A brand ambassador also referred to as an influencer or corporate ambassador, is a professional who promotes a company’s products or services. They do this by publicly promoting the firm and its products or services. Brand ambassadors serve as spokespersons, seeking to persuade a market audience to purchase a company’s products and services. Although celebrities were formerly the main brand ambassadors, practically anybody can now become a brand ambassador and earn money from it.  

Job Description For Brand Ambassadors

To become a brand ambassador, you need to be an outgoing and enthusiastic person with a significant social media presence. Some of the roles and responsibilities of a brand ambassador include:

  • Favorably representing the brand in a number of contexts
  • Contributing to the creation of content
  • Engaging in event promotion
  • Increasing brand recognition through marketing
  • Being an influential member of his or her community
  • Giving comments and feedback on new products and services
  • Using their own social media profiles to promote the brand

Brand ambassador programs

A brand ambassador program is a formal partnership between a brand and a brand ambassador. It is created by brands to outline collaboration details and to formalize the relations between the two parties. A brand ambassador program simplifies the selection process since all of the prerequisites for applicants, and also the benefits they will receive once hired, are specified in the program. Typically, the tasks and credentials required to be selected are also specified.

A brand ambassador represents a business both offline and online by promoting their products and services, posting brand-related content on a website or on social media, and attending branded events. The brand ambassador is the face of the brand, and they star in commercials and features on billboards as well as other promotional materials. In exchange, he is compensated through money or receives free services or products from the business or brand they are promoting.

Types of brand ambassador programs

Here are some of the most prevalent sorts of programs used by brands. Read more about them and select the best one for your brand ambassador collaboration.

Affiliate Brand Ambassador Program

On an affiliate basis, brands collaborate with brand ambassadors to promote products or services. For example, an influencer endorses a service or product on social media and includes a website link to increase traffic to the brand’s website. The influencer then receives a commission after every purchase which is as a result of his marketing. Whenever a person referred by the affiliate completes the desired action on the site, the brand must pay the ambassador a predetermined sum or a percentage. A desired action could refer to a purchase, an order, or even a subscription.

Requirement-driven brand ambassador program

This is a short-term program in which brand ambassadors must execute particular tasks for a brand within a set time frame. It is a program that is typically used for seasonal promotions and whenever a new product is introduced. Brands attract a large number of ambassadors and equip them to represent the brand to their own audiences. Because selected social media personalities have a lot of followers, many people are likely to be reached during the campaign.

Program for Campus/College Ambassadors

This type of initiative involves college students. Most times, marketers aim to form partnerships with students in order to gain support from “Gen Z” and “Gen Y” groups. Participants of college programs receive several benefits in exchange for representing the business and recruiting additional clients their age. This is a great opportunity to make money while also gaining useful experience in marketing, public relations, and sales, among other things. As campus ambassadors advance in their careers, brands get more devoted clients among the young population.

Employee ambassador program

Brand employees are regarded as one of the most trustworthy marketing sources. These people know everything and are in a position to represent the company in the best possible light. Furthermore, from the customer’s perspective, employees cannot lie or give bad advice since they work for a corporation. Employees who are happy with their jobs are more likely to distribute positive comments about their employers than those who are dissatisfied with their jobs. Clients and partners begin to associate the brand with these people and remember their positive attitude about it.

Platforms to get brand ambassador jobs

1. Fourstarzz.com

Fourstarzz is a platform that lets you build a brand ambassador profile so that firms interested in paid partnerships can discover you. Simply sign up as an ambassador and create your profile to be included as a brand ambassador. Brands that use Fourstarzz to locate brand ambassadors search the database, and if your profile matches the parameters of their campaign, they’ll contact you to propose their project. 

2. Tidal

Tidal is a huge influencer network where you can interact with businesses and get possibilities to collaborate with them. To become a brand ambassador, you must first sign up and create a profile. A thorough profile should have information about you, as well as links to your social media sites. Whenever there is a project that matches your profile, you will receive a request and will be able to negotiate with the business.

3. Open Influence

Another excellent influencer database where you can find brand ambassador opportunities is Open Influence. You must sign up and complete your profile in order to be featured and evaluated for potential campaigns. When Open Influence gets a project that meets your profile, they’ll reach out to you personally to discuss the details. If you find the project appealing, Open Influence will put you directly in touch with the brand.

4. Tribe

Tribe is a great platform to promote products or services from brands that you are already using. The first step to get started is to sign up for the platform. After you do this, pick the brand that you want to promote. Put up a post promoting their product or service, set up a price for the post, and submit it for approval. If your post fulfills the requirements of the brand, they will compensate you for sharing it.

5. Tapinfluence

Tapinfluence is a popular site that can help you acquire exposure to big brands. 

To get a brand ambassador opportunity on this platform, sign up and create a profile. Once you do this, connect the profile to your socials and set your rates. You can include details about your interests and the kind of content you would like to share. If your profile and interests are what the brand campaign managers are looking for, they will get in touch with you. You can then bid on their projects. 

6. Captiv8 

Captiv8 connects you with firms undertaking influencer campaigns and searching for brand ambassadors. Sign up to the platform and create a profile to get added to their database of influencers. Brands appreciate seeing comprehensive profiles, so make sure to connect your social media accounts and highlight your content. Brands search Captiv8’s influencer database for influencers, and if your profile matches their requirements, they’ll reach out to you with an offer.


How do brand ambassadors get paid?

Salaries for brand ambassadors vary widely because most brand ambassadors work flexible hours. This means that their pay varies from different companies. Salary, hourly rates, and commission are the most common sources of payment for brand ambassadors. As per websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Payscale, the average income for a brand ambassador is from around $20,000 to $58,000 per year. For brand ambassadors paid on an hourly basis, the average hourly wage is from $10 to $16. In some circumstances, corporations will compensate ambassadors on a commission basis instead of an hourly fee to encourage lead generation and the distribution of promotional materials.

Can you make money being a brand ambassador on Instagram?

Instagram can undoubtedly be used to make money. It’s a massive market with enormous potential for anyone looking to do so. The most obvious tactic is to amass a sizable following and generate money by uploading sponsored content. Many users prefer Instagram growth service to boost their profile rapidly. Nevertheless, that’s not the only method to monetize your Instagram account. The most important and initial step is to select the appropriate niche. You may monetize your Instagram account in a variety of ways. They are broadly classified into two types, which include promoting your own products and services and also monetizing your profile.

How do I become an ambassador for a brand?

To become a brand ambassador, the first thing you need to do is set up social media accounts and build engagement. You should also start looking for brands that are compatible. Look at your interests and find brands that line up with them. Create a consistent online persona and connect with your followers to grow your platforms. Also, involve your audience to increase interactions. Make contact with relevant brands and start filling out applications to become a brand ambassador.