USB charging stations are becoming popular day by day. Thanks to this era of booming technologies, a lot of us now own multiple devices. A recent study shows that households in the US have access to 10 or more devices on average.

So with the multitudes of devices being used in residences and offices, organizing an efficient charging arrangement becomes a priority. And a USB charging station can solve this problem.

These stations can simultaneously charge multiple devices. They often feature 2 to well over 64 charging ports depending on the brand and model.

Most of the charging stations have standard 2.4 amp high-speed slots. But some also support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 for the latest devices.

Is there more to their benefits? Yes! Almost all of the charging stations come with long, detachable power cords. So if you need to shift the station or take it with you on your travels, do so! Simply find a standard AC wall outlet and you’re good to go.

Moreover, these compact USB stations provide necessary protection to you and your devices. So take a look at these 10 best USB charging stations for working from home and find your best buy.


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    • 60W, upto 12 amps output
    • Portable, compact design
    • 6 USB ports, smart adjustment

    It’s an excellent 60W USB charging station brought by RAVPower. Featured with 6 USB ports, this product can generate a maximum output of 12 amps.

    Thanks to this era of booming technologies, a lot of us now own multiple devices. And more devices need more adapters and charging arrangements. But with the RAVPower USB charging station, working from home or office will be more simplified and organized.

    You can simultaneously charge 6 devices with it. The intelligent iSmart technology adjusts the current and feeds your device with just the amount of power. And each USB port can channel up to 2.4 amps.

    Additionally, RAVPower optimized the core circuit for enhanced performance and protection. It’s relatively safe from overcharging, short-circuit, & overheating. For unhindered heat dissipation, keep it somewhere well-ventilated.

    Compact travel-friendly design. A 5ft detachable power chord makes it easy to carry around. All you have to do is find a regular 240V AC source.

    Although the charging station is great and all, devices with Quick charge 3.0 won’t benefit from it. Standard speed applies.

    To conclude, the RAVPower USB Charging Station can be a great addition to your daily life. Whether it’s a meeting or a gaming session with friends and family, enjoy to the fullest.



    2 AUKEY USB Charging Station

    Premium Choice
    • Qualcomm quick charge
    • boosted compatibility
    • charge devices 4 times faster

    The AUKEY USB charging station may look like a conventional USB charging station at first glance. However, it has both Qualcomm’s quick charge and AiPower Adaptive Technology. Out of the 6 ports, 2 of them support the Quick Charge 3.0.

    The main purpose of the Quick Charge feature is that it can charge devices 4 times faster than other traditional chargers. So it can really give you an edge while you’re at your workplace or working from home.

    This charger can simultaneously charge 6 devices without compromising any quality. As each port can deliver up to 2.4 amps. The company claims that it can charge compatible devices up to 80% within 30-35 minutes.

    It has a safe and protective build. Protects your device from excessive current, over-charging, and overheating. Like similar products, it comes with a 4-ft long power cable. Easy to detach and carry wherever you go.

    Furthermore, the company issues a 24-month warranty and a customer service card with the product.

    So with this quality charger, your desktop clutter will be gone. And you can work in a more organized environment whether its in-home or office. Say hello to the world of smart charging.

    • small, compacted design
    • voltage boost technology
    • compatible fast charging

    It’s a small, palm-sized USB charging station that Wyness developed. Despite the small build, it can deliver 30 watts and 6 amps of power with ease

    The charger has 6 ports in total. Each port can channel up to 2.4 amps. But doesn’t support Qualcomm’s quick charge.

    Wyness recommends a charging inlet of 110-240 V AC. Works well within the 50-60 Hz frequency range. Also, the smart charging technology determines the device and adjusts the charging current.

    To add more to the tally, Wyness installed a voltage boost technology. This technology detects resistance and anomalies and maintains a fast, steady charging current.

    Wyness claims that the charger works 4 times better than regular 1 A chargers. And it’s able to charge compatible devices by 80% within 30 minutes.

    Furthermore, this charging station comes with a US-style power cable. The cable is 4 ft long, portable, and travel friendly. Also, the slick design boosts portability. You can easily pocket this cylinder-shaped charger as its only 4.1 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

    And finally, it has 10 safety features for maximum user protection. A combination of PVC and ABS help resist fire.


    • cost effective and efficient
    • UL certified protection
    • 6 ports, 12 amps, 60 watts

    Anker, America’s leading USB charging brand brings this budget charging station. It harbors the most basic USB charging technology with 6 ‘USB A’ ports.

    To begin with, it works within the 100-240 V AC input range. Thanks to the PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, the USB ports can propel out 60 watts of energy. Each port can pump out 2.4 amps, 12 amps altogether.

