A touch screen monitor is a common sight in the professional world nowadays. Gaming studios, production houses, different industries, security companies, and many other sectors have been using them for a while. And now, they are becoming popular for personal uses as well.

So, what’s so great about them? Why not stick to the regular monitors? First of all, they are smart and interactive. Usable without additional accessories like mouse and keyboard. And being so, they are far more comfortable and easy to operate. Easily pinch, swipe, or multi-tap.

Of course, they also support USB accessories. Most of the touch screen monitors come with a USB hub. And based on the brand, they also support HDMI, VGA, Type-C, or DVI-D cables.

Additionally, the screens are available in different width and resolutions. 1920 x 1080p HD resolutions seem to be fairly common. Also, most of them offer great viewing angles, commonly 178 degrees horizontal and equal vertical angle.

Moreover, most of the touch screen monitors are compatible with the latest OS versions. You can just plug in and operate as they barely require any dedicated driver.

So take a look at the WFH recommended top 10 touch screen monitors and go smart!


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    • 10 point multi-touch
    • 178-degree view port
    • Eye care technology

    Yep, you guessed right. Asus takes up the top spot in our Best touch screen monitor list.

    In this modern world of technology, Asus has become a symbol of reliability & top-notch performance. Alongside the production of high-quality computers, they’re manufacturing next-generation touch screen monitors.

    This VT229 touch screen monitor has a 21.5” Full HD display accompanied by 10-point multi-touch capacity. Serves as a virtual keyboard and perfect for touch screen operations as well.

    Moreover, it has a wide, 178° viewing angles for vivid & colorful display. It also has an IPS panel. The monitor itself is frameless by design. So you can set it up for multi-display operations with minimum effort. Also suitable for monitoring and professional practices.

    Furthermore, the monitor has ASUS Eye Care technology that ensures flicker-free backlighting & blue light filtration to minimize digital strain on the eyes.

    The LED display currently supports up to 1920 x 1080 resolution contents. You can set it up with HDMI and VGA cables. And it runs on 100 – 240 V regular current.

    • Best budget
    • 10.1" HD display
    • PC & Raspberry Pi compatible

    We are recommending the Elecrow touch screen monitor as the best budget choice. This 1080P full HD screen is quite the package, even at the enlisted price.

    This 10.1-inch portable touch screen monitor can project up to 1920 x 1080 resolution contents. The crystal clear display is something to talk about as well. With the IPS LED technology, it can bring about a stunning color experience as well as a large projection display.

    Like many touch screen monitors, it supports 10 point touch without any additional driver. Simply connect the USB cord to your signal output device to achieve the touch screen function. You can connect it with devices such as a PC or a Raspberry Pi.

    Furthermore, it comes with a 10.1-inch compact 75 x 75mm VESA with wall-mountable holes. Lets you plan your space more flexibly. You can also equip it with HDMI and VGA ports. It also features built-in high-quality speakers and a 3.5mm audio output jack.

    The screen is compatible with Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4 models B B+, PS3, PS4, XBOX360, & WiiU. You can also use it with industrial and medical equipment.

    • WFH Premium selection
    • 27" wide display
    • Supports 2560 x 1440 HD

    Now, time for the Premium one. And it’s none other than the Acer 27″ WQHD touch screen monitor.

    When it comes to computer parts, a lot of you will agree that Acer equals to quality and durability. And this touch screen monitor is no exception. With its high-quality full HD display and refined finishing, it’s well worth the price.

    To start off, it has a 10-point, multi-touch screen that senses 10 different touchpoints on the display. Also supports pinch for zooming in and out. You can rotate images, scroll through documents, and browse seamlessly as well.

    The 2560 x 1440 display resolution of this LED screen projects excellent details. Perfect choice for advanced HD productions, multimedia applications, and HQ visuals. 

    Moreover, it has a 60 Hz refresh rate, 178 degrees horizontal, and 178 degrees vertical display angles. The large edge-to-edge 27″ wide display delivers the ultimate viewing experience for Full HD contents. The flexible tilt of 30-80 degrees lets you operate the monitor from different angles as well.


    • 22" wide touchscreen
    • 1080 HD display
    • Tilted stand

    The Planar Helium is a cool 22″ wide touchscreen monitor. It supports 1080 HD display, VGA, and HDMI ports.

    It features Projected Capacitive touch tech that registers up to 10 touch points simultaneously. The monitor is also very fast and accurate for different home and office appliances. Supports 178 degrees horizontal & 178 degrees vertical projection.

    The Planar Helium monitor stand can easily tilt from 15° to 70°. So the user can quickly move from passive viewing to complete touch screen interactions. Besides, the monitor is compatible with Windows operating systems 7, 8, & 10. It’s also HID-Compliant and you don’t have to install any driver for basic touchscreen interactions.

    Furthermore, it features flexible integration. This multi-touch PCT2235 monitor supports multiple video inputs as well. You can use HDMI and VGA cables with it. Also comes with integrated speakers.

