Computer glasses or blue light blocking glasses are becoming increasingly popular. In this era where technology dominates, we spend a generous amount of time in front of computers, smartphones, tablets, and similar devices.

But what most of us don’t know is that these devices radiate harmful blue lights and ultraviolets. And upon prolonged exposure, these lights can damage our eyes and reduce eyesight. They also cause headaches, insomnia, and many more problems.

That’s where computer glasses come in handy. These glasses are designed to filter harmful blue lights and UV rays. Most of these glasses can block 90% of the high energy blue lights and up to 100% UV. They also reduce digital eye strain and glare.

Some of these glasses are tinted and some are clear. Tinted glasses contain some color pigment. And sometimes they may cause visual distortion. Though most of these glasses prioritize high light transmittance.

Furthermore, computer glasses come in various shapes, designs, and patterns. Depending on the brand and model, their protection capability changes as well. So take your time and carefully choose your pick.

And just to make selection easier, we’ve reviewed the 10 best computer glasses and featured them here:


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    1 FEIYOLD Computer Glasses

    Top Product
    • Highly Recommended
    • Protects in style
    • Clear vision, comfortable

    FEIYOLD Computer glasses are excellent for work and protection, and they’re highly recommended by Working From Home. These retro-style glasses suite men and women alike. Also, the price is very much affordable.

    These 3A transparent lenses transmit 93% of light and provide excellent vision. They also block 99% of harmful blue rays. So you can enjoy a clear vision and protection at the same time.

    They also feature TR90 frames. These lightweight frames are durable and exert no extra pressure on your nose. Great comfortability. And to make it more convenient, the legs are adjustable as well.

    Aside from featuring quality material and protection, the lenses also help you sleep better. As they block harmful UV and blue light, you won’t experience eye strains, headaches, and visual fatigue.

    However, for new users, these lenses may create discomfort. It may take you two to three days to adjust with the blue light filtration.

    You can wear these glasses all day. They create little discomfort and won’t fall off. Also, they go with any outfit, formal or casual. People love these glasses and we know, you’ll love them too.

    2 Felix Grey Computer Glasses

    Premium Choice
    • Premium quality
    • Italian Acetate frames
    • Hand-assembled

    Now, time to introduce the ‘Work From Home’ premium choice. It’s the blue light blocking computer glasses from Felix Gray. But, what’s so special about it?

    First of all, these glasses are embedded with Felix Gray’s proprietary filtering technology. This technology rules out 50% of all the blue lights. And more importantly, it filters 90% of the strongest blue light rays. So your eyes are more than safe with these on.

    Additionally, these lenses protect from harmful UV and glare. They don’t have any blue-coating or noticeable tint. So expect a clear vision with maximum transmittance.

    Consequently, Blue Light filtration and glare reduction may help to minimize Digital Eye Strain. As most modern devices emit blue lights, extended exposure causes eye strain, sleep disruption, and insomnia. As for glare, it creates unnecessary feedback and strains the eye.

    These glasses have German-engineered Italian acetate metal frames. They are also hand-assembled with proprietory lenses which makes them really special. Could be a cool addition to your collections.

    And finally, they look after your image. You can wear them at the office meetings or during a family reunion. Whatever the occasion is, they’ll blend right in. Fashion, protection, and quality, all in one.

    3 Livho Computer Glasses

    Best Value
    • Best budget buy
    • Blocks UV400
    • Blue-light filtration

    If you’re looking for a pair of budget computer glasses, then these are just the right choice for you. They are lightweight, filter blue light, reduce eyestrain & UV glare. Learn why they are ‘working from home’ recommended.

    First of all, they have a smart design. Simple and lightweight. The glasses are fully transparent with no added color pigment. While they maintain high light transmittance, they also protect your eyes by blocking UV400 ultraviolet radiation. Also, the scratch-resistant lenses will make you look cool and elegant for a long time.

    Additionally, the American substrate adsorption technology, HEV-adsorb, filters high energy blue light. As you may know, excessive exposure to blue light leads to problems such as headaches, insomnia, fatigue, eye strain, etc.

    On the other hand, they improve your sleep health. You’ll wake up much better on the next day, even after working long shifts in front of a monitor.

    Livho computer glasses are smartly built and match with any outfit. They also have a durable & flexible frame. So, they are perfect for working from home, and office.

    • Retro, unisex design
    • UV, blue ray protection
    • Light yellow tinted

    Another set of eyeglasses that people can’t stop talking about. WMAO presents these quality glasses, square in shape, and equipped with all the necessary protective measures.

    To start off, they are designed in a futuristic, retro style. Suit both men and women. 53mm square lenses sit on 140mm legs. And an 18mm bridge width ensures a comfortable fit.

    Made of composite lens and PC frame, these glasses have the low abrasion resistance and friction co-efficient. Reduced chance of injuries.

    The lenses come with a light yellow tint. Like many protective glasses, they block about 80-90% blue rays. But blocks 100% of UV rays. Especially recommended if you spend a considerable amount of time in front of a screen.

