When it comes to class and aesthetics, nothing beats black. It’s a color that blends in without raising any eyebrows. So choosing a black computer desk can only reflect your rich taste and perception.

In this article, we’re going to feature some of the popular and practical black computer desks for your home office.

A computer desk is clearly more than just the appearance. You need to consider the features, model, build quality, materials, and more before making your decision. We have included these variables and features in our top recommendations below.

Wooden platforms and metal framed tables are becoming more and more popular these days. These black computer desks have light, practical designs. They’re also inexpensive compared to the solid wood tables. Perfect for light loads, easy shipping, and fast installation for your home office.

However, if you want something strong and long lasting, we suggest you to go for a solid wood and thick metal framed table.

Here are our top recommendations:


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    • 4 Programmable memory presets
    • Built-in desk drawer
    • 3 USB charging ports

    The Comhar All-in-One black standing desk wins our #1 spot for numerous reasons! To start, it is a sit-stand desk that is one of the only ones to feature a child lock button. When activated, the desk height locks so that a child or pet doesn’t accidentally move the desk up/down. It is also one of the only sit-stand desks to feature built-in usb ports and a drawer. It has two type A USB ports and one type C.

    The desk is available in a variety of colors, but the black frame and black desktop option is our favorite. This desk by Flexispot can easily fit a multiple monitor setup, measuring in at 47.3 inches wide, and 23.7 inches deep. It can rise up to 47.3″ tall and has a weight capacity of 110 lbs. With it’s very reasonable price, two year warranty, and built-in features that we discussed, this desk wins our top spot. It also has tremendous customer reviews on its website. We know you’ll love it!

    2 Corridor Desk 6521 by BDI

    Premium Choice
    • Etched glass surface
    • Keyboard tray + 2 drawers
    • Metal frame

    Next up, we have the Corridor Desk 6521. This smart and elegant computer desk is our premium choice.

    Thanks to its spectacular design, the Corridor 6521 computer desk takes your workplace aesthetics to another level. The design is simple, yet practical.

    The overall dimensions are 29.75″ x 67.75″ x 32.25″. Which is pretty spacious for a computer desk. You can place books, office supplies, decoration items, etc as well.

    The tabletop is covered with smooth micro-etched glass. Making it easy to maintain, water-resistant, & scratch-free. Besides, the glass top adds a premium vibe to your working environment. It also ensures comfort as it has some anti-glare features.

    Additionally, the table features a central keyboard drawer alongside two side drawers. You can use the spacious side drawers to keep office accessories, tools, & other important equipment.

    The table stands on a sturdy metal frame. It has a powder-coated protective layer that ensures longevity and durability.

    Nonetheless, this table can be an excellent addition to your home or office.

    • Economical
    • Practical build
    • Quality materials

    Running low on budget? Perhaps it’s time for something simple then. Check out the SHW Home Office black computer desk. This table is a blend of environmental particleboard and a sturdy steel frame.

    The table isn’t loaded with features and details like other black computer tables. But sometimes, simplicity is the key. It blends in with any corporate or domestic environment, making itself very useful. You can set up multiple of these tables to create a functional work environment.

    The table is somewhat spacious. With the general dimensions being 48″ x 23.8″ x 28″. You can’t place an excessive load on this table as it’s meant for light works. Still, it can hold a computer, accessories, files, & other stuff pretty easily.

    Moreover, the table has a laminated glossy top that adds a few class points. And its metal frame comes with a protective powder coating for longevity as well. Simply built & easy to assemble.

    • Height adjustable
    • Button controller
    • 154 lbs bearing cap

    The Flexispot Black Computer Desk is a feasible desk to work perfectly with ample space. This premium height adjustable desk helps you work with ease without any trouble. You can easily build a home office with this desk to work from home and be productive.

    FCC and UL certificates ensure the quality and security of the design. The powder-coated steel tubing resists stains and scratches. The solid construction ensures stability and also, makes it ideal to bear up to 154 lbs.

    If you like to work with sufficient space on your desk then this desk can be the perfect choice for you. You can easily set more than one monitor on the desk as the desk provides 48”x30” of space. Besides, the spacious surface helps to put all the necessary office supplies for work.

    Another fascinating feature of this desk is it has an electric height adjustable lift system. You can easily adjust the height up to 47.6 inches.

    Also, the desk is easy to assemble.

    • 2 open shelves, Adjustable
    • Wood + Metal
    • Improved stability

    Next, we have the Amazon Basics classic black computer desk. It’s a simple computer table with two shelves, accompanied by a stable design.

    If you want a simple table with a practical build that promotes stability & durability, we recommend this one for you. And as always, Amazon Basics added their quality craftsmanship behind this table.

    This black wood and metal frame table is 35 inches high and 29.5 inches wide. It has a depth of about 19.5 inches. Narrow, but practical. The company focused on maintaining minimal modern aesthetics for the table.

    Additionally, you can adjust the shelves by switching their positions. Keep them on your left or right. The two open shelves are also large enough to hold plants, book stacks, CPU, etc.

    The metal frame comes with an X-brace on the back for additional stability. It’s also to install. You’ll receive an instruction manual and necessary hardware with the package.

    • 150 lbs+ bearing cap
    • Solid wood body
    • Reinforced metal frame

    Here we have the Coleshome Black Computer Desk with a bookshelf. This is a large and sturdy computer desk that has a simple, yet practical build.

