We reviewed desks that offer ample storage space through different styles of shelving and drawers. If you have a lot of things to store, look no further than these five desks.

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  • Three Drawer Cabinet
  • Glass Top
  • Sustainable design practices a

Wood, metal, glass. The combination of these make any desk great to look at and high functioning. The desk itself has a stunning file cabinet built in with beneath desk storage. The legs of the desk are wide and modern and will enable you plenty of room to work and maneuver in your desk chair. The handles on the cabinet are sleek and elegant. 

  • Laminated wood surface
  • Central locking system
  • Up to 5 storage compartments

Do you remember the desk your high school math teacher had? This desk might bring back that memory. There is a good reason: this desk is highly functional, favored by writers and academics, and comes with ample storage on both sides of the desk. This desk is among the most durable we have tested and will leave you wanting for nothing. If you care about durability, security, and storage this desk is ready out of the box to solve those needs.

  • Stunning rich Espresso color
  • Compact L-Shaped Design
  • Wood grain laminate

This desk combines elegant simple above desk storage with below desk exposed storage. This type of desk is best for the workers who don’t mind having stuff stored in plain sight. That might include organized books or photo frames or technology products. If you have messier storage needs – like piles of paper – this desk can still work but you might benefit from an above desk filing system. The desk saves you space and room because it is long enough to be highly useful but has the storage built in in a compact manner.

  • Durable office desk
  • Massive storage capacity
  • Secure lock feature

The OFM Core Collection Mesa Series Desk is large, has spacious and secure storage, and an elegant L-shaped design. This desk prioritizes under desk storage options so if you want ample space to store paper, documents, computers, pens, and other home office equipment this desk will meet your needs. It is large and durable, made of wood with a maple finish.

  • Bamboo wood and Iron
  • Natural color and finish
  • Multi-purpose storage

This desk is a bargain. It is not expensive but highly practical and very functional in all definitions of the word. It is great for work, great for desk storage, great for minimalistic design standards, and great for home office calls and work. The desk features plenty of surface area for your computer and monitor. The desk also has amble below the desk panel to place non essential items. The bamboo and iron finish make this desk almost an art piece that will enable you to do your best work.

What To Consider When Buying A Desk With Storage

When you buy a desk with storage you will want to make two important decisions. Firstly, what the desk offers as a standalone product. And secondly, how the storage needs from the desk align with your business or personal goals. Once you have clarity on the storage needs and office space of your home office environment you will be better equipped to make a thoughtful and good purchasing decision. For other desks with a lot storage, we recommend reviewing our l-shaped desks article.

Defining What You Need From Your Storage Space

Some desks have storage above the desk and some have storage below the desk. Some of the storage is hidden (because the space is confined by a cabinet) and other storage is open. These are the main variables that matter when thinking about storage other than the very obvious variable of net space.

So ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Do I want a lot of storage space or a little?
  2. Do I want to store items above or below the desk?
  3. Should my stored items be concealed or open?

Amount Of Storage Space

There are important things to remember for each question. Let me walk you through a few critical considerations. Firstly, space used for storage will often detract from space used for core work operations. That might be ok in some cases but could cause issues if you have a monitor, laptop, and other computational devices needed for work that you want above or below the desk.

Storage Above Or Below Desk

Secondly, it is a good idea to not place very heavy items in storage above desks. This is because overtime, these objects may damage or place undo weight on the desk itself. If you have heavy items, for example, you likely want to store these in storage below the desk.

Concealed Or Open Desks With Storage

Lastly, the nature of what you are storing is important to think through too. If you have messy items (like loose leaf paper, pens, sticky notes) you might want to store these items in a closed space so you don’t need to see them often. If you have fewer items but they are more organized (laptops, boxes, cards) and like looking at these items, open storage might be preferred.

The final variable you must consider is how much space you want today versus the space you will need in the future. If you have a fixed supply of things that need storing, you can likely select the desk that meets your storage needs today. If, however, your storage needs will grow over time (perhaps your job requires you to hang on to documents or legal papers for many years) then you might want to budget for more space or cabinets.

Multipurpose Storage Options

Storage that is built-in to or on desks can transform a desk from a workstation to a multi-purpose home productivity unit. One great aspect of storage desks is that you can free up space and money by not having to purchase additional storage units, closets, containers, or drawers. Because storage can occur under a desk, or above it, you can free up space to use dead-space more effectively.

Have you now decided that a storage desk is right for you? If so, you can start to optimize your desk for other variables that matter. For example, you might want a wooden or metal desk. Maybe you want a large or small desk. All desks, to a degree, enable storage in some capacity. Which desk you select will determine your goals and office needs. Personally I like storage underneath desks. This is because I prefer to look out at my desk and see as few things as possible.

I value that emptiness and minimalism. There are others who prefer storage above a desk. These folks like to move around while working and roll their chairs back and forth. Having more leg room is crucial for these workers. Whatever approach you prefer, you should buy a desk with storage that helps you feel comfortable and aligns with your work and storage needs.

Shelves vs. Drawers

One final consideration is if you want drawers or shelves. Shelves are open and see through but also provide less security. Drawers, in contrast, not only shut but can usually be locked. If you have confidential or private documents or possessions a desk with lockable and secure storage is likely a useful and final variable for you to consider.

No matter the desk with storage, you can find great variety and prices. Desks with storage usually cost slightly more than desks without storage because they come with more material. However, you can save money and time by purchasing a desk with storage because you won’t need to buy additional and separate storage facilities again.