It’s advisable to get used to the remote work environment and find ways to improve productivity at home. One of the many ways to improve productivity is by imitating your office setup using an industrial desk. 

An industrial desk is a sturdy desk perfect for a remote workstation. These desks offer both sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. 

There are a plethora of options available in the market and thus one can easily get perplexed when choosing a desk.

We at WFHAdviser have shortlisted the 10 best industrial desks to help you choose the perfect one for your WFH office. 


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    • Four storage shelves
    • Poplar wood top
    • Sturdy metal frame

    Myra Vintage by INSPIRE Q is our pick for the best industrial desk online. This industrial desk offers a vintage look with excellent storage capabilities. Besides a sturdy metal frame and a crisp wood top, you get four shelves for storage. These desk shelves can be used for storing office supplies, and other essentials. 

    The poplar wood top ensures a smooth finish that makes it ideal for home or office setup. In addition to that, the plank-style tabletop grabs a viewer’s attention. The Myra Vintage industrial desk encompasses traditional design with practical modern features. Thus, you can truly transform your space into a makeshift office. 

    As for dimensions, the shelf is 11.8 inches high, 11.9 inches wide, and 26.9 inches deep whereas the desk is 30.25 inches high, 60 inches wide, and 28 inches deep. 

    All things considered, with the Myra Vintage, you get modern maneuverability in a retro industrial desk. 

    • USB power outlet
    • Wood-grain accent
    • Hand-brushed chrome accents

    The Kic Industrial Adjustable Desk by Furniture of America is our pick for the best premium industrial desk. If you’re seeking a rugged look with maximum appeal, this one’s for you. 

    This industrial desk is designed to enhance productivity and improve efficiency. We do realize that it may sound like an overstatement until you realize that the manufacturers have offered a USB power outlet. This proves they know exactly what the users need in 2021. 

    Besides the metal-based and corner brackets, you get a smooth tabletop. Moreover, what makes it premium is the two-tone look with a wood-grain accent at the top. With sand black & copper finish, it truly offers that industrial vibe. 

    By all means, if you want to check the intricate detailing, just look at the hand-brushed chrome accents over the gray metal. Last but not the least, this wonderful desk is height adjustable. Thus, you can lift it and maximize your comfort when working. 

    • Laminated wood tabletop
    • Multipurpose desk
    • Weighs just 22 lbs

    With the Morse Industrial Desk, Carbon Loft truly provides its customers with a distinct industrial style, sleek desk. If you’re looking for a desk to add to a compact workspace, you need to look no further. This desk features a powder-coated metal frame with a laminated wood tabletop. 

    Furthermore, you can use this desk as a console table or a desk, depending on your requirement. At the given price, you also get all the hardware. That’s not all, this competitively priced desk weighs just 22 lbs. Thus moving it across the house is not a pain in the head. 

    As for dimensions, the desk is 29.53 inches high, 43.31 inches wide, and 17.72 inches deep. Thus, it’s the perfect size even if you’re working in a tight space. 

    People on a strict budget need not give up on their need for an industrial desk. Thanks to Carbon Loft, you can buy an excellent desk at an affordable price. 

    • Acacia hardwood
    • Keyboard tray
    • Two spacious drawers

    Talk style. Talk WyndenHall’s Mitchell. With this model, you get an industrial desk that doesn’t fall flat on style and function. Due to solid metal legs and Acacia hardwood, this 54-inch wide desk is spacious enough to complement a compact space.

    Moreover, it comes with a smooth top surface along with a keyboard tray to add to the minimal appeal. Even though it appears sleek, it still manages to offer two spacious drawers for storing supplies.  

    Furthermore, Wyndenhall’s Mitchell boasts hand-finish with an NC lacquer for protection. This truly elevates the uniqueness of this desk. We feel that this industrial desk can complement any space – living room, guest room, home office, or even a condo. 

    With this desk, you can emphasize It’s not just the location but also the practicality. You can use this desk for working, studying, or even gaming. This multipurpose desk offers reliable support for all your equipment. 

    Lastly, speaking of dimensions, the desk is 29.90 inches high, 54 inches wide, and 24 inches deep.

    • Compact design
    • MDF surface
    • Three drawers

    Modern industrial desks are truly following the rustic path. Lately, the rustic style has become prevalent and can be found in various lookbooks. The Mid Century Industrial Design is no different. Even though it takes the rustic route, yet manages to offer practicality in a compact design. 

    Along with a spacious outlay, you get maximum style out of this one. The manufacturers have maintained a simple design that features straight lines at the top. 

    As for materials, it’s made of metal and wood mixture popularly known as MDF. Though it has a heavy top, it’s not impractical. The size is good enough to fit a compact space. Furthermore, you get three drawers perfect for storing office supplies. Above all, these drawers will help you clear the cutter. 

    As for dimensions, the desk is 31 inches high, 47.25  inches wide, and 23.5 inches deep. Lastly, with an antique finish, you’ll be adding a unique industrial desk to your remote office. 

    • MDF table-top
    • Durable steel frame
    • ANSI/SOHO safety standards

    Carbon Loft features yet again. This time, with a mid-range industrial desk as compared to the earlier one. And even though it’s pricier, the Plimpton has everything you’d want in an industrial desk. 

    The spacious MDF table-top too follows a rustic grey finish. However, it’s not all aesthetics as it’s built with a durable steel frame. What truly gives this desk an industrial appeal is the combination of a cross accent bar and exposed bolts on open legs. 

    The Carbon Loft Plimpton is truly robust, and can easily transform your workspace. In addition to that, it also meets the ANSI/SOHO safety standards making it an ideal addition to any space in your home. 