    Even though the Anker Charging Station doesn’t support Qualcomm’s quick charge, the station performs better than stock chargers for iPhone and top tier android devices. Greatly compatible. In general comparisons, the Anker USB station managed to save up to 1 hour.

    The product is UL certified and equipped with Anker’s MultiProtect safety system. You and your device should be out of harm’s way.

    Furthermore, it comes with a 5ft long detachable power chord. So you can easily relocate the product or take it as you go. Easily fits in your pocket as the biggest dimension is just around 4 inches. Attachable to walls with an adhesive strip.

    The package also includes an extra hook-and-loop strip, a welcome guide, and an 18-month warranty.

    • 10 USB ports
    • Family size, High performance
    • compatible, industrial quality

    The Sabrent charging station is a rapid USB charger. It works within a 110-240 V AC input range like conventional USB stations. You can expect a standard output of 60 watts from the station.

    What sets it apart from is its family size design. 10 high-performance USB ports can supply 12 amps altogether. And each port can pump 2.4 amps individually. The ports are also decorated with LED indicators.

    Another great aspect of this product is its compatibility. It can charge almost any device that supports USB charging. Also, it comes with a power adapter. So all you need to do is find a wall outlet.

    Sabrent has been able to ensure industrial-quality with this product. With its lightweight build and smart port technology, it can be a great accessory for your home and office.

    Like many USB charging stations out there, it has a detachable power cord. Take it as you go with the minimum effort.

    And last but not least, this charging station is UL certified. Completely safe for you and your devices. So what are you waiting for? Check it out now.

    • USB station with LCD display
    • Highly compatible 8 ports
    • Neat design, good protection

    Veebon manufactured this smart USB charging station. It has 8 charging ports that are highly compatible with most of the devices out there.

    Like many similar charging stations, this product works within the 100-240 V AC input range. And the output is 60 watts. Individual port capacity is 2.4 amps and the gross output can reach up to 12 amps.

    But the special thing about this charging station is that it has a smart LED charging display. With its intelligent technology, the display shows the current and charging status of individual ports. The margin of error is calculated to be less than 5%.

    Furthermore, Veebon enhanced the product’s compatibility. It works with most of the devices that support USB charging. You can simultaneously charge Tablets, iPhones, and Androids with it.

    The detachable power cable makes it more convenient and travel friendly. You can take it everywhere you go. Just need to find a wall outlet and you’re all set.

    And to conclude, Veebon equipped it with a superior protection system. It has a voltage stabilization, short-circuits protection, overcharging, and heating protection. It’s also fire-resistant.

    • compact, ergonomic design
    • smart compatible technology
    • Surge protection

    HITRENDS developed this unique, high-performance charging station. It has a compact and ergonomic design that’s suitable for working from home and office.

    To begin with, it has 8 charging ports for your entire family. Half of the ports are 5V / 2.4A and the other half are 5V / 1A. And with the smart technology instilled within, the charger detects your devices automatically.

    The product can deliver up to 50 watts. However, it doesn’t support AC outlets and Quick Charge.

    People also praise the charger for its compact design. It greatly blends in with your work environment and provides you with a well-organized desk. Greatly saves space.

    Additionally, the HITRENDS USB charger has multiple protection. It protects for excess current, over-voltage, and surges. Recommended for smart devices.

    This USB charging station is also of industrial quality. Certified by FCC and RoHS. It’s fire resistance and top-notch quality has managed to fetch some decent reviews so far.

    And finally, it has a 3-prong 5-ft long detachable power cable. Suitable for travelling around. The package also includes an instruction manual to get you started with ease.

    • small and compact design
    • Auto detect technology
    • muti protection

    It’s a small USB charging station with 3.2″ x 2.3″ x 0.9″ compact dimensions. An ergonomic desktop power port compatible with many devices out there. Great for traveling and working from home.

    Unlike similar USB charging stations, this one comes in two variants only. Two-ports and four-ports. But it still packs quite the punch. Each port can deliver up to 2.4 amps, 5 amps altogether. Works within a 60 Hz frequency range and channels 25 Watts of power.

    Also, the product is equipped with Advanced auto-detect technology. It can smartly detect your device and adjust the charging current accordingly. However, there is no AC output slot in this charger. It doesn’t support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology either.

    Among the certifications, it’s UL listed, FCC, and DOE6 certified. It’ll keep you safe from any kind of electrical hazard. The flame-resistant exterior also adds an extra layer of security.

    And finally, it has a 6 ft long power cable. Work anywhere with 110-125 V AC power source nearby.

