If you are looking for a white computer desk, you are in the right place. We have reviewed dozens of computer desks to bring you the very best.

But, before heading to the list, here are a few important things, you may need to know.

We always want to make our home/workplace look gorgeous. And often, simplicity is the key to that. The simple white color always gives a positive vibe and brings peace of mind.

All of these white computer desks are a pure signature of true craftsmanship. You can choose the table according to your taste and requirements of your home office. These computer desks fit home offices, bedrooms, dorms, anywhere you do your work. You can write, study, or even play games on it.

Moreover, some of these desks have height adjustment features, which is great for those who want to stand during long work hours. You can increase the height from sit to stand to increases blood flow and improve workability.

Here are our top recommended white computer desks:


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    1 Best Choice White SmartDesk Core By Autonomous Check Price
    2 Premium Airtouch Table & Desk by Steelcase Check Price
    3 Best Value Foxemart White Computer Desk Check Price
    4 Renew Sit-to-Stand Rectangular Table with C-Foot by Herman Miller Check Price
    5 Coordinate Height Adjustable Desk by Hon Check Price
    6 Haotian Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf White Computer Desk Check Price
    7 Homfa Writing White Computer Desk Check Price
    8 AmazonBasics Classic Home Office Computer Desk With Shelves in White Check Price
    9 CubiCubi White Computer Desk Check Price
    10 Cubiker White Computer Desk Check Price
    11 Rectangular Everywhere Table by Herman Miller Check Price
    • Sit-stand desk with motor
    • 4 programmable height settings
    • 300 lbs weight capacity

    The SmartDesk 2 is a premium white desk designed and made by Autonomous – a leader in sit-stand desks. The desk is available in a white top with a white frame. It’s also available in different finishes such as a white oak top.

    The classic desktop is 53 inches wide and 29 inches deep. Or you can opt for the XL version which is 70.5″ x 30″. This very strong and sturdy white desk can hold up to 300 pounds of weight capacity and is very easy to assemble. With either desktop you choose, it comes with two holes in the back for easy cable management to keep your desk free of wiring.

    The desk comes with a programmable keypad to set custom heights. That way, you can move it from sitting to standing position with the touch of a button.

    The SmartDesk 2 comes with a 30 day free trial and a 7 year warranty on the frame and motor. That type of promise speaks to the quality you are getting. And, it’s the reason we have it as our premium choice!

    • Height adjustment
    • 150 lb load capacity
    • Eco friendly

    For those of you looking for something stylish, cool, easily adjustable with your heights, we recommend the Airtouch table. You can use it at the office, home, or anywhere you want. Bound to give you a premium service.

    This Airtouch desk comes with 26.5 inches to 43-inch height X 54-inch width X 22.25-inch depth. Column width varies from 16 inches to 21 inches. Helps to take huge loads. 150 lb load capacity, suitable for dual monitor setup.

    Additionally, you can adjust its height. Makes your day to day work experience simple and effortless. Looks like floating on air.No extra effort needs. One natural motion moves the table from sitting to standing position.

    Moreover, research shows changing positions during work hour increases blood flow. Also, improves comfort and workability. While decreasing upper and lower body pain.

    Besides, the leveling glides allow you to put this on uneven floors. And the platinum frame gives an elegant appearance. Making it durable. Some may find it steep a little bit.

    Furthermore, it has 98% recyclable content and 69% recycled content. Makes it an eco-friendly table. Ergonomic, health benefits, and effortlessly durable.

    • Adjustable leg pads
    • Scratch resistant
    • Ample spacing

    Foxemart’s computer desk is an example of modern craftsmanship.  A super sturdy and stable design with high build quality and durability. Making it versatile in every way.

    This stylish, minimalist design suits every environment. You can use it for professional, personal, and gaming purposes. We recommend the Foxemart computer desk is one of the best budget desk tables. You will find this product as value for money.

    Additionally, it comes with a sleek design. The suit at home, school, office, or any workspace. 47″x 24″ dimensions provide ample space. You can keep the computer, monitor, printer, or any other office supplies.

