A leather office chair adds a lot of style and gusto to a home office setup. We ranked the top 6 leather chairs for the modern worker who wants to add a bit of flare to their office.


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    • Executive finish
    • Solid wood arm and base
    • All day comfortability

    The La-Z-Boy Bellamy Executive Office Chair is beyond decideant: it is high end quality, comfort, and fashion built into one pleasing office chair. This chair brings together executive touches, ergonomics, and all day comfort in a plush leather upholstery that breathes and keeps your back feeling soft. The leather waterfall edge of the seat takes pressure off your legs, enabling you to focus on work.

    2 Serta Faux Big Office Chair

    Premium Choice
    • All day broad cushions
    • Neck support built-in
    • Smooth rolling casters

    This leather chair is built for the moden executive. It is elegant and large with deep cushion padding and a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. But that is not all! It enables smooth rolling and mobility with it’s dual-wheel design that makes it easy to swivel across many surfaces, including wood and carpet. This chair is high end and you will love how it makes you look and feel while working at home.

    • Contemporary and simple
    • Black Leather
    • Lumbar support built-in

    If you crave an economical and sleek leather chair that has a narrow body and comfortable armrests, this is a great contemporary home office chair. We love the simple but tall high back design. This is of particular note if you are a taller individual. The Black leather will look excellent next to a dark or glass desk and is incredibly soft.

    • Luxury design and material
    • Premium feel and features
    • Ergonomic build

    This chair is built from the ground up to keep you happy and comfortable while working. The seat has multiple parts including sturdy arm rests, a high back, extra neck cushions, and support. The chair is luxurious, there is no question about it. The integrated support that the chair provides will help you feel great and the material will enable you to sink in while remaining comfortable at your desk. This is a great home office chair and of the highest value.

    • Traditional cut and style
    • Elegant wood components
    • Simple color scheme/design

    This chair is simple and elegant: it combines great material with a stern and modern conservative fit and finish. The color scheme creates a nice contrast between the mid-sized back and the legs of the chair, which are wheel based and enable a full swivel. The chair supports weight loads of up to 250 pounds so it is ideal for the smaller to medium sized home office worker.

    • High-back
    • Soft brown leather
    • Set chair to preferred angle

    AmazonBasics is Amazon’s branded items and they always nail the design, finish, and price. If you want a high quality item with a strong and high-back for all day comfort this chair will bring you a professional feel for your home office at an affordable rate. The chair comes with a 1 year warranty which is a nice feature in case you have any concerns. The dark and rich brown leather will look next to any desk.

    Buyer’s Guide To A Leather Office Chair

    Imagine working for a long day in your work from home office. You likely have many emails to respond to and tasks to complete. One of the most important products that you can have to both feel comfortable and look professional is a leather chair that represents power, intellectual passion, and an elite work from home aptitude. Nothing is more professional than a comfortable ergonomically designed and beautiful leather chair. This is especially true when joining conference calls via webcam with your clients or colleagues.

    Making an Informed Buying Decision On A Leather Office Chair

    There are many different types of leather, and office chairs can be made of these different materials. Leather comes from different types of animals. The most common type of home office chair leather is derived from cows. In this guide I will show you the different forms of leather that chairs come in. I’ll show you how to evaluate a leather chair. And I’ll cover how to make an informed decision about which type of leather chair is best for your home office.

    What Makes A Leather Office Chair comfortable?

    Leather chairs tend to be more expensive than other forms of home office chairs. This is because they are made of better materials and are more comfortable. Leather chairs are well known for being more durable – not the chair itself but the leather material the chair is largely composed of. Leather chairs never go out of fashion and are usually built with incredible ergonomic detail and quality. Thus, they represent good investments for your health, posture, and office setup over the long term.

    Firstly, let’s talk about the durability benefits of a leather chair as opposed to a fabric chair. According to various studies I have reviewed, a leather chair can last anywhere between five and nine times longer than the same chair made of a fabric material. In other words, leather is stronger. Naturally, there are different types of leather. Leather can come from different animals, and be classified as either top grain or split leather depending on how it is finished where it comes off of the animal.

    Top grain leather, as opposed to split leather, is more breathable, durable, and comfortable. Split hide leather, which is not as comfortable or breathable, should be found only on the side or back of the chair, where you do not sit. This is an incredibly important nuance to look for when purchasing a leather chair. Before purchasing a leather office chair you should learn if the area in which you will be seated on the chair is top grain or split leather. It follows that a more comfortable, high-end, and breathable leather chair will only have the main portion of a chair be made of top grain leather. 

    Why Is Leather Good for Health?

    Many home office chairs are made of fabric. Fabric chairs are popular because people consider them lighter, less sticky, and more breathable. However a high-quality leather chair will provide all of those benefits with the added benefit of enhanced durability over time. Leather is also hypoallergenic. This means that leather chairs are very popular for people who have pets and people who have asthma. If you care about reducing your sneezing, or mitigating allergies, then a leather chair might help solve these problems in your home office. 

    Are Leather Chairs Easy To Maintain?

    A leather office chair looks great and ages incredibly well. As the chair ages, you can oil it or let minor cracks appear for a more rustic look and feel. Either way the chair will maintain its aesthetic dignity. Over time, an aging leather chair will become even more comfortable. And leather office hair maintenance is incredibly easy. The wiping of a damp cloth is all that is needed for dusting and general seat preservation.

    Some home office leather chairs have dyed leather and you can use oil or chair dye to keep the chair up to your standards. Leather chairs add great aesthetic value to any room. In a light room, a darker leather chair can add gravitas. Conversely in a darker room, a leather chair can be the focal point of light. Leather generally comes in darker shades of brown and black. Thus, a leather chair can compliment any type of desk you might have: wood, metal, or glass. 

    How Does Leather Make You Look?

    When buying a leather home office chair, think about what it would feel like to fly first class on your favorite airline. As you sink into the chair, you can be your best self. Leather chairs will keep your back and body comfortable over a long work day. And because leather chairs age graceful like a fine wine, you can feel confident in your purchase. You’ll know that you can share your leather chair with your kids, partner, or family friends for the years and decades to come.

    A leather chair is the exact compliment you should add to your work from home office. If you want to maintain comfort, flexibility, and sustain the value of your chair over time, it’s a great buy. A final note about leather: it represents class. If you want to look great on video conference calls while working from home, a leather chair will make you stand out. Independent of the durability, comfortability, and product excellence that leather represents, leather behind you will make you look powerful and professional.


    Kevin is a WFH veteran. He has spent the better half of the past decade traveling the world while working remotely. Kevin has recently settled down and stopped traveling frequently, but continues to work from home and has created a spectacular home office. He loves reviewing new products for his office and sharing his insights so that people can improve their home office experience.

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