Whiteboards are a great home office accessory to key your work organized. If you have plenty of space and are an avid whiteboarder, a large whiteboard is a prefect home office addition. We reviewed dozens of large whiteboards to bring you the best of the best.


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    • Large 46 x 34 writing surface
    • Includes fixing kit
    • Magnetic dry-erase board

    This VIZ-PRO white board has a large 46 by 34 inch writing surface and contains an sleek aluminum frame (48 by 36 inches with frame included). The frame is made with anti-scratch material and is lightweight yet durable. This white board comes with fixing kits so that you can mount the board either horizontally or vertically onto the desired wall or surface. It is also equipped with a detachable marker tray to make your writing experience more convenient and enjoyable. The VIZ-PRO is a magnetic board so that you can hang materials on the board for ease and visibility purposes.

    • Dual-sided and magnetic
    • Has stand with wheels
    • Markers and magnets included

    This magnetic dry-erase white board contains two 48 by 32 inch surfaces through its reversible design, and stands 70 inches from the floor. The reversible whiteboard surface design doubles your writing space and features a locking mechanism to ensure a sturdy writing surface. The frame stands on a 22 inch four-wheel base for increased portability and convenience. The wheels are equipped with a locking mechanism as well to increase writing ease. This board comes with 4 different colored dry erase markers, 4 heavy duty magnets, and 1 magnetic eraser. The board also has a marker tray.

    • Magnetic dry-erase board
    • Stain resistant surface
    • Includes magnets and marker

    This AmazonBasics board leaves no stains and marker residue upon erasing due to its ultra smooth and durable surface. It has a simple and modern design with a slim, white aluminum frame. This white board is versatile and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally depending on the surface dimensions or your personal preference. Two magnets and one dry-erase marker is included with the purchase of this board. It is also equipped with a white aluminum marker tray that matches the frame.

    • Great writing ergonomics
    • Easy board rolling and locking
    • Markers and magnets included

    This magnetic dual-sided white board on wheels is approximately 3 to 5 inches higher than most other similarly designed white boards. This promotes better ergonomics and promotes increased comfort while writing. The sturdy design is also equipped with handle-free rolling technology to improve the ease and accessibility of both sides of the white board, and an easy to use “push-to-clip” lock to keep the board in place. This feature improves the convenience and usability of the dual-sided board, and is unlike similar boards that use a handle or knob for rotation. The wheels also have a simple lock and release mechanism that could be adjusted with your foot. All aspects of the frame are made with sturdy material to prevent wear and tear and ensure durability. WEYOUNG provides you with all you’ll need to get started with your new whiteboard, including: 1 magnetic dry eraser, 12 dry erase markers, and 12 magnets. To go along with all of these materials, this board also features an extra long marker tray.

    • Premium glass and magnetic
    • Marker and magnets included
    • 15 year warranty

     This huge 8 by 4 foot tempered glass magnetic white board is a beautiful and functional addition to any office space. Its elegant, no-frame design makes it appear as though the board is floating on the hanging surface. The tempered glass material resists stains ghosting, scratches, and dents . It comes with a removable marker tray, 1 dry erase marker and 2 high power magnets. Quartet suggests that you purchase Quartet Glass Board accessories such as additional markers, magnets, max clean eraser, and glass cleaner, for best results. Quality assurance and customer service are exceptional, and the purchase of this board comes with a 15 year warranty.

    • Scratch-resistance surfaces
    • Large writing surface
    • Detachable marker tray

    This JILoffice magnetic white board has a large 59.2 by 39.5 writing surface that is smooth and scratch resistant. It is wrapped with a simple and sturdy, black aluminum frame with nylon corners. It is easy to mount using the provided fixing kits. You can choose to mount it vertically or horizontally based on the dimensions of the hanging surface or your personal preference. It comes with a black, detachable marker tray. This whiteboard is a simple and functional option to consider when selecting a whiteboard!

    • Magnetic and dry erase
    • Smooth and durable surface
    • 3 year warranty

    The XIWODE magnetic dry erase board is 72 by 36 including the silver aluminum frame. It comes with mounting accessories including 4 fixing screws, and also has two adjustable hanging hooks for versatile and seamless installation. It is packed and shipped with multi-layer padding and a peel-off protective film to ensure no damage is done while the board is in transit to you. The aluminum frame is sturdy and has plastic corners to make sure there are no sharp edges. It comes with a variety of mini accessories, including: 1 eraser , 1 removable marker tray, 4 markers, and 4 magnets. XIWODE offers excellent customer service support and offers a 3 year warranty to guarantee that you enjoy all high-quality features of the board.

