If you take dedicated time out and rest on a comfortable moon chair, you’ll be able to resume work in a much comfortable manner

Sitting all day at your floating desk and working is not an easy task. Hour-long zoom calls, never-ending meetings, and tight deadlines make us tired, physically, and mentally. What’s worse? We’re slogging all day eventually ending up with bad backs.

Here’s where you need a Moon Chair!

The moon chair is traditionally also known as the Papasan chair or the Bowl chair. The name is self-explanatory, derived from its peculiar shape: largely rounded like a bowl. 

It is a highly adjustable chair, with flexible angle movements making it extremely comfortable to sit on. We at WFHAdviser, have tested some of the best moon chairs available online to help you pick the right one. 


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    • Chrome-finish metal frame
    • Unique upholstery
    • 360-degree swivel

    The Porch & Den Contemporary Moon chair is our pick for the best moon chair. This round tufted chair is a considerable upgrade to your room as it offers both style and substance. 

    This contemporary moon chair houses a salon-style metal base and the seating in the shape of a half-moon. Thus, making it an off-beat piece of decor for any space. Be it a home, a studio, an office space, or a restaurant.

    Its unique upholstery lights up the environment with its sharp look. Furthermore, it is available in a wide range of colors (i.e. white, red, black, grey, purple, brown, bronze, black) to match your aesthetic, vibe, and choice.

    It’s a treat for kids with its 360-degree swivel and greatly adjustable height. Moreover, this stylish chair has a classy chrome-finished metal frame which provides all-round support with its front and rear tilt. Lastly, the comfort that the bonded leather provides is unmatched.

    • Water-resistant polyester
    • Bohemian style chair
    • Bowl-shaped seat

    Maries Outdoor Papasan Swivel Chair is one of the most unique offerings on this list. The contemporary, bohemian style chair has an iron frame that is wrapped in faux rattan. In addition to that, the light brown finish and tufted beige cushion add to the finesse of the Papasan design and its round base.

    Due to the inclusion of plush materials, it truly justifies its premium price. This moon chair comes with the most fluffy cushions that offer the utmost comfort alongside excellent build quality. 

    Thanks to its water repellent polyester cushion, you need not worry about spillage. Thus, making it ideal for a family home looking to add a plush chair to their interior.

    Perfect to enjoy a cozy outdoor evening, this posh Papasan chair from Christopher Knight Home will have everyone marveling at your choice. Finally, you can swivel in full glory in the bowl-shaped seat which is extremely soft and comfortable. 

    3 Faux-Fur Saucer Chair

    Best Value
    • Contemporary style
    • Polyester blend materials
    • Compact Size

    The Faux-fur Saucer Chair will amp your space. The folding feature of this saucer chair makes it extremely easy and undemanding to operate. It’s suitable for all age groups –  kids, adults, and old alike.

    What’s more? its polyester blend materials and solid furniture pattern make a rock-solid impact on your interior. 

    The contemporary style makes it gel in casual workspaces and enhance its definition. Place this fashionable faux fur saucer chair in your kid’s bedroom and you have added a decor that is great for lounging. The polyester-blend faux fur fabric is not just soft and soothing but is also very easy to clean.  

    The sturdy frame made of steel folds itself making way for easy storage. Add this steel-framed chair which is available in multiple colors (blue, red, black, and pink) to your decor to make it look stylish and chic. Not to forget, compared to the other moon chairs on the list, this one’s a bargain. 

    • Foldable and sturdy
    • No assembly required
    • Neutral color options

    Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is so common today. This is due to ill posture formation when we sit on a bad chair for hours in front of the desktop.

    Do not spoil your health because of bad furniture, specifically chair usage, instead get the Oversized Saucer Chair. It completely surrounds itself around you providing supreme comfort. 

    This is a revamped version of the traditional saucer chair having more cushioning on every side and increased width from all ways. Thus, it’s easier to clean, this chair allows wiping down and spots cleaning. Storage and transportation are hassle-free because it is easily foldable. 

    This chair also does not require any assembly. Spend money on buying a good chair to prevent all back and neck pain and related issues. The chair is of very good quality and is highly comfortable for sitting. It is a great bargain and recommended to anyone who needs an extra chair for their bedroom.

    • Stylish design
    • Made of polypropylene wicker
    • Padded cushion

    The perfect partner for your reading space is here. The Curated Nomad’s Avoca Papasan chair with its modern design is your best bet to bring the oomph factor to any space. Undoubtedly, this chair spells comfort and exuberance with its soft padded cushions. 

    Not only does it looks great but also provides utmost comfort. The plush seat, with its solid color, adds high nuance. Due to which the intricate pattern on the woven polypropylene wicker over the steel frame adds aesthetical value to your space.

    Additionally, this piece of furniture includes 1 chair and a padded cushion. This decor is available in black, blue and grey, grey or red and black colors. Thus, you need not judge the chair by its single image. 

    The chair weighs around 29 pounds. Furthermore, you’ll need to assemble the chair. As for dimensions, the seat height is 16.5 inches and the thickness is 4.5 inches. It is 38 inches wide and 36.5 inches deep. 


    • Space-saving dorm seat
    • Excellent mobility
    • Durable Steel Tube Frame

    The glam style of the Faux Fur Moon Chair shines up any place. You can curl up with a cup of tea and a good book in this cozy furniture. It is a folding chair which makes cleaning fuss-free. This chair has a solid print and pattern that stands out by itself. 

    Not needing any assembly, this chair is ready to use. With a standard back height and polyester body, the chair has removable cushions. The Armless feature of the chair makes it interference-free in any space. It is available in a soothing yet royal and radiant grey color. 

