There are a wide variety of bedroom desks that you can choose from. All have their merits, but here are our top picks for you. These are ideal for folks who live in small apartments and use their bedroom as a workstation.

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  • Very easy assembly
  • Multiple use
  • Spacious and elegant

This HOMECHO desk is great in the bedroom if you are in need of a multi-purpose desk and work space that is elegant to look at. What makes this desk in particular great for the bedroom office environment is its aesthetic. The spacious shelves above the desk are great for books, computers, or picture frames. The design is unique in that the desk surface for work is large but economical and the space above the desk is creatively layed out to maximize your ability to work but also look at other objects. Because the desk is so easy to assemble and because it has dual purpose storage, it is a delight to use.

  • Stunning white color
  • Sleek design
  • Scratch resistant surface top

This white home office bedroom desk brings functionality and creatively together. The desk requires assembly but the slight effort is worth it: not only does the desk look and feel great but it is very functional. You can use the top area for work and the storage unit to hide items you don’t want to see. The three layer drawer gives you plenty of below desk storage options. The desk looks terrific and will compliment your bedroom set-up regardless of your current color scheme.

3 Coavas Bedroom Desk

Best Value
  • No assembly required
  • Save bedroom space: foldable
  • Durable

This elegant and simple desk is great for work and the bedroom: you can fold it and move it as desired but also use it to achieve high function work output. The portability and movability of this desk are hugely advantageous for the bedroom worker. Come the weekends, easily place the desk in a closet to add more space. Have guests coming over? Place the desk by table to use for food. It is easy to clean, waterproof, durable, and can be used for games, work, learning, and has enough space for your computer, monitor, and other documents. 

  • Beautiful espresso color
  • L-Shaped Space Efficiency
  • Spacious surface area

This desk is perfect if your bedroom can be opened up through the use of an L-shaped desk. If you have a corner of your room that you want to work in, this L-shaped desk is perfect for your bedroom because it can save you space, afford you a spacious working area, and can add a lovely color to your room. Assembly is incredibly easy for this desk as well which is a plus because other L-shaped desks are slightly more complicated to put together.

  • Sleek
  • Built in bottom drawer
  • Incredible industrial design

If you want to remove clutter and avoid seeing office gear in your home office, would you be wise to get a desk that has a built in ground drawer. Why? Because you can place items – staplers, paper, pens, chargers – into the drawer and shut it without seeing the items within it. That is more than a nice touch: it is a hugely valuable asset for a bedroom desk. The metal and wood-grain look of this desk create an elegant feel. It is highly functional and a pleasure to use.

  • Premium material
  • Spacious workspace
  • Minimalistic design

Do you want a simple, practical, and minimalistic desk in your bedroom? If so, the Yaheetech home office desk is a great fit. It comes with no bells and whistles: it is fashionable, easy to assemble, and spacious. There is not room for overhead external storage or shelves and is constructed of a solid metal frame. The white legs and dark surface create a lovely minimalistic vibe that can make your bedroom work area look and feel great.

Why buy a bedroom desk

A bedroom desk is a desk that you can use adjacent to or near your bed. In general, a bedroom desk serves multiple functions. It can be used as a desk, external storage, or a furniture item to compliment your bedroom living space. A great bedroom desk can enable you to use your space more effectively. It can also power you to do great work if you don’t have a home office outside of your bedroom. The bedroom desks that we have reviewed are not only smaller in size, but they use space very effectively.

When deciding to buy a bedroom desk, you should think carefully about how much space you want for your desk. That is because bedroom desks, on average, are smaller than you might find in a traditional office environment.

Why I use a bedroom desk

I live in Manhattan in New York City, and my home office is in my bedroom. That’s right, they are the same room. Therefore when I purchased a bedroom desk, I needed to think about space optimization, the professional feel that I wanted, and how far my desk was away from my bed. A bedroom desk is similar to a traditional office desk, except that it might be smaller, and have external storage above or below the desk to help you store additional possessions in your bedroom. In reality, a bedroom desk can be any type of desk, ranging from a small table to a sophisticated large desk with internal and external storage both below and above the desk. 

I like color schemes that match. When thinking about a bedroom desk, you should strongly consider the color of your room and the type of bed you own. This is because it might look great if they match. Ultimately this is a design decision that you alone can make (or a friend or partner can help you with). If you do video calls frequently, and don’t want external parties, customers, or your peers seeing your bed, you should think about which direction your desk faces and what kind of chair you will be using when working from your bedroom.

Desk Material and Design

One of the core attributes of a bedroom desk is that you will likely see the desk when you are in bed. That means before bed and when you rise from sleeping, you will see your bedroom desk. If you care about aesthetics, you would be wise to select a bedroom desk that you enjoy looking at even while you are not working.

This might entail picking a color, material, or design that you find useful, practical, and delightful. I greatly value minimalism. So my bedroom desk had built in storage. This is because I want to place objects like pens, erasers, paper, and other possessions in my desk so that I will not need to see these while I am in bed. So when selecting a bedroom desk, you should not only consider the functionality that the desk provides for working, but you should think about how that desk operates within the confines of your sleeping space.

Another  factor to consider, is safety. Desk can be heavy, or have sharp edges. Do you sleep walk? Do you have kids that will be near your desk? If so, potentially you will want to optimize for a bedroom desk that is safe. That might mean it doesn’t have storage above the desk, or it has rounded or padded corners. If you have young kids that are running around in your bedroom, you might want to avoid a glass bedroom desk. I remember well an incident when I was a kid, that involved running into a glass bedroom desk. Needless to say it was not my finest moment. 

Price, Quality, and Weight Considerations

Bedroom desks are priced much like other desks. Depending on the size, material, and design standards, the price can vary from $100 to several hundred dollars. A question that I love asking people is how long they envision ownership of that desk?  If you want a cheap and quick solution, a table like desk will enable you to work effectively and rapidly immediately. However as your home office needs expand, and you might want more space, storage, or functionality from the desk itself, your bedroom desk needs might expand. In which case you can easily go purchase another desk. The final variable to consider is the weight of the desk. While in my twenties, I moved frequently between cities.

So I know the pain of purchasing, building, moving, and disassembling a desk. Some bedroom desks I have reviewed are incredibly easy to assemble. This means that the amount of time it takes you to go from purchase, to unboxing, to using the actual desk is relatively short. I am a big fan of this approach. Other desks require quite a bit of work and moving pieces to actually start using them. If you want to avoid assembly you should look at how much assembly work is required for your bedroom desk.

If you are handy with tools and want to spend time assembling a desk, this could be a fun home office project. In general, the heavier the desk is the harder it will be to move it. If a desk is made of solid slabs of wood or glass, it will be particularly heavy. However, with this weight you will have enhanced durability. So these are trade-offs you should be aware of when making a bedroom desk purchasing decision.