    Additionally, the company offers 30 days money-back guarantee with 18 months warranty. So for a compact and organized workspace, you can totally count on this mini charging station.

    • 10 USB ports
    • powerful simultaneous charging
    • smart tech, protective design

    This is another ergonomic USB charging station by Anker, America’s leading USB charging brand. With its 10 ports business-style design, it’s well suited for working from home or for your business places.

    This Anker charging station can simultaneously charge 10 devices. It can deliver up to 60 watts, with each of the charging ports pumping out 2.4 amps. All the ports can charge up 12 amps overall. However, the product does not support Qualcomm’s quick charge.

    PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies maintain a super-fast charging rate. The charger is also compatible with most android and ios devices.

    With it’s highly compact and smart design, the charging station is super-efficient. And thanks to the multi protect technologies, this charger will keep you and your device safe.

    You’ll get a 5-ft power cable with the charger but you can also use a third-party certified cable. For travelling, simply detach the power chord and put it in your bag. As long as there’s a 100-240V AC wall outlet around, you won’t have any worries.

    The Anker company also gives you an 18 months warranty for the best experience.

    • 24 ports, plenty of space
    • high-quality build
    • great protective measures

    Now, this product is a big deal. Manufactured by MIXILIN, it can harbor 24 USB charging cables simultaneously. Each port can deliver 2.4 amps, 20 amps altogether. And a 100W power pumping capability makes it well-suited for crowded places like school, shopping mall, workshops, etc.

    MIXILIN built the product with a compact design. It’s so well integrated that it blends perfectly well with the work environment. You can organize your desk and devices in a more orderly fashion. Easy to carry and travel friendly.

    This charging station can also identify devices and adjust the charging current. Each port contains an independent chip. So devices won’t affect each other while charging. It also supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0.

    Additionally, the charger has a lot of protective measures. It can protect your device from surge, high voltage, overcurrent, temperature, and short circuits.

    The MIXILIN USB charging station comes with a power cable. Along with a 3 years warranty and friendly customer service. Thanks to its top-notch build quality, you can use it for working from home, in office, and studios alike.

    USB Charging Station Buyer’s Guide

    Smartphones, kindles, tablets, and all our other devices can cause a mess of wires and cables all over your space just. You may even have to sacrifice one device for another in order to charge it on time. It seems like every single one of these devices is indispensable. More and more electronic products are making our lives faster and easier but do we have the room to accompany all those batteries?

    You may have to take a few laps around your home in order to charge all of these essential devices using their individual chargers. You may attempt to connect all of these chargers into a single power strip but the final look may not be aesthetically pleasing. There is also the risk of causing damage to your chargers since each one runs a separate AC to DC transformer.

    However, there is a much simpler option.

    What Is a USB Charging Station?

    The benefits of having a charging station are often overlooked by many people since they believe a charging station to be huge and ugly. The truth is, this product comes in many shapes and sizes some of which can be placed on a nightstand, an office, or even a living room.

    Using a USB charging station is a super practical approach that reduces clutter, energy consumption, and the exhausting need of a billion outlets since you only plug it into one. The charging station uses one power outlet for one transformer in order to charge multiple devices through its USB ports.

    How to Choose the Right USB Charging Station?

    There are a variety of USB charging stations out there with different configurations and prices. It can get confusing picking which one will work best for you. We’ve highlighted the main features to look out for while shopping in order to help you distinguish between all of the options out there.

    Look for the UL Certification

    There are so many charging stations out there, a lot of which are uncertified. That means they can be extremely energy consuming, poor quality, as well as actually causing fire risks. You don’t need to damage your electronics in order to save space or reduce clutter, especially if they are expensive like noise cancelling earbuds. Since we tend to charge our devices over night, sometimes even close to where we sleep, we need to be assured that it is safe.

    Safety certification by the Underwriters Laboratory is absolutely necessary to ensure the security of your electronics as well as your space. Make sure that your product has this UL certification before purchasing so you can be sure of the quality of what you are buying.

    Normal Power vs High Power

    While you are researching the various charging station, you will find that you can get an 1A,  2.1A, 2.4A or up to 5A power per USB port. For smart phones, 1A ports are perfect, but are not ideal for tablets. To guarantee that different types of devices like smartphones and tablets can be charged, it is safer to go for at least 2A ports.

    You can use high-power USB ports that range between 2.4A and 5A. Usually, 2.1A ports are adequate, but a high-powered port can charge your electronics way faster.

    Some charging stations will identify the attached unit and provide the exact amount of power needed. So if you are still in doubt, look for this feature in the product’s specs.


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