Modern technology has made it easier than ever to work from home, but if you are living on a tight budget, it can still be difficult to make ends meet. With the cost of gas and car payments skyrocketing, many people are finding themselves without enough money for both food and transportation expenses.

Whilst buying a car can be expensive, there are fortunately ways to get one without breaking the bank. This article will provide some frugal tips so you can save money while working from home, so you can afford your next car.

Lower Your Sights

It may be unrealistic for you to be able to afford a brand new top-of-the-range car. If you need to go from A to B you should consider buying something secondhand: it will cost less and you’ll save up for it quicker. When you’re looking at used cars, it’s important to set a budget and stick with it. Try to buy what you can afford without getting into debt or taking out any loans. Remember that if anything should go wrong you’ll need enough money in reserve for repairs.

A good way to discover what’s out there is by visiting specialist car websites. You’ll find several options when looking for a new car, including new and pre-owned. You can schedule services and sell/trade, and apply for financing if this is the best option.

Go For Cheaper Car Insurance

Part of your budget will need to cover the running costs including fuel, servicing and insurance. It will be cheaper to be insured as a named driver with your partner. If you choose cheaper car insurance, you would save money. In terms of coverage, this means you could opt for third-party rather than comprehensive insurance. This cheaper option will cover any damage to other vehicles or property, but not yours. Also, make sure you only claim what is necessary and avoid making frequent claims as this means your premiums will go up in the future.

It’s wise to shop around for the best insurance deals, and price-comparison sites can save you both time and money.

Lower Your Energy Bills

For many homeowners, energy costs are an important part of their monthly expenses.

LED Bulbs

If you’re trying to save money while working from home, switching out traditional incandescent lights is one of the best ways to lower your utility bills immediately. LED (light-emitting diode) lamps use up to 80 percent less power than regular lights yet provide comparable illumination. This means more cost savings with every bill- plus the bulbs will last longer.

Standby Lights

Another way to save money is by turning off the standby lights on some of your equipment. They are power-sucking bulbs that draw energy even if they aren’t switched on. If there’s no one around, turn them off. This could include your microwave, television, wifi speakers and more.

Power Strips

Using a power strip can help lower costs because it cuts down on unnecessary standby use throughout the house. Simply plug in all devices that don’t require constant access into this single electrical source. Then turn them off completely at night or anytime you won’t be needing them for several hours.

Make Some Sacrifices

It may be that you need to go without a vacation this year so you can use the money towards your car. Maybe you are used to staying in a nice hotel, but perhaps you should have a staycation instead.

You may be used to eating out one or more times a week. Once again, tighten your belt and save the money!

General Ideas

Why not sell some stuff you no longer need or want? You could sell small items on Craigslist to get money fast if needed. You could also use eBay’s “make an offer” option, but be sure to include any shipping costs.

Try to be strategic with your shopping, for instance by frequenting wholesale stores. Internet shopping is also a great way to save money, especially if you buy direct from the manufacturers. Keep a close lookout for Black Friday deals, flash sales and New Year sales, etc.

It may be that for now, you need to walk or cycle to get around. By tightening your budget and making some practical steps you will get closer to your dream of owning a car. Continue to work from home and consider a side hustle if necessary. Once you’ve saved up, you may become the proud owner of a car that will serve you for many years to come.