There’s no need to exaggerate when praising about tea or coffee. Nothing lifts our spirit better than a warm sip of these magical drinks. But a warm cup stays warm only for so long. As busy as we are very often, we end up chugging down the cold and lifeless remains with a grumpy face. Enter mug warmers.

With a mug warmer, your coffee will never run out of life! It’s a small, heating accessory designed specifically to keep your drink warm. From the first sip to the last drop.

In general, mug warmers run on regular electricity. Some support a USB feature. Once plugged in, the central coil starts to heat up.

Usually, the warmers raise your drink temperature to around 150-degree F. It’s the ideal drinkable warmth. But a lot of them feature multiple temperature support. So you can fully control how hot your drink will be.

Most of the mug warmers shut off after some time. It is to save energy and prevent casualties. Some of them have auto on/off gravitational switch.

Mug warmers blend perfectly on your desktop. They are compact, stylish, and useful. Reflecting on your taste. Use them while working from home and office or gift to your beloved ones.

So, check out the top 10 mug warmers recommended by Work From Home Adviser, and never miss a warm sip!


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    1 Home-X Mug Warmer

    Top Product
    • Best budget buy
    • simple, efficient design
    • lightweight, yet sturdy

    This mug warmer from Home-X is an excellent product. It’s very much within the affordable range and can warm up just about any drink.

    The product has a sleek and simple design. Made from durable, high-quality plastic, it covers a 5.5″ x 7″ area. With a heating area of 3.5″ diameter. The ergonomic design makes it convenient for leisure times, working from home, or office.

    To make it more convenient, Home-X installed an indicator light. The light shows whether the mug warmer is plugged in and if your beverage is sufficiently warm.

    Additionally, it has an extended power cable with a heat regulator. So you can control how hot your coffee will be. For the best heating results, warm your beverage in a ceramic or glass mug.

    And finally, the mug warmer is waterproof and easy to clean. It weighs about 0.4 lbs so you can take it as you go. Since it’s easy to set up and operate, and of a low budget as well, Work From Home recommends this product as the best mug warmer.

    2 Cosori Mug Warmer

    Premium Choice
    • Premium mug warmer
    • Matching food grade mug
    • smart controls, LED display

    The Cosori mug warmer is our premium choice. This stainless steel mug warmer set that comes with a beautiful matching mug. The mug is FDA approved and made of 304 food-grade stainless steel.

    Cosori has always prioritized quality above anything. This one’s no different. It contains some high-tech details. Among the smart features, there is an LED display, a touch-tech control system, and a water-resistant plate. The display switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. With a minimum margin of error.

    You can heat the warmer to 230-degree Fahrenheit. Though your beverage will remain slightly cooler to maintain thermal balance.

    The 500ml mug also comes with a touch handle, slip-proof silicone sleeve, and a brushed finish. And it’s product-specific design ensures a maximum contact surface with the heating plate. You can also buy them individually.

    So what else can you heat with it? Well, pretty much anything you desire. Aside from coffee, you can heat milk, tea, chocolate, espresso, and many more.

    And to conclude, it’s a fairly safe product. It has a PI heating film that ensures even heat distribution with low radiation. So It can be a perfect gift for your friends and family.


    • Mug warmer and phone charger!
    • Elegant design
    • Fast charging

    Many mug warmers act to heat up your coffee and that’s it. Not so with the Haitral 2 in 1 Coffee Mug Warmer! You can not only use the indicative charging to heat your drink but you can use the central base to charge your phone too (currently phones supported are the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 / S8 / Note8; iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus, and other QI-enabled phones).

    This heating base uses automatic sensing technology to prevent overheating. Unlike other mug warmers where you might need to manually watch the coffee and ensure its temperature, this base does that work for you. In short, it’s a pretty sophisticated and clever product.

    The actual beverage warmer is built from reinforced porcelain with a smooth surface. This is a premium product, no doubt. It costs more than many other mug warmers but delivers more value and flexibility. The automatic timing, the multi-use agility, and sleek design make this a fun to have product in a high charged home office.

    The product is light, weighing only 1.59 pounds. It can wirelessly heat a cup, charge a phone, keep peterature, and turn itself off.

    • Three temperature settings
    • 4H auto shut off
    • Waterproof, fire-resistant

    The Vobaga mug warmer is a popular product with some really cool features. It has three thermal settings so you can warm your beverage according to your preference.

    The problem with a lot of mug warmers is that they don’t have temperature control. So your venture of warming the cup a little bit can turn into a ‘heated’ experience. And if you’re warming in a steel or metal container, I don’t have to say anymore. So with the smart temperature control, things won’t go ‘out of hand’.

