Do you want to print your documents using the radio wave-based Bluetooth function instead of other wireless or wired technologies? If so, then you should not look beyond the category leader of Bluetooth printers. Bluetooth printers are highly effective for your home office, easy to install, easy to use, and powerful. They utilize the radio wave function to connect to your devices (phones, PCs, tablets) to easily print documents or images.

Bluetooth technology allows the connection of your mobile or other electronic accessory to connect to the printer so you can print without wires or wifi. Simply put these devices enabled you to print via a wireless conne ction. If you need a bluetooth printer for your home office, there are several different types to cater to your needs, varying in price, print speed, print quality. As with other home electronics, printers vary in their functionality and prices. Choose what suits your need.

While picking the right Bluetooth printer is challenging, this review features some of the top Bluetooth printers to consider for your home office work use.


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    • Easy to set up and use
    • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity
    • Color printer output

    The DeskJet 2000 series all-in-one color printer from HP comes as the best choice for users working at home. The printer comes with extra functionalities beyond the standard and expected attributes of Bluetooth printers.

    The Bluetooth printer comes small with dimensions of 20L x 11.97W x 6.06H inches, and this can enable you to place it almost anywhere in your home’s office. Additionally, the printer comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, making it simple to connect and print, scan, or fax documents from your mobile device. The printer uses inkjet printing tech and also features high print speeds of up to 7.5 ppm for black and white documents with 5.5 ppm for color for high-quality printouts. However, the printers feature highlight encompasses its simple-to-set-up nature and guide to ensure the correct handling when in use. Therefore, consider this product for your work use at home if it appeals to you.

    • Compatible with Alexa
    • Long-lasting battery
    • Bluetooth smart technology

    The OfficeJet 250 Bluetooth printer from HP is a premium product for individual. It provides efficiency and productivity within the convenience of your home office setup. The highly portable printing device comes with an elegant design besides the expected and standard functionality of Bluetooth printers.

    The printer has the striking feature of being compatible with Alexa. You can enable and connect the printer to your Alexa and voice control it. Additionally, the printer comes with a long-lasting battery. It limits charging interruptions, in as much as you have to ensure it’s off as you charge the battery. Further, the printer comes very compact and highly portable, with an extensive and straightforward control panel that makes it easy to operate. If this sounds like your product, it becomes useful to consider buying because you will also enjoy a one-year hardware warranty.

    • Compatible with Alexa
    • Inkjet printing technology
    • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB Connect

    The DeskJet Plus 4155 wireless printer from HP is the best value printing option for individuals who work from home. The highly-rated printer is efficient, reliable, and affordable. It adds extra features on top of a typical Bluetooth printer’s standard functionality attributes.

    The printer uses inkjet technology to print high-quality documents that will boost the quality of your work. Further, it comes with an Alexa-enabled feature that you have to turn on and connect with your house virtual assistant. Consequently, you will only give voice orders and get your printing completed. However, the highlight of the product encompasses its multifunctional nature, where you can scan, fax, and print your documents via Bluetooth from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Therefore, it can become an ideal Bluetooth printer for your work needs at home, especially when you have a budget to adhere to.

    • Color print output
    • Inkjet printing technology
    • Auto-expandable output tray

    The TS6320 all-in-one wireless color printer from Canon is a highly efficient and best choice printer option for your home use. It has enhanced physical features such as a large OLED display and LED status bar to ease the operational process. Here you can view the printer status and other operational processes.

    The Bluetooth printer also comes with a five-individual system of ink that permits clear and sharp black text prints. It also has the auto-expandable output tray that spontaneously extends to catch the printouts even when you press the print button when on sleep mode. With operational connectivity enabled through Bluetooth 4.0 LE, the product can become ideal for your work activities at home. So if the Canon TS6320 wireless printer suits your design and functionality taste, go for it.

    • Works with Alexa
    • Inkjet printing technology
    • Bluetooth5 connectivity

    The TR8520 all-in-one printer from Canon comes as a premium choice option for individuals who love the functionality, style, and efficiency in their home office. The Bluetooth printer has all the functional attributes expected from a Bluetooth printer and incorporates enhanced functionality features.

    The printer has an enhanced design intended to meet all your printing, faxing, and scanning needs in your home office. For starters, it has a feature that, when turned on, can connect to your Alexa and enable you to voice commands it. Additionally, the printer comes with inkjet printing technology that ensures high-quality printouts. It also has intuitive features that deliver quick and high-quality work. One of the highlights of this printer comes in memory capacity that stands at 250 pages, with modem speeds of 33.6kbps. Therefore, consider this product when you want advanced features, and you can afford the product.

    • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Simple set up
    • Touchscreen

    The Bluetooth DeskJet A4 printer from HP comes highly functional and the best choice for individuals working at home. It comes functional with extra features such as Bluetooth, LCD, flatbed scanner, dual-band Wi-Fi, HP instant ink eligible, etc.

    The printer comes small and versatile (20L x 11.97W x 6.06H inches), making it ideal for your home office. Additionally, it comes with wireless connectivity that heavily features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. As such, you can always print documents without any network breakdowns by opting for the Bluetooth function. Importantly, however, the printer proves simple to set up, and you can easily rely on their guide to get started, something that differs significantly from other Bluetooth printers.  With a print speed of 7.5 ppm for black and 5.5 ppm for color, your work printing needs will all but prove covered at home. So if you want one such product, consider this Bluetooth printer.

    Buyer’s guide for a Bluetooth printer

    Do Bluetooth printers exist?

    Of course they do! They are easy to use, easy to configure, and most importantly easy to operate. Sending a print job to a bluetooth printer is as simple as pushing “print”.

    Do wireless printers equate to Bluetooth printers?

    Bluetooth printers alongside Wi-Fi printers fall under the category of wireless printers. So it’s true that some people can refer to Bluetooth printers as wireless. However, Bluetooth comes as a simple-to-set-up printing device that operates very well in small spaces such as a home office set up compared to large offices. On the other hand, Wi-Fi printers take a much longer time for the set up to get completed and comes as ideal for large offices. Wi-Fi serves a more extensive range and more users than Bluetooth printers.

    Bluetooth is the mechanism in which the print job is queued and printed. A wireless printer might print via the Wifi network. A bluetooth printer is easy to use for your mobile phone too as you can press print and connect your printer and phone quickly.

    Can I print documents from my phone via Bluetooth?

    One of the simplest methods of printing pictures and other forms of documents using your android smartphone entails pairing it up with the Bluetooth printer.  One hidden and the key secret lies in finding the share button. But once you find it, all you have to do entails clicking on it and picking the printer option. You then have to follow this through by clicking on the appropriate Bluetooth printer before printing.

    How do I comprehend the existence of Bluetooth in my printer?

    The best way to go about this entails getting your mobile device, whether your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, and confirming or turning the Bluetooth function on. Once you accomplish this, you will have to wait for a minute or two to see if the printer name displays in your available and discoverable Bluetooth devices.  All that remains will encompass picking the Bluetooth printer and connecting by pairing.

    What printer should I purchase for home use?

    Most people do end up going by their gut feeling. However, if you want to buy a printer for your work from home office, you need to consider whether you print tons of documents every day. Additionally, the quality of the documents also matters, especially regarding the print resolution. For instance, if you want high-resolution printed images, it can become wise to opt for laser printers. On the other hand, if your work requires the occasional color documents or pictures, it can become ideal to get an inkjet printer.


    Bluetooth printers can become a useful tool in enhancing your home office efficiency in the office at home. Therefore, if you care and would one of the best Bluetooth printers, it would be better to consider the reviewed products in this article.


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