A lot of people who spend a good amount of time in front of a monitor, working or playing, end up with sore necks and fatigue. This is because they work in a low monitor setup. And keeping your head in a downward angle for an extended period causes neck sprains and fatigue. To avoid this, a computer monitor stand may come in handy.

Computer monitor stands are becoming popular nowadays as they lift your monitor to a more comfortable height and adjust your viewing angle.

Most of them come in simple and ergonomic designs. Usually, they feature a wooden or metallic body. Sometimes, you may come across plastic & glass models as well.

The surface rests on four legs or a supportive frame system. Some of these stands are height adjustable as well. Usually providing 4” or more height.

Moreover, you can smartly use the space underneath to your advantage. Keep your keyboard, mouse, console, accessories, documents, as well as other stuff below the stand to declutter your desk and work more efficiently. Some models come with additional features like trays and compartments as well.

Also, the stands come with proper grips to avoid toppling or sliding.

Below is a list of some of the best monitor stand for your WFH setup recommends. And if you need a computer monitor to go with that stand, check out some of our reviews like our curved monitors page. Let’s check it out!


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    • Made of wood
    • Can carry up to 66 lbs
    • Useful compartments

    Our best selection is this eco-friendly & quality computer raiser made of matte MDF materials. Professionally made by specialized craftsmen. It has a polished and smooth surface, flat edges, & it’s entirely odorless.

    For those of you who work long hours in front of a computer, this could bring you some much-needed relief. With a raised platform, your neck won’t be hurting as much as before.

    This monitor stand is uniquely designed with 2 tiers. Also, it can hold up to 66 lbs safely. The 4 non-slip pads at the bottom keep it stable and in place.

    Additionally, the stand has a cellphone holder, a cable management hub, and an opening at the bottom to slide the keyboard underneath. 

    Moreover, it’s very easy to assemble. You’ll get a step-by-step manual with it. Set it up within 3 minutes. Also, it’s easy to clean. Simply use a soft cloth to wipe it off and bring a brand new look.

    This could be an ideal gift for your friends and colleagues as well. The product comes with 90 days full refund policy. So if you don’t like it, simply return it.

    • Sturdy bamboo surface
    • Large space underneath
    • High bearing capacity

    The Office Oasis large monitor stand has a unique, solid bamboo surface with heavy-duty stainless steel legs. It’s ideal office equipment that can hold two monitors simultaneously.

    The stand raises your monitors to a comfortable height. Allows you to work longer shifts without straining your neck. Also, it blends in with its surroundings pretty well. 

    Besides, most of the other monitor stands are made of low-quality materials that eventually degrade, sag, or crack. This one, however, can carry a generous amount of load without showing any signs of fatigue. So you can put your monitors, books, tv, and anything else you wish on it.

    Moreover, the stand legs have rubber pad reinforcements. So it won’t easily slip and accidentally damage the goods over it. The rubber padding helps prevent shipping damage as well.

    Also, put the space under its legs to use. Store your office accessories, documents & supplies underneath while working on the desk. You can also stash your Xbox, PS4, cables, or other media players in there.

    Furthermore, the company offers 110% moneyback guaranty. 10% extra if you’re not satisfied with it.

    • Cost-effective
    • Simple and compact design
    • Durable steel, skid resistant

    The Husky Mounts monitor riser can be a very nice accessory for your desk and office. It’s made of durable black steel. The smooth, simple, and vented design makes it ideal for use at the home, office, school, studios, etc. 

    Even though it has a sleek and simple design, it can easily carry up to 44 pounds. Far better than other bulky monitor stands that eat up a lot of desktop space. Its dimensions are 14.5 x 9.3 inches. Besides, there is enough space underneath to keep the keyboard, consoles, controllers, books, accessories, and other stuff.

    Moreover, the stand helps reduce back and neck pain significantly. Once you put your monitor on this platform, you’ll have an easier time looking at the screen and working. And to get more work done, comfort is the key.

    Additionally, the legs of the stand are made of super-durable steel and non-skid rubber. The rubber keeps it in place while protecting your desk from scratches.

    And the product offers a 100% money back guaranty as well. So feel free to try it out and see if it suits your boat.

    • Small, compact design
    • Made of sturdy steel
    • Boosted stability

    The Simple Trending monitor stand is really rather simple and ergonomic in design. It’s made of high-quality steel for durability and enhanced bearing capability.

    To begin with, the monitor stand has a 16″ x 10″ well-ventilated surface. You can easily put your monitor, laptop, or tv on it. Also, the ventilated surface helps laptops and similar devices to stay cool.

    There’s a 5″ opening under the stand as well. So you can use the space to keep accessories, books, documents, files, etc while working on your desk. Very useful if you have a cluttered desktop.