    Moreover, the VESA-compatible hole pattern behind the monitor allows it to easily attach to other mounting options. For example, Planar single-arm clamp stands and height-adjust desk stands.

    • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
    • Eye protective measures
    • 3 years warranty

    The ViewSonic touch screen monitor is another high-quality display with great visuals. It’s excellent for public kiosks, retail and commercial applications, & POS displays.

    You use two-finger pinches, multiple taps, and swipes with the TD2421 dual-point touch monitor. Allows for quick and smooth navigation. The monitor comes with an HD 1920 x 1080 resolution as well as a 3000:1 static contrast ratio.

    Thanks to the clear MVA technology, the monitor brings stunning brightness and enhanced contrasts with an amazing on-screen performance. Enjoyable from nearly every viewing angle. It also includes some flexible connectivity options like HDMI, DVI, VGA, and USB ports.

    Moreover, it has a VESA mountable feature that offers an additional facility for using it as a wall-mounted display. Also, ViewSonic provides an exclusive view mode feature that provides some intuitive presets. Delivers top-notch screen performance in various applications.

    Additionally, the Flicker-Free technology combined with a Blue Light Filter effectively eliminates digital eye strain. Can be a great asset for extended viewing periods and enhanced productivity.

    Widely used in different industries, studios, and household applications. Also, it comes with a 3 years limited warranty.

    • 10 points smooth touching
    • Protects the eyes
    • Ultra thin, ergonomic

    Next on our list is the Dell P2418HT touch screen monitor. Like similar products, it comes with a 10-point touch feature that delivers a natural and interactive experience.

    On this monitor, you can tap, pinch, swipe & slide in a casual manner. Time to enjoy even smoother navigation with the versatile two-handed touch control. The monitor has anti-glare properties as well from edge-to-edge.

    Moreover, it lets you work from any position. A flexible stand transforms the screen from a desktop monitor to a 60-degree angled touch controller. Adjust the screen to your comfort as it also supports extended tilt as well as swivel capabilities.

    Additionally, a protective cushioning offers a durable barrier against rough bumps while you fully compress the stand. Also, the In-Cell Touch technology State-of-the-art ensures an anti-glare surface for longer operations, reducing distracting reflections as well as fingerprints.

    The monitor is overall easy on the eyes and you need additional computer glasses to operate it. Being equipped with Dell’s cutting edge technology, this ultra-thin monitor will no doubt be a great asset for your causes.

    • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
    • 20M : 1 dynamic contrast ratio
    • 3 years warranty

    Another superb ViewSonic touch screen monitor. As usual, it promises high-quality display and great visuals. This one has a 22″ display that can project up to 1080p resolutions.

    The monitor has an ergonomic design with a muted black finish and an 8H scratch resistant surface. You can adjust the display by tilting it forward and backward. 

    The monitor displays enhanced contrasts and stunning brightness with an amazing on-screen performance. Enjoy it from different viewing angles. It also includes flexible connectivity options like DVI-D & VGA. Supports 2.0 USB and features integrated speakers as well.

    You use multiple taps, two-finger pinches, and smooth swipes with the TD2220 dual-point touch monitor. Perfect for smooth and fast navigation. The HD monitor comes with a 1920 x 1080 resolution as well as a 20M:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

    Additionally, it has a VESA mountable feature for additional facilities while using it as a wall-mounted display. Delivers top-notch screen performance in various applications.

    Also, the Flicker-Free technology combined and a Blue Light Filter effectively eliminates digital eye strain. Great asset for prolonged viewing periods. Used in different industries, studios, as well as household applications.

    This energy star certified monitor comes with a 3 years limited warranty.

    • 24" interactive display
    • Supports HDMI & VGA
    • Max usage: 16H continuously

    Like other Planar Helium models PCT2435 is a full HD interactive LCD monitor with a 24″ display. It’s equipped with 10 points multi-touch operability. It also has an integrated USB hub and a double-hinged desk stand.

    As you know, extensive exposure to blue light causes digital fatigue and eye damage. Since blue light produces a short wavelength and high energy. So, the Planar PCT2435 reduces blue light waves of different levels based on your activities, ensuring visual comfort.

    The Planar PCT2435 provides the ultimate touch screen experience. It has several touchpoints that receive simultaneous touch commands. You can also pinch to zoom in, zoom out, swipe, tap, and inject versatile commands at once.

    Moreover, the Planar Helium features a USB hub connecting other devices directly to the monitor. So, multiple video inputs are possible with it. Also, it includes VGA, & HDMI compatibility. Versatile plug and play options as well as easy operability.

    Also, you can operate the monitor without any additional driver. Highly compatible with Windows 10 and the latest devices.

