maximizing storage capabilities. Cleaning this desk is as easy as assembling it. 

    Overall, this desk offers form as well as functionality. Sure, it’s not a dedicated workstation, but still a great makeshift addition to a compact space. The desk is 47.25 inches wide x 21.75 inches deep x 47.25 inches high, with a convenient table height of 28.75 inches.

    • Single center-drawer
    • Washed-brown rustic finish
    • MDF desk-top

    Carbon Loft is usually known for offering products with great functionality. This particular desk though is nothing of that sort. It caters to a specific group of audiences who prefer aesthetics over usability. While it has a spacious top, this desk is one of the simplest desks you’ll find. 

    There is just a single center-drawer that complements a sleek design. Besides, the rolling metal glides add to the overall appeal of this desk. Yet again, though it has a drawer, you can either use it as a makeshift keyboard tray or use it to store materials. All in all, you can keep your desk clutter-free by utilizing the drawer. 

    As mentioned earlier, pick this one, if you prefer form over functionality. There’s not an iota of a doubt that this washed-brown rustic desk can invigorate any setup and complement any decor. As for construction, it comes with a smooth MDF desk-top. 

    • Drop-down drawer front
    • Wire-retaining grommets
    • Stable and sturdy

    KD Furnishings have truly nailed the word ‘variety’ with their Oak Drop Leaf line of PC Desks. This lineup comes with three different products – Mission Oak, Black Oak, and Chocolate Oak. Not only is the color of these desks different but also the design and functionality. While all three products offer unique propositions, there is one thing in common – Comfort. 

    These desks can fit perfectly in any corner of your room. With the drop-down drawer front, you can use a keyboard, ergonomically over an extended period. Simple lines and rich glossy finish further adds a contemporary vibe over the traditional outlook. Owing to the ball-bearing full extension slides, you can effortlessly pull the drawer. 

    Furthermore, you get a neat cable management feature. Using the wire-retaining grommets, you can keep your computer, printer, and router wires sorted. This desk made of hardwood and birch veneers is extremely stable and sturdy. Minimal assembly is required, and moreover, it’s super easy to clean. 


    • Thick laminated MDF
    • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel
    • Can handle up to 900lbs

    FarFarView’s Computer Desk is amongst the finest PC desk available online. This modern yet simple desk is excellent for a work-from-home setup. Since it comes with adjustable leg pads and metal legs, it offers excellent stability even on uneven floors. Furthermore, this desk has a sturdy build as it’s made from thick laminated MDF. Not just that, it’s also waterproof, and scratch-resistant. 

    By far, it’s amongst the most sturdy PC desks out there. Owing to the usage of heavy-duty powder-coated steel, you’re getting a stable and durable product. The desk is 23.6” wide that offers enough space to place not only your monitor, but your printer, and speakers as well. If legroom is usually a problem you face, this desk with about 50” of space can provide the solution. 

    Assembling this desk is simple. Just install the 4 legs and 2 leg bars using the hex key. The entire process wouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes. While this desk weighs just under 65lbs, it can handle up to 900lbs. Moreover, you even get an 18-month quality assurance in case anything goes wrong. 

    • Proper compartmentalization
    • 4-tier bookshelf
    • Made from thick E1 wood board

    The last product on our list is an innovative and sturdy desk by FarFarView. This desk unlike the previous one comes with storage shelves. Thus, if you like proper compartmentalization for your gadgets and accessories, this one fits the bill. Besides, this desk is multifunctional and can be used for studying, gaming, and office work. 

    Due to its unique design, you can place it in your office, living room, or your study room. Since it’s 57” wide, it cannot be classified as a compact desk. However, on the plus side, you get ample desk space for working. 

    You can separate the workspace from the storage section as you get a 4-tier bookshelf. Additionally, you can also make the most of the tiny drawer located on the right side. This desk is made from thick E1 wood board and has a durable metal frame. As for storage, you get 11.8″ x 21.6″ x 43.3″ shelves good enough to handle a printer or any other heavy equipment. 

    Buyer’s Guide to PC Desk 

    When buying a PC Desk, you need the perfect option that provides excellent features without disrupting the aesthetic value of the space. If you don’t know where to begin, keep reading as this guide will help you find that ideal PC desk you’ve been longing for. 

    First, let’s check out the different types of desks that you can choose from. 

    Corner Desk 

    A corner desk is specifically designed to sit in the corner to ensure it doesn’t disrupt the synergy of a room. However, these desks offer a complete solution. They don’t only offer excellent space but also generally come with various features such as cable-management, cup holder, and storage facilities. 

    Home office desk 

    A home office desk is mostly compact. These desks allow you to set up a corporate space in your house. To maximize productivity, and efficiency, you want to imitate the work set-up, and these desks help you achieve that. They are narrow, and often multipurpose so you can do a variety of tasks.

    Height-adjustable desks 

    As the name suggests, these desks come with an ergonomic design. You can work on them flexibly. Most height-adjustable desks allow you to work in standing as well as sitting positions. But these are not the best ones when working from home. They are heavier and not that easy to move around. Furthermore, they are very expensive too. 

    Factors to consider when buying PC Desk 


    Based on your work requirement, you’ll need to size up your options. If you have a small space, you’re better off with a traditional computer desk than an L-shaped desk. For instance, If your job entails video editing, music production, or dual monitor usage, you’d want a desk that is wide, and not too deep. On the contrary, If you tend to work on a couch or a bed, you’ll find bed desks to be a better option. 

    Materials & Finishes 

    With a plethora of PC desks available in the market, choosing the right one also implies picking the perfect material. The materials and finishes determine the stability and longevity. These days, MDF is a common material in affordable desks. However, if you need sturdier options, you’d want to pick solid wood. 

    Storage Options 

    When working from home, you want to steer clear of clutter. Here’s where the storage option comes into play. If you like all your documents, accessories, and gadgets in one place, you need a desk with good storage. Thus, allowing you to keep your printer on one of the shelves, and the PC tower in a separate compartment. A few drawers along with bookshelves will add to the overall convenience. 



    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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