When facing space constraints, a fold down desk offers the best solution. This wall-mounted desk can be fixed in any part of your house and help you create a designated space for your office. The best part about fold down desks is that along with being space-efficient, they also double up as an extra shelf in your office. 

Nowadays, fold down desks are becoming more and more popular among people. Not only does it become an addition to your home decor but also acts as a practical piece of furniture. Choosing the right fold down desk can be a struggle. Thus, we’ve compiled a list featuring the 10 best fold down desks.


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    1 Ardilla Fold Down Desk

    Top Product
    • Stylish desk
    • Sufficient storage
    • 30lbs weight capacity

    The Ardilla fold down desk is one of the best desks of this kind that you can find in the market. All you need to do to use it is unlatch the front panel and the surface will fall down. Inside it, you will find four storage cubbies, a paper organizer, and a corkboard. An additional pull-out drawer seals the deal with this desk. 

    Made from MDF and iron, the desk is built to survive over a long period of time. It can also take up to 30lbs of weight which is pretty good for a fold down desk. The desk is available in multiple color options so you can choose what suits you the best. 

    A 1-year warranty makes it an even better deal in case you want to test out the product. Your home interior could use this stylish desk to add that oomph that could create all the difference in the world. 

    • 100lbs weight capacity
    • Durable
    • Premium quality product

    The Amon fold down desk is the best choice when it comes to buying a desk. With sufficient storage shelves and compartments, it is made to keep all your essentials in one place. The design is intentionally kept very basic with only neutral colors so that you can add it to any kind of home and it will blend in. 

    The built and construction of this desk allows it to take up to 100 lbs of weight without a problem. Although it is made with manufactured wood, it proves to be a durable item for long-term use. Although it comes partially assembled, you have to add the finishing touching to be able to use it. 

    Pair it with a matching chair and it will look like any other regular desk but a lot better. At a reasonable price, you are getting a premium quality product. You can use this desk for any kind of work and mount it anywhere in your home.

    3 Sander Floating Desk

    Best Value
    • Eco-friendly particleboard
    • PVC edge sealing
    • Damp-proof

    The Sander fold down is a low-range product that offers unique features to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying desks. Made with eco-friendly particleboard, white protective covering, and PVC edge sealing, the desk proves to be resistant to damage. Not only is it damp-proof, mold-proof, and anti-corrosion but it is also strong enough. 

    Connected with metal hinges, the desk can take up to 33 lbs of weight. It also comes with a metal lock so you can secure the desk when it is not in use. The open shelves act as a great storage system but if you need more then the drawer can also be used. 

    Now you can easily convert any part of your home into a home office without compromising on style. In terms of practicality as well, you are getting something that will last for a long time and get the job done.

    • 5-year warranty period
    • CARB-2/TCSA Title VI compliant
    • ISTA certified

    Looking at the Dowlen fold down desk, you would never guess that it is actually meant to be used as one. The sophisticated finish of the desk doubles up as a shelf for your home decor items with ease. In fact, the desk itself looks like it was meant to be a showpiece rather than a functional item. 

    The manufactured wood with laminate veneers is what completes the making of this desk. This guarantees durability against your daily wear and tear. Furthermore, the cable management system integrated into the design makes your work a lot more organized and systematic. 

    The product design ensures that the shelf has sufficient space for all your items. Moreover, the desk is CARB-2/TCSA Title VI compliant along with being ISTA certified. Thus, when you invest your money in this desk, you know that it’s safe to use. Lastly, a 5-year warranty period gives it that seal of assurance for your satisfaction. 

    • Made with laminated MDF
    • Multiple storage compartments
    • Easy-to-clean

    The Michel fold down desk is what an ideal floating desk looks like. At first glance, you will never be able to tell what all it has in store for you. Once you open the chalkboard front, you will see the desktop roll down so you can start working straight away. 

    The laminated MDF makes the desk sturdy and durable so that it can take up to 30 lbs of weight. Though you’ll need to assemble the desk, the instruction manual makes it extremely easy and fun. You can use the desk as a dining table as well, considering the fact that the surface is easy to clean. 

    The storage compartments help keep your essentials in one place. Be it important documents or stationery, now you can keep a track of it all. The black and grey neutral color options are perfect when you consider gifting this to people or even for your own home. 

    • Stylish design
    • Multiple color options
    • Free 2-day shipping

    The Valerie fold down desk is for those who just cannot compromise on style. This desk can be placed anywhere you like and you can work comfortably by adding your favorite office chair. It may not look much but it can easily take up to 44 lbs of weight. Having said that, it’s important to understand that’s 44lbs is not much and so you shouldn’t overburden it. 

