6 Work-From-Home Jobs You Never Thought Of

Are you tired of reading about all the same work-from-home opportunities? A dozen or so seem to appear and reappear in the media regularly. If they don’t appeal to you, for whatever reason, you’re probably at a loss for a worthwhile home-based income method.

Luckily, there are plenty of non-standard ways to earn money without leaving the house, and many of them can be part-time or full-time pursuits depending on how much time you have to devote to them. Here are summaries of some of the best ones.

Ghost Write Profiles for Dating Sites

If you would rather be creative with your words as opposed to doing something like making crafts to sell online, there are certainly options. You can earn income if you have a talent for creative writing. You don’t need to be single to leverage your skills in the dating marketplace, one of the largest internet communities in existence.

What do profile ghosts do? They craft short self-descriptions for others. Your customers are single adults who aren’t so skilled at composing their own bios. Where to offer your services? That’s the creative part, in a way. Go where single people congregate online to chat, take part in forum discussions, and mingle. Set up a simple website for billing and a short explanation of your services. Then direct people to the page via your social media accounts and through invites during chats and forums.

Invest in Fractional Real Estate Shares

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your computer workspace to purchase fractional shares of rental properties that produce regular, reliable income streams. Unlike traditional real estate investing, there are no high entry costs, landlord headaches, or red tape. Instead, you simply add to your portfolio from a long list of options. There’s no need for deep pockets or massive amounts of initial capital. Nor will you need to have oodles of spare time. Fractional shares come with no oversight, management, or maintenance obligations. That’s why they make an ideal work from home income generation strategy.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

If you’re looking for a low-cost, no-frills way to get started with a home-based job, consider buying and selling domain names. Fortunately, there are several major websites where you can browse thousands of for-sale names, decide which ones might rise in value based on your research, buy them, and wait for the right time to sell for a profit.

This flip for profit technique is so simple that many high school and college students do it part-time to earn extra cash. If you put your mind to it and have a good eye for domain names that have profit potential, a few hours per day can pay off handsomely once you get the hang of the process and acquire an inventory of names for future sales.

Start a Precious Metals Brokerage Business

While this is not a 100 percent at-home opportunity, it’s pretty close. All the marketing, selling, scouting for customers, and website work is online. You will have to meet customers to do the exchanges.

However, some intrepid precious metals brokers outsource the delivery and transfer functions to make the job a true never leave home affair. You’ll need a modest up-front investment to acquire enough silver and gold bullion to make the first deals.

After that, it’s a matter of reinvesting profits into metal inventory, charging a markup high enough to justify the time commitment, and keeping very accurate records. It’s also wise to purchase an assay kit so you can test the metals you buy from individuals.

Represent Artists

Many excellent artists don’t have a clue about how to sell their creations, which is what makes being an art rep such a lucrative endeavor. Sculptors and painters are the creative people who will be your primary customers, and you can charge either a flat fee or a percentage of sales for your services.

On each artist’s behalf, you’ll be contacting galleries, retail stores, and private buyers in order to attract attention to the pieces. Step one is to build a top-quality online gallery where you can show all the items under each creator’s named portfolio. Building traffic to the website is the main way to boost each artist’s brand and get the first few bids on their works.

Read Tarot Cards for Paying Customers

One of the fastest-growing online money-making opportunities is tarot-card reading. When phone-based psychic-reading services boomed a generation ago, thousands of clever entrepreneurs discovered the public’s need for non-traditional advice and counseling. Today, the online tarot market is exploding, and individuals who are willing to learn the basics of the craft can set up a one-page site and advertise for customers who will pay for video or phone-linked readings.

Have you tried any of the methods above for earning money from home? If not, it’s time to get started. The best part is that most of these opportunities can be tailored to fit your own schedule. Whether you want to work a few hours each day or devote yourself to a new career entirely, there’s something out there for everyone who wants to make some extra money without leaving the house. Check out our blog post on the top places to find WFH jobs and start your search today!

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