Executive chairs can highlight the room and show a powerful presence. Whether you are outfitting your downtown office or your personal office, they make a great addition. You’ll feel like an instant CEO when sitting in one. We reviewed the best executive chairs for your home office needs.

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  • All Day Long Comfort
  • High-end
  • Sleek

La-Z-Boy is a top brand in home comfort. This executive chair brings together the best of the La-Z-Boy brand and simple, sleek design. This chair is built to keep you physically comfortable all day, every day. It has a tall back to keep your back supported and a refined design to look great in any home office. The vertical stitching is optimized for comfort and the designers left no stone unturned in this beautiful chair.

  • Classy
  • Elegant
  • Lumbar support

This chair is powerful and chic at the same time. It combines classic elegance with style. You can use this in your home office to obtain both a very comfortable and work-centric feel. When you think of executive and classy chairs you might think of 1960s or 1970s and iconic leather and suede combinations. This chair brings those feelings to the forefront. The swivel function is made even easier with the hooded caster wheels.

  • High Back
  • Stylish
  • Ships in 1 box

If you want a no-fuss, trendy, and high back executive office chair this product will delight you. It ships in one box and takes seconds to start using. It has a 5-Star Steel base which gives it enhanced durability. The high back will keep your lumbar supported all day long. Lastly, the chair just looks simply stunning. It doesn’t break the bank yet is moderately priced. A steal.

  • Insanely beautiful
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flexible

This chair has an amazing seat: the sponge cushion will keep your backside protected and comfortable all day long. The chair is flexible: you can easily adjust it and it looks great titled forward or backwards. The tilted up seat enables you to rest your forearms while working or sitting. This elegant chair provides great style and comfort in one and is of built of the highest quality.

  • Casters
  • Pneumatic lift
  • Swivel

Classy, gracious, comfortable. These are the words that come to mind when sitting in this Hooker Executive chair. It is wide and enables you to sink in but spring to your feet quickly. You can adjust the back to your body and the color will give you a serious and attractive modern style, a fun piece. Comfortable and attractive and higher end pricing means you won’t see your peers copying your style.

Executive Chairs Buyers Guide

When buying an executive chair there are four key variables to keep in mind: comfortability, aesthetic, material, and price. This guide will walk you through each variable with an eye towards helping you make a well informed purchasing decision. 


This might seem too obvious, but a good chair is designed for your entire body to sit in. This means your hips, back, arms, and neck. When selecting an executive chair you will want to think about which of these body parts you want to best optimize for. Do you want armrests or not? Do you want mid-back support, or not? Would you like a headrest for your neck? Do you want built-in tilt mechanisms for easy ergonomic control? All of these questions are intended to help guide you to the most comfortable sitting outcome.


If you want an executive chair, we presume you are an executive or a serious business person. You likely care about your brand and how you appear when seated. Perhaps you do video calls from your home office and want to appear stronger, bolder, or taller? If so, you should consider how and why a chair makes you look a certain way. For example, a dark leather executive chair gives a sober and conservative look. A modern executive chair might combine metal with leather whereas an older look might leverage wood and leather.

Think about your work from home environment and your brand – are you stately and formal? Or lighthearted but powerful? These questions will help you pick a chair that aligns with your mood and the appropriate office setting.

Material and Price

Executive chairs range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. This range is largely dictated by the fit and finish of the chair itself. For example, is it hand stitched? The type of material matters greatly. Given that this office chair is for your home office, we strongly advise you prioritize comfort above all else. This means knowing your ergonomic chair needs. For most people this means you will want a chair with a cushion-padded seat, adjustable armrests, and some form of upper torso support.

You will want a chair that is height adjustable with a strong backrest. This might seem obvious but picking a chair that is built specifically for a desk is another critical thing to look for. I once purchased a lovely chair for my home office but it was far better suited for the dining room. Over time this led to chronic back pain and fatigue. 

Final Thoughts On Executive Chairs: Size and Fit

Executive chairs tend to be larger. This usually means you won’t need to worry about the depth and width of the seat but keep this in mind if you are a larger person. That is because some chairs have weight limitations. Speaking of size, some chairs are easy to adjust and maneuver settings. If you plan on sharing your chair with a partner or child, you may value being able to quickly return your seat to your preferred setting.