Lack of proper setup decreases the overall efficiency and makes us feel lethargic. By simply adding a desk and chair to a work-from-home setup, you can turn the entire mood around. 

A comfortable desk and chair will give you great support and prevent any discomfort. Not to mention, it’ll increase your output levels.  

Thus, it’s crucial you invest in a desk and chair. If choosing individual products feels overwhelming, try purchasing a set. There are plenty of desk and chair sets available online to help you get started with your work-from-home office. 

We at WFHAdviser, have tested some of the best Desk and Chair sets and have shortlisted the best ones for you.


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    • Bonded leather upholstery
    • Built-in wire management
    • Meets ANSI/SOHO standards

    Cottage Grove L-shaped desk and chair set can be a quality addition to any personalized workspace. Available in Reclaimed Pine, Cottage White, and Restored Gray, this modern farmhouse style desk is amazing to work on. The Mid Back Tufted office chair has bonded leather upholstery that is durable. 

    In addition to strong build quality, the desk comes with built-in wire management for all your cords and wires. The small storage drawers help you store files and other important accessories. Additionally, the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty ensures long-term support for the set. 

    The desk can handle up to 200 pounds of weight without any problems. Furthermore, the chair has an adjustable chair tilt so that you can achieve the comfort you need.

    ANSI/SOHO quality standards ensure that your safety is always in check. Moreover, the L-shape is perfect for extra storage and to be placed wherever it is convenient. This ladder requires some amount of assembly before using it. 

    2 Alicia Desk With Chair Set

    Premium Choice
    • Sleek Design
    • MDF Surface
    • High-quality desk

    The Alicia desk and chair set is the epitome of class and modernity. It’s a premium quality desk with an MDF surface. It comes with a metal framework that is lightweight yet sturdy, making it great for long-term usage. Even though, this product a premium choice, it doesn’t fail to live up to its billing.

    Not only is the chair aesthetically appealing but it also gives excellent support to your back. In addition to that, the office writing desk is sturdy and absolutely perfect for prolonged working hours. Thus, with this acquisition, you get aesthetics and usability in one package. 

    The Alicia desk and chair set comes with additional drawers making it a practical purchase to store your items. Honestly, the convenience of having a set like this is underrated. The classic design elevates your workspace instantaneously. Moreover, it has an after-sale service that makes you feel like a valued customer.

    • Compact and light-weight
    • Two-level book rack
    • 5-wheels chair

    Talking about a simple and compact desk and chair set, the Simple Living Quincy is a top choice. It boasts a laminated MDF surface that is sturdy and easy to clean. Available in either pink or grey color, this set features a two-level book rack that helps with storing important documents or files while working. 

    The chair is made of durable foam and a breathable, nylon mesh backrest. The cushioning is extremely soft and comfortable for your usage. The 5-wheels on the chair make it mobile and easy to move around from one place to another. The open compartment also makes for a good storage system. 

    Lacquer finish makes it light-weight and very user-friendly. This desk and chair are great for both working or studying. It may look small in stature but it can be used by adults as well as children, especially when looking for something within a reasonable budget. 

    • Minimalist yet attractive
    • Versatile usage
    • Sturdy metal frame

    The Noeli desk and chair set gives you the perfect feeling of a work-from-home office. The minimalist design of a metal trestle-inspired base with X-shaped legs looks modern and contemporary.

    Most people appreciate the versatility it has to offer. Thanks to its multi-functionality, you can make use of it for working as well as studying. 

    The sturdy metal base and MDF surface provide utmost comfort when working for longer hours. The neutral brown color fits into any interior palate. You will have to assemble the desk but the best part is that it is not very complicated to do so. 

    It is important to look for the dimensions that fit well in your home office, this desk and chair set checks those boxes as well. It isn’t very big, nor is it very small and hence it is an ideal choice. The black-metal frame gives you a luxurious feel for your office.

    • Powder-coated finish
    • X-frame back stretcher
    • After-sales services

    The Renata desk and chair set comes with a powder-coated finish that looks plush.  When your day is packed with meetings and deadlines, this set makes the ordeal extremely comfortable.

    The X-frame back stretcher complements multiple home interiors and can fit well in any setting. Your office essentials are taken care of when working on this desk. 

    The MDF surface offers durability and the metal framework is just an add-on for additional support. Upholstered with a high-quality cover, it is easy to clean so that you can work with ease. While the design is versatile, it compliments any home perfectly. 

    You will have to assemble the desk before using it but the after-sale services make sure to assist you in case you have any concerns. The desk also comes with a footrest for more comfort while working. The armrest on the chair is at an appropriate height to help you be at ease. 

    • Dovetail drawers
    • Polyester chair coating
    • Mid-century style

    The Carson Carrington Lumnas desk-and-chair set features a white wood finish that adds substance to your workspace. The mid-century style fits any interior it is brought into. Moreover, the rubberwood material ensures longevity and comfort for everyday use. 

    The drawer construction is a combination of French and English dovetail. The chair padding has a polyester coating that is soft enough to use all day. The sawhorse design desk and a schoolhouse chair make for a great combination.

    Furthermore, the desk can take up to 300 lbs which makes it sturdy for long-term usage. The white shade is a neutral color, not too loud or dull for your home office.

    Although the chair might feel a little uncomfortable at first, it still provides enough support to help you sit conveniently for an entire day.

