We reviewed the best cheap height adjustable desks on the market today. Generally, height adjustable desks can be very expensive, so if you want a more affordable option, we’ve selected a few desks that will get the job done. We looked at a few manual sit/stand desks as well as a few converters that will sit on top of a normal sitting desk. We hope this saves you money but also gives you the option to stand while working at your home office.


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    • 154lbs weight capacity
    • 1” / second motor speed
    • 5 year warranty

    This desk is for those looking for a more affordable sit/stand desk on the market. While its weight capacity is significantly lower than others, its 154 lbs capacity and 48” x 30” frame are more than enough to support any two monitor setup. And while it does not have a programmable control panel, you can easily hold the up/down buttons each time to adjust the height.

    • 55" x 34.5 surface area
    • 28" to 45" adjustable height
    • Supports multiple monitors

    The SHW Electric Desk can be adjusted between 28 inches and 45 inches by simply holding a button on the digital control panel in seconds. The L-Shape desk provides you with an extra wide and comfortable working area. If you are health-conscious, the L-Shaped desk offers an ergonomic workspace so you can improve posture and multitask effectively. The white and oak texture looks clean and modern, which would potentially increase the level of professionalism in your home. Two desk legs are made of high-grade industrial steel, which is strong enough to hold up to 78.6 pounds.

    • 37" x 20.5" surface area
    • 29” to 40.7” adjustable height
    • Levers to adjust sit/stand

    While this desk still takes a manual effort to adjust the height, its levers make it very simple and easy. It’s 37 inch wide surface area also makes it easy to support a multiple monitor setup. The back legs are supported by locking dual wheel casters to keep it in place or allow you to easily move it to another room. 

    • 36" x 22.25" surface area
    • 23" to 32" adjustable height
    • Durable construction

    The Adapta table can be adjusted from 23 to 32 inches for you to alternate between sitting and standing positions. The table has a sleek and minimalistic design with four levelers for stability. It is an ideal sit/stand table if you have a limited workplace, or you can choose the 48″ Adapta Desk for greater space. Though it might be difficult for some people to lift the table for adjustment, the high-quality and durability of the desk are definitely worth the price. 

    • 47.6” x 23.6” surface area
    • 28” to 42.5” adjustable height
    • Wheels lock in place

    This desk can be adjusted between 28 and 42.4 inches in height to accommodate any sit or stand position. The caveat is it must be manually adjusted up/down each time. It has a very wide desktop surface that could easily support a multiple monitor setup, and it comes on 4 wheels that lock in place. It makes for a very sturdy workstation. This desk is great for people who value a large desktop surface and only occasionally want to adjust the desk height.

    • 55.1" x 23.6" surface area
    • 29" to 45" adjustable height
    • Smooth crank handle adjuster

    With a greater working space, the DEVAISE Sit Stand Up Desk can significantly facilitate your work. The feet are large enough to make sure the desk is sturdy and stable. Even though the height is adjusted manually, it is easy to raise up and down with a smooth crank handle. The handle can be placed on either side of the desk at your convenience. 

    • 55" x 23.6" surface area
    • 27.5" to 46" adjustable height
    • Large surface for 3 monitors

    Don’t have enough space in your home office? Tranzendesk can help refresh your workplace by adding valuable space to support 3 monitors, while the strong steel base ensures stability. The clamp-on shelf can be customized to extend inward or outward to increase your overall desk space by over 3 square feet. There is also a large space for storage beneath both the shelf and the desk. Mount crank can be placed on either side to adjust to your perfect ergonomic height.

    • 59" x 28.5" surface area
    • Multiple surface adjustments
    • Multiple color selections

    The Stand Up Desk Adjustable Desk comes with a 2-tier design and an easy-turn crank, which allows you to place the keyboard and monitors at a comfortable typing and viewing heights. It is thoughtful to include the cable management to organize the cluttered desk and keep the workplace clean and tidy. With four movable wheels, you can easily move the desk and lock the casters on the perfect work area. Also, the desk has five colors to choose from, so you can pick the color that most matches your home style. 