    Moreover, you don’t have to worry about scratch, wear and tear of this desk. Made of thicker MDF desktop with scratch-resistant, anti-collision, and waterproof features. Also, the Coated metal frame and track legs build makes the table strong and durable.

    Besides, easy to assemble. Simply need to attach the legs and struts. Takes a few minutes. Adjustable leg pads, triangular junction construction, and extra fixed steel brackets ensure stability. You can use it on uneven floors. Also, this desk comes with 24 months warranty and lifetime customer support.

    • Electric height adjustable
    • Levelling option
    • Cord management.

    Next, we have an elegant looking Renew Sit to Stand Rectangular Table with C- Foot by Herman Miller. Electric height adjustable feature makes it easy to use. Good color scheme, attractive design, and sturdy construction make it comfortable and suitable for any place.

    Additionally, it comes with a overall size 48″x24″ or 60″w x 30″d.Depth of surface reduces to 1″ for managing chords. For reducing possible pinch hazards width of the surface reduces to 2″. Build of aluminum, laminate, thermoplastic, veneers. Provides high quality and aesthetic appearance.

    Moreover, you can adjust the height by pressing a button. It is electric. You can adjust the height to 27-46″. Also, there is a preset height button.

    Besides, this desk improves workability and removes physical fatigue. Increases blood circulation while you stand from sitting. Provides a good focus on the work.

    Also, it has a leveling option. So, you can use it on uneven floors. You can keep up to 180 pounds on the table.   Ensures heavy load caring capacity.

    • Height adjustment
    • 250 lb load bearing
    • Motor activated lift

    This Coordinate Height Adjustable Desk by hon is a popular desk. A gorgeous color line increases the beauty of your surroundings. Support sit to stand modern technology. Making the desk desirable.

    The desk has 28.63″ h x 72″ w x 30″ d general dimensions. Providing enough space for keeping necessary staffs. It’s also suitable for all kinds of use. You can keep it in your home, office, studio, crafting room, and pretty much anywhere you want. Built with a solid aluminum base w/silver mash laminate top.

    Moreover, you can adjust the height from 28-5/8″ to 48-1/4″. No extra hustle needs. Motor activated lift, adjustable lever reduces your pain.78″ chord provides easy access to floor or wall outlets.

    Besides, this desk has a leveling glide. So you can perfectly set it up and maintain alignment. Also, it can carry up to 250 lb load. You can also easily assemble the desk. The desktop includes 2 grommets.

    • Wood trestle leg
    • Extra shelves
    • Spacious

    This Haotian wall mounted drop leaf table is an old classic table desk. Simple solid wood design. Enough storage space, smooth texture, wooden trestle leg makes it durable and well made.

    It comes with W 112 x D 50  x H 76 cm standard dimensions. Made of MDF chipboard. The lightweight of 22 kg. Can carry up to 75 kg load. Fits in your space and budget.

    Moreover, this desk has 2 widely open side square shelves. Stylish, fit with any decoration. Also, has smooth side shelving. Perfect for keeping books, plants, storage, or any kind of decors.

    Besides, the item comes with a flat pack. Requires self-assembly. Proper and detailed instruction comes with the package. Easy to assemble.

    Also, engineered wood makes it a proper extension desk. Gives fine architect gestures. You can use it in the office, class, dorm, or even in the living room. Always provides an aesthetic ambiance.

    • Multifunctional
    • Extra Drawers
    • Spacious

    This Homfa ivory white desk with natural color legs adds a touch of vintage rustic appearance to your room. Looks simple yet stylish. You can always feel the presence.

    It comes with a desk size 39.4″l x 19.7″w x 30.3h. Has two drawers also. You can keep your necessary document, tools in this large drawer. Surely, will keep your desk clean.

    Additionally, you can use this table for multipurpose. Studying, working, or even as a dressing table. Save your workspace.

    Moreover, this desk build of high-quality material. The main body is made of fiberboard. Prevents dehydration or moisture problems. Four hard, durable and extremely sturdy oak legs support the desk. Resist wear and tear and provide peace of mind.

