Whether you are a newbie or have a wide professional experience, you need a thumb-stopping resume that can get you hired at your desired position. However, creating a resume isn’t a child’s play, as you need to follow the best practices to inspire the recruiter. 

Before calling you for an interview, the hiring manager will likely sit at his or her desk and go through your resume first. One of the hacks you can use to create an impactful resume is to build a professional Resume Website.  But before using you create a website to showcase your resume, you should improve your resume.

Do you want your resume to catch the recruiter’s eye? Is a professional-looking CV your aim to stand out from the crowd? There is no better way than improving the metrics of a resume. You must be wondering how metrics can lift a resume? We will tell you how.

Different Types of Metrics That Can Improve Your Resume

Improving metrics is one of the easiest and effective strategies to highlight achievements in your CV. Numbers tend to put weightage on the page since it adds specificity to actions. Above all, it is more persuasive than words alone. Employers do not look for flashy resume formats. They want proof and surety that you are capable enough to deliver results.

You must have heard the term KPI, key performance indicators. Companies have set up various KPIs against which they judge their prospective and existing employees. These KPIs determine how employees can contribute value to the company.

While building a resume at your chair and keyboard, a good way to start off is by including the metrics on your resume that you think will align well with the recruiter’s KPI. Study the company, its values, and ways of working and incorporate relevant metrics in your CV that can potentially make you a strong candidate for the position.

The metrics differ from company to company, and you will have to set the resume depending on the organization you are applying to. With an online resume builder, you can create and quickly tweak changes in your resume as and when required.

Here are some crucial metrics that recruiters look for in a CV.

Crucial Metrics of a Resume

·       Growth

When you create a resume online, you have to keep in mind that businesses pursue some form of growth. The growth can be in terms of revenue, clients, influence, or anything. This form of growth is measured in KPIs. Use the job description to understand what type of growth an organization finds valuable. 

Once you know, you can set your metric accordingly. For instance, you can mention in your CV how you helped your previous company to drive 100,0000 new visitors by developing a smart email marketing strategy.

·       Efficiency

Whether you are applying to a multinational organization with huge revenue or a small corporation, all companies want to save money. Similarly, they appreciate employees who work towards saving both time and money. In fact, one of the most asked questions in the interview is how you have saved money in your previous organizations. You can include metrics that revolve around how you have worked over efficiency, budgets, or client retention to make the desired saving. You may give examples of how you have revamped a certain organizational process to improve both cost and time.

·       Impact

This is a metric that focuses on management. It demonstrates how you carry out work with the people involved, proving that you are capable of taking a certain level of responsibility. The examples may include the number of followers you have reached through marketing efforts and the number of staff you have managed or worked within a project.

·       Ranking

Using metrics that compare results is another impressive way to show the significance of your achievements. It may give a boastful impression, but this is what CVs are for! You can add metrics that express ranking by using terms like best, top, highest, etc. It can be in the form of comparing your results to industry, other employees, or even competitors. For instance, you may mention how you executed more than 50 calls in a day that resulted in the highest conversion rate of any employee.

·       Frequency

In this metric, you can quantify your accomplishments as it gives significance to your resume statements. It also shows how familiar you are with your job function. By mentioning how often you did a certain task to achieve results demonstrates your experience and proficiency. You may add examples like how often you organized weekly meetings of senior management to discuss sales trends. Or the frequency of self-audits you have carried out of your own function.

Why use an online resume builder?

All these metrics hold immense importance in a CV. These metrics can enhance the value of your experience, brightening your chances of getting to the interview. With the help of an online resume builder, you can further add value to your CV.

A resume maker is a web tool that allows you to build a resume online using preloaded templates. The online resume maker free tool has samples according to your industry that you can easily use. By making amendments and changes in these templates, you will be able to create professional and stunning CVs in a matter of a few minutes.

You can also generate a dynamic QR code and add it to your CV that links to your online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or personal website.

So, what makes an online resume builder different from a manual resume? Let’s discover it!

·       Highlights Special Features

With an online resume builder, you can highlight your metrics and achievements. An employer receives thousands of resumes and only has a limited timeframe to scan each CV. This means you have less than a minute to capture the employer’s attention. Online resume builders help to create CVs that make your selling points prominent. These formats will help employers to recognize your strengths and achievements in the first few seconds.

·       Saves Time

Think about all the hard work that goes into creating a CV from scratch. You have to choose acceptable font and format that can take an ample amount of time. Also, if you are not an expert, the final outcome may not be up to mark. With an online resume builder, you can create impressive CVs and save your time. Also, since you have to tweak your CV according to the niche you are applying to, it becomes easier with an online resume builder than with a manual Word Document CV.

·       Stunning Templates

The format of a CV differs from industry to industry. A finance professional will have a decent looking resume, while marketing personnel should have an interactive CV that might also include images in some circumstances. Marketing professionals might be more creative and user different formatting or tools to make their CVs or show iconography that stands out. Video resumes are more common now as well.

I once saw a marketers CV of the words coming up from a floating desk. It certainly caught my eye. Online resume builder tools have bifurcated resume templates according to industry. You choose your industry, and the tool will generate relevant templates. You can then add your details such as name, experience, education, achievements, and so on.


In today’s challenging job market, it has become highly essential to stand out in the crowd of qualified and experienced applicants. By adding metrics and creating well-designed CVs, you can get noticed by potential employers. It is high time to dump your old CV and recreate a new one with online resume builder tools. These are valuable tools that can take your CV to new levels. Just make sure you upload relevant and correct data of yourself before finalizing your CV.