2 person desks have become a convenient alternative for most offices and professionals. These desks offer ample space for computers, office belongings, and people using them. With the help of a 2 person desk, you can free up the unnecessarily occupied space in your office. This will help you turn your office into a smart one.

Many furniture companies have come up with their own version of 2 person desks. Plus, you have many options to choose from. 

However, our team of experts at WFHAdvisers have reviewed the best options available online and shortlisted the best ones based on their design, features, and qualities. 

Let’s take a look at the best 2 person desk options that we have selected for you. 


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    • Hutch with storage
    • USB ports
    • Cable management

    Why just get a desk when you can get a wholesome office setup. The Hillsdale L-Shape Executive Desk comes with a hutch and other interesting features. Also, it offers great storage space that can come in handy while working. 

    For starters, it is made using manufactured wood. Furthermore, the wood has beautiful veneer enhancements that give it a L-shaped silhouette. In addition, the brown color of the desk blends well with any decor.

    It has two pedestals with spacious drawers and glass cabinets. Moreover, you can use the storage cabinets to keep folders, documents, and files safe. In addition, the desk has separate space for keeping computer towers. 

    While the table may feature a vintage look it has some modern features. It has a USB port that you can use to charge different devices. 

    Additionally, the desk has an expansive top that can fit two computers or work setups with ease. 

    2 Orviston L-Shape Desk

    Premium Choice
    • Multiple storages
    • Easy Assembly
    • Cable management

    A beautiful combination of elegance and convenience is the Orviston L-Shape Desk. Its traditional yet rich design adds charm to any workspace. Moreover, it has all the necessary features that you might need to make your work convenient. 

    The entire table is made using manufactured wood. Furthermore, it has a natural finish coating that gives it a warm appeal. Besides, the polished veneers allow it to match any interior easily. 

    Additionally, the desk’s L-shape design gives sufficient space for two people to work comfortably. 

    Interestingly, you will find that there are many storage options on this desk. It has a keyboard drawer, a cabinet for storage, and four drawers for additional storage. Also, this gives you the freedom to keep all your office belongings close to you at all times. 

    Lastly, it has grommets that allow the wires to pass through it making it a perfect workstation. 

    3 Cyra L-Shape Desk

    Best Value
    • Rich color
    • Spacious working area
    • Easy installation

    The many features and qualities of the Cyra L-Shape Desk will leave you speechless. It is the ideal workspace that offers a spacious working area for two people. Furthermore, its chic design will make your workspace look picturesque and add convenience to it. 

    It has a strong and durable top that can withstand daily tasks. Also, there are X pattern legs that give the desk a relaxing posture and pleasing appearance. The paint on the is of Natural Wood Grain Color Variation desk which makes it look even more appealing. 

    For durability and longevity, the table is made using manufactured wood. Additionally, the desk’s distressing look is a result of wood scouring and rub-through techniques. 

    You can place the desk in a corner to save room space. Moreover, the table has an easy installation process. But, the company offers the necessary tools that you might need for the process.

    • Reversible design
    • Unique appearance
    • Storage hutch

    The Reversible L-Shape Desk with Hutch is one most unique 2 person desks. Although it is an L-shape table, you can change its shape in reverse or even make it straight.

    It has a strong and rugged steel frame that offers amazing weight-bearing ability. Moreover, the desk has a mechanical structure that adds stability to it. 

    The desk’s top is made of crude pine wood. Furthermore, the paint used on the wood is eco-friendly, all-natural, and water-based. It also has a smooth feel and is not harmful to humans.

    Its unique design is a result of natural wood knots. This makes each table unique and different from the other. 

    Additionally, the desk comes with a hutch. Moreover, this shelf works as two storage compartments where you can store your work belongings. You can also use it as a study desk. 

    The table is easy to assemble and the process takes very little time.  

    • Simple and attractive
    • All-natural design
    • Large and deep drawer

    The Mirabel L-Shape Executive Desk is perfect for those who prefer simple and stylish desks. It has a sizable top and is made using premium quality materials. Moreover, the table also offers great storage options.

    It has some notable features that are often hard to find. The desk comes with a sliding drawer that has enough depth to hold letter-sized files. Additionally, the drawer can be opened to full extension so you don’t have to bend down to get a file. 

    The Mirabel L-Shape desk boasts a manufactured wood top and base. Besides, this wood strong and durable, and it can handle your daily tasks easily. Furthermore, it is has a paper laminate layer which gives it a premium look. 

    The colors used for designing the desk are quite simple. Also, these colors allow the table to blend among various décor settings. 

    Also, it comes with grommets for organizing the wires and giving your desk a clean look.

    • Storage drawer
    • Simple design
    • Easy to assemble

    A 2 person desk that features a bit of tradition and class to your workstation. Its basic design helps organize your workstation and keep it clean. Furthermore, its beautiful colors make it suitable for any kind of furniture set.

    It is made using manufactured wood which gives it a striking L-shaped silhouette. Plus, the wood has a laminate covering that makes it even more durable. Also, the color pattern used over the desk is natural grain wood color variation. This adds an authentic appeal to the desk’s overall appearance. 

    There are storage spaces too. It comes with a drawer that offers ample space. You can keep everything from books to files and stationary in this drawer. 

    Furthermore, the desk has shelves right under the drawer. These shelves have considerable height and depth to let you store your work-related things. Moreover, these shelves have a door to keep your things safe and away from damage.