    Besides, it needs self-assembly. Very simple to install. With the help of the manual takes just 15-20 minutes to set up. Also, Homfa furniture products ensure 24-hour free online service via mail.

    • Extra shelves
    • Adjustable
    • Stable design

    Next, we have sweet white color Amazon Basics desk. Multifunctional, good looking, and suitable for anywhere. Combination of durable wood and strong metal construction.

    Firstly, it comes with a wide desktop and two open storage shelves. Perfect for dorms, study rooms, classes, or offices. This sturdy wide open desk makes computer work, writing, official projects easy.

    Moreover, you can customize the shelves. You can keep it on the right side or left side. So whether you’re a righty or a lefty, this table won’t let you down. The desk has sleek dimensions of 35.5″ x 19.6″ x 29.5″. Also, this desk has a BIFMA certification.

    It also has an X-bracing for additional safety. The frame ensures improved stability. Besides, you can easily assemble it without any extra tool. Just follow the manual instructions. It suits most of the interior. You will always find it beautiful and gives an aesthetic appearance.

    • Storage bag
    • Hanging iron hook
    • Simple, Spacious

    This Cubicubi white computer desk has a vintage design. Sturdy and durable material make sure sustainability. Storage bag, iron hook helps you to keep you necessary staffs nearby. You can make your working experience comfortable with this desk.

    Additionally, it has minimalistic dimensions of 55″l x 23.6″w x 29.5″h. Build with metal and particleboard. The solid metal frame and triangle strut provide stability. Help you enjoy writing, working, or studying on the table effortlessly.

    Moreover, you can call it multifunctional in one design. Fashionable, affordable, and enjoyable. It is mainly a computer desk. But fit in the office, bedroom, living room, or study room.

    Besides, there is a storage bag and an iron hook. So, you can keep your table clean. Prevent your desk from being a mess. Also, you can easily hang your headphone or backpack on the hook.

    It comes with a self-assembly package. No extra tools or hardware needs. Just follow the manual instructions and you are all set to go.

    • Adjustable leg pad
    • Storage bag pack
    • Improved Stability

    And finally, we have a white Cubiker computer desk. Modern multifunctional home office design. A sturdy steel structure makes it strong, durable, and long-lasting.

    Additionally, it comes with standard dimensions of 31.8″L x 19.7″W x 29.5″ H.Build with a combination of metal and particleboard. You can call it an affordable, flexible, and enjoyable keyboard.

    Moreover, this desk will save your space. The upper desk surface is suitable for keeping office supplies, laptops, computers, or notebooks. You can keep it a study, bedroom, living room, dorm, office, or anywhere you want.

    Besides, it has a special storage bag design. Working documents, stuff, or tools can keep there safely. You also change the side of the storage according to your wish.

    Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about heavy load carry. Heavy-duty powder-coated steel provides stability and durability. Adjustable leg pads help to support the load on the uneven floor.

    Besides, It is easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions in the manual.

    • Glide or fixed system
    • Electric connectivity
    • 8 sizes

    If you want a plain and perfectly craft table, this Rectangular Everywhere Table by Herman Miller is for you. This unique, functional, & beautiful table gives an aesthetic appearance. This is our overall best recommendation.

    It has lots of variety in width and depth. Comes with 8 different combinations. As short as 18 inches and as tall as 36, as wide as 48 inches or 72 expansive. You can choose a suitable size.

    Additionally, a lamination or wood veneer top gives a classic view. Coated metal, post leg base makes it sturdy. You can glide or lock the casters. Increases sustainability. Also, pairs with HM connect S-300 for an ‘electrifying’ experience.

    Moreover, a good color scheme and elegant design create an attractive appeal. Classic fine lines, simple, durable construction takes the table to another level. You can choose the tabletop color and customize the table.

    Furthermore, a versatile and flexible build provides a comfortable experience. Anywhere you can use it. Personal desk, conference table, group work table, or any role. besides, you can move to your suitable places.


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