    • USB 3.0 Hub
    • Plug and play, driver free
    • Eye protective measures

    The Planar Helium is a 22″ full HD interactive LCD monitor equipped with multi-touch operability. It has an integrated USB 3.0 hub with a double-hinged desk stand.

    The Planar PCT2265 provides an ultimate touch screen experience. It has several touchpoints that receive simultaneous touch commands. You can also pinch to zoom in, zoom out, swipe, tap, and inject versatile commands at once.

    Recent studies show that extensive exposure to blue light causes fatigue and damages eyes. As blue light produces a short wavelength and high energy. So, the Planar PCT2265 reduces blue light presets of different levels based on your activities and also ensures visual comfort.

    Moreover, the Planar Helium features a USB hub that connects other devices directly into the monitor. So, multiple video inputs are possible with it. Alongside this, it includes analog, DVI-D, & HDMI compatibility. Versatile plug and play options as well as easy operability.

    Also, you can directly use the display with Windows 8, without any additional driver. Enjoy a hassle-free work environment.

    • Supports HDMI & Type-c
    • Thunderbolt 3.0 compatible
    • For Mac OS only

    And finally, we have the cool Virzen touch screen monitor with a 15.6″ wide display and 10-point capacitive touch feature.

    Compared to ordinary portable monitors, it’s much more sensitive. The touchscreen operation makes it ideal for gaming as well as programming. Also, you can carry out several other touch screen operations with it. However, the touchscreen works only with the MAC OS system, precisely MAC OS Catalina 10.15.1.

    Alongside the FHD 15.6″ display, this monitor features a Type-c HDMI USB-C port. The monitor is also equipped with a compatible hybrid signal solution. The Virzen portable monitor is compatible with PS4, XBOX, Raspberry Pi, and several other devices as well.

    Moreover, it runs without any dedicated driver. You can either use an HDMI cable or a Type-C cable for instant connectivity and transmission. Supports laptops with Thunderbolt 3.0 as well as cellphones with USB 3.1.

    Furthermore, it has built-in dual-stereo speakers that deliver loud and 360-degree surrounding sound along with deep bass. You can connect the mouse and keyboard via the OTG port. You can also connect external speakers via a 3.5mm headphone port.

    What is a touch screen monitor?

    A touch screen monitor is a physical monitor display that you can interact with by touching it. Unlike a traditional monitor that only enables you to interact via a mouse and external devices, a touch screen is a computer display screen that enables your finger to serve as an input device.

    How does a touch screen monitor work?

    There are two ways to answer this question. One is practical. If you want to open documents, send an email, or control other aspects of your monitor simply touch it as you would with a computer mouse. The second answer is slightly more technical. A touch screen monitor is built with a panel and a screen – one made of thin glass, the other of plastic. When you touch the monitor and electrical flow occurs informing the computer to respond. This enables you to click, select, point, drag and drop, or zoom on your monitor all with the tap of your finger.

    What are the benefits of a touch screen monitor?

    1. Dynamic work. You can use a mouse and your finger to control the screen. If you want to reduce clutter, you can remove your mouse and keyboard and have two fewer items to manage and take up space on your desk.
    2. Creativity. The drag and drop functionality of a touch screen monitor can’t be replicated with a mouse. By using your hands to touch photos, videos, or art you can use your body to create content on the screen. That makes immerse computing and gaming compelling and differentiated computational experiences.
    3. Get back space. Touch screen monitors remove the need for extra computer peripherals such a mouse, keyboard, stylus, and all the cords, cables, and chargers that go with them.

    We hope after reviewing the best touch screen monitors we presented in this article that you are now aware of the different options you have for a touch screen displays, how they work, and ways these devices can help you do better work while at home.

    Touch screen monitors are akin to the smartphone you likely use. It just works. You can interact with your monitor with a mouse if preferred or lean it and use your finger or hand to control the content on the screen. Touch screen monitors are easy to use and simple to learn how to operate.

    Are touch screen monitors worth it?

    When buying a touch screen monitor first consider the type of work you will be conducting on your laptop, desktop, and external display. How do you spend your time when using your computer? Do you primarily create content? Write documents? Send emails? Play games? These types of questions can help you define if a touch monitor is worth it.

    In general, a touch monitor is great for people who want to do two things:

    1. Interact with their monitor using the hand or fingers. Specifically people that are pinching photos and zooming in, people creating digital art (photos, videos, etc), and gamers.
    2. People that want less clutter. Because the touch screen removes the need for a mouse and potentially your keyboard, they leave a cleaner and more open work space.

    How do I choose a touch screen monitor?

    After you have decided you want a touch screen monitor, consider its compatibility with your PC or laptop. General things you should consider:

    1. How large of a monitor do you want or need?
    2. Does the monitor support your computer’s operating system?
    3. How will you connect to the monitor (HDMI, VGA, etc)?
    4. The price of the touch screen monitor

    Touch screen monitors can range in price from $100 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the size of the screen, the quality of the pixelation, and the responsiveness of the display.



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