6 Ways to Reduce Stress and Burnout

People have to endure many stresses during their lifetime. Yet, many of us can’t cope with pressure and always fall victim to stressful times. Learn these six ways to reduce stress and burnout to create a happier and healthier life. 

Set clear priorities and goals

Many people feel most stressed and anxious when under pressure. However, often, we don’t even need any external factors to put us down. Our brains do such a thing to us. Often, we are our biggest enemies. People tend to put too much pressure on their shoulders and appear incapable of carrying such a load for ‌long. Unfortunately, it is a common practice and often the main reason for burnout.

Of course, we should stay ambitious and determined whether in school, work, or personal growth. However, we all have limits and boundaries worth respecting. Hence, one needs to set clear, realistic goals and determine priorities to avoid burnout.

For example, you can’t be great in every area of your life. Some areas will face sacrifices, while others prosper. So, pick your fight. Focus on mental health, grades, professional or personal growth, social relationships, etc. Choose the area and boundaries before entering the challenge. 

Exercise, sleep, and eat well

This trio consists of the three main pillars of a healthy and happy life. However, many people neglect these essentials when chasing other goals. Such a mistake can cost you. A poor diet, lack of physical exercise, and sleep difficulties can lead to low energy levels, mood swings, irritation, poor focus, and a drop in motivation, among many other consequences. 

Remember, you should lay a solid foundation before following any dreams or goals. It means taking good care of physical and mental health. Start with a diet. Take notice of what you eat throughout the week and if you need to fix it. A change to a balanced diet packed with nutrients and vitamins can transform your life. Instead, a poor diet of sugars, simple carbs, and bad fats leads to anxiety, low energy, and higher stress. 

Next, find a form of physical exercise you can enjoy. Physically challenging yourself will give you a boost of energy and confidence you can apply in all areas of your life. Choosing a sport outdoors involving other people gives you additional bonuses. 

Finally, don’t neglect your sleep or prioritize other activities over it. Our brain and body need a recharging time during the night to fight stress during the day. 


Social interactions and personal relationships are very important to human beings. We are social creatures and depend on others to survive and feel happy. Isolating yourself during tough or stressful times is the worst step one can take. Loneliness is your biggest enemy at this point. 

Instead, you should seek any opportunity to meet with those you love and care about. Make good memories, have a laugh, talk, discuss your worries and concerns, and share how you feel. It is hard to overestimate the importance of a good, friendly conversation during a stressful time. However, you should also learn to trust people and avoid bottling up emotions. 

Take breaks

This rule is pretty simple. Learn to step back whenever you feel exhausted, unmotivated, or physically drained. Knowing when to pause, recharge, and rest is a very powerful skill.

You learn to notice the clues in your mind and body and accept their needs. In return, you will avoid serious burnout and find the strength to tackle the next day/challenge with greater forces. Besides, stress always gets to us when we are most vulnerable. 

Engage in self-care

In the past, stress helped us to survive the danger and life-threatening situations. It is always a reaction to some thoughts or factors in our lives. The best way to cope with stress is to practice mindfulness and self-awareness. You need time and deep knowledge of self to notice early stress symptoms and define their roots. To achieve such mindfulness, one needs to practice self-care. 

Start by learning to be more in the present. Stress is often the result of our worries about tomorrow or regrets about the past. Try yoga, meditation, or breathing techniques to be more in the now.

Secondly, self-care means indulgences but in a healthy way. It includes sleep, rest, laughter, good food, physical exercise, and other things that will make you and your mind happy. So, you get a day to yourself. Such a practice should distract you from the stresses in your life and require your mind to relax and seek more joy.

Students juggle a lot of tasks and obligations, but carving out self-care days is essential! Taking some time to only do things that make you happy will ensure your physical and mental wellbeing. If considering professional writing assistance for assignments or projects, be sure to check the reliability first – sites such as writingpapersucks.com can provide helpful insight into established companies designed with student success in mind.

Discover personal coping mechanisms

Lastly, every person develops a unique coping mechanism during their lifetime. You must know efficient methods to cope with the stress that works specifically on you. You should analyze your previous periods of stress and see what helped you cope with them. Things like reducing your goals, forming supportive relationships, focusing on a positive mindset, taking a day off, or changing dietary habits can be enough to reduce the stress you experience at the moment.

Pam Wiselogel
Pam Wiselogel

Hi, I'm Pam! A corporate girl turned entrepreneur who has been working from home for over 20 years and loving it. From a corporate IT Director to an online business owner, I found success while working remotely (sometimes in my PJs). I've been able to find balance in life and career and love to share what I've learned with others. With my master's degree in software engineering and a career in technology, my drive is to help others learn how to bypass the hurdles and technology challenges to gain the confidence to build the dream business they've always wanted to reach financial freedom. My work has been quoted on Forbes, Bloomberg, European Business Review, Hive, and Business Partner Magazine to name a few. Click my little head above to read all of my posts!

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