11 Credible Websites That Offer Bookkeeper Jobs From Home

Bookkeeper jobs from home are a great opportunity to make high money while also gaining the freedom and flexibility you desire. Furthermore, starting out is simple. Other than a stable internet connection, a computer, and bookkeeping software, there’s not much equipment booor infrastructure needed. Understanding the ins and outs of bookkeeping can take a while. That said, practically any person with a fondness for data entry and a knack for numbers could learn with practice.

Working from home or telecommuting has grown in popularity. Accounting and bookkeeping are two tasks that can be undertaken from the comfort of your own home. If you want to earn from bookkeeper jobs from home, you will need some prior experience and academic qualifications. 

Make sure you have an updated resume that emphasizes all of your qualifications. Even with limited experience, remember that you are not immediately excluded from all accounting roles. There are a number of websites that offer reputable work-from-home bookkeeping opportunities.

Accounting vs Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers work within the scope of accounting, as opposed to the much more formal profession of a CPA/accountant. To become an accountant, you require certification and a bachelor’s degree. Nonetheless, accountants are more concerned with day-to-day activities such as monitoring incomes and expenditures and balancing accounts. 

Although experience is helpful, you do not need a CPA certification or a college degree to operate as a bookkeeper. This means that the bookkeeping function needs technical skills and a considerable level of accuracy. It has less duty compared to the role of an accountant.

Accountants are often in charge of developing a company’s financial orientation and overall budget. They manage financial data and establish the chart of accounts in accordance with standard accounting methods. Accountants examine financial data, create reports, and offer strategic suggestions according to tax laws.  

11 Websites That Offer Bookkeeper Jobs From Home

1. FlexJobs

Bookkeeper jobs from home have their own category on FlexJobs. The FlexJobs employment board provides pre-screened job opportunities from a variety of firms. It is a good fit for experienced remote bookkeepers who are ready for the task of handling various customers.

This platform has a $15/month membership fee, but this is worth it if you are serious about bookkeeping as a freelancer. The platform also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the prospects you receive.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance marketplace that offers accountants and bookkeepers work-from-home job options. The mission of this company is to link experts and agencies with businesses looking for specialized talent. Their website has a variety of positions available, some of which are open globally.

3. Accounting Principals

Accounting Principals is a great place to start if you are just getting started with bookkeeper jobs from home. Accountants are placed in positions such as cost accountant, accounts payable, credit and collections specialist, and accounts receivable. Others include bookkeeping, staff accountant, payroll specialist, and financial analyst. Submit your CV and they will assist you in finding a good fit.

4. Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions is an organization founded in 2010 that provides virtual bookkeeping employment as part of its skilled workforce. This company is continuously looking for US residents with advanced QuickBooks skills and 5 years of accounting or bookkeeping expertise. Since this is a remote bookkeeping position, you need to have an office space set up at home. You also need a stable internet connection, a computer with a webcam, and the most recent QuickBooks version. During the application process, you will also need to consent to reference and background check. As a bookkeeper here, you will be processing payroll, reconciling bank statements, maintaining accounts, producing balance sheets, and maintaining a chart of accounts. 

5. Click N Work

Click N Work provides a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services to its clients. Some of these services often include the preparation of market reviews, corporate profiles, and economic studies. Typically, this organization recruits sector specialists, analysts, and consultants to work from home. Depending on the nature or scope of the project, they compensate between $40 and $150 for each hour performed. Alternately, they may pay a flat fee or a commission share.

6. AccountingDepartment.com

AccountingDepartment.com is a platform that was launched in 2007 as ‘Balance Your Books’. This platform offers remote roles for bookkeepers. Bookkeepers are responsible for a variety of responsibilities, including payroll processing and general ledger preparation. AccountingDepartment.com exclusively hires individuals who live in the United States. Remote bookkeepers at this firm are full-time employees. They are paid per hour and receive benefits such as large vacation packages, paid holidays, 401 (k) plans, as well as group medical, life, vision, dental, and accident insurance.

