Cross-Legged Office Chair are gaining popularity these days. People who want a break from the boring and inconvenient office chairs are turning to cross-legged office chairs. These chairs act as an alternative and help deal with back pain and spine problems. 

Various studies showcase the benefits of sitting cross-legged. Not only does it help you physiologically, but it also helps improve productivity. 

We at WFHAdviser, have shortlisted 10 best cross-legged office chairs to help you pick the best ones. These are some of the best chairs available online. However, these might differ on the basis of features, material, strength, etc. Thus, pay close attention to each and every product. 


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    • High-quality blend upholstery
    • Unique bespoke appearance
    • Hood protected wheels

    Spice up your work from home routine with this excellently stylish chair that offers you comfort in every inch. Soule Task Chair is designed dexterously to provide you with utter convenience with premium materials and a high-quality mechanism. 

    The chair features a blend of brushed upholstery that is 75% polyester and 25% cotton. This mixture gives you a premium and soft feel every time you sit on it. 

    Furthermore, the steep and high backrest comes with integrated arms that go around the seat making you feel embraced by the cozy cushion. 

    The Soule Task Cross-legged Office Chair is not just beautiful, it is also strong and durable. It has piped edges that are reinforced with nailhead trim and offer a unique bespoke appeal. Whereas, the rich foam adds to the support and comfort. 

    As for the base, the chair features a tilt control and a swivel mechanism. You can use the lever to adjust the height of the chair between 19-23 inches.  You can glide with ease owing to the plastic hood that protects the wheels and prevents blockage.

    • Antimicrobial
    • Sleek and sturdy design
    • Suitable for varied surfaces

    When you’re ready to pay more, why settle for limited features. A cushioned cross-legged chair with wheels is an ideal solution. Especially for people who are seeking more than just a regular office chair.  The Ibis Task Chair answers this question effortlessly.

    Apart from impressive ergonomics and comfort, Ibis Task Chair has an antimicrobial layer on top. Thus, with this additional layer, this chair is able to prevent bacteria accumulation, thereby keeping you safe from harmful germs. 

    Its curvy body covered in shining glossy white paint gives it a rich and modernistic look. Furthermore, its advanced structural design helps maximize comfort, and offer back support.  

    We vouch for this chair primarily due to its sturdiness and longevity. But that’s not all, besides a strong build, this chair enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space. The wheels of the chair work best on surfaces like carpet, hardwood, tiles, and linoleum. 

    • Mesh backrest support
    • Tilt and gas-lift adjustment
    • Durable star base

    The Braelyn Task Chair is a stunning specimen for the saying ‘Quality Lies In Simplicity.’ This modest furniture piece is not just a great cross-legged chair alternative but is also an unbelievable steal, in terms of price.

    This chair boasts plenty of impressive features. To begin with, it has black mesh on the backrest that adjusts to your body’s shape as you get comfortable on it. In addition, the mesh offers high breathability and has built-in lumbar support for your back. 

    Furthermore, you can adjust the chair according to your sitting posture with the help of tilt for maximum convenience. The tilt and gas lift can adjust the height of the chair. 

    The black fabric seat and plastic base complement and blend with any décor setting. 

    Just like other office chairs, Braelyn Task Chair too has a star base which is quite durable. In addition, there are rolling casters under the chair that offer incredible mobility.

    • Professional appeal
    • Comfortable padding
    • Convenient footrest

    A befitting pick for your professional workstation. The Acherby Task Chair boasts a design that complements the modern and unconventional work routines. Also, it has almost all the essential features that you could look for in an office chair. 

    Even though it is designed as a cross-legged chair, it does not lack in style or comfort in any way. The sleek chrome frame that runs around coupled with a monotonous fabric blend of polyester and polyurethane makes this chair a delightful sight. 

    The Acherby Task Chair come with a soft padding. Thus, making it an ideal option when working long hours. 