    This mug warmer is heat resistant and fireproof. It has a durable, spill-proof design that is very easy to clean. You can heat any type of cup with it’s 3.5″ large base. Although, a thin-walled, flat bottom mug is preferable for the best results.

    It supports touch technology. Just tap to switch between heating temperatures. The convenient 4H auto shut off technology makes it even safer. So, don’t worry in case you forgot to turn it off.

    Additionally, it comes with a 5-ft long UL power cord. Convenient and highly protective. Also, it’s lightweight and portable, so take it anywhere with you.

    • Auto turn on/off technology
    • Elegant, professional design
    • Waterproof, safe, and reliable

    The BESTINNKITS mug warmer is a futuristic product with a built-in gravity induction switch. Just put your coffee, tea, or cocoa mug on it and it’ll automatically start heating. No need to manually switch it on or off.

    Overall, it has a smart, corporate design. Blends in with your home or office environment. It also features a gravity induction switch and a smart indicator light. When you put something on it, the warmer will automatically start, and the indicator light pops on. For the switch to work, your mug should weigh 0.8 lbs or more.

    The product can warm up a variety of drinks. Tea, coffee, cocoa, soup, or even candle wax. Although for the best results, put your beverage in a thin-walled container with a relatively flat bottom. For efficient heating, try to ensure maximum surface contact. Avoid thick or concave bottomed mugs.

    It works best within the 100-240 voltage range. Generates about 19-watts of power. Furthermore, keeps your beverage drinkable at a 55-degree Celcius temperature.

    Also, it’s waterproof and very easy to clean. Can be the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family.

    • Auto on/off switch
    • versatile, great compatibility
    • comfortable temp, save energy

    This is another premium mug warmer and also a budget buy. It has a cool and ergonomic design. Easily matches your surroundings. Great for keeping on the office desk or the end-table at home.

    First of all, it has an auto on/off gravitation switch. The switch triggers when you put a minimum weight on top of the plate. And automatically turns off once you remove the weight.

    The mug works best at 120V. It maintains a constant 131-degree Fahrenheit temperature, keeping your every sip comfortably warm. Also, it has a 16W energy rating. So don’t worry about inflated bills.

    Additionally, the mug warmer is universally designed. Fits almost any cup, kettle, bowl, etc. Although, a container with a flat bottom is more preferable.

    To make it even more convenient, it comes with a 47″ power cord. So whether you’re working from the home, office, or taking a vacation, you’re never too far away from a warm cup of beverage.

    And lastly, the cool design and polished finishing make it ideal as a gift. Put a warm smile on your close one as well.

    • Combined smart features
    • 3 temp, auto on/off
    • Shuts off after 4H

    YEOSEN mug warmer features some smart technologies. It has three temperature settings, an LED display, and an auto on/off feature. It remembers your preferred temperature setting and adjusts accordingly.

    Like some other smart warmers out there, it features a gravity sensitive switch. It turns on automatically when you put something above it. Turn off as you remove the weight. What’s more? in case you forgot to remove the mug, it’ll automatically shut down after 4 hours.

    The multiple temperature setting will come in handy while heating different beverages. You can heat tea, coffee, milk, chocolate, and many other drinks to your preferred temperature. And with the auto-adjustment feature, you won’t risk overheating.

    The product is overall is to clean. It has a glass panel that’s waterproof and fire-resistant. Great choice as a gift for friends and family.

    Furthermore, it’s lightweight and portable. So use it anywhere you see fit. It’ll blend right in.


    • Classic wooden frame
    • two temp indicator lights
    • 8H auto shut off

    Work From Home features another premium quality Mug warmer. Unlike conventional products, the Muradin mug warmer is made of wood. It has a small diameter of 4.5″.

    There are two temperature settings in the product. A moderate temperature of 101-113 degree F ignites a blue light. And 131-140 F ignites red. It has a touch sensor power button.

    As of 2019, the warmer now features an improved array of chipsets. As a result, it’ll automatically shut off after 8 hours of inactivity. Such improvement greatly boosted the product’s safety and adaptability.

    Aviation aluminium frame and tempered glass make up its body. Resists water and dust. It’s also IP 67 rated.

    Furthermore, this mug warmer greatly saves energy. It has a 15 watts rating alongside the auto shut-off technology. Also, the ground wire enhances safety.

    For the best results, use a flat-bottom container. Keep in a dry and cool place. You should be able to put it anywhere as it has a 3 ft power cord.

