Finding good standing desks for short people can be a challenge, as there are very few companies that make them. These desks are a healthy alternative to the sitting ones as they can reduce back pain, prevent weight gain, lower blood sugar levels, etc

Suggesting that standing desks are only made considering the average height of people is absolutely untrue. Even if you’re short, there are plenty of equally good options to help you add the perfect standing desk to your WFH setup. 

We at WFHAdviser, have picked some of the best standing desks for short people that you can buy online. They have all the features ranging from height adjustment mechanism, USB and charging stations, and even drawers for storage. 

Read on to find the one that suits your needs. 


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    • Adjustable height
    • Cable management
    • USB ports

    Introduce yourself to a whole new world of comfort. As the Sabine Height Adjustable Standing Desk fulfills your desire to work standing with utter bliss. Additionally, its beautiful design gives your décor a graceful look.

    Its adjustable height mechanism is your greatest advantage. Furthermore, it enables you to reduce the height of the desk and make it more comfortable. Besides, the height adjustment mechanism is fully automatic. You can control it with the Height Controller under the desk. 

    Standing desks for short people like these boast of their superior quality materials that add durability and sturdiness. Furthermore, the particleboard desktop is stronger than a normal particle board furniture. The desk has a unique surface coating that prevents delamination and increases its longevity. 

    Sabine Height Adjustable Standing desk offers ample space on the top. In addition, there is an additional storage drawer that you can use to keep your belongings. Apart from this, the table has USB ports and a cable management space. 

    Lastly, the desk’s surface is resistant to humidity and varying temperatures. 

    • Glass surface
    • Storage drawer
    • Digital height controller

    Improve your health with ease and classiness. Babin Height Adjustable Standing Desk is not your average standing desk. As a matter of fact, it has so many features that it will be the only thing you’ll ever want. 

    To begin with, the table has a flat and clear glass surface. It also serves as a dry-erase board. Furthermore, there is a stainless steel base holding the glass surface. This metal base is functional too as it has a small storage drawer. The drawer is made of stainless steel too. 

    Just like the Sabine Standing Desk, Babin also features a Height Controller. With this controller, you can not only adjust the height of the desk but also save three different heights. 

    There is a USB port on the table that connects different devices to your computer or laptop. Moreover, the table also has separate space for cable management. 

    The Babin Height Adjustment table has a load-bearing capacity of 1000 pounds. It is the finest standing desks for short people who love a touch of luxury in their workplace.  

    • Affordable price
    • Pinewood body
    • Easy installation

    The Feagin Solid Wood Secretary Desk is one of the simple things that you will love to have in your house. Even though it is not as advanced as other desks, there are other peculiarities to consider. 

    It is entirely made from pinewood which is both strong and light. In addition, there are four small drawers on the table to keep your stuff at arm’s reach. These small drawers can hold a load of up to 10 pounds. 

    The standing desks for short people like this one are the best solution for the ones who prefer keeping their workspace organized. Since it offers ample space for cable management and to keep things in order.

    The sleek and clean design of the table is suitable for a modern-day workstation. Furthermore, its light-shaded color sits well in different furniture settings effortlessly. 

    Additionally, installing the Feagin Secretary Desk is a piece of cake. All you need is a screwdriver and maybe some extra pair of hands. Just like that! Within minutes your desk will be ready for use. 

    • Separate storage space
    • Desktop lift mechanism
    • Tipping prevention

    Convenient and unconventional things are amazing. Just like the Hillsdale Standing Desk. It has a unique height adjustment mechanism that is easy to use. However, it is not the only thing that makes it special. 

    Surprisingly, this desk can sum up your entire workspace in itself. There is separate space for storage to keep all the books and files. Furthermore, the shape of the desk gives you more space to work.

    The best part is the desktop table. You can raise the desktop table to a height that you prefer and you don’t have to move the entire table. The desktop table has a load-bearing capacity of 20 pounds. This means it can hold many more things than just a laptop. 

    This table features tipping prevention which is great if you’re clumsy and have faced liquid near your workstation. 

    Lastly, the table is easy to install and its beautiful colors allow the table to blend with any decor. 

    • Premium rustic look
    • USB outlets
    • Storage drawers

    There are many standing desks for short people in the market. But, none of them have the flair and charm like the Emiliano Desk. This desk is crafted with exceptional dexterity. Due to this, it has a premium rustic look. 

    The pine veneers and the wood gets the dusky look from the meticulous gray finish. Furthermore, the industrial metal brackets add to the authenticity of the rustic look. Meanwhile, the crossbuck styling on the sides enhances its striking appeal.

    There is more to this table than just good looks. Just like other tables on this list, it also has USB ports and AC power outlets. You can not place things but also connect them to your PC or laptop using the Emiliano Desk. 

    Talking about convenience, the desk has three drawers that you can use. These drawers are sizable enough to accommodate a load of your office belongings with ease. Moreover, these drawers have a considerable load-bearing capacity.

    • Medieval look
    • High-quality wood
    • Adjustable height

    This unique table looks like it is from medieval times. Its simple design and the unusual height adjustment mechanism are quite impressive. That’s not all! It also has other design elements and features that make it a must-have. 

    The creation process of the Sydney Standing Desk relies heavily on the natural condition of the wood. Owing to the knots and wood grain, every table is uniquely different from the other. Furthermore, it has artificial wormholes for distressing and they also complete the natural look.

    Pine, pine veneer and MDF are the types of woods that are used to construct this table. The top part, the desk, has a burnished cognac shade. Whereas, the bottom parts have a weathered gunmetal shade. 

    The height adjustment feature of this table is a little difficult. Therefore, it is better to have someone for help during the installation process. You have to lift the desk from both sides and lock the position by passing the small metal stick through the various holes. 