    Additionally, the chair is very convenient to use. You can adjust the height and tilt using the handle below. Moreover, the elevated starbase also works as a footrest, so you can relax your feet while working. 

    The chrome paint base adds to the premium and professional appeal. Lastly, the single casters with a hood over them provide ease of mobility. 

    • Strong pedestal base
    • 100% polyester
    • Sizable cushion

    As classy workstations need chairs that are unique and spectacular, we recommend the Melyna Task Chair. This incredible piece of furniture is a mixture of the finest comfort, materials, and aesthetic appeal. 

    It sits on a strong pedestal base with caster wheels that offer great mobility. Though it looks quite massive it is surprisingly lightweight as it weighs only 55lbs. You can move the chair by sitting or lifting without any hassles. 

    Coming to the main part, the chair has a wooden frame that holds the foam. Moreover, it is covered with 100% polyester which gives it the premium appeal. However, the artistic decoration doesn’t end here. The also has chair has silver painted nailheads that run through the outline of the chair.  

    As for the chair’s body, it has a sizable cushion that you can sit on with your legs crossed and a slightly sloped backrest. There are small wings that connect to the backrest to give you a well-cushioned resting posture. 

    • SGS certified gas rod
    • 264lbs load-bearing capacity
    • Antimicrobial coating

    This chair is very different from all the other options on this list. The Low Black Task Chair has so many features and peculiarities that it will make you reconsider your choices. Its simple yet chic look with impressive features is a combination you surely don’t want to miss out on. 

    The chair is made from high-quality materials that take care of your comfort even if you occupy it for a longer duration. These also include an SGS certified gas rod that helps in adjusting the height of the chair. 

    It has a load-bearing capacity of around 264lbs which can be helpful if you’ve gained some weight working from home. You can increase or decrease the height of the chair between 16.5- 20.5 inches with the help of a handle under the seat. 

    The chair has a 360-degree swivel seat that enables you to turn in any direction with ease. Furthermore, it has an antimicrobial coating that protects the chair from catching germs and bacteria. 

    • Metal backrest
    • 360-degree swivel
    • Polyester filling

    Estephanie Toto Task Chair is the perfect cross-legged office chair to keep you comfortable and safe from soreness. This chair features modernistic design and ergonomic construction, thus ensuring maximum productivity. 

    For a cross-legged office chair, it has all the features that you might need for a cozy seat. Moreover, the backrest made of metal ensures that you have firm back support at all times. 

    Similar to other chairs on this list, the Estephanie Toto Task Chair also has a swivel that gives you the freedom to turn 360-degrees. Not only that but there is also a height adjustment mechanism that lets you adjust the height of the chair between 19-25 inches. 

    Its reinforced chrome star base offers additional durability and longevity. It has single roller casters that provide better mobility as you work. Lastly, the Estephanie Toto Task Chair suits multiple surfaces like hardwood, tile, carpet, and linoleum. 

    • Modern design
    • Foam filling
    • Stainless steel frame

    A tough and cozy chair can help for people who spend long hours working in a single position. Desarae Office Chair is created for such dedicated professionals who need a reliable chair that can handle the pressure all day.  

    Desarae Office Chair gives you the benefit of a cross-legged chair. Furthermore, it maintains a professional appeal with its modest and sharp appearance. It has a simple look that comprises grey wool-colored upholstery and a chrome star base coupled with black wheels. 

    The chair’s boasts a stainless steel frame.  Thus, allowing you to not worry about any damages. For additional comfort, the seat and backrest have a foam filling. Not only is it super soft but it also retains its shape after continuous use.

    Desarae Office Chair has a swivel that turns around 360-degrees and the smooth-rolling casters that give you mobility and convenience while working. 

    • Faux leather upholstery
    • 200lbs load-bearing capacity
    • 360-degree rotating swivel

    If you are fond of leather chairs the Abha Task Chair will surely leave you speechless with its spectacular design. Though it has a simple construction similar to a common cross-legged office chair. The chair’s tan leather seat and various features are something you would love to try. 

