The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused major economic damage, job losses, and business closures. The financial strain that so many families have been under has been substantial, and for many, just getting through this year and a half has been incredibly difficult. Many people have found themselves without a job and struggling to make ends meet. If your business has still yet to reopen or you are still waiting to go back to work, there are some jobs you can do from home which actually pay very well.

To help your financial situation during this difficult time, here are the top remote niche jobs to boost your family budget during the pandemic.

1. Guest Post Writer

Guest posts are used by businesses and website owners to help boost the ranking of their sites on search engine result pages. If you can research and write about a topic quickly, then you may be able to find a guest post service that will pay you for your skills. There is decent money to be made as long as you are quick and you find a company that values quality writing. The industry is somewhat saturated with writers from developing countries who can undercut the value per word even though their writing skills are not great (they massively take advantage of Grammarly’s free trial offer to  break that language and writing quality barrier). Look for a company that values quality writing and you can make some good side money.

2. ECommerce Sales

ECommerce has become very popular during the pandemic as nobody has been allowed to leave their homes to go shopping. Setting up an eCommerce store on Wix or Shopify or a similar platform is very easy, and once it is up and running, all you need to do is look for quality products. Buying and shipping products in bulk from China is a great way to build up a low-cost itinerary which you can then sell in your own country at a big profit. 

3. Online Personal Trainer

Staying fit has been difficult for everyone during the pandemic with gyms and fitness centers all closed down to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This issue has provided a boost for the online training industry, however, with people like Joe Wicks in the UK becoming nationally famous for their workout programs. If you are an experienced PT, all you need to do is plan a workout that people can do from home and live stream it to your customers. It is usually advisable to create workouts that need little equipment as most people will not have weights and other gear in their homes.

4. Online Teacher

With schools closing, students and parents alike have been concerned about the impact on education. Online teaching was already increasing in popularity before the pandemic, but its importance has now been solidified. Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) can be particularly lucrative if you are a native speaker and you have some teaching experience. 

The financial damage caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic has been arguably just as impactful as the global health implications. Many families find themselves in major financial difficulties as many industries have been affected. If your job has been affected and your family is struggling, try one of these remote jobs and you can make some serious money.