Samsung is a well trusted brand in the monitor and tv space. Their quality is top notch, making them a leader in the space. We reviewed their 10 best computer monitors.


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    • Wall mountable
    • 4 MS response time
    • HDMI supported and curved

    The Samsung 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor is unique in that it not only looks great on a desk but is built to be wall mountable too. If you have a home office setup where you want a monitor on a wall, this product might suit your needs perfectly. The image contrast is 3000:1 which means the quality is very good and you will not be left wanting for more. The HDMI connectivity means you can easily connect your computer to the monitor. Samsung is known for making high quality, affordable, and practical products and this monitor is a great example of why that reputation was earned.

    • Large screen at 31.5 inches
    • Elegant and slim white design
    • HDMI connectivity

    This monitor is terrific for the home office. It offers a superior screen with unrivaled variation, impressive contrasts, and image detail. Extra clarity is provided by the large display so you can see documents, images, video, and your software all in one place. This Samsung monitor is great for work, leisure, gaming, and your home office. A very fast response time keeps quick-moving images from blurring and ghosting. If you want an affordable and very reliable product, this is it.

    • Sturdy and reliable
    • Curved display
    • Ideal for multi-tasking

    The Samsung 27″ Full HD Curved Computer Monitor is a monitor at its best: it is large at 27 inches but not massive so you can still enjoy the view beyond your home office desk. It is curved which enables you to work productively because the screen enables you to view and access all of your important documents at once. The monitor is sturdy and can be viewed at 178 degrees so you can easily move from either side of your desk without missing important content on the screen.

    • High resolution picture
    • Ultra-fast 1MS response time
    • Full HD resolution

    The Samsung 330 Series 24 inch Desktop Monitor is slim, connects to all of your devices easily, and brings great resolution to your desk right out of the box. But wait, there’s more: it comes with a 3 year warranty which I love and enables you to purchase this product without fearing your dollars could go to waste. 24 inches is a good size for a monitor: it won’t take up too much desk space and is large enough to make you more productive. Lastly, and of equal importance, the monitor connects easily to your external products. It supports HDMI and VGA.

    • Curved Monitor
    • Ideal for dual monitor usage
    • Easier on the Eyes technology

    The Samsung 27-Inch CR50 Frameless Curved Monitor is elegant and great for working and entertaining at home. Let me explain why: the 3-sided frameless design enhances the monitor’s display capacity and surface area. This enables you to enjoy more screen real estate. The advanced color brightness gives elegant and eye catching ratios of color and clarity which can make work and games (or movies) even more entertaining. Lastly, and perhaps just as importantly, if you are spending a lot of time in front of a monitor you will want to protect your eyes (and retinas in particular) from blue light emissions. This monitor has technology built-in to assist with this. So if you want a monitor that is large, curved, elegant, and easy on the eyes – all without breaking the bank – this is a great product to consider.

    • Large screen at 31.5 inches
    • Elegant and slim white design
    • HDMI connectivity

    This monitor is terrific for the home office. It offers a superior screen with unrivaled variation, impressive contrasts, and image detail. Extra clarity is provided by the large display so you can see documents, images, video, and your software all in one place. This Samsung monitor is great for work, leisure, gaming, and your home office. A very fast response time keeps quick-moving images from blurring and ghosting. If you want an affordable and very reliable product, this is it.

    • Truly immersive experience
    • Metallic finish; sleek curves
    • Excellent contrast ratio

    The Samsung 23.5 FHD Curved LED-Lit FreeSync Monitor offers style, power, affordability, and high resolution all in one. The excellent 3000: 1 contrast ratio delivers deep blacks and bright whites with excellent picture quality.

    One of the most important features is the Eye Saver mode. This feature optimizes your viewing comfort by reducing blue light emissions and flickers at the touch of a button.

    The lightning fast response time and higher refresh rate means you will never see lags or delays on the screen and every rendering will appear in real time. That is a great choice if you are on a screen all day and want your computer and monitor to work as quickly as you do.

    • 1800R ultra-curved screen
    • 3-Year Business Warranty
    • Ideal for multi-tasking

    If you work for the federal government and need a TAA compliant monitor, this Samsung Series 27 inch Desktop Monitor will meet your needs. Firstly, it has a stunning 1800R ultra-curved screen that provides an immersive, natural viewing experience for enhanced productivity and reduced eye fatigue. Secondly, the slim, VESA-mountable panel is suitable for multi-screen workstations. Lastly, the monitor comes with a 3 year warranty which means you can buy with comfort and confidence.