    Made with MDF, the desk is the right combination of durability and style. The desk is available in multiple colors thereby helping you pick your favorite one without a problem. The drop-down shelves available with the desk are a great option to store anything you need to. 

    Dedicated to customer satisfaction, you can always approach the brand for any kind of assistance you may need with the desk. Even their free 2- day shipping proves to be an amazing feature when you urgently need something. 

    • Ample storage
    • Wide desktop
    • Save-efficient

    The Rossville fold down-desk is another great option when considering desks that fold down completely out to the floor. Like a hidden safe, it opens up to reveal a practical and functional desk Available in three different colors, this desk is the ideal space-saving option for your home. 

    The work surface with this desk is pretty wide to accommodate all your essentials. Moreover, it can take up to 45 lbs of weight so you don’t have to worry about giving it more than it can handle. Once the desk arrives, it requires manual assembly which you can do without a problem. 

    The storage compartment also provides ample space to keep items that you would constantly need. The best part about having a desk like this is being able to use it neatly tuck it back in place when it’s not in use. This really helps in keeping your house organized in the right way.

    • High-grade E1-15mm chipboard
    • Sufficient storage shelves
    • Reversible orientation

    The Burgeo reversible fold down desk with a reversible orientation is one of the best desks that you can purchase in the market today. Besides being made with a high-grade E1-15mm chipboard, it can easily be mounted on any wall with 10cm thickness. The chipboard is strong enough to take up to 66 lbs of weight with ease. 

    The white color option brings a neutral and subtle look into your home. It allows you to experiment with colors around it, making it look more presentable than ever. This desk is designed to make your work from home space look more upscale and presentable. 

    The shelves that come with the desk allow for good storage so that it looks good as well as functional in your day-to-day operations. For a fold down desk, having sufficient storage is always a concern. However, this particular product solves the problem in no time.

    • SCS certified
    • Multi-functional
    • Elegant design

    The Trinette wall-mounted desk is a stylish product that brings functionality and elegance to your home. Made with high-quality MDF, the desk is durable and lasts for a long period of time. With the shelf on top, the desk provides enough storage space to keep your essentials together. 

    The front panel drops down to reveal 5 compartments inside. The panel becomes the desktop which can take up to 44 lbs of weight. Since the desk is UL listed, HFES 100 certified ergonomic, and SCS certified, it’s extremely safe. These are the factors that make it more appealing to people. 

    The desk can be used for various functions such as writing, doing art or craft, reading, or even a place to watch your favorite TV show. Since it is a fold down desk, it takes up less space and is a highly practical purchase. Not to forget how well it can complement your interior. 

    • Turn any wall into a desk in seconds
    • 25 lbs. weight capacity
    • Accented with leather pull

    The Brantley Floating Desk lets you turn any empty wall into a desk in seconds. This is absolutely perfect if you are short on space. When the desk is folded up, it still boasts a top shelf that you can use to decorate any room of the house. The unique design will save you a lot of space. And in case you have kids, this is a great desk for their bedroom if you are short on space as well! 

    Buyer’s Guide to Fold Down Desk

    Once you have decided that you want to buy a fold down desk, the bigger question is – how do you make sure that the fold down desk you’re buying is right for you? With every new reinvention, technological advancement, and the growing need of customers, brands need to keep up. 

    However, you may or may not need that many features for your needs. In fact, you may need something that is very specific for your use. That is exactly why research is very important. Here are a few things you should look for while buying a fold down desk. 


    When it comes to fold down desks, size plays an important role. This is because the major reason for buying a fold down desk is to reduce the space constraints in your home. However, if you buy something that is as bulky as a regular desk, only wall-mounted, then the purpose is defeated. 

    Make sure you check the true dimensions of the desk and measure it on the wall it would be put on as well. While purchasing things online, we often judge the wrong size, which is why checking the dimensions is important. 

    Weight capacity 

    People often believe that a smaller desk would be able to take less weight. The truth is, it depends upon the material it is made with which makes all the difference. If the desk is made with wood, it tends to be stronger and can take more weight. On the other hand, a plastic desk may not be as sturdy. 

    Your usage should determine what desk material you should go for. Just because wood can take more weight, it is not necessary to buy a wooden desk. If you don’t have such heavy wear and tear then even a plastic desk would be enough.

    Is it necessary to buy a fold down desk for my home?

    Depending upon the size of your home office, you can determine what kind of desk fits best in your home. The biggest advantage of having a fold down desk is that it is wall-mounted. This feature saves space and even gives you additional storage if you need it. 

    For a compact home office, it doesn’t get better than this. Get a fold down desk that looks aesthetic and functional in every way. This can be done easily since there are multiple options available to appeal to your taste. Each unique in its own way, you are free to choose whichever fold down you like. 



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