If you are on a budget and looking for an inexpensive work station, these cheap computer desks are for you. We were able to find and review all types of desks, including small, large, and corner desks. Some have quite a lot of storage space, despite their inexpensive price tag. We also gave preference to desks that could handle a multiple monitor setup.

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1 Zemple Desk

Best Choice
  • 43.3'' x 19.1” desktop area
  • Shelf + 4 storage drawers
  • Compact Design

There’s a lot to love about the Zemple Desk. It’s four drawers offer a lot of storage for all of your office supplies, and then some. It also has a built-in shelf for easy access to other items. It has a compact design and sturdy build, but it has plenty of space to fit a second monitor with it’s 43.3” by 19.1” desktop dimensions. This is a great desk at a very affordable price.

  • 51" x 19.7" desktop area
  • Ample storage space
  • Cord storage holes

Thes L-Shaped desk would go perfectly in the corner of your office, or even against a single wall and have the peninsula stick out. It has plenty of storage space and even more desktop space with each part of the desk measuring at 51 inches wide. If you are someone who likes to have a lot of different stacks of paper, nic-nacs, or other desk items floating around, this is great for you. It also has two different built-in holes in the desk to gracefully hide your cords. Combine that with the espresso color and cheap price, and you’ve got a really excellent desk.

  • 39.4” x 17.7” desktop area
  • Lower shelf for storage
  • Easy to assemble

This desk is pretty darn chic for its very inexpensive price. It also has a nice and large desktop space to easily support a multiple monitor setup. We also like the bottom shelf for additional storage. This desk would fit great in any bedroom or office setup, and it’s very easy to assemble in less than 20 minutes. Overall it’s a great pick if you are on a tight budget.

  • 40.5” x 18” desktop area
  • Shelves + storage cabinet
  • Compact Design

The Ryker Desk is a nice dark wood color and features a compact design. It has ample storage space with its two built-in shelves and lower storage cabinet. At 40 inches wide, you can easily fit a second monitor. This is an ideal desk for folks with slightly less space to work with – but it gets the job done!

  • 47.25” x 15.75” desktop area
  • Tons of storage space
  • Easy to assemble (no tools)

This desk has ample storage space and the blue surface plus stainless steel pipes make it pop in any room of the house. At over 47 inches wide, you have plenty of desktop space to sprawl out and support multiple monitors or whatever you’d like. Because it has no panel on the back, you may want to buy wire tubing so that a bunch of wires don’t show going from the desk to your wall outlet(s). 

  • Sliding keyboard/mouse tray
  • Elevated stand for monitor
  • Storage drawer

We like this computer desk for it’s built-in elevated stand which would be perfect for your monitor or a printer. The slide-out keyboard and mouse tray are also nice, especially when you are trying to save space in a crowded apartment or home. The elevated stand, computer storage shelf, and storage door can also detach from the main desk unit, which is a nice option if you have even less space and only want the desk with the keyboard tray.

  • 31.5'' x 15.75'' desktop area
  • Sliding keyboard/mouse tray
  • Compact design

The Ketterer Peninsula Desk offers some shelves, plus a built-in sliding keyboard and mouse tray. It’s dark wood color and compact design would look good in any room of the house. At 31.5” wide the desktop is on the smaller end, but large enough to fit a second monitor off to the side. 

  • 47" x 24" desktop area
  • Incredibly sturdy
  • Easy to assemble

You pretty much get the idea when you look at this desk. It is very sturdy and has a very large desktop surface area – plenty of space to support multiple monitors and a bunch of other desktop items you may want. It’s also easy to assemble, taking less than 15 minutes to set up in your home office. The dark black wooden color would go well in just about any room of the house. 

  • 42” x 20” desktop area
  • Sliding keyboard/mouse tray
  • Tons of storage space

This desk has a lot of storage features which we really like. It features a sliding keyboard tray, two shelves on the side, a storage drawer, and a built-in hutch. This gives you a lot of freedom in how you want to store your office supplies and customize your workstation. At 42 inches wide, it can easily support a second monitor. Overall, this desk is affordable and would make for a great workstation for years to come. 