    • AMD FreeSync and Game Mode
    • Eco-Saving Plus feature
    • Optimized for the home office

    The classic Samsung 24 inch monitor is built to keep you working effectively without straining your eyes. It has a wide viewing experience and eco-saving features to regulate energy consumption. You can easily connect to multiple devices and place this monitor anywhere on your desk and get right to work. If you want an affordable solution that is no frills and simple, this product performs the task well.

    • Stunning wide viewing angle
    • Sleek ultra-slim bezel
    • 1 year warranty

    If you want a stunning monitor that brings together world-class display, stunning images, wide viewing angles, and sleek design – then look no further. This monitor is terrific and comes with a 1 year warranty to make your purchase even more confident. The Eye Saver Mode reduces strain on your eyes and the extra wide viewing angle makes all of the content on the screen easy to consume regardless of where you are sitting. The VESA support empowers you to mount the monitor or place it on your desk; as such, it is great for a multi-monitor setup. This product is excellent and will serve you well.

    Buying The Best Samsung Computer Monitor

    Imagine you are working from your home office and need a monitor or external display. Perhaps you want to visually represent your screen in a large capacity. Or, perhaps you want to enhance your viewing experience. If you need a monitor, a few companies will stand out as making top rated products. One of these companies is Samsung. Samsung has a strong history of making excellent electronics and their monitors are no exception. Samsung not only combines cutting edge engineering but they mass produce their products which gives you, the buyer, some inherent advantages.

    Firstly, the monitors usually come with warranties. This is because Samsung feels very confident in the durability of their products and stands by them. Secondly, the best samsung computer monitors are usually affordable. Because they are mass produced, Samsung is able to reduce its fixed cost per production. This means that you are paying a good price by the time the product arrives. Thirdly, Samsung makes monitors for the masses. This means that the company has perfected an easy set-up.

    If you are not a techy, or want to reduce time from unboxing to use, Samsung makes the unbundling experience dead easy. Now that you have this relevant background, here are additional things to consider when buying a Samsung monitor.

    What Size Monitor Should I Buy?

    The best Samsung computer monitors range in size from 17 inches (slightly larger than a normal laptop display) up to 49 inches (the size of a medium size TV screen). Before selecting a monitor, think about how you will use it. Are you using more than one monitor or a single external display? What about connecting the monitor to a laptop or monitor? Are you mounting the monitor on a wall or placing on a desk? The reason you will want to ask these questions is because they can help guide you. If mounting your monitor(s), you might consider a triple monitor stand to save space. 

    Additionally, it’s a best ergonomic practice to have your laptop at the same height as your monitor. This will keep you neck happy. A laptop stand is an excellent tool for this. Or, you could consider stacking some books together.

    I have a 27 inch Samsung monitor and primarily use it as the external display for my MacBook Pro. This monitor was affordable – a few hundred dollars – and beautifully designed. Because it is on the medium-to-large size spectrum, I can easily see all of my open documents on the screen at one time. But because the monitor is not very large (above 33 inches) it doesn’t take up too much surface area on my desk or block my view.

    I am using a laptop and not a monitor which means that in reality I have two screens. Size really does matter with monitor. You will need to select a monitor aligned with your computational and working environment. 

    Screen Quality and Resolution

    After thinking holistically about the size of monitor you want, think about the screen’s resolution. What types of content will you be looking at on the monitor display? Word Documents? Images? Videos? Games? There’s a linear correlation between the cost of the monitor and the resolution and speed of the display.

    If your computing needs are simple, you can likely save money by not buying a monitor with 1 millisecond response times. These Samsung monitors, in contrast, are more expensive as they have higher end parts. I use my monitor almost exclusively for work and watching the occasional video. I don’t play video games or need 1080P resolution on my Samsung monitor. If you are a home office worker, you can likely avoid high end displays that are built more for the gaming use-case in mind.

    Curved or Flat?

    The best Samsung computer monitors and their physical appearances can basically be divided into a few simple buckets. These are curved, flat, or trim. As the first two names imply, curved or flat monitors describe the shape of the display. Some monitors are flat and boxy, others have a bend to them. Curved monitors are ideal for immersive viewing experiences and gaming.

