A roll-top desk is for the antique furniture lover in you. The unique aesthetic that suits any home interior can be a great addition to your WFH setup. Not many people prefer having this desk for the simple reason that it has a rather outdated design. However, with constant reinvention, this desk has also upgraded into a modern version of itself. 

If having good storage is important to you, then it doesn’t get better than a roll-top desk. When it is not in use, you can easily put the top down and it blends into your decor seamlessly. A roll-top desk has many benefits that a regular desk does not. However, when it comes to buying a roll-top desk, you need to buy the one that is best suited for your needs. 

Here is a list of 10 roll-top desks that you can choose from.


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    1 Kerfoot Desk with Hutch

    Top Product
    • Solid and manufactured wood
    • Soft-close drawers
    • 1-year warranty

    The Kerfoot desk is considered the perfect choice for roll-top desks owing to its warm brown solid wood construction. This rectangular-shaped office desk comes with a hutch to cover the 10 drawers included in it. Although the desk looks quite bulky, it only weighs 90 lbs, which is extremely convenient when assembling it. 

    Ten drawers give you enough storage for all your essentials to be in one place. Additionally, the 1-year warranty ensures that the desk maintains its condition. Crafted with excellent quality materials, the desk is popular among people looking to welcome classic designs in their home. 

    The best part about this desk is the soft-close drawers that make sure there is minimal sound when operating them. Even though the desk needs to be assembled, all tools required to do so are included in the package. The combination of manufactured and solid wood makes for a great product. 

    • Fully-assembled
    • Wood slide drawer mechanism
    • Roll-top locks

    The Secretary desk by Chelsea Home is for people who need something to keep their work items in one place. This premium quality product though heavy on the pocket is worth every penny. Thus, this one-time investment for your home office truly adds value to your home decor. 

    This elegant piece of furniture is handcrafted to perfection. Made out of solid wood, it comes fully assembled and ready for use. Besides, the hutch comes with roll-top locks to keep it in place whenever needed. Moreover, the plywood upper surface is sturdy and smooth to work on. 

    The wood slide drawer glide mechanism is great for durability and ensures that it does not get spoiled very easily. The keyboard tray adds a touch of modernity to this sophisticated design. If you’re looking for luxury, this is the one for you. At 157 lbs, this desk can handle a considerable weight and can withstand regular wear and tear without any problem.

    • Autumn maple finish
    • 5 years warranty
    • Roller glides for drawers

    The Springtown roll-top desk gives you great features at an affordable price. The manufactured wood with the autumn maple finish not only looks stunning but provides a sturdy base to use for a long time. Moreover, it comes with a socket for efficient cable management as well. 

    This desk has a warranty for up to 5 years, which you will rarely find on desks. Its sheen-coated marble granite construction makes it an aesthetic piece for your home. The desk has sufficient storage and a roller glide mechanism on drawers for easy use. 

    Even though the weight capacity is 70 lbs, it has enough features that make up for this. You cannot go wrong with this desk if you only need basic work done and restricted by a budget. Additionally, the ring knobs add a sense of traditionalism making it a good fusion. Not to forget, the smart salt oak color fits into any home interior with ease.

    • Sufficient storage
    • Color options
    • Functional knobs

    The Lonie roll-top desk handcrafted for style and elegance features manufactured and solid wood. Besides solid construction, this desk can upgrade your home office within seconds. It is available in two color options – harvest oak and burnished walnut. Thus, the manufacturers provide users an option to choose between versatile combinations. 

    The four pigeonhole drawers and one keyboard tray provide excellent storage. It even has a shelf with compartments to add documents, books, or tiny decorative pieces. Furthermore, the desk has highly functional knobs that make the process of using them much easier. 

    The roll-top also has knobs on two sides so that you can easily pull it down when the desk is not in use. The wooden furniture is perfect because it doesn’t even take much of an effort to clean. Upon arrival, the desk needs to be assembled before use. However, the easy instructions manual can help you with the process.

    • Stylish design
    • 150lbs weight capacity
    • Powder-coated metal

    The Doster desk is the modern version of roll-top desks. This desk is a prime example of reinvention in the furniture industry. This desk features a base made of powder-coated metal with the upper part made with manufactured wood. Owing to its high-quality construction, the desk is quite durable.

    This chic and classic desk has shelves for storage and two drawers with wood glide mechanisms. These tiny compartments are perfect for storing essentials. Though you will have to assemble the desk upon arrival, that can be done in no time. You’d be glad to hear that this desk can handle up to 150 lbs of weight. 

    You can choose from three different color options – gray wash, dark walnut, and reclaimed barnwood. This will help you pick the right one for your home’s interior. Combining the farmhouse design, this desk is made for people who want to jazz up their home.

    • Lacey Act Compliant
    • Variety of color options
    • Versatile use

    The Sadie roll-top desk is made keeping in mind every kind of user. Whether you’re a student, professional, or business owner, this desk will help you with any work you need to do. Made from solid wood, MDF, and ash veneer, this desk has a sturdy and durable built that can last for a long time. 

    The best part about this is the variety of color options available with this desk. You can pick and choose whichever one fits your home the best. Furthermore, this desk offers excellent storage capabilities. The five drawers provide incredible storage for all your needs. 

