Are you looking for an office chair cover? We reviewed office chair covers so that you can find the best one to keep your office chair clean. Office chair covers are great because you can always take them off and wash them. We hope you enjoy these.

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  • Zipper design
  • Decorate and protect
  • Easy to install

The SARAFLORA Office Chair Cover is made of a smooth elastic fabric that breathes easily. It slips over the chair and has side zippers for adjustment. This simple but elegant cover will help protect your chair from damage and enable you to decorate at the same time. Add color or simplicity to any chair with this cover.

  • Wrinkle free texture
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Ribbed lining = extra comfort

This chair cover is made of lycra fabric and imported. It will mold to your chair and is a great fit given its stretch attributes. The texture of the fabric is non-slip by default and easy to throw in the washing machine for simple cleaning. The cover also includes matching arm rest covers so you can protect the entirety of the chair which is a nice and differentiated touch.

  • Water repellent
  • Snug tight fit
  • Keep your office chair safe

If you want a sober and serious office chair color that is monochromatic, this 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex water repellent cover will keep your body and chair comfortable. This char cover will protect your office chair from spills, food, pets, and kids. It is a fun product for your home office or a nice and affordable gift to your colleagues or friends who are starting to work from home.

  • Stunning floral design
  • Colorful and protective
  • Ultimate chair protection

This colorful and fun chair cover is 92% stretchable polyester and 8% spandex. You can place it over your chair for ultimate protection and to brighten your day. If you want to protect from stains, damage, or pets this chair cover will help keep your office chair dry, safe, dirt free, and in great shape.

  • All Day Protection
  • Convervative Design
  • Make your chair new again

This chair cover will add a professional and executive look to any chair that you work in in your home office. You can use this solid single color cover to turn your chair into any color you desire, or give this cover as an office warming gift. The cover is durable and will protect your chair from the usual threats: dust, water, food, pets, and kids. If you want to reduce scratches to your chair, this cover will provide you the necessary protection.

  • Stretchy fabric for solid fit
  • Very soft fabric
  • Functional and beautiful

If you want a functional and elegant chair cover for your home office this cover will leave you wanting for nothing. It is easy to install and a soft fabric that will make your chair even more comfortable. If you value simplicity and don’t want to think about which cover to get your chair, just get this one: it is has a ribbed texture for enhanced comfort and will feel instantly good on your back.

Why Use A Chair Cover?

A chair cover is a simple, affordable, and easy to use product. It can help protect, preserve, and maintain the health and integrity of your chair. As the name implies, a chair cover is a simple covering you can slide over or place above your chair. Its purpose is to protect the chair from food, spills, pets, kids, or even scratches.

A chair cover, at its core, is a piece of fabric. This fabric is used as an extra form of protection on your chair. You can sit on top of the chair cover or remove it when using your seat and you can easily slip the fabric on or off your chair. In addition to the inherent protection that the chair cover provides, a chair cover can also fundamentally change the design and aesthetic of your chair and work from home environment.

For example I used to have an old, beat-up chair. The chair was not well-maintained, and had physical damage to the seat itself. Even though it was comfortable, it was not aesthetically pleasing to look at. A $15 chair cover hid that mess and made my chair easier on the eyes. Additionally, it made me feel cleaner when seated in it.

What Are The Key Benefits of a Chair Cover?

A chair cover, for only a few dollars, saved me from the embarrassment of what that old chair looked like on conference calls. I purchased a dark and sleek chair cover which gave my chair an air of seriousness and a totally new look. I felt more confident when joining video calls with clients.

When buying a chair cover, you should think about the material of the chair cover. Additionally, think about how easy it is to wash and or clean, and the design pattern of the cover itself. Chair covers are all roughly in the same price range, and very affordable. Thus, you should make a purchasing decision based on what you want your chair cover to look like. Some chair covers are solid, and others have print designs. 

Having Fun With Chair Covers

One of the particularly fun aspects of chair colors, is that you can change the look and design of your chair effortlessly. For example you can experiment with both lighter and darker office chair covers depending on the season or your mood. If the chair is the centerpiece of the room, you can easily adjust its aesthetic based on your desired outcome. A darker chair cover might symbolize a more serious look. Conversely, a print and bright pattern chair color might represent a more fun and relaxed aesthetic.

If you are sharing a home office with others, and in particular younger children, a loud fun bright chair cover print is a fun thing to experiment with or to give as a gift. Especially in light of how inexpensive chair covers are, and the obvious and immediate protections they provide your chair and working environment, they represent a simple and judicious investment.

What material are chair covers made of?

Most office chair covers are made of comfortable fabric blends. Some chair covers are made of spandex, cotton, or polyester. I prefer water repellent chair covers even if they are not 100% waterproof, because it provides protection against inadvertent liquid spills. I also like chair covers that are anti-wrinkle and soft, that fit snugly around the chair.

The notion of a perfect fit office chair cover is delightful. I strongly encourage you to find a chair cover that has a good proportional fit to the chair you are using. Much like the sheets on your mattress, some chair covers are a tight fit, and other chair covers have looser fits. If the chair cover demarcates a looser fit, you will need to measure the width and back length of your chair. Usually this measurement is conducted in inches, and will translate to the size of the chair cover you should buy.

A final word on material. Some chair covers are wrinkle-free. This is a nice touch, because it means that your chair always looks great whether you are in it we’re about to sit in it. If the office chair cover is wrinkle free it is likely made of a stretched and soft fabric.