    The best thing about the Abha Task Chair is the mid-century silhouette which gives the chair a vintage look. This shape also aids in the ergonomic aspects of the chair such as lumbar support and ample space to cross your legs. 

    It has a swivel mechanism that lets you turn 360-degrees and get access to the other parts of your workstation. The chair has roller casters that offer smooth movements and can help you move around quickly. 

    The chair has a height adjustment feature that helps in increasing or lowering the height of the seat. Thus making it ideal for work from home setups. 

    • Rich velvet upholstery
    • Pneumatic adjustment lever
    • Lumbar support design

    Everly Queen Salpeter Office Chair suits both work and casual purposes. The contemporary design of this chair matches all kinds of modern décor and furniture settings. If you want to add a beautiful chair to your setup, this cross-legged chair can be a great option. 

    The high-quality velvet upholstery grabs your attention. It covers the entire seating area, thereby becoming a focal point of any room. Also, it has a unique luster that gives it a rich appearance. You can clean the velvet fabric using a dry cloth.  

    It comes with a 360-degree swivel mechanism that lets you turn in any direction quickly and without any strain. Furthermore, the chair is features a height adjustment mechanism that helps you sit comfortably. Meanwhile, the pneumatic adjustment lever can be used to adjust the height of the chair. 

    Lastly, for fluid movements and even load-bearing, the chair has been equipped with five castor rollers on a sturdy star base.

    Buyer’s Guide to Cross-legged Office Chair

    Buying an office chair only makes sense when it is comfortable and the features match your preferences. However, in the case of cross-legged office chairs you need to keep certain important things in mind so that you can make your purchase worthwhile. For instance, what’s the material that you prefer, is it leather, velvet, or polyester? Similarly, there are other points that you need to consider. 

    Here are the things you need to look for in a cross-legged office chair: 

    Seat height

    This is where you begin testing your shortlisted models. While some cross-legged office chairs come with a seat adjustment feature and some don’t. 

    To avoid buying a chair that is too short or tall for you, you can opt for the one that has a height-adjustable feature. However, if you’re fixated on a chair that lacks this feature, the only thing you need to do is make sure that the seat height is 16 to 21 inches above ground level. 

    This general measurement should help you find a chair that lets you access your table conveniently without having to bend or sit stiffly. 

    Seat width and depth

    We all love seats that have a soft cushion and feel as soft as a cloud when you sit on them. Cross-legged office chairs come with such soft cushions too but it is not always wise to choose them. 

    If the cushion is too thick and you feel like you’re sinking inside it, you need to look for another option. As such cushions tend to cause imbalance and sometimes sweat builds up when the weather’s hot. 

    The seat should be 22-inches wide, whereas, the depth from the front of the seat can be around 19 inches. You need to make sure that your knees don’t protrude too far from the seat or you might fall from it. 

    Lumbar support and backrest

    Since you’re going to be sitting in a particular position for a long time, you need to find a chair that can help you avoid the consequences. This is why people opt for a chair with a good lumbar support structure. 

    According to a recent study, sitting cross-legged reduces the activity of the internal and external obliques and makes the joints stable by compressing the sacroiliac joints.

    The lack of a lumbar support design can cause slouching which further puts a strain on the structures in the lower spine. Therefore, it is crucial to look for a chair with a good lumbar support system so that the inward curve of your lower back stays intact.

    Most of the time the lumbar support structure of a chair depends on the way its backrest is designed. A well-structured backrest is anywhere between 12-19 inches wide. 

    In some chairs, the backrest and seat are different units. Here you need to look at the angle of the backrest, as it should be able to support the spine in the lumbar region. However, in chairs that have a unified backrest and seat, the backrest should be adjustable in both front and back angles. It should also have a locking mechanism to keep the angle locked and stable. 



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