A minimalist desk can enhance productivity tremendously. By choosing your desk as the focal point of your workspace, you’re essentially eliminating potential distractions. With work-from-home being an integral part of our routine now, all of us want to maximize our output. 

Most of us will spend countless hours taking calls, participating in meetings, and preparing pitches on our desks. Thus, we must choose a desk that’s appealing yet comfortable to work on. 

We at WFHAdviser, have decided to help you out of the desk conundrum. Thus, we’ve listed the 10 best minimalist desks that you can choose from.


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    • Lacquer finish
    • Sturdy frame
    • Lightweight

    Simple Living’s Rollins Desk is our pick for the best minimalist desk available online. With this desk, you truly get a minimalistic look. The budget-friendly desk adds elegance to your work-from-home setup. 

    This compact desk crafted from pine and MDF is available in multiple colors. Furthermore, you get a lacquer finish on the pine body. Not only is it comfortable to work on but is also quite durable thanks to the robust MDF top. 

    In addition to a strong frame, it comes with storage drawers that can handle a considerable amount of weight. If you’re looking for a minimalist desk to set up your laptop or PC, look no further. 

    The Rollins Desk weighs around 32lbs and is quite compact. Thus, it can fit in any space without disrupting the feel. As for dimensions, the desk is 30.25 inches high, 40 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. 

    2 Vienna Modern Faux Wood Desk

    Premium Choice
    • Walnut finish
    • A-frame legs
    • Veneer Overlay

    Our pick for the premium minimalist desk could be no other than the Vienna Modern Faux by Christopher Knight. This mid-century modern desk with a walnut finish portrays elegance all the way. Thus, if you’re looking to set up a casual workstation and want a desk that adds to your decor and rich interior, this desk is for you. 

    The Vienna Modern Faux has an aura that helps it fit in any interior space. Its simple design helps save space without cluttering any of your rooms. A-frame legs together with sizable storage capabilities, make this desk extremely practical. In fact, you can use drawers for storing important papers, documents, and accessories. 

    In terms of design, this desk features clean, straight lines on a brown top that gives it an exquisite natural-grain look. Owing to the inclusion of Faux Wood and Veneer Overlay, this desk can truly transform your workspace. 

    As for dimensions, the desk is 29 inches high, 57 inches wide, and 23 inches deep. Thus, it’s not as compact as some of the desks that you’d find on this list. 

    • Multifunctional
    • Durable metal base
    • Engineered wood top

    Our pick for the minimalist desk that offers the best value goes to VECELO’s Reclaimed Wood Desk. At first, it was hard to believe that such a desk could be available at a competitive price. Nonetheless, VECELO has made a name for itself by offering quality products at excellent prices. 

    This minimal desk does just that. Furthermore, it’s also multifunctional. Sure, aesthetically, it’s not as rich as some of the other desks in this list, but it does offer a lot of substance at this price range. You can keep this desk anywhere in your home – living room, kitchen, or even your room. 

    It’s built with a durable metal base that encompasses two metal shelves. Furthermore, a large engineered wood top makes this desk quite practical. This transitional-style desk comes with a distressed finish and is available in brown color only. Lastly, the desk is 30 inches high, 43 inches wide, and 20 inches deep.


    • Tempered glass top
    • Black finished metal frame
    • Bulky frame

    Christopher Knight Home certainly boasts some of the best minimalist desks in the market. With the Eghan Glass, they offer something unique. Herein, a clear tempered glass top complements the modern black finished metal frame. It truly adds that office vibe to your space. Furthermore, the glass is super easy to clean. 

    This casual, modern/contemporary desk comes with a square tube design and thick 10mm glass. It weighs around 56 pounds and thus it’s not easy to move it around from one space to the other. At the same time, its bulkier frame enables it to carry more load than your usual desk. 

    At the core, the Eghan Computer desk is a combination of glass and iron. For this reason, with a table lamp and additional desk accessories, you can truly add aesthetic value to your modular workspace. 

    As for dimensions, the Eghan Glass Computer Desk is 29.5 inches high, 47.25 inches wide, and 23.75 inches deep.

    • Two-drawer desk
    • Metal trestle base
    • Compact design

    Silver Orchid’s Heston Desk is a premium offering. It comes in a black and white finish. This minimalist two-drawer desk offers form as well as functionality. Its rectangular shape with ‘Metal trestle base ensures stability when tested with the load. 

    If you’re looking for a sleek desk to add to your setup, this one can be a great choice. A contemporary minimal desk, built with metal, and veneer can be perfect for your home office. It’s truly compact and does not require a lot of space. Thus, even if you’re living in a condo or own a studio apartment, this one can fit right in. 

    To clarify, this minimalist desk is only available in white color. Furthermore, this desk needs to be assembled and comes with all the essential hardware. With attention to dimensions, the Silver Orchid Heston White Desk is 31 inches high, 42 inches wide, and 19 inches deep.

    • Powder-coated metal frame
    • MDF desk top
    • Two open shelves

    It’s extremely difficult to wrap up a desk review without a Carbon Loft entry. We’ve seen the brand’s dominance in the industrial desk review. Similarly, this particular desk is a strong contender for one of the best minimalist desks available in the market. 

    The Carbon Loft Abrahams Computer desk offers an aesthetic appeal along with practicality. It is built with a black powder-coated metal frame coupled with an MDF desktop. Moreover, it has an ample amount of storage thanks to two open shelves. Though it appears to be traditional, its rich design can add value to any contemporary space. 

    The beige/brown color combination is unique. Furthermore, its compact size makes choosing any other desk more difficult. With an open concept design, it is ideal for smaller spaces. Lastly, in regard to the dimensions, Carbon Loft Abrahams Computer Writing Desk is 28.9 inches high, 47.4 inches wide, and 19.7 inches deep.