    Although you have to assemble the desk, there are tools included to aid your process. Additionally, it is Lacey Act Compliant. An underrated feature about this desk is its knobs. They compliment the desk very well and are convenient to use unlike some other knobs seen on desks.

    • Hand-crafted product
    • Roll-top with key lock
    • Ball-bearing glide in drawers

    The Tinsman roll-top desk is hand-crafted to perfection. A high-end product that delivers comfort and sophistication to your home. The roll-top of this desk comes with a key lock mechanism that secures it when not in use. Not only that, there is one drawer out of all the seven that can be locked. The drawers have a ball-bearing glide mechanism for smooth functioning. 

    The desk also comes with a keyboard tray and cable management pocket which ensures that you can easily put your device on the table while working. The manufactured plywood board helps the desk to maintain itself even after years of wear and tear. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for assurance. 

    The exterior shelf is great when you need to stash things in one place. The vibe of this desk is very traditional but even in a modern home, it fits the part with ease and looks stunning. 

    • Removable shelf
    • Locking system
    • Cable management system

    The Chelsea Home roll-top desk is another great product when it comes to looking for something that combines elegance and functionality. This desk made of plywood is quite durable and capable of offering longevity. It comes partially assembled but with a little bit of arrangement, it is good to go. 

    The burnished walnut color looks extremely sophisticated. However, the desk part about the desk remains the incredible storage which is perfect for your home office. Besides a clean design with a removable shelf, the desk comes with multiple drawers. These feature a ball-bearing glide mechanism which is perfect for daily use. 

    The roll-top has a locking feature and secure drawers so your privacy is not compromised. The keyboard tray and cable management systems make it a great product even when your work is technical. Paired with a matching chair, this desk completes all your needs with ease. It is a modern way of working. 

    • Acacia Veneers
    • Trestle base with slatted side
    • Ball-bearing glides

    The Brampt roll-top desk is for anyone looking to buy a mix of a modern and conventional desk. The solid wood with acacia veneers ensures that it is sturdy and reliable to work on. Moreover, the trestle base with slatted sides not only looks good but provides unmatched stability. 

    The best part of this desk is that not only is the surface area wide but its drawers are spaced out perfectly. Speaking of drawers, the ball-bearing glides work smoothly. Not to forget, a keyboard tray is also included in the design. Thus, helping you with multiple functions. You can use it as a keyboard tray or as a drawer based on your needs. 

    The desk looks rustic and classy no matter where you place it in your home. At 300 lbs, this desk can survive long-term use without a problem. Plus the one-year warranty is a bonus. Once assembled correctly, you can start using the desk for your daily work. 

    • Compact desk
    • Made with MDF
    • Durable

    The Andover Mills roll-top desk is the best option when you are adamant about having a roll-top desk in a tight space. Not only does the compact design look stunning but also has five exterior shelves and one drawer for storage. The drawer has a ball-bearing glide mechanism which makes it easy to use. 

    Made with MDF, this desk is low on handline weight but if your work is not very extensive, it is a perfect choice. It also has a cable management system to organize things in the right manner. Additionally, the desk looks extremely stylish in any home. 

    Available in two color options – white and seafoam, the desk is crafted with excellence. Keeping in mind the fact that it will be used daily in a home office, the build of this desk is sturdy and long-lasting. It maintains a proper balance between style, comfort, and practicality.  

    Buyer’s Guide to an ideal Roll Top Desk 

    Having a roll-top desk equals buying a product that will last you a lifetime. The make and build are sturdy and durable. Moreover, these desks come at an upper price range hence you need to make sure that the product you’re buying is worth the money spent. 

    Here are a few points to keep in mind to make your purchase worthwhile. 


    The tambour is the flexible covering of the desk. The shutter can help cover the desk when it is not in use. The tambour needs to be of good material and make. Plus the sliding mechanism should also be appropriate when the desk is going to be used daily. Make sure that you are checking the tambour before buying the desk.

    Writing Board 

    The writing board is the surface that will be used to work on. Having sufficient space is not the only criteria when looking at writing boards. The material needs to be smooth so that writing or typing can be comfortable even if it has to be done over a long period. 

    A lot of people don’t consider a writing board as an important feature; however, it is very important while buying an office desk. It is what will be used primarily for work hence compromising on the quality should not be an option. Make sure the material is strong and smooth to work on easily. 


    The pigeonhole is the small compartments that add to the storage of the desk. You can store documents, stationery, or whatever you like in these drawers and then use them throughout the day. The pigeonholes are an exclusive feature of roll-top desks that make people more inclined to buy them. 

    Depending on your usage, you can decide whether you want a desk with more pigeonholes or less. The placement of each will also influence your decision. Carefully examining the desk will give you an idea about what exactly you want. 

    Is it worth buying roll-top desks? 

    No matter what you purchase, there is always a looming cloud of worry whether you are putting your money in the right place or not. Naturally having second thoughts about roll-top desks is very common. Especially since it is a heavy investment. However, there are many benefits of a roll-top desk as well. 

    For instance, it looks very good and aesthetic along with being very durable. Unless heavy damage is incurred it will remain as is overtime. These features make it a desirable product in the market. 



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