8 Ways You Can Get Paid To Sleep

Sleep is a marvelous occurrence that provides a multitude of advantages, ranging from increased health and wellbeing to cognitive benefits, improved moods, and brain function. Other than the health advantages, most of us simply love sleeping as a form of self-care. There’s nothing quite like crawling into bed after a tough day and knowing you’ll get some hours of restful, unbroken sleep. As some of us look forward to ending the day with some good night’s sleep, there are people who actually get paid to sleep. 

Even though most of us may only fantasize about getting paid to sleep, there are lots of options available. If you are one of those people who enjoy sleeping and would like to be compensated for it, keep reading to learn about ways you can get paid to sleep. You might get a job that is the ideal fit for you. Although the positions are appealing, it’s crucial to assess the benefits and drawbacks of any job opportunity before jumping in.

Ways You Can Get Paid To Sleep

1. Sleeping as a subject for clinical research

There are numerous hospitals, research centers, universities, and clinics across the world that pay participants in sleep-related clinical trials. Compensation for these kinds of opportunities is often in stages, based on how far along you are in the process. While a person is sleeping, sleep studies look at a variety of parameters such as brain waves, breathing, and heart rate.

They aim to dive into sleep problems and provide solutions. Although participants typically get compensation to sleep, you have to remember that jobs like this will almost certainly test a person’s ability to function with sleep deprivation too. You also need to consider that you may need to stay in a certain location for a specified period of time. You can look for potential possibilities on sites like ClinicalTrials.gov, which lists a variety of research you can participate in.

2. Bed and mattress testing

Individuals who test beds, bedding, and mattresses for corporations during the development process of new items are bed and mattress testers. These people get paid to sleep while they test out various products. The income they get varies per position, but the average yearly salary for a bed tester in the United States is $39,350.

Several companies hire people to evaluate beds and mattresses. For example, Sonno, a mattress business, was asking for people who could sleep on their beds for 100 nights and then give feedback on how well they slept. There are numerous ways to earn money while sleeping in bed and mattress testing.

3. Mystery shopping

Working as a hotel mystery shopper can be both rewarding and enjoyable. Hotels employ this one-of-a-kind method to gauge their competitiveness. When working as a  mystery shopper, you take on the role of a regular customer and go through all of the stages and processes that a customer would go through at the hotel. You’ll be keen on customer relations, service quality, comfort, as well as other clientele concerns.

Based on the terms of your agreement, the company can refund all or a portion of the costs that you spend during the stay. After the whole experience, you’ll need to write a full and honest review of your hotel experiences. The information is then put to use by hotel management to improve their services. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience five-star service without spending a dime.

4. Line sitting

There are those kinds of people that can sleep anywhere. If that’s you, getting a job as a line sitter would be a fantastic fit. This is because you’ll be able to capitalize on opportunities that require you to wait overnight. What this entails is standing in long lines in place of others who are unable to. You can also do it for those who do not have the time to wait for long periods.

Some product releases, such as those for the latest iPhone, necessitate long lines with people often overnight in line. Your role as a line sitter is to wait in the queue in someone else’s place so they don’t have to do so. The remuneration for line sitting differs depending on a variety of criteria including the purpose, the wait time, and the location.

5. Become a sleep executive

Sleep experts frequently get jobs with interior design firms to assess how successful their shutters, curtains, and blinds are for a person’s sleep. Sleep executives receive payment for sleeping in a variety of settings and test out blackout curtains. To do this, light is at varying intensities to see how every variation affects the quality of sleep. It is possible that you’ll need to wear a sleep monitor to see how varying factors have an effect on your sleep.

You should give feedback after the study to explain your experiences with every product you tested. This position’s goal is to figure out what causes sleep disruptions and how to help people sleep better. Since there are many people that presently suffer from sleep problems, it’s critical to develop strategies to help them sleep better.

6. Pet Sitter for the Night

People will pay you to sleep at either their home or even in your own home as you watch their pet for the night. People sometimes have difficulties with their pets, specifically when traveling to places where they can’t bring them.

That’s when you enter the picture and get a job as an overnight pet sitter. People will actually pay you to remain with their dogs for a night or a couple of nights till they return. You could even make a living doing things like these if you get a number of pets to watch overnight. Be mindful of allergies though! You may want to invest in a bamboo quilt that is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

7. Caregiving overnight

As a nighttime caregiver, your responsibility will be either nannying or caring for the elderly. Those looking for overnight caretaker jobs can use Care.com’s site. Make sure you have time to recuperate before joining the platform for these opportunities.

The majority of the time, the job is caring for kids. It still counts as a job where you get paid to sleep because you can go to sleep when the children go to bed. Overnight caregivers in the United States typically make between $14 and $17 per hour, as per Salary.com, with an average hourly income of $16.

8. Study participant at NASA

NASA is always looking for people to participate in their bed rest research. To participate, people must travel to Cologne, Germany, to take part in the study. Qualified applicants have to be between 24 and 55 years old. They may need to lie in bed for up to two months. All the tests, meals, and recreational activities take place while individuals are laying down.

Their beds are at a six-degree tilt downward to drive all body fluids into the upper body. To avoid putting straining the skeletal system, tendons, and muscles, there is a limit on movement. The study’s purpose is to figure out how artificial gravity will affect the human body. It also aims to identify how to avoid the detrimental consequences of weightlessness.


Is getting paid to nap real?

Imagine getting paid for sleeping on the job;  Literally. Believe it not, there are companies always looking to hire a team of people to sleep. This could be for a number of reasons, some of them being to give reviews for the naps they take. All these people have to do is sleep each day as instructed, and then write about their sleeping experience. The companies that do this are coming up with hypotheses about the benefits and drawbacks of taking daily naps or trying to test out some theories.

Can I sleep as a job?

Yes, you can get paid sleep. There are manufacturing companies that need people to test out bedding or mattresses when developing a new product. The people who hold these jobs are known as professional bed testers. As a bed tester, you’ll be responsible for lying down and sleeping on a sample mattress, as well as writing a report that evaluates comfort and other variables. You could also be asked to try out pillows, blankets, and other sleeping accessories. There are testers that assess the quality of mattresses and other factors that influence sleep. To analyze the effectiveness of the items, you must utilize them under particular settings in some tests.

How do I become a sleep tester?

Experience as a product tester and good communication skills are required for a career as a professional bed tester. Many jobs need you to be 18 years old minimum, and other companies only hire people who fit a specific demographic. Participating in market research groups or testing products and getting the product after instead of cash might help you obtain expertise as a product tester. You can compile a portfolio of reviews you’ve done to demonstrate your ability to communicate and evaluate products.


Emily has been working from home since 2008 and loves to share her favorite ways to make extra income and start a side business at home. When not writing for WFHAdviser.com, Emily spends her time running her online pet food business and writing WFH-related content for popular publications.

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