    • Gold-finish hairpin legs
    • Two compact drawers
    • Glossy-finish top

    If you love mid-century modern desks with minimalistic design, you’ll like the Carson Carrington Vastervik. This desk has such a unique design that it can invigorate any workspace. The black glossy-finish top and gold-finish give it a marvelous look. Furthermore, the gold-finish hairpin legs, truly add to the overall glamor. 

    But it’s not all style with the Vastervik desk. You also get storage capabilities in the form of 2 compact drawers. You can use this to store files, documents, and office accessories. It’s made with MDF material that is known to offer durability and longevity. 

    In addition to that, this desk is truly multipurpose. You can use it as an art desk, a workstation, or even as a writing desk. As for dimensions, the Carson Carrington Vastervik 2 is 29 inches high, 43 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. Thus, you get an excellent compact desk in this one. 


    • Open frame
    • Made with faux wood
    • Cabinet and two drawers

    The Gallaudet Computer Desk marks Christopher Knight’s third entry into this list. Even though this particular desk may not entirely qualify as a minimal desk, it’s quite close. The seating portion of the desk complements an equally spacious storage section. Thus, it’s not your usual run-of-the-mill minimal desk. 

    The Gallaudet contemporary desk offers functionality and style. Its clean-cut storage space and open frame offer ample storage. Furthermore, it is made with faux wood similar to other CKH products. Thus, its careful construction allows the desk to remain resistant to moisture and provide a smooth surface. 

    With this desk, you get one cabinet and two drawers to store items conveniently. Furthermore, with cool sleek black handles, you can easily access the drawers and the cabinet door without stretching too much. 

    As for dimensions, the Gallaudet Faux Wood by Christoper Knight is 29.75 inches high, 43.25 inches wide, and 15.75 inches deep. 

    • Gold-finished metal frame
    • Tempered glass tabletop
    • Sturdy build

    Simple’s Living Manhattan Gold Metal Desk is truly a symbol of minimalism and richness. With this particular desk, the manufacturers have taken the minimal approach to a whole new level. The gold-finished metal frame is simply one of the most eye-catching design approaches you’ll see on a desk. 

    Furthermore, the gold-finish frame is accompanied by a tempered glass tabletop that adds to the overall appeal. The desk has squared legs that ensure stability and is quite spacious. Thus, you can use it for not just working, but reading, and journaling as well. 

    The Manhattan Gold is a sturdy and stylish desk that is also easy to clean. You can beautify your desk by accessorizing it. The glass top will certainly bring out the best of this desk. 

    Add a table lamp, a vase, or perhaps an RGB set, and we’re seriously looking at a solid workspace. As for dimension, this desk is 29.5 inches high, 42 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. 

    • Simple glass top
    • Bulky frame
    • Sturdy build

    What better way to close our minimal desk review than to introduce you to yet another Christoper Knight product? Once again, the Fiske Modern Tempered Glass desk truly stands out in its price range. The clean, straight lines, with a sleek metal frame, grab your attention instantly. 

    The simple glass top complements its minimal structure. At this point, I’m convinced that a glass top adds oomph to any interior setting. The Fiske Modern Desk truly adds a chic touch to any decor. 

    The front of this desk with small-squared cutouts gives it an appealing design. This design manages to stick with you. Moreover, even though it’s a visual treat, it doesn’t come at the expense of strength and stability.  It weighs around 87 lbs and is quite heavy. 

    The polished matte black finish with futuristic charm is robust and durable. As for dimensions, it is 30.5 inches high, 55.12 inches wide, and 27.50 inches deep. 

    Buyer’s Guide to Best Minimalist Desk 

    If you’re looking for a minimal desk to set up your home office, you need to keep your desk as the focal point. Similar to a TV unit, the desk is where the magic happens. You’ll spend more than 6 to 8 hours a day glued to your desk, and thus you must pick the right one. 

    A minimal desk won’t take up much space and add to the aesthetics of your space. Remember, a minimalistic desk setup doesn’t mean a wooden board flanked with four legs. Today, with the number of available options, you can choose a desk that’s practical for long hours of work. 

    Here are some of the factors that you must consider when choosing a minimal desk: 


    Without a doubt, size is the first determining factor if you want a minimal desk. You don’t want a bulky desk which is deeper than 35 cms. You’d likely want a medium desk capable of handling your laptop, compact PC, and other accessories. 

    Naturally, if there’s an integral storage compartment, you’ll have less space to work with. Thus, you need to keep size in mind and make the right decision. 


    Minimalism shouldn’t come in the way of practicality. Ultimately, you want your desk to be able to bear the load. Thus, you ought to check for sturdiness. See the amount of weight the minimal desk can hold. 

    Most of the time, a desk’s weight is a clear indicator of its sturdiness. Remember, you don’t want a desk that may have a fancy design but wobbles. The damage that it’ll cost will be higher than the value of the desk itself. 


    Most minimalist desks are compact. They look great but are not very comfortable. If you want to add such a desk to your setup, you must check for comfort first. In this case, you want a minimalist desk with sizable depth, and height. 

    Since you’ll be spending most of your day on the desk, you don’t want your legs in an awkward position. 

    Can a minimal desk improve productivity?

    Minimalism refers to keeping things simple. Most of us today have a lower attention span. And when we see too many items, we tend to get distracted and lose our focus. By opting for a minimal desk, you’re essentially eliminating the presence of excess elements in your room. 

    A minimal desk setup is compact and helps emphasize your setup. For instance, in a minimal setting, your monitor will mostly likely standout. This will help you focus better and minimize distractions. 


    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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