    Moreover, the stand has anti-slip suction cups at the bottom of the legs. They cling to the table surface in such a way that it won’t even budge. Let alone slide. This is quite an interesting feature if you ask. Since the stand is already small in size, it could easily topple or slide away frequently.

    Also, the product is easy to assemble. even noobs can set it up in a matter of minutes. And the money-back policy makes it even more convenient.

    • Polished exterior, cool look
    • 35 lbs load bearing
    • Classic wooden product

    The AmazoBasics wood monitor riser is a very stylish and ergonomic product. With a classy design, polished outlook, and high bearing capacity, this product is perfect for use at the home, office, and industries.

    First of all, it reduces strain on your neck. It raises your monitor to a comfortable level for longer work times without hindrance. Besides, it’s approximately two feet wide. So you can put your monitor as well as some other accessories on top of it.

    Similarly, the raised surface provides sufficient place underneath to keep keyboards, accessories, files, documents, books, cables, and other stuff that usually clutter on your desktop.

    The walnut wood grain texture with a polished finishing helps it blend in with almost every work environment. Whether it’s your home, office, or any other work station.

    Also, this monitor stand has padded feet that protect your desk from accumulating scratches. The paddings also help stabilize the stand and prevent slip.

    It also has a moderate bearing capacity of 35 lbs. So you can easily put most monitors/ laptops / Tv on it.

    • Compact steel stand
    • Sliding drawer
    • Side compartments

    This computer riser monitor stand is simple, yet quite handy. It has a metallic, durable body coated in black paint. Alongside the breathable surface mesh, it also has some very useful features. 

    First of all, this monitor stand gives your work environment a much-needed lift. Like many other stands out there, it keeps your monitor or laptop in an alleviated position. It’s an important adjustment if you have to spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen. As you may know, working long hours in front of a computer can cause neck fatigue and sprain.

    Additionally, this computer raiser comes with a sliding drawer tray for files, accessories, and letters. There are also 4 side storage pockets. You can put your iPad, phone, calculator, pens, accessories, & other office supplies in the side compartments as well.

    Also, all 4 of the legs are capped to prevent skid & slide. They protect your desktop from accumulating scratches as well.

    • Ergonomic design
    • Easy to assemble
    • Breathable surface mesh

    This monitor raising stand is a bit different from the others. It has a curved, ergonomic design that blends in better with corporate surroundings.

    The 14.5″ x 9.2″ surface is perfect for most laptops, desktop monitors, & printers. It has a unique perforated holes design. It allows better air circulation through the surface mesh to cool your device. So you won’t have to worry about overheated devices. Especially useful for laptops.

    Besides, this monitor stand frees up more desktop space. Letting you put things beneath it as well. You can comfortably stash books, files, documents, office accessories into that opening.

    Moreover, the non-slip pads can hold the stand in place and protect your devices from toppling or sliding. The pads also protect your desk from scratches. Excellent for use at home or office.

    Also, the stand is very easy to assemble. Just spend about a minute of your time to connect the metal surface plate and two legs of the stand. Smartly manage small desks and workspaces with this quality monitor stand.

    • Adjustable height
    • Lightweight, Plastic body
    • Easy to assemble

    This computer raiser is also from LORYERGO. But unlike the previous one, it has a full plastic body.

    The most unique feature it has is that its height is fully customizable. You can adjust between 3 height settings from 2 to 5 inches. And adjusting the height gives you the perfect angle for working comfortably. You won’t be facing neck pains and fatigue either.

    Provides more storage space for a convenient desktop organization as well. You could stash your keyboard, files, documents, and office accessories underneath the stand. 

    Moreover, it’s lightweight and very easy to assemble. You can adjust and assemble this monitor stand by attaching or removing the leg segments without any tools. Complete the assembly in under 1 minute and get started right away. 

    Also, this monitor stand has a slot for holding cellphones or tablets. Very useful for use at the office or studio. 

    Besides, it has a very good texture with a polished finishing. Blends in perfectly with your work environment.

    • Ergonomic, Curved profile
    • Full metal body
    • Bears up to 40 lbs

    This computer raiser has a unique bent profile. Instead of traditional straight legs, the curved frame gives it an ergonomic vibe. So it’ll look pretty cool on your home or office desktop.

    This AmazonBasics product raises your computer to about 4.25 inches. So you’ll have an easier time looking at the screen from a comfortable angle. Especially recommended if you work long shifts in front of a low monitor setup.

    Moreover, the metal build with a black enamel coating keeps it functional for a very long time. Recommended for durability and suitable features. Also, it can bear up to 40 lbs of load. Suitable for any computer monitor or laptop.

    Use the bottom space smartly. Keep your keyboard, cell phone, consoles, & office accessories as well as books, files, & documents.

