A double desk is an excellent choice when you want a sturdy, practical, and storage-based desk. Whether you want to work, study, or do other creative tasks, a double desk ensures that you can have a company without having to cram into a tight space. 

A double desk is also known as 2 person desk. It’s ideal for a home office, workstation, or gaming setup. If you want your creative juices flowing, simply pick a desk that suits the taste and comfortability for you and your partner. 

We at WFHAdviser have reviewed some of the best double desks available online. We’ve shortlisted them based on various factors such as design, affordability, space consumption, and practicality. 


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    • Rustic & industrial
    • Particleboard and metal frame
    • Easy assembly

    Our pick for the best double desk is Tribesign’s Two-Person Desk with Divider. This rustic & industrial style desk offers a comfortable space for two people. With a crisp design featuring angular lines, you get a visual treat. Besides, a sturdy black metal frame adds to the stability. 

    If you’re interested in adding a sleek vibe to your home office setup, this modern silhouette will get you there. Plus, you can get privacy even when working close to another individual. 

    What’s so exciting about this desk is that it’s super easy to set up. Just follow the step-wise instructions in the manual and you’ll be able to do it easily. Moreover, you can even seek assistance from the customer service team. 

    Each tabletop can hold multiple monitors of about 23” inches. Furthermore, the lower-height table top is nicely supported by a solid composition of particleboard and metal frame. So, not only do you get the aesthetic appeal but also the firmness and reliability that you seek in a desk. 

    • Double workstation desk
    • Adjustable leg pads
    • 25mm particle board and PVC

    If you’re not short on budget, our premium recommendation is the 78” Double Desk sold by FarFarView. This desk will help you upscale your setup and furthermore, if you need a double workstation desk, this can be an ideal option. 

    We prefer this desk for multiplayer gaming and even multi-tasking. For instance, if you want to render a massive video but don’t want it to stop other tasks, you could do so with the help of an additional system, right beside you. This can be great for video editing and other work that requires multiple monitors and CPUs. 

    We love the adjustable leg pads on this desk. These are really handy in providing stability on an uneven surface. Moreover, you can also adjust the height as per your need. 

    This premium desk comes with a 25mm particle board and PVC edge. The desk panel features 2.5cm thick pelleted wood with a quality finish that can handle more than 300 pounds. 

    • L-Shape design
    • High-quality P2 MDF Board
    • 29.5” desk height

    If you’re on a tight budget, you simply shouldn’t look any further than Mr.Ironstone’s L-Shape Desk. This L-Shaped Desk is amongst the best-selling double desks on the internet. This desk with a full L-Shape design helps you make the most of the tight space. Whether you want to do gaming, writing, or attend meetings, you can do so in a seamless manner. 

    Mr.Ironstone’s L-Shape Desk is made from high-quality P2 MDF Board & Metal Frame. Thus, not only do you get the necessary stability, but also longevity. Furthermore, you get a monitor stand along with adjustable feet and an installation manual for easy assembly. 

    Owing to its 1.2” to 0.6” bar width, it can handle heavyweight. In terms of width, the desk is identical on both sides, thus switching is super easy. Besides a 29.5” desk height ensures that you don’t tire your elbows and sit comfortably.


    • Multifunctional
    • 4 open spacious shelves
    • Particleboard and MDF material

    If you’re looking for a minimal double desk that your kids can read or write on, Porch & Den’s Double Logan Desk is a cool option. The manufacturers have combined simplicity and functionality in this double desk. Besides being minimal, it is also multifunctional. 

    So, when it’s not being used for studying, you can also use it for meetings, and other office work. Even if you need a desk capable of handling office essentials, you should go for this one as it comes with ample storage room.

    The Porch & Den Double Logan Desk features 4 open spacious shelves that can handle plenty of weight. Moreover, this desk is available in multiple finishes and you can customize it after contacting the manufacturer. Build-wise, the desk features high-quality particleboard and MDF material. 

    This modern & contemporary table can stylistically be an ideal addition to any upscale interior space. Lastly, as for dimensions, the desk is 20 inches wide, 54 inches long, and 29.25 inches high. 

    • Rustic style
    • E1 Class Particle Board
    • Two open shelves

    If you’re looking for a double desk with a massive tabletop, then you ought to like this one. This particular desk has a surface length of about 96.9”. Thus, making it one of the widest double desks on this list. If you want to add a rustic, farmhouse-style desk to your remote setup, this one will fit in, perfectly. 

    Made with E1 Class Particle Board and thick steel, this desk offers stability and sturdiness. There are two open shelves on this double desk. The bottom shelf can be used to keep your CPU, and the top one can hold your printer. Even if you decide to use two PCs on each desk, these shelves have enough space to accommodate the CPUs. 

    Last but not the least, this desk is easy to clean and maintain. Set-up can be completed within 15-20 minutes and you can place it in your living room, bedroom, or even your home office. 

    • Complete storage solution
    • Rich metal frame
    • Adjustable leg pads

    If you’re seeking both form and function in a desk, Parrot Uncle has the perfect desk for you. The most striking aspect of this double desk is its innovative design. Instead of just offering a simple desk with a partition, the manufacturers have offered a complete storage solution. You get a connected desk with a combined shelf that spreads across the entire width. 

    If you want to turn your creative knob on, you’d love this desk. It’s modern, simple, yet elegant and complementary to any interior setting. Owing to its rich metal frame, you get premium vibes from this desk. Besides aesthetics, it’s sturdy, durable, and can handle a weight of up to 300lbs. 

    This desk comes with adjustable leg pads that offer stability even on an uneven floor. Furthermore, as mentioned before, you can utilize the two layer-storage shelves to store books, discs, and office accessories. At just 25.9” high, this desk offers an ideal height for studying or working. 

