What is a Video Resume & How Can You Create It?

Video resumes can be an effective approach to capture the attention of employers and highlight a range of essential talents. Preparing a convincing video resume is possible with a competent phone camera and some creativity, whether you’re making a more professional video presentation using PowerPoint templates or a casual TikTok résumé.

But, before you walk in front of the camera, you need to know when sending a video resume is suitable and how to make your video professional.

In this article, we will describe a video resume and look at how to make one that is both successful and interesting.

Woman creating a video resume with iphone

What is a video resume?

A video resume is a little clip that you use to introduce yourself to a hiring manager or recruiter. It is often provided with a résumé and cover letter. You can utilize the video resume to emphasize a skill or experience that demonstrates why you are an ideal candidate for the post.

It also helps you to highlight how your creativity and personality suit the culture of the organization. A good video resume should be between 30 seconds and two minutes long.

In the following scenarios, you should consider giving a video resume:

  • Required by the employer: Some organizations may request a video resume in order to make an ‘elevator pitch’ for why you are a great candidate for a position. This strategy also helps to display your individuality, something other aspects of your application may not express.
  • You have a comprehensive resume: If you have a significant amount of experience, you should think about attaching a video resume to quickly describe your top qualities and assist the hiring manager understand what makes you a particularly suitable candidate. They may remember your main highlights after seeing your video resume while studying your conventional resume, cover letter, and other items.
  • You are willing to personalize your job application: While some employers may not demand it, having a video resume may personalize your application and make it stand out from the crowd. Hiring managers may get an impression of you after seeing your face, hearing your voice, and observing you demonstrate your expertise.
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7 Steps To Create an Impressive Video Resume 

Making a video resume is not the same as constructing a resume or writing a cover letter. It requires stage preparation as well as technical abilities like as visual storytelling and editing. Follow these steps to create an appealing video resume:

1. Write a script for your resume

Make a strategy for how you want the video to look in this initial phase. Consider if you want to just talk in front of the camera or whether you want to include action shots of you demonstrating expertise. If you include action, write down each stage of the video so you can comprehend its timeline.

You should establish what you want to express in addition to how the video should appear. Consider drafting bullet points of the particular skills, experiences, and qualities you want to showcase if you want to appear more conversational rather than scripted. If you want to seem more prepared and polished, write down precisely what you want to say.

Consider incorporating powerful action verbs from your conventional resume while drafting your speech to improve the impact of your statements.

2. Prepare an ideal filming space

Set up a room with a neutral background and decent lighting, if you have images of you sitting and speaking straight to the camera. you can use  natural props in the background that do not distract.

If you want to incorporate action shots, make sure the appropriate props and equipment are available. Consider minimizing the amount of people in the background.

3. Set up a recording device

Choose a recording device capable of capturing high-quality photos and audio, such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or camera, to guarantee that your face and other visuals, as well as your words, are clear.

Set the recording equipment high enough to catch your face and shoulders, but far enough away to include your whole profile. If you’re using action shots in your video, make sure the camera gets you completely.

4. Take several takes for the perfect shot

Record each portion of your video resume using your script or plan. Record your video numerous times with varied facial expressions and speech tones to ensure that you look relaxed, engaged, and professional throughout.

If you’re standing still while speaking, consider breaking it up into little chunks so you can simply resume or try something new. This phase may help you choose the best takes and may speed up the editing process.

When recording action, you can record a longer section of repeated movements without stopping and restarting. This technique enables you to incorporate just one section of your action film, and it can also help the motion seem more genuine rather than scripted.

Woman videoing a video resume with her iphone

5. Collect additional visuals

You may want to include instructive slides, infographics, images, or clippings in your video resume, depending on the subject.

Consider gathering all of the things you might want to incorporate in addition to the video you took before or early in the editing process. These features can deliver more information in an interesting and dynamic manner.

6. Edit the resume video

Examine all of the video you’ve collected and choose the finest takes. You can start trimming and assembling footage to match the story you constructed using your screenplay or concept. You can also include extra images, such as references to accomplishments or awards, underneath the audio of yourself speaking to visually explain what you’re talking about.

You can use editing software or an application that enables you to trim, organize, and save recordings to put together the video. Some laptops, tablets, and smartphones also have video editing software.

7. Get feedback

Check your final cut a couple of times to verify it’s clear and organized. You can also let a friend, coworker, colleague, or mentor go through your video résumé. They can provide helpful suggestions to enhance your film and create a greater impact.

Wrapping It Up

If you think a video resume is for you, go for it! When it comes to recording your video, remember to utilize a resume outline, write a comprehensive video screenplay, and adhere to best practices. There is no alternative to self-assurance, therefore, believe in yourself! Video interviews are an excellent chance to demonstrate your personality on video, and being yourself allows employers to see what no one else brings to the table: you.

It’s time to go to work now that you know how to make an outstanding video résumé. SlideUpLift provides an amazing Google Slides templates that can do all the heavy lifting for you. By just filling in your details, you can create your first video resume presentation within a few minutes!

Good luck with your interview!

Pam Wiselogel

Pam Wiselogel

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