7. ClickAccounts

ClickAccounts provides their clients with a number of services, such as workflow, data gathering, and other important documents. Candidates have to be accurate, transparent, and prompt for the ClickAcccounts accountant or bookkeeper jobs from home. Furthermore, this company aims at maintaining an excellent reputation among their clients.


FINSYNC is a platform that combines services and software to assist businesses in centralizing their cash flows, organizing their finances, and connecting with the right financial advisers at the opportune timing. It now has bookkeeper jobs from home available for freelancers. These positions are meant to assist firms with duties like invoicing, historical cleanup, maintaining a chart of accounts, bill payments, and other easy bookkeeping jobs. They require a person with at least two years of bookkeeping or accounting expertise. You will also need knowledge of accounting software including FINSYNC’s solutions, Xero, QuickBooks, and others.

9. Intuit

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping by Intuit provides part-time online bookkeeping jobs. There is a QuickBooks Live bookkeeper to help clients via a client management site, video conferencing, and texting resources that the company provides. Setting up their books, establishing charts of accounts, reconciling bank accounts, generating balance sheets, as well as other standard QuickBooks activities, are examples of bookkeeping tasks. You must have a minimum of one of these qualifications to apply: a current CPA certificate, a bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting, an active Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB) credential, or at least 3+ years experience in bookkeeping.

10. Empowered Profit

Empowered Profit is an organization that arranges businesses’ finances so that entrepreneurs can become empowered rather than concerned about how much they are making. Additionally, this company is constantly on the lookout for remote bookkeepers to work as virtual financial managers, performing basic bookkeeping responsibilities while also maintaining a positive relationship as well as customer satisfaction. Candidates should have exceptional knowledge of QuickBooks Online for consideration, and also a minimum of 2+ years of experience in bookkeeping, with payroll experience gaining extra points.

11. Supporting Strategies

Supporting Strategies is a company that has been offering outsourced back-office services and support like bookkeeping to companies all around the world. They are now hiring freelancers with at least 5 years of accounting and bookkeeping expertise for online remote part-time bookkeeping roles. Based on your academic background, qualifications, experience, and licenses, you can make from $29 to $31 every hour.


Can you work from home as a bookkeeper?

Bookkeeping is a rewarding work-from-home profession with numerous prospects. Bookkeepers are required in practically all industries and corporations, and there are multiple bookkeeper jobs you can do from home without a huge initial investment. Because bookkeeping is a back-office function that is necessary for practically every sector, there is an inherent advantage of working in just about any field. After you’ve completed your accounting training, you’ll be able to work in a variety of industries and seek employment that suits you, whether with small businesses or with large corporations. 

How much can a bookkeeper make working from home?

In the United States, the average annual salary for a bookkeeper working from home is $58,536, according to ZipRecruiter.com. That equates to around $28.14 per hour,  $1,126 each week, or $4,878 per month. While yearly wages as low as $14,500 and as high as $130,000 are possible, the bulk of bookkeeper salaries currently vary from $29,000 to $77,500. Top earners in the U. S. earn $108,000. The average salary range for a Work From Home Bookkeeper varies widely, implying that there may be numerous prospects for growth and higher income dependent on experience levels, skill level, and location.

How do I become a home bookkeeper?

To work from home as a bookkeeper, you’ll need a stable internet connection and a reliable computer. These will be your two most important work tools. Also, you should also invest in a landline or mobile phone service, as these will be your primary means of communicating with colleagues and customers. You’ll also need to learn how to set up your firm, build an appropriate bookkeeping system, and interact with clients on a daily basis. Other than understanding the fundamental principles of bookkeeping, you should also become acquainted with various accounting software.



Emily has been working from home since 2008 and loves to share her favorite ways to make extra income and start a side business at home. When not writing for WFHAdviser.com, Emily spends her time running her online pet food business and writing WFH-related content for popular publications.

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