    Adding gravitas to space, the dark grey shag fabric makes it look plush. The steel tubular frame is robust and durable yet provides soft cushioning that comforts and cradles your body. When the chair is not required in use, you can simply fold it up for storage and get it out-of-the-way.

    • Durable metal frame
    • Weight capacity up to 264lbs
    • Hammer powder coating

    The Moon Saucer Steel Camping Chair is the king in the category of Moon Chairs. It has everything you want in a chair! Its Cozy Padded Seat is curated in a way that provides comfort throughout the body. This chair houses 600D Oxford with a sturdy frame made of metal.

    Furthermore, it is padded completely with breathable cotton which is moisture-wicked and spray-bonded. 

    The contour of the seat sports a deft design with dimensions that are in sync with the curves of the body. It is an ergonomic design that keeps in mind the body comfort as well as the health of the posture.

    It has a foldable design that is convenient to handle and carry this compact chair and set it up wherever required and wanted. 

    The elastic strap helps portability. The chair is lightweight, waterproof, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It also has a built-in cup holder on the right side of the chair and a large back pocket to hold newspapers and other items.

    • Metal and polyester blend
    • Folding accent chair design
    • Multipurpose usage

    A mix of polyester and metal, this chair is a good choice for both kids and adults. It is foldable therefore convenient to operate, handle, move, and clean. Exuding the Mongolian vibe, this off-white chair has an extremely lavish appeal to it. 

    Picture class and you certainly would want to add this vibrant and vivid chair to your setting. Because of its unusual color, this piece of decor works like magic in both casual and contemporary setups. This already assembled chair is ready to use as a piece of furniture for any space to which you want to add seating.

    Be it the living room, recreation space, bedroom, office space, or any place indoors that needs a seating arrangement. Having a weighing capacity of up to 225 pounds, this chair can be kept clean with spot clean care so need not worry about the white color and high susceptibility to being dirty soon.

    Lastly, its folding accent design accentuates its utility in even outdoor events. 

    • Papasan Cushion
    • Button-tufted cushion
    • Eco-friendly

    Your ultimate Papasan cushion seating fix is here. Do you want to change the cushion while you already have your old, sturdy chair frame in good condition in place? Look no further. Get rid of your old Papasan cushion by replacing it with this Blazing Needles Papasan cushion which is 52 inches big!

    This moon chair sports classic twill fashion with a button-tufted cushion. The cotton-polyester material increases longevity. Thus, you do not need to change it very often but can just keep reinventing it with time. Simply change its fashion covers with new colors of your choice each time. And you’re good to go!

    Lastly, the deep tufting in the round cushion ensures that clumping or shifting of the fill does not happen over time. Since it is filled with crushed polyester stuffing which is eco-friendly in nature.

    Due to this conscious creation, it does not harm the nature and environment.

    • Easy movability
    • Easy storage and transport
    • Plush chair

    The Giant Moon Chair can be a furry addition to your quaint cafe space or a massive living room. Though premium, this chair offers excellent value. It’s made of faux fur and comes with features such as collapsibility – perfect for convenient storage and transportation. 

    Super cute to look at and even better for your posterior to rest on. This chair is super easy to clean thanks to unrestricted mobility. The Giant Moon Chair is perfect for a movie night with a close friend. Its oversized structure and durable steel tube frame can accommodate two people. 

    You do not need to worry about a good night’s sleep in case you fall asleep while you snuggle and relax in this furry piece of furniture. This funky yet plush chair is extremely hospitable and well accommodating allowing a good cozy time with a blanket to complete the experience.

    Buyer’s Guide to Best Moon Chair 

    You have saved up for it and always dreamt of it, but have you researched enough. This buyer’s guide is essentially going to do that for you. If you’re looking to buy a moon chair, here are the points that you must keep in mind. 

    Don’t be reckless and impulsive with this decision and take into consideration all the points before you zero in on an ideal moon chair for your space. 


    You want a sturdy and robust frame so that it can take the maximum weight, yet be long lasting for years to come! You want it to not catch corrosion and rust and look as good as new for years.

    Longevity largely comes down to frame material and design. A metal or steel frame is always more durable than a plastic tube. Some moon chair patterns have only two legs while some have four of them. It is up to you to choose the best one that fits your needs! 

    You are not going to change the frame constantly. Cushion? Maybe. But the frame will remain the same and thus it involves a long-term commitment. 


    What is the point of buying a chair on which you cannot even sit? The purpose of the chair is defeated entirely if you are not comfortable while sitting on it. 

    When choosing a moon chair for comfort, consider its size and comfort cushion material. An ideal buy would be an oversized moon chair that has a padded oxford or plush cushion so that you can get a completely relaxing experience.


    An ideal chair would be a foldable accented one so you can plonk it wherever you want and there it is a seat for you to relax on. Be it indoors chilling or outdoors camping. You want portability, and more importantly – an easy assembly. 

    Height, size, and weight

    The dimensions and specifications of the chair are extremely crucial. This is because they should align with the person’s body dimensions of height, weight, and size. Apart from that, the space in which it is going to be used as a piece of decor needs due consideration as well. The chair should be checked thoroughly for its load-carrying capacity and its overall dimensions including length, breadth, and height.

    Cushion Material, Pattern, Structure

    Some people are allergic and uncomfortable with certain materials like polyester. Also, certain doctors advise people with back problems to not sit on moon chairs as they might ruin the posture. 

    These factors need to be taken into account before buying a moon chair. It is always better to buy wisely than buy something and regret it because that is not what you wanted in the first place.


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