A mushroom lamp can truly set the mood alight. You can change the vibe and aesthetics of your space by adding these cute lights to your room or makeshift office. If you tend to work at night or simply want a dim light that doesn’t bother someone else, a mushroom lamp can work as an ideal solution. 

With the number of varieties and features available in a mushroom lamp, it is no longer ordinary. You can upgrade to the best mushroom lamps that would radiate a subtle, warm light to bask in. To make your purchase worthwhile, we have compiled a list of the best mushroom lamps that you can choose from.


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    • Batteries included
    • 8 different light show program
    • Auto-shut feature

    The Moonlight Mushroom by Uncle Milton Store is a small, colorful lamp to light up your home. You can either place it on your desk or mount it on the wall to save space. The simple design with a print that reflects upon the wall makes it a good option to purchase. 

    The lamp comes with 8 different light show programs. The flowers and butterflies projected on the wall brings something new to your home. It is also battery-operated so you can easily change the battery as soon as it runs out. You will need 3 AAA batteries, which are included in the package. 

    Unlike most lamps, this one is made of plastic so it remains intact even if it suffers light damage. An interesting feature of this lamp is the auto-shut mode. It is light-weight so it can be moved from one place to another. Plus it isn’t huge either so you can keep it anywhere you like. 

    • Stylish design
    • Double light design
    • Matte brass finish

    The Globe Electric mushroom lamp is made for homes that don’t compromise on aesthetics. This stylish lamp comes with a matte brass finish that looks extremely good placed in any kind of interior. The double on/off-chain can be used to operate the lamp easily. Moreover, it is available in multiple color options so you can get the one you prefer. 

    You will need two medium base 60W bulbs to get it working and can be found online as well as in the market. The lamp is a little heavy but that only ensures durability. Make this your go-to light on days you need to work late. The shape of the lamp also allows a good distribution of light throughout the room. 

    This lamp has a very unique feature which is the double light design. Each chain operates each bulb so you can choose to have less or more lighting depending upon your mood. 

    • Three brightness modes
    • CE & FCC certified
    • Anti-slip base design

    The Aerb LED desk lamp is for those who want a lamp that has the most unique features available. With three brightness modes – white headlight, night light, and RGB colorful light, you can create the perfect ambiance. Moreover, you can adjust it to suit your preferred lighting and color. 

    Another cool feature of the lamp is the phone and pen stand that are integrated into the design. You can save space on your desk by placing it all in one place. It comes with a built-in 2200mAh lithium battery and a USB port to charge for 2.5 hours after which it will provide wireless usage for up to 20 hours. 

    This lamp is CE & FCC certified for your safety. It also comes with an anti-slip base design so that it remains stable on any surface. The tube of the lamp rotates 360° whenever needed. It is also very easy to use as it works on a finger-touch. This lamp is for those who want more on a budget. 


    • Automatic switch
    • 7 different colors
    • Cute design

    The 2Pack Rose Flower Mushroom night light radiates light while making sure that you have something beautiful to look at. The flower design makes your house look stylish and the LED lights brighten up the ambiance. Made of plastic and silicone, this is a viable option when looking for lamps. 

    The lamp comes with an automatic switch that turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn if you would like it to. This is great because you no longer have to remember to switch it on or off from time to time. The light changes to seven different colors making it an amazing choice when you need the light to match your mood. 

    Since it needs to be plugged into a socket, it saves space on your desk. Additionally, the leaves and flowers can be bent to your light. Add style to your home with this LED mushroom lamp. 

    • Good after-sale service
    • 7 color-changing options
    • 3D illusion

    The SUPERNIUB is unlike any other light seen before. The acrylic 3D illusion looks stunning in any home. The LED lights produce a glow that lights up the room in no time. The bulb is 2D and completely flat but brings out a unique illusion, making it look 3D. 

    With a swipe of your finger, you can easily change the color of the light among 7 options. There is also an option of having the color change automatically so you can enjoy multiple colors at once. The USB power adapter is included in the package and can be used to charge the light from time to time. 

    The after-sale customer service guarantees a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. This makes it all the more appealing since you have the option of trying it out. The lamp is made out of plastic but the clear, clean look makes it seem like glass.

    • BPA, and natural wood
    • Memory function
    • Remote control operated

    The Wooden Mushroom lamp by ANGTUO store is a lamp created with precision and keeping in mind the consumers’ needs. Made with  BPA, free soft silicone, and natural wood base, you are not only protecting yourself but also the environment. 

    The ecological LED light can be dimmed upon touch to create the lighting you prefer. Besides, you can adjust the brightness to up to 4 levels and 16 RGB colors. Not only will it be fascinating to work with but also set the mood right. You can use this lamp for whatever you like, be it your home office, living room or bedroom. 