    • 60" x 24" surface area
    • 30" to 50" adjustable height
    • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    The VIVO Electric Stand Up Desk is one of the premium choices for people who transit from office-job to work-from-home. It has a 60 inches spacious work area for multiple monitor setups and important supplies. The desk can be adjusted up to 50 inches using the digital controller, and it is featured with memory presets to save your ideal height settings. The desk is sturdy enough to support up to 176 lbs, and there is a three-years manufacturer warranty if there are any flaws or defects. 

    • 55" x 28" surface area
    • 28" to 45" adjustable height
    • Digital height adjustment

    The SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk allows you to adjust the height from 28″ to 45″ by simply pressing the up/down keys. You can also use the memory system to save your desired height. With an affordable price, this adjustable desk is sturdy and easy to assemble. It is ideal for people who alternate between sitting and standing positions without having to lift the desk manually. The desk also comes with a wire cable basket for you to organize messy wire cables.

    What To Consider When Buying A Cheap Height Adjustable Desk

    Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

    For remote workers, transitioning to work from home can be tough. Some folks may have limited space in their homes, and excessive sitting can have detrimental effects on their health. Sitting too long can potentially result in weight gain, weak legs, heart disease, and many other health issues. Therefore, height adjustable desks play an important role in managing the successful transition to working from home and improving the work-life balance.

    Sit/stand desk allows you to alternate sitting and standing at work to burn more calories. They also reduce unnecessary body pains and increase your creativity. Some electric desks have a built-in sit/stand reminder system so you can remain the best standing-to-sitting ratio. It is interesting to know that some people combine cheap height adjustable desks with an under desk bike to exercise while working. This will burn calories and improve overall fitness.

    Table Size

    What size home office desk do you need? You probably want a spacious workplace for multiple monitor setups and important supplies. Large home office desks can avoid a cluttered desk top and improve productivity. Additionally, it is typically 55 inches long and 28 inches wide. A large, spacious workspace can also improve posture and reduce body ache. If you have a limited workplace, you can consider a smaller, yet all-purpose, sit/stand desk with size 36″ x 22″.


    Having a spacious working space is important, but what’s more important is the quality of the desk. Choosing a sturdy desk is a priority for most people because they want a desk that can support multiple monitors and other supplies.

    Higher quality may be associated with a higher price, and the prices are typically around $300, but the investment today will help you avoid any potential workplace-related injuries and increase workplace utilization, especially for people who would like to adjust sit/stand posture multiple times throughout the day.

    Digital or manual height adjustable desk?

    As you may notice, some desks feature a digital control panel for height adjustment effortlessly. Others come with a lever or crank to adjust manually. Typically, electric height adjustable desks are expensive but it allows you to transit from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds. Some electric desks come with programmable presets to save your favorite desk heights.

    Manual height adjustable desks are less expensive. Even though they require a manual effort,  the lever or crank will ensure a smooth transition, and you don’t have to worry about the power cord organization. For people who have difficulty using a hand crank, definitely choose a digital height adjustable desk.


    Height adjustable desks are highly recommended for people who work or study from home. Having a sit/stand desk can avoid potential health risk of inactivity lifestyle.

    When choosing a sit/stand desk, you want to prioritize the quality because high-quality desks contribute to higher productivity. But, don’t overspend on one desk (keep the budget within $500). The size of the desk depends on your home space. You should measure the area of your home before shopping. And, you should plan on how many monitors and supplies you would like the desk to hold.

    The size of the desk should be at least 36 inches long and 20 inches wide to simulate the work environment to stay productive. Finally, it is pretty subjective when choosing between a digital and manual adjustable desk, depending on which one works better and the budget. Most of the sit/stand desks are ergonomic design to improve your physical, metabolic, and mental health.

    One of the advantages of a standing table is that you can adjust the work surface to your work tasks, giving you a more comfortable working environment without sore muscles due to static posture.


    Kevin is a WFH veteran. He has spent the better half of the past decade traveling the world while working remotely. Kevin has recently settled down and stopped traveling frequently, but continues to work from home and has created a spectacular home office. He loves reviewing new products for his office and sharing his insights so that people can improve their home office experience.

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