  • 31.6'' x 16.5'' desktop area
  • Built-in hutch
  • Compact design

At 31.6 inches wide, this Secretary Desk will fit into most tight spaces if you are in a small apartment or just don’t have a lot of space for a desk. It has a convenient storage shelf at the bottom, and a nice hutch to provide more surface area to the desk. It’s certainly on the smaller end, so fitting a second monitor would be difficult, but you could place one on top of the hutch if you really wanted to. 

What To Consider When Buying Cheap Computer Desks

If money is tight but you still want a decent work from home setup, we’ve got you covered! There are still a number of things to consider and countless options for each style of desk that may suit your needs. We like to consider being on a budget as an optimization puzzle. You can’t have the Rolls Royce option, but you can shop around and find a suitable desk. We want you to find one that will ideally fit most of your top needs. We’ll walk you through creative solutions. In addition we’ll discuss key decisions you should make before picking out the right desk. And we’ll do all of this while on a budget!

Defining What You Need From Your Workspace And Computer Desk

The first thing you should consider is what you need out of your workstation. Do you want to have a second monitor to give you two screens to work from? If so, we recommend a desk space of at least 36 inches wide 24 inches deep. If you want a total of three screens (two monitors, plus your laptop), you’ll want a cheap computer desk that is at least 48 inches wide. And obviously, be careful about your monitor size because that’s still cutting it close.

Secondly, would you like the option to stand part of the time while working? If so, you can always look at our smaller sized sit/stand desks that tend to run a bit cheaper. Or, consider a converter that goes on a desktop to give you a few feet of added height. If you want to save money, you could also choose to only get a standing desk. Then, you can buy a simple stool to sit on when you need a standing break. The point is, you have options, so find out what is your perfect setup, and optimize for it!

Multipurpose Furniture Options 

If you don’t have much money to spend, consider buying a desk that will also double as an additional piece of furniture. That’s two for the price of one.

Think about this as an excellent opportunity to show off your creative interior decorating skills while also not breaking the bank. For instance, consider a desk that also doubles as a bookshelf. The furniture designs on these cheap computer desks are really modern, beautiful, and relatively inexpensive. And when you need it to be, it can function as a full time bookshelf – how cool is that?. You really just need two or three feet of space, and a wall to make this the perfect addition to your home.

There are a range of desk designs that toe the line between desk and hallway table if you don’t need extra shelf space. These tables go well in offices, bedrooms, or open halls. When you need to tackle work from home, they are discreet enough to serve as an elegant table or as your desk.

Other Creative Options For A Cheap Computer Desk

If you are really in a bind, you can pick from a few other choices. You can also use the kitchen or dining table as a replacement desk if you just need a laptop surface.. You could also look into getting a lap desk. They are all portable, very cheap, and can easily be stored under the bed or in other convenient areas.

While these solutions are very cheap and easy to manage, we would like to point out that dedicated workstations are conducive to far higher efficiency levels while working from home. Although big corporate office spaces are diminishing, there’s a reason why they all come with clean surfaces, good lighting, a comfortable chair and a whole host of other features to help you function. So keep that in mind when thinking about setting up your desk. We highly recommend having a dedicated space in your home, even if it’s a small space. There’s something for everyone, no matter your budget!


When all is said and done, there are only a few big things that you ought to consider before you find the right answer. Make sure to know how much space you have, what other things your office requires to have (monitors, keyboard , mouse, etc.), whether you want to choose a desk that still acts as another piece of furniture, or whether you want to totally forgo a desk configuration and buy a lap desk.

Being on a budget and looking for cheap computer desks doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything. For example, if you want a desk with a bunch of drawers, get a lot of drawers! Or get creative and buy a very simple table top without drawers, and buy a cheap set of drawers that you can put below your desk! The possibilities are almost endless.