    Also, the 11 x 14.6-inch large surface is useful for keeping the monitor as well as other useful stuff. Although, the surface is solid and lacks ventilation. A perforated design would’ve made the circulation a lot better.

    • Glass and metal body
    • High load bearing capacity
    • Height adjustable design

    And finally, we have the FITUEYE clear glass monitor stand. The clear and ergonomic design enhances the quality of your workspace and reflects rich taste.

    This modern monitor stand has a glass surface and metallic legs. While it may look vulnerable, the 6mm tempered glass can easily carry up to 88 lbs. And it won’t crack like normal glasses as well. Also, the legs are up to 12mm height adjustable.

    You can use the opening at the bottom as you see fit. It’s large enough to store keyboard, gaming consoles, office accessories, documents, files, and other stuff.

    Moreover, this monitor stand has a smooth edge design. Which looks very good due to the superior polishing. And the smooth edge also helps you work safely. No more uncomfortable bumps or scratches.

    Raise your monitor to a comfortable level for working longer shifts with this unique stand. Since you can adjust the height, you get to choose the best working angle for yourself. Say goodbye to sore necks and sprains.

    What Is a Monitor Stand?

    A monitor stand supports the screen of your computer, laptop, or tablet and elevates it to your preferred comfort level. The key advantage of a monitor stand is that it usually provides a much more restful and dynamic workspace with a relaxing viewing distance.

    A good monitor stand should allow you correct orientation by giving you the freedom to adjust the screen height to your eye level. That means you can control how your monitor is positioned according to what feels right to you.

    Why Is it Important for You?

    Let’s talk a little bit about ergonomics.

    When tackling the physical aspects of working from home or even from the office, a common issue for people is the aching around their necks, backs, and heads. That’s because they do not adjust their monitors so they adjust their own posture. This is devastating for the eyes and neck who strain to stay focused for long periods of time. This results in pain that can actually stop us from working altogether.

    Ergonomics is the science that combines anatomy, physiology, psychology, engineering, and statistics to redesign the uncomfortable and stressful places and tools we use to work. This discipline tells us a lot about our strengths in the workplace and how to utilize them as well as our limitations and how to minimize them.

    When we work within an uncomfortable ergonomic setup, we subject ourselves to less productivity and more risk of musculoskeletal disorders. By following the right ergonomic principles in our workspace whether at home or in the office, we can gain so much.

    We can reduce so much of the negative side effects of working at a desk on a computer screen all day using a monitor stand. By elevating our screens, we can prevent a lot of the muscle pain, headaches, and eye fatigue that comes with hunching towards our screens.

    Benefits of Having a Monitor Stand

    See at Eye Level

    Naturally, our eyes scan downwards which means we are constantly tilting our heads down to our screens. A monitor stand brings the screen up to your seated eye level so your eyes are less strained and fatigued.

    Control the Screen’s Distance

    Sometimes it can feel that your screen is too close or maybe too far. That results in a tension to your eyes that struggle to see clearly and complete tasks with concentration. With a monitor stand, you can adjust the distance of your monitor to be at arm’s length exactly wherever you move. Consequently, you can ease the stress on your eyes and read anything on your monitor with ease.

    Storage Space For Your Computer Needs

    Resting your screen on your desk can be cluttering to your space since it can be quite busy and disorganized around it. Most monitor stands offer storage space underneath them to store books, documents, office supplies, electronics, and more. That can be super helpful for people with tight spaces or small desks and are looking to make the best out of their space. It can also benefit people who like their space organized and not too cluttered.

    Easily Movable to Your Next Gig

    Are you ordering your next monitor stand for your home or office desk? Well, it doesn’t really matter since you can take it with you anywhere. Monitor stands can be extremely durable yet easily handled depending on their material. You can use the same monitor stand for your computer, laptop, or tablet anywhere you would like. You can even move to other parts of your home whenever you are looking for a change in scenery.

    If you move a lot maybe you should consider getting a portable monitor, for more travel convenience.

    How to Pick the Stand for Your Monitor?

    Determine the Right Size for Your Space

    One of the first things you need to consider is the size of your space and most importantly your desk. Where you will position the monitor stand will determine how much you will benefit from it so pick your spot wisely. Use a measuring tool to learn the dimensions of your monitor stand so it is not too wide or too long for its designated spot and screen.

    Look for Adjustable Options

    It is super helpful to get a monitor stand with as many adjustable options as possible. Some monitor stands are height adjustable so you can position them perfectly with your chair to your comfort.

    Sturdy Build For Durability

    Another feature to consider is the material of your monitor stand. The material can determine the durability and longevity of this product. You also want to make sure that it has reinforced legs to avoid it slipping or sliding.


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