    Using the 1 CR2 battery, you can operate the lamp. It also has a memory function so once you have set the perfect light, you don’t have to keep adjusting it every time you use it. Simply use the remote control to adjust the light of the lamp from anywhere in the room.

    • Low power consumption
    • Automatic on/off feature
    • Dimmable light

    The mushroom night plug-in lamp by Mudder store is a highly recommended product when looking for night lamps. You can easily adjust the LED light brightness to suit your mood. This makes for a great feature when you need to switch between subtle and harsh light. 

    In one pack, you get two lamps that you place in different corners of the room. All you need to do is plug it into the socket and you’re good to go. Not only does this light shut automatically during the day but also has low power consumption. You can use the light whenever and however you want. 

    The small mushroom-shaped light gives out 7 colored lights that can change automatically. You can light up any part of your house with the help of these lights. At the price they are being sold, rest assured, you are getting a product that is worth its money.

    • 7 color-changing options
    • Easy installation
    • Built-in light sensor

    The AUSAYE LED night light is more or less like the other mushroom lamps but with better features included. To begin with, the plug-in system saves a lot of space and provides sufficient illumination at home. The built-in light sensor is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to worry about switching it on or off. 

    The lamp also changes up to 7 colors smoothly and protects your eyes from harsh lighting. It makes your room shine bright but not in a way that causes any damage. It can be used on any standard American socket and wouldn’t require an additional socket. 

    The mushroom lamp also comes with easy installation so that it is ready to work in no time. For most people, having a mushroom lamp is like adding an appropriate amount of dim lighting in their home. However, now with the number of features they come with, it has become more about the aesthetic and mood than anything else.

    • Low power consumption
    • 2 lamps in one pack
    • Offset plugs

    The AUSAYE 2 pack LED mushroom lamp is truly one of the best lamps available. For a home night light, it creates the right amount of light needed in a home. Not only does it look pretty but it also has certain advantages that nudge you towards making the purchase. 

    The light needs to be plugged into the socket for it to work. This can be a concern since this would usually block the other socket. However, the compact offset plugs make sure to leave enough space to plug in something below or above it. At  2.2 kWh annually, it has very low power consumption making it an incredible choice for your home. 

    The built-in sensitive light sensor acts as a great tool to automatically switch the light on and off depending upon what time of the day it is. The mini size of this 2 pack LED lamp blends into your home interior with ease. 

    • Warm, natural yellow light
    • Not harsh on the eyes
    • Low power consumption

    The 2 pieces LED mushroom night lamp is everything you would want in a lamp at a very good price. The delicate mushroom shape looks more like an accessory in your home. Although it is small, it illuminates your home very well. The warm yellow light radiates a soothing environment in your home. 

    The lamp also has a low power consumption so you don’t have to worry about hefty electricity bills. The built-in sensor automatically switched the light on and off when required. All you need to do is plug it into a socket and you’re good to go. 

    You can even choose to plug it vertically or horizontally, however, you like. Unlike most other lights, this LED lamp is not harsh on your eyes and creates a soothing aura all around you. You can use it daily and even detach the head to clean it from time to time.

    Buyer’s Guide to Mushroom Lamp 

    Buying anything without proper research can lead to a waste of money. Selecting the right mushroom lamp is more complicated than you may think. You cannot disregard certain factors which are necessary to look for. Moreover, the unique options available in the market may confuse a buyer if it is their first time. Here are a few things to consider before locking down on a particular mushroom lamp. 

    Brand Value

    It may not seem like it, but a particular brand can make all the difference while buying any product. The same goes for a mushroom lamp, the brand value can help you make your decision a lot faster. This is for the simple reason that once a brand has made a name for itself, it will constantly try to live up to it. 

    You may have noticed with products like Samsung, Apple, Google, and so on, the post-sale service is very good. A justifiable warranty period along with customer service and 24/7 assistance are some things a good brand would offer. Also, a good brand has no shortage of positive reviews.

    Customer Reviews & Ratings

    Speaking of it being tested by people, today most people rely on other people’s experience of the product before buying it. In an offline market, it is done through word of mouth. However, online, one has to resort to reviews by customers to get an idea about the product. The ratings will help you determine whether the product is worth buying or not. 

    Features & Specifications

    The features and specifications of each mushroom lamp differ. Apart from being a light source, many of these lamps offer features that can elevate your home. These may or may not be appealing to every customer but having more features only adds value to the product. 

    Quality and Durability

    One of the most important features of any product is its ability to last. If the mushroom lamp gets spoiled or suffers damage within weeks of buying it, you would naturally feel disappointed. It is unrealistic to expect a product to survive heavy wear and tear for years but nobody wants a delicate item either. Finding the balance between the right product is important. 

    Is a mushroom lamp worth the purchase?

    At the end of the day, you are investing your money into buying something. We must consider whether the lamp in question is worth the money spent on or not. The bigger question is, would you get something like this for a better price? Research is the key to all your answers. 



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