14 Websites That Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

Virtual Assistants do a wide range of duties, but the best thing about them is that they can operate their business from home. As a virtual assistant, any of your clientele may call on you on an as-needed basis. This is to assist with huge projects or during exceptionally hectic commercial trade seasons. The benefit of virtual assistant jobs from home is that you are your own boss. Additionally, you will be able to set your own working hours, so if you have family obligations or other commitments to meet, you can do them easily. 

Reasons You Should Try Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

You get to work when you want

The biggest advantage of working a virtual assistant job from home or any other work-from-home job is that it gives you flexibility and convenience. Indeed, you can choose where and when you want to work. You can start working very early in the morning and take the rest of the day off or even use the day to run errands and work later in the night. 

Working as a virtual assistant is rewarding

The reason it’s called “working for yourself” is because you’ll find that all of your hard work is ultimately for you. It can be demoralizing to put in a long day’s work and not be recognized. You may have worked at a number of full-time 9 to 5 jobs where your dedication and commitment have gone unnoticed, and know how frustrating it can be. With virtual assistant jobs from home, you get the satisfaction of doing a good job and getting paid for it, all in the comfort of your home. 

You get to engage your mind

Having to spend all day in an office and not being able to engage your mind or think for yourself is tedious, and it’s especially wasteful. Working for oneself, on the other hand, is a continually growing adventure that demands you to think for yourself in a variety of innovative ways, making you feel more fulfilled. 

Companies that Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

1. Belay Solutions

Belay solutions is a virtual solutions company that offers virtual assistants jobs from home. They also have jobs for copywriters, webmasters, and bookkeepers. Both part-time and full-time virtual assistants are recruited by this company. Belay Solutions is delighted about its award-winning corporate culture and work-from-anywhere policies. If you complete the application procedure successfully, you may make up to $18 per hour.

2. Boldly

Boldly is a virtual assistant services firm that operates entirely from remote locations in Europe And North America. They have been offering profitable companies superior virtual help in executive assistance, project management, marketing, bookkeeping, and much more since its inception in 2012. Executive assistants, otherwise known as general VAs, make up to $22 to $24 an hour. This firm is legitimate and has benefits including holidays, paid time off, and parental leave.

3. Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Beacon Hill Staffing is a company that offers staffing solutions, with clients in the human resources, financial, sales & marketing, technical support, legal, life sciences, and customer service industries. They have a variety of virtual assistant jobs from home available in the sectors they service, with various specialties.

4. Cardinal Financial

Cardinal Financial provides a variety of mortgage solutions to meet the demands of its clients. Their virtual assistant opportunities range from loan and transaction assistants to social media specialists. However, you may need some related experience to work here. Recent virtual assistant positions include transaction assistants and loan originator assistants. 

5. Vava Virtual Assistants

VaVa Virtual Assistants is a virtual assistance company that offers a comprehensive range of services. They reduce the expense that would be spent on an in-house employee by providing marketing, social media, copywriting, bookkeeping, design, online conferencing, and executive assistant services. Their range of services is targeted towards SMEs with an internet presence. Beginner virtual executive assistants can earn from $15 per hour, moving up to $25 per hour. This is based on experience and further specialization, such as digital marketing and website development.

6. Equivity

Equivity connects virtual assistants with business leaders in sectors such as legal and marketing. The virtual assistants then assist clients with duties such as scheduling and bookkeeping. The compensation is determined by the customer for whom you work, but it ranges from $13 to $19 per hour.

7. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is ideal for those who are just starting out in the virtual assistant sector. This company hires virtual assistants to help with a range of duties. Fancy Hands compensates freelancers on a task-by-task basis. Furthermore, virtual assistants receive $3 to $7 for each job completed, which implies your total income rises as you finish more assignments.

8. My BLTR

From small company owners to financial advisers and even elite sportsmen, My BTLR has clientele from a wide range of sectors with a wide range of demands. Real estate agents, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders are also among the clients they serve. My BTLR’s virtual assistants help with a range of administrative duties. In addition, they take pleasure in delivering professional assistants that have been background verified and are situated in the United States. Depending on the expertise needed and specific responsibilities, pay ranges from $12 to $20 per hour.

9. Profit Factory

Profit Factory offers consulting and educational services to assist company owners and entrepreneurs in succeeding. It assists businesspeople in delegating monotonous duties in order to free up time and concentrate on expanding their business rather than merely handling the day-to-day operations. To execute their distinctive business management systems, they hire virtual assistants and form teams. To work as an administrative assistant, virtual assistant, or executive assistant, you must be a resident of the United States or Canada.

10. Byron

Both individuals and small teams may use Byron’s professional platform to outsource virtual assistants for their most time-consuming activities. As a work-from-home virtual assistant, you can work on any projects you choose and don’t have to work a specific amount of hours each month. Also, their hourly pay rate is $15.

11. Time etc

Time etc recruits social media assistants, general virtual assistants, writing assistants, executive assistants, as well as other related roles on a regular basis to help people and small companies in the United States and the United Kingdom. This firm is ideal for people searching for part-time work that is flexible. The initial hourly wage is $13, which may increase subsequently.

12. Assistant Match

Assistant Match evaluates the needs of companies that use their services, selects possible virtual assistants that meet those criteria and connects them. Moreover, part-time virtual assistant positions are available, with compensation ranging from $12 to $15 per hour depending on expertise. Graphic design virtual assistants earn $20 to $25 per hour on this platform.

13. Smith.ai

A virtual receptionist role at Smith.ai may be the ideal fit for you if you have expertise in handling calls and text messages. as well as arranging appointments. They have both full-time and part-time positions available. Their minimum wage is $15 per hour for agents based in the United States. For international agents, it’s $11 per hour. Based on how well you do, your pay will increase.

14. Virtual Assistant USA

Undoubtedly, Virtual Assist USA, which has been in operation since 2008, takes pride in its expertise, knowledge, and the calibre of virtual assistants they give to their clients. They exclusively recruit people who have 10 years of administrative experience minimum and are citizens of the United States. After working virtual assistant jobs from home here for 6 months, pay climbs to $15 per hour.


What qualifications do you need to be a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistant jobs from home demand devotion and determination, therefore among the most crucial skills you’ll need is self-motivation. You will also need business knowledge to help you establish and build your own business, as well as outstanding communication, social, and networking abilities. Excellent organizational and project management abilities also come in handy with these jobs. You will also need a good grasp of basic company processes across many sectors to assist in providing customers with the most complete support service feasible with the least amount of settling in time.

How much money does a virtual assistant make?

According to Ziprecruiter.com, the average yearly salary for a virtual assistant working from home in the United States is $67,115. That equates to about $32.27 per hour,  $1,291 each week or $5,593 per month. Yearly incomes can get to as low as $15,000, and as high as $130,500. Top earners in the United States get about $115,000. The typical salary range for virtual assistant jobs from home varies considerably, implying that there may be several chances for development and higher compensation dependent on years of experience, skill level, and location.

Are virtual assistants in demand?

The need for virtual assistants is growing. That isn’t surprising given how the workplace is evolving. Although the “conventional” 9 to 5 employment is still there, many individuals and companies are branching out to remote work, offering flexible work hours that can be done from home. According to current research, as organizations all over the world shift online, there is a rising demand for more qualified virtual assistants.


Emily has been working from home since 2008 and loves to share her favorite ways to make extra income and start a side business at home. When not writing for WFHAdviser.com, Emily spends her time running her online pet food business and writing WFH-related content for popular publications.

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