    • Fast heating, two heat modes
    • preserves heat,
    • small, compact build

    Let your coffee heat up real quick with the Kuwan mug warmer. It has a high-power, 35 watts heating surface of 3.5″ diameter. Superheat preservation technology makes it one of our top choices.

    First of all, it has an electric film coating and a built-in heating chip. Can effectively heat up your beverage with uniform heat distribution. Ensures the right temperature for your tea, coffee, milk, etc.

    Unlike bulky mug warmers, it’s a small product. Swiftly matches your working environment. Also easy to carry. Although you could heat any type of cup within 3.5″ dia, a flat bottomed and thin-walled cup will yield much better results.

    Additionally, it has two indicators for high and low temperatures. PTC ceramic heating and PCB control board protects from overheating. It’s powered with a 1.2m USB cord.

    The product also supports an auto switch-off feature. After 2 hours of inactivity, it’ll auto turn off. Greatly saves energy and ensures safety.

    Finally, thanks to professional design, it can decorate your work environment. Can be a great choice for gifting to your beloved ones.


    • Compact, minimalist design
    • One touch temp. control
    • Smart, safe, saves energy

    The KAERSIDUN mug warmer has been featured at Working From Home for its excellent minimalist design. It occupies very little space on your desktop.

    Unlike conventional products, it has two temperature options. If the blue light indicator is on, the temperature is between 104-112 F. And for a temperature between 112-140 F, a red light will ignite.

    It supports most types of mugs, however, a flat-bottom thin-walled mug yields better results. Since thin-walled containers convey heat better than the others. And a flat bottom means maximum contact surface. Though a slightly concave bottom may be acceptable.

    The warmer can maintain a constant 55-degree C temperature. And after not using it for 8 hours, it’ll tun off. However, do not touch the surface with your bare hands after heating.

    Additionally, it has an 18 watts energy rating. So, combined with the auto shut off feature, it greatly saves energy.

    Due to the compact design and high-quality build, it’s easy to clean. So it can be a pleasant addition to your home and office. Also, you can take it on your travels. Can be a useful gift for your friends and family as well.

    • Budget Mug warmer
    • portable, travel friendly
    • Warms within 2 minutes

    Nothing gets us in a better working mood than a warm cup of coffee. But your coffee mug won’t stay warm forever unless you have Mr.Coffee. Mr. Coffee is a budget coffee warmer that will keep your tea, coffee, cocoa, and other drinkables toasty warm for your every next sip.

    This mug warmer runs on regular electricity. It comes with an extended power chord so that you can use it anywhere. Whether you’re working from home, in an office, or taking a vacation in a log cabin, just find a wall outlet and you’re all set.

    It produces about 17 watts of power and can warm up your beverage in just about 2 minutes. There’s an indicator light that shows you when your coffee is warmed up.

    Worried about spilling a beverage on it? Don’t be! The smooth surface is very easy to clean. And furthermore, it has a universal shape so you can place just about any type of cup or mug on it. So just take it with you, anywhere you go, and enjoy a cozy warm drink

    Mug Warmers Buying Guide

    You are working from home and just want something simple, highly affordable, and fun to keep your beverage or tea or coffee warm. Quick: what do you do? Do you microwave your beverage again? Maybe. Do you boil it on a stove? That sounds like too much work. What about placing your mug on a highly portable mug warmer? Now that sounds like a great solution.

    Before buying a mug warmer, there are a few things I have learned that I want to share with you. I wanted to pass the lessons on as they will help you select the best possible mug warmer for your work from home office.

    Mug Warmers: With a Cord or Not?

    The most important thing you will want to consider is if your mug warmer will have a cord or not. Do you want to plug it in on your desk, next to your monitor, for example? Do you want to keep the mug warmer close by? Or do you prefer to have it off your desk so as to reduce the risk of spilling? 

    A mug warmer without a cord has some nice benefits: it produces less cables! Fewer cables means less clutter. However, if you get a cordless mug warmer you will need to charge it. So that requires a bit over planning ahead of time. Most charging can be done with micro-USB which is likely the same charger you have for a phone, tablet, or Kindle.

    Mug Warmers: Matching Base and Cup or Not?

    Some mug warmers include a base (for heating) and the mug itself. This means when you buy the mug warmer you are buying two items that are used together. Other mug warmers are just the base. You then simply place the cup on top of the warmer.