    As for dimensions, the desk is 30 inches high, 62 inches wide, and 26 inches deep. The only reason why it’s on the lower end is because of its size. It can be too huge for a compact setting. 

    • Natural wooden tabletop
    • Corner accents
    • Caster wheels

    Yet again Furniture of America makes it to our top 10 list. This time it’s for its mid-range industrial desk. This 47-inch solid wood desk has a rustic appeal and is designed to enhance efficiency. 

    It boasts a natural wooden tabletop coupled with a black framework with metal piping. It is bulkier as compared to the other desks on the list and weighs around 52 pounds. Thus, it does have an excellent load-carrying capacity and can hold up to 75 pounds. 

    This industrial desk will be more appealing if you purchase it along with the matching chair, shelving, and bunk bed (sold separately). Nonetheless, if you just want to buy the desk, that’s completely okay too. 

    Similar to other industrial desks, it has corner accents and caster wheels which contribute to its fine design. 

    As for dimensions, the desk is 30.13 inches high, 47.25 inches wide, and 23.63 inches deep.


    • Grey driftwood finish
    • Black metal base
    • Euro drawer glides

    The Guthrie Industrial Grey Driftwood is a premium industrial desk. Using this desk, you can enrich your workspace and enhance overall productivity. Owing to its compact size, it can fit into any setting and is perfect for a compact setup. 

    If you’re searching for a chic, contemporary, and compact industrial desk, look no further than this desk. It has a grey driftwood finish coupled with a minimal black metal base. In addition to that, you get three drawers that offer ample space for storing belongings. 

    Manufactured in Taiwan, this desk is a combination of MDF, melamine paper, and particleboard. What we like the most is the Euro drawer glides. These certainly provide a distinctive feel to this desk. 

    The drawers can support up to 22 pounds. And that’s quite a respectable number concerning storage capabilities. As for dimensions, the desk is 30.5  inches high, 47.25 inches wide, and 23.50 inches deep.

    • Desk with bookcase
    • Water-resistant surface
    • 1-year limited guarantee

    South Shore Evane is not just an industrial desk, it’s a micro workspace. Surely, this one’s the most underrated product on the list. This industrial desk has a bookcase along with excellent storage capabilities. You can conveniently store your reading materials and office supplies. 

    What we love the most about this industrial desk is its water-resistant surface. Since the surface is designed with a thin PVC film, you need not worry about spilling water or coffee. Thus, it’s great if you tend to work around kids. In addition to that, the shelving unit adds storage value to this piece. 

    The Evane industrial desk comes with a 1-year limited guarantee. Thus, you can shop with confidence without worrying about the coverage.

    Lastly, you’ll need to make use of the easy assembly instruction manual since the desk is unassembled. As for dimensions, the desk is 47.5  inches high, 47.8 inches wide, and 25.60 inches deep.

    • Grey driftwood
    • Steel base
    • 30 lbs drawer capacity

    The Analiese Industrial wraps up our list of the 10 best industrial desks online. Though it’s the last listing, it’s among the most creative creations. This desk is designed to help your creativity and performance. 

    Aesthetically, it’s quite distinctive as compared to the other desks. With an earthy nutmeg color paired with grey driftwood and rusty oak, it manages to create a warm tone in your space. Thus, making it ideal for both commercial and residential settings. 

    This desk will truly make work-from-home convenient thanks to its thoughtful design. Its steel base coupled with a smooth surface contributes to a contemporary appeal. Furthermore, it houses spacious drawers that can store up to 30 pounds of supplies. 

    As for dimensions, the desk is 30.5  inches high, 63 inches wide, and 28.75 inches deep. Thus, it’s an ideal compact industrial desk for your work-from-home setup.

    Buyer’s Guide to the best Industrial desk 

    It’s easy to get bamboozled by the options available in the market. That’s the reason why we decided to narrow the list down to the 10 best industrial desks. However, if you want to evaluate and shortlist on your own, these are the points that you must keep in mind. 


    Start by figuring out your budget. You’ll find a desk that’s under $100, and a desk that’s more than $500. Evaluate the need first. For instance, if you’re looking for long-term usage, you shouldn’t be shying away from a $500 purchase. 

    Since working from home has become the new norm, investing in a quality industrial desk is probably a good decision. Even if you start visiting the office, you’ll likely engage in remote work, and that’s where your purchase will come in handy. Remember, you can use most of these desks for not just working, but writing, studying, and gaming as well. 


    Size is an important factor that correlates with your usage. For example, if you’re looking to set up multiple monitors, you’ll need a desk with greater depth. Not only will you need a bigger surface area but also equipment storing capacity. 

    On the contrary, if you’re just going to work on your laptop, you might not need a bulky table. All things considered, you’d probably go for a minimalist industrial desk that can help get the job done. 


    When buying an industrial desk, space is an important factor that needs due consideration. If you live in a small studio apartment, you’d probably want to avoid a massive desk. In such a case, a minimal, floating, or fold-up desk is going to be the best option for you. 


    While to many people, aesthetics might not be an important factor, we consider it to be pivotal when working. A workspace with well-placed furniture can alleviate your senses and improve productivity. Thus, make sure the color of your desk blends well with the rest of your room, space, or condo. 


    Industrial desks are manufactured using one of these five materials – Laminate, Wood Veneer, Solid Wood, Metal, and Glass. 

    Laminate is generally used on the surface as it prevents scratches or dents. Moreover, it is easier to clean as compared to Wood Veneer. Veneer desks are trickier to clean but carry higher aesthetic value. 

    Metal and Glass elements are usually seen on the surface or at the edge of a desk. A Metal frame ensures a sturdy desk and usually complements a glass surface. 



    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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