    Lastly, the table offers you a minimum height of 29-inches. 

    • Ergonomic size
    • Spacious desktop
    • Charging station

    The Collection 1 Secretary Desk draws inspiration from authentic french designs. Its intricate designs and modest color look fabulous in any furniture set. In addition, all of the designs used in this desk are hand-curated by pop sensation Kelly Clarkson. 

    Owing to its size, the desk can be used for varied purposes. You can keep it in your living room or your bedroom, wherever you find it convenient. In addition, the desk offers a comfortable working spot anywhere. 

    The combination of engineered wood and gentle Baltic gray distressed finish provides an antique appeal to the desk. 

    Mostly, people love the way this desk opens up to offer more working space. To open the desk, you have to raise the desk’s top and you will find another desktop space. Interestingly, this desk creates enough room to place a laptop and other things without causing a mess. 

    Furthermore, when you open the desk, you will find letter-sized slots and charging stations. You can use these letter slots to keep important documents or envelopes. 

    Lastly, the desk has two drawers that are spacious enough to hold ample office supplies. 

    • High-quality particleboard
    • Easy to clean
    • Multiple-use

    The Study Computer Desk is a piece of stylish and highly functional furniture. Its amazing compact design allows you to place it in rooms with small spaces. Owing to its color and design, the Study Computer Desk compliments other furniture in your room too. 

    It is made from high-quality particleboard and has metal legs for support. These materials keep the desk strong, durable, and easy to maintain. Furthermore, the quality of these materials gives the desk a longer life. 

    The desktop’s smooth surface is easier to clean and it maintains a rich look after every cleaning. Another important feature of this desk is the powered-coating on metal fittings. Also, this coating protects the metal fittings from problems like rust and dust accumulation. 

    Furthermore, you can use the desk for purposes like gaming, surfing the web, and even use it as a piece of house furniture. There are two drawers that you can use to store your office belongings or documents. 

    To top it all, the desk is easy to assemble and use. Moreover, it comes with an instruction manual that you can refer to speed up the installation process. 

    • Aesthetically appealing
    • USB ports
    • Lift up desktop

    The Rome Desk is an optimal pick for people who wish to work standing. Its smooth oakwood and beautiful rustic finish offer you comfort and boost productivity. Attend your long business meetings with ease by using the Rome Desk as your workstation. 

    It features a strong steel base which also includes the half-circle pulls. Moreover, the base has X-design that looks quite stunning. The black base and natural wood grain color variation provide it a picturesque appeal. 

    When you take a look at the desk, it might seem there are three drawers. However, there are only two drawers on the desk. The one in the middle is a faux pull. 

    There’s more! It also has modern features such as power outlets and USB ports. This adds to the convenience that the table has to offer. The desk also has an adjustable life top that you can lift and adjust according to your height preferences. 

    • Rolling wheels
    • Cup and headphone holder
    • Double levels

    Get the best of both convenience and style with the impressive Rolling Height Adjustable Standing Desk. Working from home becomes healthy and enjoyable with this desk. As it has many features and qualities that can help you work effortlessly. 

    It has a compact size that fits almost any kind of room in a house. Moreover, the different levels help you in working and managing your workstation. It also features a height adjusting mechanism that lets you make adjustments to the desk’s height. 

    This standing desks For Short People is made of manufactured wood. But, the desktop features a finish that blends beautifully with any furniture set. Furthermore, the desk’s surface has a fiber-like texture which gives it a fun appearance. 

    For additional durability, the legs have a powdered coating that saves the table from rusting. Overall the desk is spacious enough to hold your laptop, books, and other office essentials. Additionally, the desk has cup and headphone holders that you can attach on either side. 

    Buyer’s Guide to Standing Desks For Short People

    Purchasing a huge piece of furniture such as a desk can be a major investment for some people. Therefore, it’s better to take the necessary precautions and consider the important things that you need to keep in mind as you purchase one of the many standing desks for short people. 

    Here are some important factors that you can consider while picking the perfect table for you. 


    Size is crucial for short people as a wrong-sized desk could mean a world of inconvenience for them. If you’re picking the right-sized standing desk, the keyboard will be at the right-angled position of your elbow. Whereas, the screen should be at your face level. 

    Also, the screen should be angled in a way that you don’t have to bend or stretch your neck. 

    For instance, If your height is 5 ft when standing, the keyboard should be 39 inches above the ground. Meanwhile, the monitor should be at 37 inches from the ground. Its screen should be 20-30 inches away from your eyes. 

    Available space

    Before you even buy a standing desk, you need to finalize a spot for it. This will help you get accurate measurements for the table. So that you don’t end up returning it due to its large size. 

    The desk should not touch the wall on any side (unless designed to) as this can make you feel claustrophobic. Furthermore, the table should have ample space on the side so that you can move it easily while cleaning. 


    You need to know what your desk is made of. Most standing desks for short people are made from particleboard which is an affordable option. However, some particle board furniture might not be as durable as others.

    In some cases, the desk might be made from wood pieces like pinewood, oakwood, maple wood, and more. Each of them has its own specialties that you need to learn about before buying. 

    Wood is not the only option, some desks are made from different kinds of metals. However, stainless steel is the most common form of metal used for creating standing desks for short people. 


    The color of your desk should blend with the rest of the decor present in the room. This gives your room a balanced aesthetic appeal and makes it presentable. The best way to choose the right color is to refer to a furniture guide. 

    For instance, Kelly Clarkson’s Home Furniture collection comprises furniture that has French Design. Moreover, when you visit the website there are images that suggest the perfect color for the furniture. 




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