    This leads to a big decision: do you want to drink your warm beverage from your own mug (perhaps you have a favorite one) or are you open to drinking from a mug that matches the base warmer? I have a favorite mug and therefore use just a base charger. Essentially this warmer acts as a mini-stove. I place my mug on it and the warmer uses gravity (a native built-in gravity induction feature) warming to know that my cup is on it and then warms it up from there. This process can take a few minutes but many good mug warmers will keep your beverage up to 131 degrees fahrenheit for as little as 20 watts of energy.

    This means that you can keep your beverage very warm without a large electricity bill or energy output. At the end of the day, all mug warmers will heat your beverage. But how that heating is done will impact your experience. For example, some mug warmers have automatic switch off buttons which help reduce overheating or the risk of fire. After a certain amount of time these warmers automatically turn off. I love that feature because it means I have one less thing to think about when enjoying my beverage.

    Drinking Coffee and Tea: Specific Temperature or Just Plain Warm

    Another design feature you should think about is if you care about the specific temperature of your beverage or if you want it just plain warm. What I mean is that some mug warmers show the exact temperature of your beverage while others do not have a digital display showing you the exact temperature. I want my drinks to be warm and sometimes hot. But I don’t care if the drink is exactly 113 degrees fahrenheit, for example. Perhaps you view things differently. If so, make sure to get a mug warmer that displays the temperature on the side of the warmer.

    Perspectives on Mug Warmer Design and Great Product Value

    We’ve collected the top ten cup warmers that keep coffee and other drinks warm and shared this list with you. These are the most effective cup warmers that can keep your cup of coffee warm as long as possible. It is useful to understand what we value so that you know if our selections align with your beverage and warming needs.    

    When it comes to elegant designs, look for mugs with straight links and simple to use interfaces. It should be so simple to charge, heat, and use the mug warmer.

    Look for features that ensure that if you forget to turn off the automatic shutdown, it will continue until the time runs out. To ensure that you can use something safely with children, you should also check features to ensure that you can keep your coffee running for as long as possible without forgetting it. For example, some mug warmers have alarms to notify you when your beverage reaches a certain temperature.

    If you prefer not to have an electric mug to warm up, but need something to keep you from drinking a drink at room temperature, try the coaster, which is low tech and easy to use. Perhaps you don’t need a mug warmer if you want room temperature beverages.

    If you need a cup warmer for your office or want to give a gift to a friend or colleague, a good mug warmer is a good choice.

    The COSORI coffee cup is a versatile cup warmer that is perfect for a variety of applications in the office and at home. As one of the most popular cup warmers, the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug keeps your drink safely at the temperature you like best.

    With so many choices to choose from, the best way to decide which mug of warm would be best for you is to consider what you need it for. The 17 watt electric cup heating is a good choice for a high quality coffee mug warmer with a wide range of options.

    With a cup warmer, you can go about your business without worrying about the cup of coffee getting cold. The cup warmer keeps your coffee warm for a long time.

    If you are looking for a simple gift to give someone, the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is the best for you. Although it may look like a hockey puck, it’s actually a remarkable little tool and it’s suitable for both office and home use.

    One Salton is one of the best cup warmers to keep the coffee at the ideal drink temperature for as long as possible, even in cold weather. This is because it has a powerful built-in heating mechanism for fast heating.

    No matter where you are, the fact remains that a warm coffee is a lifesaver, so make sure you keep your mug warm at all times. 

    The COSORI coffee mug warmer, which allows me to adjust the temperature of my coffee freely and subtly, ranges from 77°F to 230°F.

    If you are a person who likes to sip coffee slowly while preparing for work in the morning, or if you need a way to keep your coffee warm while you walk around your home office, a good cup of warm can become your new best friend. 

    Fortunately, most coffee mug warmers are made in a variety of sizes, from small to large, so you are almost guaranteed to get the right size no matter what you choose. 

    Mug Warmers Conclusion

    Some mug warmers enable you to heat ceramic cups and come with native ceramic cup support. Others have inductive charging. Some let you bring your own mug whereas others provide a mug that fits snugly into the charger itself. These are among the many detailed designs that mug warmers have today. 

    Most are smart: they work, heat rapidly, and can be easily controlled. But if you want one with a cord or not you will need to make a proactive decision when buying your mug warmer. 

    I have simple needs: I want a reliable warm beverage without a lot of fancy technology in the way. I want fire security so a mug warmer that turns off automatically is my preference. I don’t need to see the temperature as the mug warms but realize that that is a nice feature. I have enough cords on my desk so am glad I can use a cordless mug warmer and get the same benefits.

    When buying your next mug warmer think about the different options, features, and trade-offs outlined here. I want you to have a warm drink in hand when working from home and realize that picking the right mug warmer is a good way to do so. Happy drinking!



    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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