    • Markers & pen holder included
    • Extra wide surface 11 feet
    • High viscosity

    This unique and functional whiteboard sticker offers an extra long writing space that can easily be expanded to meet your needs as each sticker is 130 by 18 inches. It firmly sticks to a variety of flat surfaces, including: painted walls, tile, glass, wood, and smooth wallpaper. This is a fun option to add to your work-from-home setup or other walls in your house, classroom, or office.  Your kids will surely enjoy the ability to write on the walls, whereas you can enjoy a more creative and productive workspace that easily allows you keep track of your daily to-do’s and/or monthly goals. The whiteboard wall sticker comes with three dry eraser pens and a self-adhesive pen holder. There is a 1 year warranty to ensure that you get what OPOLAR’s whiteboard sticker promises to deliver.

    • Super large writing surface
    • Markers & eraser cloths
    • Stain and ghosting-resistant

     This is a super large (25 by 4 feet) white board sticker wallpaper that is multifunctional and customizable. You can use this as both a white board and a projector curtain wall, and can trim the sticker to your desired size. The material is made from thick and sturdy material the premium quality PET matter. This material ensures that no marker residue or ghosting appears even after leaving writing for up to 2 months. It is guaranteed to stick to your wall long term using both the adhesive and the 4 push pins (included with purchase) on all 4 corners of the white board. 6 markers, 2 pieces of soft eraser cloths, and 2 self-adhesive hooks to hang the eraser cloths are also included with purchase. If you are dissatisfied with this wallpaper whiteboard, AMFAT promises a free replacement or a full refund at any time.

    • 50% less environmental impact
    • Large 48 x 72 writing surface
    • Stain resistant

    Best Board’s 48 by 72 inch white board allows for ample writing space and features a sleek and durable silver aluminum frame. The frame’s upgraded design also ensures the mounting screws are hidden, which gives it a more aesthetic appearance. The board is made with triple-coat-surface technology, making it resistant to staining and ghosting. The Waffle-Core whiteboard design gives it its unique environmentally friendly characteristic by reducing environmental impact by up to 50%. Best Board offers a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee making it a minimal risk investment for your next office purchase!

    Best Large Whiteboard Buying Guide

    General Considerations When Purchasing A Large Whiteboard

    There are a few different considerations to take into account when searching for the best large whiteboard. You will want to consider how much space you have and the dimensions of the whiteboard. You should also figure out if you want a portable (on a wheel frame) whiteboard or a stationary one. Mounting a whiteboard to a wall is pretty simple to accomplish and it saves space. However, there are certainly use cases for having portable ones as well.

    Types of Large Whiteboards

    The three main types of large white boards include:

    1. Wall-Mountable Whiteboard: These are equipped with different frame styles and designs. They can often be hung horizontally or vertically. And, they can feature unique white board material makeups that give some boards unique advantages and qualities (i.e. glass versus traditional white board material).
    2. Whiteboard On Wheels: These come in different heights, sizes, and designs. But, each one has an increased portability factor due to the ease of being able to move the white board on its wheel base. This may be a perfect option for someone who knows they want to bring their whiteboard drawings to different parts of the room, house or office. Some of these boards feature a dual-sided whiteboard with rotational capabilities. Thus, you can easily switch between the two sides, which essentially doubles your writing space!
    3. Wallpaper/Sticker Whiteboard: This option saves space compared to white boards with a stand or on wheels. However, they don’t allow for easy portability and transferability of the whiteboard. Since it sticks directly onto your walls (or other flat surfaces) like wallpaper, it’s hard to get off. It is a fun, unique way to allow you to easily keep your drawings or to-do lists visible in whatever environment you choose to add it to. Plus, some brands allow you to cut and customize the size in order to fit the dimensions of your space.

    Other Types of Whiteboards

    You can also purchase large whiteboards that have unique features. You can buy magnetic whiteboards. There are also lots of large whiteboard calendars. These are very helpful for organization purposes, especially if you live with roommates or family. Lastly, there is whiteboard paint. You could conceivably paint an entire wall with this to turn it into a whiteboard – talk about a large whiteboard!

    What Else You May Need When Purchasing a Whiteboard

    Some other accessories that you may need when purchasing a whiteboard include dry-erase markers, magnets (if the board is magnetic), an eraser, an attachable marker tray (if your whiteboard doesn’t come with one), mounting screws (if required and if they don’t come with purchase), and proper cleaning solution. Be sure to read what is already included with your purchase as some brands provide many of these items for you. Some boards also require specific brands for accessories in order to ensure best quality usage and performance.


    When it comes to choosing the best whiteboard for you, it ultimately comes down to what space you plan to use it in, the desired aesthetic, and the purpose and portability you hope for it to provide. We hope this product review and buyers guide will help improve the ease of the decision-making process when choosing which large whiteboard to purchase.



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