    First of all, it consists of pure wood. No board or modified stuff. You can easily tell the difference between ordinary computer tables. The 47″ by 23.6″ wide surface can carry 150+ lbs weight. So you can easily place your computer, books, office supplies, & accessories on it.

    The surface is also waterproof & scratch proof. So you can rest assured about the aesthetics and use it without holding back.

    Additionally, the table has a thick sturdy frame with stable legs. The legs are made of heavy-duty steel with protective powder coatings. So they’re not only stable but durable as well. Besides, the resin plastic foot pads hold them in place for extra stability.

    Below the top surface, you’ll find a 17.9″ high partition that serves as a bookshelf. However, you can store anything you want.

    The table comes with a six-step, easy to follow assembly guide.

    • Laminated MDF
    • Thick metal frame
    • Scratch free, Waterproof

    The Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Black Computer Desk is a simple classy desk. The desk can easily pull out an aesthetic look in your home or office space.

    The heavy-duty powder-coated metal frame ensures durability and stability. Super strong to bear heavyweight. Also, the 0.98″ thick laminated MDF helps to keep the desktop scratch-free and waterproof.

    Moreover, you can use the desk for multi-purposes. You can write or study or just simply keep a laptop, files, and other necessary things on the top of the desk. You can easily put it in your bedroom or study.

    Also, the open-concept design provides enough space and helps you to keep the room clean and tidy.

    Too much easy to assemble that you will need less than 15 minutes to set the whole desk. You can effortlessly assemble the desk by following only two steps. Just make sure to put all the legs together and your desk is all set up.

    • Adjustable feet pad
    • Monitor mount
    • 2 Shelves

    The Rolanstar Black Computer Desk is simply a beneficial desk for a versatile person.

    With a little touch of a traditional look, this desk can surely pull out a striking look.

    This simply designed desk has a wide workbench that helps you to work with proper concentration and comfort. The storage space under the table provides enough space to put necessary books and documents or other stuff.

    Besides, this simple yet elegant desk confirms high durability and stability with its’ special features. The adjustable feet pad and monitor mount ensures a steady and stable setting for the desk and monitor.

    Moreover, the spacious desk is perfect to set multi-monitors or keep a laptop along with files, books, and binders. You don’t have to create a mess for not having enough space.

    Also, it’s quite easy to assemble. It will take only 20 minutes for you to set up the whole desk. So, you don’t need to worry much about the process.

    The EPA TSCA Title VI and Carb certificates confirm a healthy and safe environment for you. So, that makes the desk more suitable to purchase.


    • Engineered Wood
    • Flip-Down Molding
    • Bears up to 138.6 lbs

    Sauder 408558 Edge Water Black Computer Desk can certainly create an elegant look with its’ classic design. A perfect table for you to work at the office.

    The spacious top of the table provides enough space to put your essentials. You can easily place your laptop, papers, or important files. Also, you can keep a small showpiece or photo frame to create a homey vibe.

    Also, there is a storage area with a door to keep the CPU inside. Also, there is a lower drawer for you to keep letters or Europian size hanging files. On the upper side, there are 2 more drawers. You can open and close them with the help of a smooth metal runner.

    Besides the whole desk is made of high quality Engineered wood that gives the table more stability. Makes the desk sturdy enough to bear up to 138.6 lbs.

    Moreover, you can assemble the desk without any problem. Just follow the instruction manual to set the whole desk.

    Furthermore, the company is providing a warranty of 5 years. So if there are any defects that are applicable to the warranty policy, you can contact the company regarding the product issue.

    • Metal frame
    • 2 Shelves
    • Stable design

    The Soges Black Computer Desk creates a contemporary styling look that easily matches your abode or office. The simple and polished design of the desk blends perfectly with any environment.

    Besides, it is a perfect desk for you to use as a writing desk, computer table, or study desk. The upper desk is quite spacious with a 55.1-inch length and 23.6-inch width. You can put your laptop, files, and other important stuff at your convenience.

    Moreover, the top board is made of solid MDF wood while the whole frame is made of a heavy-duty metal frame. Ensures durability and stability. Also, makes it sturdy enough to bear 222 lbs max.

    Provides more storage space with open shelves. You can organize your books or files there. Also, you can put some decorative stuff to give a polished look.

    You can assemble the whole desk easily. There are 2 storage selves that you can assemble on any side as your preference.

    Furthermore, if the product arrives damaged, you will get the replacement of the product. So, you can purchase the product without worry.

    • 5 shelves
    • Stainless steel poles
    • Tool-free assembly

    Introducing the Convenience Concepts Designs2Go black computer desk. If you want a sleek computer table with lots of storage options, this may be your choice.

    This 2.5 ft high table is 47.25 inches wide and has a depth of 15.75 inches. So it may appear as a narrow table, but it’s wide enough to accommodate laptops, computers, books, files, office accessories, decorative items, and other miscellaneous items.

    The table comes with compressed wooden shelves that feature wood grain lamination. So it adds to the aesthetics, giving you a cozy feeling. Also, it stands on smooth, stainless steel poles. So it’s sturdy as well as durable.

    It gives you plenty of space with the 4 small shelves and 1 large shelf. Store, decorate, or do anything you wish to.

    Moreover, the table is very easy to assemble. It requires no additional tool, making the assembly more convenient and hassle-free. Available in different color variants.


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