    • Multipurpose workstation
    • Metal frame
    • Smooth laminate surface

    If you don’t quite like the aesthetics of the 96.9” desk we mentioned above, you can go for this one. Albeit expensive, this desk with 94.5” width offers a solid alternative to the one we featured above. With this one, you get functionality and practicality. If you aim to set a full-fledged multipurpose workstation, this desk can present a possible solution.

    By adding a couple of ergonomic chairs, you and your work partner are good to go. Thus, there’s no need to compromise on space or create a makeshift table when you have an affordable option in the form of Tribesigns’ Double Computer Desk. 

    This desk is made from a metal frame coupled with thickened particleboard. Thus, you get the firmness as well reliability. In addition, you get a smooth laminate surface that is scratch and stain-resistant. Even with two people, you can easily assemble the desk as it weighs just 86lbs.

    • Dual-purpose desk
    • E1 particleboard
    • Can handle up to 800lbs

    Aesthetically, this two-person desk is perhaps the best entry on this list. However, it requires a sufficient amount of space and won’t be suitable for a tight space. We love the unique design with the partially extended storage section in the middle. This dual-purpose desk acts as a divider and an additional storage unit at the same time. 

    With this desk, you get a unified metal with an MDF board, adding to the delicate charm of your workspace. Furthermore, you can use this as your computer, study, workstation, gaming, or even training table as per your need. A large top offers ample space for a workstation. Thus, you can easily keep your monitor, printer, keyboard, laptop, and other office materials. 

    Besides excellent storage, you get solid construction. The E1 particle board prevents scratch and friction. In terms of stability, the desk can handle up to 800lbs of combined weight. Last but not least, you also get an 18 months warranty in case something goes wrong. 

    • RGB lighting mouse pad
    • Excellent immersive atmosphere
    • Large ergonomic stand

    Calling all the gamers to check out this affordable yet exceptional gaming desk. If you’re into gaming or want to gift a valued desk to a gamer, you’ll find the perfect solution in Bestler’s L-Shaped Gaming Desk. This one’s the best gaming desk available online. With this desk, you can turn the party on. 

    First, you get an RGB lighting mouse pad and strip light to create an excellent immersive atmosphere. Second, you make use of the modes and colors to customize the ambiance as per your preference. As a gamer, you want your setup to look a certain way, and Bestler truly allows you to achieve that while keeping your budget intact. 

    This spacious and cozy double desk boasts a large ergonomic stand for smooth viewing angles. Besides, you get a sectorial board coupled with a headset hook and cup holder to keep things organized. Overall, the grey oak texture adds to the style and adds visual flair. 

    • Retro-style desk
    • Varied heights
    • Heat and wear resistance

    The last entry on this list is yet another double desk sold by FarFarView. Based on our experience, they have some of the most innovative yet cost-effective products in their catalog, and this one’s no different. An impressive 94.5” width is coupled with varied heights. Thus, if you’re looking for a table that offers you that feature, you can pick this one. 

    If you prefer sitting and working, you can sit on the right side. On the contrary, if you want to stand and work, you can make use of the standing desk. This simple yet retro-style desk won’t just save space but will provide you with strength, and sturdiness. 

    If you’re tight on space, this desk is not suitable for you. However, if you want a desk for two people without any lack of space, this desk fits the bill. It’s ideal for writing, working, gaming, and handcrafts. What we love the most about this desk is that besides heat and wear resistance, it’s also easy to clean. 

    Buyer’s Guide to Double Desk 

    After scouring the web for the best double desk, we ended up shortlisting ten of the best ones. However, we don’t want to restrict you to our options and want you to explore further and make the best call for yourself. That’s the reason why we’ve decided to provide this guide so as to help you understand what to look for in a double desk. 

    Whether you want to wedge workers in a small space or set up a homework space for youngsters, a double desk will be quite useful. From minimal workstations to authentic custom-made styling, you’ll find it all in these desks. 

    When choosing a double desk, you want features such as storage capabilities, power-sharing, high-load bearing capacity, lighting, and other advanced features. Based on your requirements, the feature list will differ. 

    For instance, if you want an integrated RGB light, you’ll need to pick a gaming double desk over a traditional desk. On the contrary, if you want a chic, rustic desk that complements your interior, you’d want to prefer a premium farmhouse desk. 

    Based on our research, you need to consider three factors when choosing a double desk – Price, Style vs Practicality, and Quality. 


    Most custom-made double desks can cost upward of $1000. However, there’s no need for you to spend that much when you get a similar desk for less than $400. 

    Sure, if you have the means to go for it, do it. But if not, cost-effective products are the way to solve your problem. Set a range between $100-$500 and shortlist the products based on build quality, material, shape, and style. 

    Style vs Practicality 

    Styling of a double desk can be a hit or miss. Based upon the practicality, styling might differ. Some desks are aesthetically pleasing but do not offer much when it comes to practicality. For instance, storage is an integral part of a double desk. 

    Since there will be plenty of cables, you’d want good wire-management capabilities. Besides, you want a set-up that can accommodate your CPU or your speakers conveniently. Thus, look for a desk that offers the perfect balance and not lean towards one aspect. 


    When we say quality, we’re referring to the quality of the surface as well as the base. You need to make sure that the product you choose has a significant warranty. 12-18 months is ideal. 

    Other than that, you must see if the surface is scratch and stain-resistant. Why? Because you’ll be spending 4-8 hours a day, practically, eating and sipping on the table. Besides the surface, the legs of the desks are equally important. Check the load-carrying capacity of a desk and see if it matches the requirements. 



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