    Thanks to the protective measures, you’ll face reduced eye-strain and vision fatigue. Which eventually leads to better and sound sleep throughout the night. So don’t worry about working long shifts with these on. Also, these glasses help reduce headaches, insomnia, loss of eyesight, and fatigue.

    Additionally, WMAO supports a customer-friendly approach. They offer a 30 days money-back policy. If you’re not satisfied within the given period, just contact them and they’ll take care of the rest.

    • Retro, unisex design
    • Yellow tinted lens
    • Comfortable and protective

    According to the majority of reviewers, these are the most comfortable pair of computer glasses out there. They’re lightweight and very much within an affordable range. You can barely feel them on.

    First of all, they are yellow-tinted. They block 100% of UV rays and filter blue rays. Although they are not completely transparent, they still transmit a considerable amount of light for high contrast visuals.

    The frame is super light and smooth. Very low abrasion and friction. Which results in a lower chance of injury, and discomfort.

    With these on, you’ll face reduced eye-strain and vision fatigue. Which eventually leads to better and sound sleep throughout the night. Also, these glasses help reduce headaches, insomnia, loss of eyesight, and fatigue. So don’t worry about pulling all-nighters.

    Also, the combination of a transparent, futuristic frame with square glasses will surely attract a number of glances your way. Goes well with both casual attires and formal outfits.

    So enjoy the advantage of a popular brand within an affordable range.

    • UV and blue light protection
    • Unisex design
    • Sturdy, PC frame

    The ANRII computer glasses are simply designed. They block UV and blue light while providing maximum comfort.

    Despite the conventional design, they suit both men and women. The frame is made of TR90 Polycarbonate materials. So they have low abrasion resistance and friction co-efficient. Minimum chance of injuries. Also, these lightweight frames are durable. Expect no extra pressure on your nose.

    The lenses come with a light yellow tint. They block about 80-90% blue rays and 100% of UV rays. Especially recommended if you spend a considerable amount of time in front of a screen. Great for office workers, freelancers, programmers, and many more.

    Additionally, these glasses reduce headaches, insomnia, vision fatigue, and strain on the eye. These problems usually surface when you’re frequently exposed to blue light. These glasses also help you sleep better. Equip them now and say goodbye to digital eyestrains.

    You can wear them at home, office, and anywhere you wish. Since they match with any attire and give you a decent look.


    • Quality+Budget combo
    • Protective design
    • Fashion friendly

    Another superb product at a very affordable price range. The MEETSUN glasses promise quality, protection, and affordability.

    Starting off with the build, they have sturdy PC frames. These polycarbonate frames sit comfortably on your nose. No additional strain. The composite lenses are 53 mm wide, non-polarized.

    These glasses block blue light and UV rays while maintaining a crystal-clear vision. You can expect a very low color difference, which won’t affect your visual clarity at all. The transparent lenses also shield your eyes from dust, water, and projectiles.

    Additionally, these glasses reduce headaches, vision fatigue, insomnia, and eye strain. These problems surface if you’re exposed to blue light on a regular basis. Prolonged exposure can permanently damage your eyesight, so be careful about it. The glasses also help you sleep better.

    These retro glasses can be your perfect companion for working long shifts in front of a screen. They are fashion-friendly, matches well with different outfits.

    What’s more? MEETSUN offers a limited period money-back guarantee and a lifetime breakage warranty. Try these glasses now!

    • Round and retro
    • Both plain and patterned
    • Half-metal frames

    FEIDU manufactured these round, retro glasses. They are designed to suit both men and women. Great computer glasses with necessary protective measures.

    The Amber lenses come with a light yellow tint. They block 100% UV-403 and about more than 90% blue rays. Recommended if you spend a considerable amount of time in front of a screen. Greatly benefits office workers, freelancers, programmers, and many others.

    Despite the color pigmented lenses, they still provide excellent visual clarity.

    These glasses battle digital eyestrains better than other similar products. Thanks to the enhanced protective measures, they’ll reduce eye-strain and vision fatigue. They also lower headaches, insomnia, and digital stress.

    You can also sleep soundly through the night. Maintain your natural sleep pattern through reduced stress on the eyes. So don’t worry about working long shifts with these on.

    Additionally, these glasses come with half metal frames. The frames are sturdy and durable. Made of TR90 materials. So there’s no chance of fracture and friction, which may damage your skin.

    The round, casual frame is also cutely patterned. Wear it anywhere or gift to your friends and family.

    • Classic look
    • Top-notch protection
    • Clear, comfortable vision

    Simple and Effective. That’s how we define these glasses. Not the most uncommon design and look. But they get the job done all the same.

    As you already know, extended exposure to blue rays causes fatigue and stress. So these glasses focus on filtering high-energy blue lights. According to the company, they block about 90% of harmful blue lights having 400nm-430nm wavelengths. But they let less harmful light rays through.