    • Reversible placement
    • Simple design
    • Strong metal frame

    The Reversible L-Shape Desk has a sleek and design that offers a contemporary look. Moreover, its design is perfect for professionals who are working from home. Also, it has many features that can make your work convenient.

    As the name suggests, you can keep the desk in the reverse position for convenient placement. Its simple colors match most furniture settings. 

    It has a durable metal frame made from stainless steel. Moreover, the base has a powder coating that protects it from rust and damage. The base frame also has a separate compartment for the CPU. It also has a keyboard tray which makes things easier for PC users. 

    The desk has a tempered glass top which is glued to it with the help of suction cups. It is sturdy and strong enough to hold computer screens and other things. 

    Owing to the strong frame, the desk can hold up to 100 pounds. 

    • Reversible design
    • Open storage compartment
    • Water-resistant

    The Nickelsville Reversible L-Shape Desk offers you maximum convenience with style. Its L-shape construction allows two people to sit easily. Owing to its sizable top, you can keep two computer towers on it with ease. 

    Moreover, you can keep other things on the table without compromising on space. 

    The desktop features a natural finish over the strong MDF wood. It has a thickness of 15mm and offers you a load-bearing capacity of 70 pounds. Moreover, its brown color offers a sharp and professional look. 

    Whereas, the base is made of steel and has a powered coating to avoid rust and damage. Furthermore, the desk’s base is of black color which compliments the color of the desktop. 

    It has a simple storage option with two shelves at the center. Furthermore, these open shelves are strong enough to hold books, files, and even small flower pots. 

    Additionally, the desk is water, stain, and scratch-resistant. You can also clean it by wiping it with a cloth. 

    • Rich look
    • Strong particleboard
    • Adjustable leg mechanism

    Enprise L-Shape Desk is among the best affordable options for 2 person desks. The high-quality materials used for creating this desk make it sturdy and durable. Besides, the desk offers you impressive storage that can come in handy while working.

    The desk has an L-shape design but you can place it in any room of your house or office. Moreover, you can avoid the hassles of a heavy desk by purchasing this one. You can use it for numerous other purposes such as gaming, studying, or more. 

    It features a black steel base that color compliments the brown color of the desktop. The desktop is made from strong particleboard. Furthermore, it has a Natural Wood Grain Color Variation that makes it unique. 

    In addition, the desk comes with spacious storage shelves. These shelves are open and can hold your belongings safely. 

    The desk also comes with an adjustable leg mechanism. These legs are useful for making the desk stable.

    • Strong built
    • Deep drawers
    • USB hub

    The Hillsdale L-Shape Executive Desk’s beautiful white color makes it suitable for many jobs. Firstly, it makes a good workstation. Your video calls will look highly professional. Next, they offer a picturesque background for shooting products or DIY videos. 

    However, there are many other qualities in the Hillsdale L-Shape Executive Desk. It is entirely made of manufactured wood which is quite strong. Furthermore, its laminate coating makes it waterproof and scratch-proof. 

    The desk has a pedestal base and on top of it is the computer tower cabinet. It is has a glass panel door that keeps the computer tower safe. Similarly, there is another pedestal that has two drawers over it. 

    The drawers of this desk are quite deep and open smoothly. Furthermore, they can store your office stationeries, files, and other things with ease. 

    Though it looks all simple, it has some advanced features too. There is a USB hub where you can connect your devices.

    Buyer’s Guide to 2 Person Desks

    Now that you have the options for 2 person desks, you need to learn how to find the right product. We understand that you might have shortlisted products from the above-mentioned list or another website. But, you need to ensure that whichever product you purchase, serves you as desired.

    If you’re looking for 2 person desks, you have to be clear from the very first moment about its usage location. Whether you keep it in your office or plan to set up work from home office, the requirements and selection parameters for both are different. 

    Office tables are usually bulkier as they are barely moved around once installed. On the other hand, work from home setups is lighter due to their compactness. Moreover, they are designed in a way that moving them should not be a problem.

    Apart from this, the features of 2 person desks differ according to the price and purpose of the product. For instance, a desk that is designed for office work will have compact storage and would be longer in size. Whereas, a 2 person desk designed for home spaces will be much fancier and may or may not have storage options. 

    With these points, you will only scratch the surface. However, there is still a chance to miss out on the best things a desk could offer. Thus we have combined a list of important factors that you need to look for in a 2 person desk. 


    You have to be aware of your budget even before you start hunting. This will save you time and help you decide faster. Furthermore, it will also help you set your expectations properly and find products that offer maximum value. 

    If you don’t know where to begin, you start by listing down what you’re looking for such as storage, leg space, desk design, desktop material, and more. 

    Or you can start your search with a nominal price starting from $100 and set the maximum to $250. Then as you find the products that are in your budget, create a list of all of their features. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, you can increase your budget little by little. 


    There are many materials used for creating an office desk. Understanding what they are and how they are made will be like attending school all over again. However, the only thing you need to look for is whether they are of the highest quality. 

    In some cases, you will have to look for additional things. For instance, if the desk or its base is made of metal, then you need to make sure that it is powdered with coating. 


    In terms of desks for 2 people, the design of the furniture plays a key role here. You don’t want your teammate or employees fighting over leg space under the desk. Or having to keep their things on other chairs or tables due to lack of space.

    So when buying a 2 person desk, look for options that offer ample space both over and under the table. Picking a desk with good storage capacity can be a wise move. This will help you or your employees to use the desk conveniently. 


    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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