    Flat Monitors

    Flat monitors are what you are likely more accustomed to. Both work well but curved monitors tend to be more expensive. They have higher resolution displays and Samsung produces fewer of them. Now what is a trim monitor? Simply put, the trim is the amount of plastic or metal around the actual display.

    Some monitors have invisible trims, whereas others have larger trims. The smaller the trim (or frameless design) means more real estate for your eyes to see content on the screen. Frameless monitors are sleeker and generally more modern but cost slightly more. If you want your monitor to maximize screen real estate and reduce wanted space, finding a Samsung monitor with a frameless design is a great bet.

    Curved Monitors

    Curved monitors, on average, are larger than flat monitors. Given their increased size, and larger screens, they tend to be placed on desks as opposed to being mounted on a wall. If you are considering a monitor for your desk, both curved and flat displays will work great. But if you require a wall mount, many flat monitors will work better. This is not to say that curved Samsung monitors cannot be hung. It is just that they are primarily built for being placed on flat surfaces.

    Curved monitors feel larger, with a larger field of view that covers the eye more easily than a flat screen. Curved screens are not as decorative-friendly as flat screens because their sides stand out from the environment, but they offer a wider viewing angle, which is not the case with flat screens. Flat screens have an ergonomic advantage over curved displays, as you have to rotate your neck to focus on the screen instead of the back of your head or even the side.

    Based on the results of both objective and subjective parameters, curved monitors showed lower values for eye pain than flat monitors. Curved monitors also show a lower NPA score, which is a possible factor associated with visual fatigue.

    Screen Speed and Connectivity

    The final variable to consider is how you will connect to your Samsung monitor and what type of screen speed and resolution you care about. If you have an older computer or workstation, make sure the monitor your purchase is compatible with it. Check things like VGA in particular as some monitors will need a special connection cable to connect VGA to HDMI.

    This is an easily solved problem that Samsung has thought through but it’s a good practice to ensure that your computer and monitor can work well together. In this vein, consider the screed speed and response time. If you are consuming high end content (HD videos, movies, games) you will want a more responsive monitor.

    If you are simply typing documents and replying to emails, as is my work-flow, a monitor with 5 millisecond response time is more than fast enough to do the job well. Response time will impact the aspect ratio and color contrast as well. All Samsung monitors will work well enough; but if you are maximizing for a certain computation use-case, go for the faster and more screen-responsive products for the ultimate viewing experience.

    Final Considerations: The Best Samsung Computer Monitors

    As noted previously, many of the best Samsung computer monitors come with warranties ranging from one to three years. Make note of this depending on how important this is to you. If you want a monitor that lasts years or decades, a Samsung monitor will do the trick. Samsung is famous for the quality and durability of its products. The monitors it makes are no exception.

    All of the best Samsung computer monitors I have reviewed work incredibly well: they are fast, nice to look at, easy to set-up, and project screen content incredibly well. The differences between the monitors come down to what you want and most care about. Samsung monitors range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand and this price gap is explained by the size of the display, its response time, and the aspect and quality ratios of the screen.

    Figure out what you care most about and all of the screens reviewed above will help transform your work from home environment into a work space that is even more productive.  

    When it comes to a computer monitor, you want something that fits on your desk or wall and that gives you lots of screen space.

    Increased Productivity

    A dual monitor allows you to display critical information on one screen for reference purposes, while the second monitor is used for the actual work. Instead of simply mirroring your laptop’s screen to another monitor and expanding it, this means you can use both screens to display different apps and content.

    In almost all cases, you will want to choose an extended display so that you can treat the second monitor as a separate desktop. Select “Duplicate” if you want your laptop’s screen to reflect on the external screen

    With two screens, it’s easy to have a full-screen display of video content on one screen while you’re operating your computer on the other.

    A good computer monitor is a must – you need to have a device to do your best work. Most external monitors can be connected to a desktop computer, laptop or other external monitor. Some monitors even have ports on the monitor to charge your device, so they have all the ports you need for your computer and its productivity. 

    If you sit at your desk for several hours at a time, you can adjust the screen height via an adjustable computer monitor, so you can work comfortably. This means you can lift your head up instead of always looking down. This will add tremendous value to your posture and health over time.



    Kevin is a WFH veteran. He has spent the better half of the past decade traveling the world while working remotely. Kevin has recently settled down and stopped traveling frequently, but continues to work from home and has created a spectacular home office. He loves reviewing new products for his office and sharing his insights so that people can improve their home office experience.

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