    Unlike conventional lenses, these aren’t heavily tinted. Instead, they offer a low color distortion. Such a feature boosts visual clarity.  Also ensures a good balance between protection and comfort.

    As previously mentioned, these glasses have a classic look to them. The rectangular lenses look good on both women and men. They offer a very good field of vision as well.

    You can wear these glasses all day. They are comfortable and won’t fall off. Also, they give you a smart and professional look. Wear them at the office or at home.

    People love these glasses and trust us, you’ll love them too.

    • Blue light, UV protection
    • Plastic frame and body
    • Budget buy

    People are crazy about these glasses from Gamma Ray Optics. They’re made of plastic, both the casings, and the lenses. Being sturdy and adaptable, they accompany a lifetime breakage guarantee.

    They are very lightweight. Weighs about 22 grams. Highlights golden focal points. The lenses aren’t polarized and they reduce reflection by a great amount.

    Additionally, Amber-tainted lenses reduce visual fatigue and eye strain. Protects against UV400 while significantly reducing glare from screens.

    They are available in different magnifications. Select your magnification based on how far you sit from your screen. For example, select half of your reading power if you seat 19+ inches away from the screen.

    Furthermore, these lenses are easy to clean as they have a simple, yet smart design. They blend perfectly with your surroundings. Matches formal and informal attires alike. TR90 nylon frames are very sturdy, yet flexible.

    The company also offers a 90 days money back plan. If the lenses aren’t to your likings, contact them and they’ll provide a full refund or replacement.

    Computer Glasses Buyer’s Guide

    Our lives are so dependent upon the use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones in today’s technological environment. The unfortunate result is that our eyes feel strained and tired at the end of each workday. The typical person works in front of a screen for around eight hours a day. This heavy workload makes us more vulnerable to conditions associated with vision. Unfortunately, we’ve grown used to the fact that by the end of the workday, our eyes just feel strained and agitated.

    Without proper eye care, vision conditions can arise from looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time. Blurred vision, eye redness, eye dryness, double vision, and dizziness are typical signs of computer vision syndrome. It can be commonly found in people who are constantly on their computers. In order to avoid these uncomfortable symptoms, you need to take some measures to protect and support your eyes.

    Computer glasses can be the safest way to shield your eyes and reduce the eye pressure linked to prolonged computer use.

    What Are Computer Glasses?

    Many of us wear glasses to correct issues with vision like near-sightedness or far-sightedness. But just as driving and reading require specific kinds of glasses, so does regular computer use.  Computer glasses help minimize the eye strain that happens when we are on our devices for too long.

    The anti-reflective coating on computer glasses significantly reduces the glare of light coming from large computer monitors. For further aiding in protecting the eyes from the harsh brightness of our screens, glass color tinting can increase the monitor’s contrast.

    Computer glasses usually have about 60% of the magnifying capacity of reading glasses. However, keep in mind that the best magnification depends on how far from the computer screen you sit and how close you choose to keep your screens.

    Benefits of Computer Glasses

    In order to stay productive and prolific at work, we need to reduce eye strain, blurred vision, and chronic headaches. Computer glasses allow you to work or play or even learn new things on your phone or computer without having to suffer from light glares or eye-related fatigue. Computer glasses can even fix any astigmatism you may have.

    At the office, we often feel the need to hunch closer to the monitor so we can see better or concentrate more. But that only causes more damage to your eyes as well as your neck and back. Computer glasses can help you see better without needing to peer over your monitor or move uncomfortably closer to it.

    However, it is essential that your optical measurements are accurate to guarantee that the optical center of each lens is right in front of your pupils at the distance between you and your monitor. That’s why computer glasses need prescriptions from your physician so you ensure value for money on your purchase.

    With the right computer glasses, you can say goodbye to unhealthy postures while working since you will get a clear and wide field of vision.

    Types of Lenses of Computer Glasses

    Single Vision Lens

    You can minimize the risk of blurred vision, eye strain, and poor posture by using single-vision computer glasses. They are basically designed for computer users of any age.

    Progressive Lens

    Occupational progressive lenses correct vision at close and intermediate distance range since they are multifocal lenses. These lenses give you a wide and comfortable gaze at your computer. However, they might not be the best choice for tasks that require longer distance gazing.

    Bifocal and Trifocal Lenses

    Occupational bifocal and trifocal lenses offer a high vision zone for near and intermediate vision. They are lined multifocal lenses that can be customized according to your needs.

    Coatings, Tints, and Other Features

    The lenses in your computer glasses should have an anti-reflective coating in order to give you a comfortable time in front of your computer. Anti-reflective coatings aka called anti-glare prevent light reflections that cause eye strain from the front and back surfaces of your lenses. In addition, photochromic lenses can protect your eyes from damaging high-energy blue light that comes out of your digital screens.

    When it comes to light tints, they are often prescribed as well to minimize glare created by bright overhead lights, improve contrast and protect from high-energy blue light caused by even a portable monitor.


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