    This writing desk and chair combo can make your work a lot more interesting than before. In addition that, it comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

    • Adjustable recline
    • Height adjustment
    • Comfortable foam padding

    The Drake desk and chair set is a classic design that is appropriate for your home office. The L-shape dynamic design is for anyone looking for a little more storage space. Its solid structure can take enough weight to support everything you need. 

    The chair is made of horizontal stitching and chromed steel arms which gives it a good look and comfort. Upholstered in soft bonded leather, the padding is comfortable enough to accommodate your hectic workdays. 

    The corner desk can fit anywhere you would like to place it. This kind of versatility is important when choosing a desk and chair set. 

    The chair also comes with a recline, tilt tension, and lock to hold the chair in the position that you like. You can also adjust the height however you like. It comes with grommet holes and pass-throughs so that your cords and wires do not get completely jumbled.

    • Multiple color options
    • Chrome steel base
    • Durability

    If you’re looking for the perfect solution for your WFH dilemma’s, look no further. The Madison Avenue writing desk is ideal for a home office. Its minimalist design comes with Modern Walnut, Pure White, and Modern Gray color options. The Mid Back Leather box chair comes with an adjustable tilt and tension set rate. 

    The curved backrest of the chair comes with tapered sides to complement its dynamic design. When it comes to safety, the desk and chair set meets ANSI/SOHO quality standards. With a 3-year manufacturing warranty, it can ensure durability so that you can use the desk without any worries. 

    The chair is made with a chrome steel base and Brown, White or Dark Gray bonded leather upholstery. Moreover, the MDF surface is a long-lasting option to use and set up. Since you will need to assemble the desk yourself, you can choose the configuration as per your preference. 


    • Metal Frame
    • Corner Desk
    • Adjustable Shelf

    Whether it is a long work meeting or a laid back day at the virtual office, you want something that is comfortable and has a modern design. The Gray Barn Lowbridge desk has everything that you would need in a remote office. Not only does it sport a compact design, but is also made of high-quality wood and metal frame for durability. 

    The set comes with 1 corner desk with storage and a mid-back tufted office chair. Together, the desk and chair add contemporary appeal while still keeping it simplistic.

    The sturdy shelves and tabletop provide good storage for your work essentials. Moreover, it is a practical model for not only your work but also other work. 

    It can support up to 200 lbs of weight. Furthermore, it has a storage cabinet with 1 adjustable shelf that can be placed on either side of the corner desk. 

    Lastly, the Gray Barn desk-and-chair set comes with three color options – White, Cape Cod Grey, and Vintage Black finish. 

    • Ribbed office chair
    • Curved lumbar support
    • Waterfall edge set

    The 3PC Office Set includes a desk, chair, and a filing cabinet that makes a premium setup. With this set, you can add a professional touch to your home. Surprisingly, three individual products have been clubbed together by the manufacturer to offer utmost convenience. 

    The sleek adjustable desk comes along with a standard office chair and a compact cabinet. In terms of maneuverability, you can unlock the clamps and push in the lever to change the frame angle. Other than that, you can even lean back by pulling the lever and adjusting the force using the knob. 

    Finally, the cabinet completes the setup. It is great for storing files, letters, and folders. Furthermore, you get two compact drawers that can store office accessories such as staples, utensils, and paper clips. Thus, the manufacturers have ensured that once you get this set, you need to look no further in terms of quality, and longevity.

    When you’re buying a product, it is crucial to understand key factors that can influence your decision. You may not have thorough knowledge about the product but even having a basic understanding helps. Here are some things to keep in mind before purchasing a desk & chair set.

    Adjustable Height

    Having the freedom to customize the chair height to suit your preference is important. If there is a fixed height, then the usability decreases. Unless you’re making a chair to fit your height, it is necessary to be able to adjust it at your convenience. 

    Tilt Control

    While working, the backrest is extremely important. Without an adequate backrest, you could end up damaging your spine and have long-term effects. This is why you need good tilt control that is also sturdy enough to bear the pressure. Good tilt control can be a game-changer for your home office. 

    Seat Dimensions

    The chair you purchase cannot be too narrow or too broad. Either of them will eventually lead to some level of discomfort while working. The dimensions of your chair matter more than you think because that is where you will spend the majority of your day. You want something perfect for you in every way.

    Desk Dimensions

    The desk dimensions are what really matters when shopping for a desk and chair set. You want something that you can fit all your work stuff on while also making sure it is compact. If your laptop is all you need to put on your desk, then you can go for a smaller one. However, if you have to accommodate files, books, reports, a laptop, or a PC then you will need something that is appropriately sized. 

    Material and Padding

    There are different materials available for the desk and chair that you can choose from. Each comes with its own pros and cons. Depending on how tough you want your desk to be, you can choose what it is made of. At the same time, your chair should have sufficient padding of high-quality. Since you have to spend all day on the chair, might as well go for something that is comfortable. 

    Desk Storage & Other features

    You can even check if the desk has additional features or not. Some desks are only good to use as tables, without any drawers for storage. Having extra storage is always a plus point especially if it is for your WFH office. You can have dedicated drawers for your stationery, files, book, or even important documents. 

    Are expensive office chairs worth it? 

    While going for a premium office chair is good for its overall usage, many budget-friendly ones are equally good. Scanning the market and doing your research can lead you to find some good chairs that aren’t necessarily expensive or overpriced. 


    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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